My Bloody Valentine

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Jolene woke up early that morning having the symptoms that all women have that time of the month. She felt bloated, her back ached and her breasts were sore but yet she was incredibly horny! She lay in bed lifting her shirt up and exposing her 36b cup breasts. Her dark pink nipples were pert and she touched them feeling them and wanting to almost cum.

Damnit, just my luck to be on my period on Valentine's Day of all days , she thought to herself.

Touching her nipples gently she moaned softly. She wanted desperately to reach down between her legs and touch her pussy and play with it. It was early Saturday morning and she knew that her big date with her long time boyfriend Kevin would be happening. It was too late to cancel. After all it was Valentine's Day and Kevin had made plans weeks ago. He'd plan to take her to a nice little Italian restaurant downtown and for some dancing afterwards.

Oh yeah I'm going to be able to dance just fine being so bloated, Jolene thought.

She stretched her gorgeous 5'5" body and yawned. Her shoulder length brown hair was a mess. The morning sun was peering into her window making her squint her pretty blue eyes.

She got up for a nice warm shower to sooth her aching body. A cup of coffee and a bagel was her usual breakfast. She read the morning paper in her quiet little apartment that morning. She decided to make herself a cup of warm tea and take some Midol for her aching lower back. It was times like these she wish she'd been born a man.

She cleaned up the place a bit knowing she and Kevin would come back tonight. She felt bad not being able to have sex with him. She'd blow him that was for sure. At least he'd get some pleasure. She was sure he'd give her pleasure as soon as her period was over.

She was wrapping up Kevin's watch, that she'd bought for him, when the phone rang and knew it was her lover.

"Hello?" She said in a sexy voice.

"Hey beautiful. How are you?" Kevin's deep voice was heard on the other end of the phone.

"Hmm I'm Ok. Just you know these nasty cramps. I hate the fact that I'm on the rag on Valentine's Day. You don't know how bad I want to have you in me!"

Kevin laughed softly. "Well I would say let's do it, but I know you feel icky about having sex when it's that time of the month."

"Yeah it is gross. It's messy I bet. And plus my entire body is aching."

"Well I still hope we can go out tonight baby. Don't let you period affect our evening."

She blushed. "No I won't. I will try to wear something nice. I hope I can fit into something."

"Ok whatever you decided to wear I'm sure you'll look gorgeous."

"Then see you tonight?"

"Yes I'll pick you up around seven. We have reservations at the restaurant."

"You treat me so good darlin."

"Wish I could treat you better. I love you."

The words touched her heart. "I love you too."

She hung up the phone and sighed. After a year of being together, he still managed to make her heart flutter. She closed her eyes thinking about him and how good he'd been to her. He was smart, sensitive and so sexy. He was taller than she standing at 6'2" and 188 lbs His blonde hair was short and his eyes were a beautiful emerald green color. He had a goatee and wore an eyebrow piercing. He always managed to turn her on no matter what her mood was. That was just the type of guy he was.

* * *

That evening, Jolene searched through her closet trying to look for the perfect dress. She wanted to wear something romantic even though her body didn't feel that way. She looked at a soft pink silk dress that she had bought last year but didn't feel like pink could hide her in case of an "accident."

Next, she saw a gorgeous satin dark red dress that she had bought for one of Kevin's business dinner but never got to wear since they didn't show up due to having fucked each other's brains out that night. She smiled but thought it was a bit too snug for her bloated little body.

Last, she saw the perfect dress. It was a velvet red dress. She'd bought it a bit too big since they didn't have her size but she became obsessed with it wanting it. She smiled taking the dress off its hanger. It was short but not slutty short. The night was going to be chilly, so she was glad the dress was long sleeve. The front was very low cut and the back was completely covered.

She had an hour to get dressed before Kevin arrived. She put her hair up with curls hanging down her oval face. She also put tiny shiny red pins in her hair to go with her dress. Her makeup was soft but she made sure to put on bright red lipstick, which was her favorite. A pair of strappy red high heels completed her look.

She looked at herself in the full-length mirror and smiled. You don't look so bad Jolene. Just try to concentrate on something other than Kevin before you go crazy on him and make a mess.

She heard Kevin knocking at her door a few minutes later. As she opened the door she saw him standing there holding a beautiful bouquet of roses. Jolene's eyes lit up and Kevin smiled at her.

"Happy Valentines Day gorgeous," he said leaning down to plant a kiss on her lips.

"Mmm Happy Valentines darling," Jolene replied taking a whiff of the roses.

"Better put them in water, don't want them to die or anything."

"Ah yes! Come in babe."

Jolene grabbed the roses and Kevin stepped in behind her. He eyed her gorgeous body. She looked stunning in that red velvet dress. She always looked stunning. Hell, she could be wearing pajamas and she'd still take his breath away.

Jolene headed to the kitchen grabbing a vase and filling it with water. She felt so excited. Kevin looked so handsome in his black slacks, dark blue button up shirt and black leather jacket. His blonde hair was slicked back and he'd taken off his eyebrow ring that night.

Kevin stood at the kitchen doorway looking at his girlfriend happily putting her flowers away. He was in love that was for sure. He felt his stomach in knots just thinking of what the night was going to bring.

"Kevin look! The roses look so beautiful. I'm going to put them in the living room so I can stare at them."

Kevin smiled as she brought out the roses placing them on the small coffee table. She sighed and winked at him. "You know I love roses. That was really nice of you."

He walked over to her putting his arms around her. "Well what can I say? I love you."

She reached up to kiss him softy on his lips. "I love you too."

His hands caressed her back so softly as he brushed his lips on hers. "Well, we better get going baby. While the night is still young."

"Well wait. I want to kiss more. Please?" Jolene begged.

Kevin laughed and held her tighter. His lips touched hers once again and they stood there sharing a soft deep and wet kiss. His tongue found hers immediately. Jolene felt so hot just kissing him. If it were up to her she'd fuck him right then and there. His kisses were so intense and filled with passion.

Kevin could smell her soft perfume, which always turned him on. Her little body felt so good against his. He wanted to just pick her up, put her on the couch and stuff his cock in her. He had to stop kissing her otherwise he was going to lose it.

"Baby, we better go," Kevin said breathlessly breaking their kiss.

Jolene moaned. "No! Oh God you won't believe how horny I am right now!"

Kevin felt his cock hardening. "I am too baby."

"Kevin, to hell with it. I need you. I need you in me!"

Kevin's eyes widened. "Are you sure?"

Jolene nodded and grabbed his hand.

They walked to Jolene's bedroom. Her queen sized bed was nicely made but she knew it'd be a mess soon enough. Jolene stared at her lover. She knew this was true love. Why else would she be doing something like this? She was crazy about this man.

Kevin put his arms around Jolene once again and they kissed passionately. They were hard and wet kisses, very sloppy. Jolene had Kevin's saliva all around her mouth and he had hers. She felt him unzipping her dress from the back slowly. She couldn't wait to get naked and have him inside of her filling her with his cum.

Her dress began to feel loose around her shoulders and slowly slid off her beautiful body. Kevin stood there speechless looking at her body. She was standing there with a black lacey bra and matching black silk panties.

"Wow!" Kevin said in a low voice.

Jolene blushed. "You still have more to take off."

Kevin reached to touch Jolene on her breasts but instead; his finger did one quick flick letting her bra, which clipped from the front fall open. Her beautiful breasts were there for him to see. He gulped and touched them so delicately. Jolene instantly moaned. Her nipples were extremely sensitive that with just a slight brush of her lover's finger, she thought she would cum.

Kevin light made small circles around her nipples, slowly teasing Jolene. He leaned down and grabbed one nipple holding it between his teeth and gently biting on it. Jolene tossed her head back and moaned louder. She felt her legs so weak from her excitement. Each flick of Kevin's tongue on her nipples seemed to get her even wetter.

Kevin licked, sucked and nibbled on her nipples so gently knowing he had complete control over her. His hands grabbed her and put them on his waist. Jolene slid her hands down and began to remove Kevin's belt. She was anxious to see his throbbing cock. Her trembling hands undid his belt and then his pants. Kevin moved away slipping his jacket off and unbuttoned his shirt. She watched her lover get topless and drooled over his toned chest and six pack stomach. His shirt fell to the floor, then he bent down to remove his shoes and socks. She smiled at him and held him close. She leaned her head on his chest hearing his heart beat.

"I love you so much. I can never seem to get enough of you," Jolene whispered.

Kevin leaned down to kiss her head. "I love you too. I'll always love you."

They began to kiss slowly and Jolene tugged on Kevin's pants and boxers. He trailed kisses down her neck and breasts and she finally managed to pull down his pants. Kevin stepped out of his pants and kept kissing his lover with passion and love. He wanted her. Anytime she wasn't around she was always on his mind. He would often catch himself staring at other women, but none seem to compare to Jolene. She was the light of his life. His soul mate.

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