Sex with a Rock Star : Part 1

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Elizabeth turned 18 that day. Little did she know it was to be the weirdest and most amazing experience of her life.

Her life was a wet, passionless pit of nothingness. In the far north of Scotland it rained almost every day and without any boys around Lizzie hated where she lived.

Every night she would go to bed at 11 and fuck herself into her fantasies. Lizzie was a wild girl at heart, with many fantasies; she would one night be being ass fucked by the President, or maybe tied up and gagged by a builder... but there was one image that got her into a frenzy of sweat and juices, writhing on her bed naked with a “do not disturb” sign on the door, and that was the fantasy of her guitar teacher, James.

She didn’t know what it was about him. Maybe it was the way he flicked back his curly hair when he finished a song, or the way he sang along forgetting himself and then shyly looked up and laughed. It was the way he touched her fingers gently guiding them when she messed up the chords. And how, when he looked at her, her heart seemed to melt.
She wanted this guitar clad, skinny jeaned, messy haired guy more than anything she had ever lusted after in her whole life.

That day, on her 18th birthday she walked alone to the end of the street where the guitar shop was, her heart grew tighter as she got nearer to the door and her pussy was roaring in anticipation.

As she approached the door, she knocked and after a seconds hesitation there he was at the door. She was momentarily stunned as he stood there handsomely aloof in the doorway with a gleaming smile on his face that seemed almost cheeky, as if he knew what she wanted.

“Happy Birthday” He said, his eyes looking her quickly up and down. Lizzie never really believed it, because no one had ever shown much interest in her in the past, but she was a very beautiful girl. She was extremely slim, with luscious curves and her wavy hair fell way past her chest. What she wore was to say the least, ‘Quirky’ and she was never seen without her blue converse shoes and silver locket.

Right now she looked more amazing than ever. Her lips were red and slightly parted, her bright blue eyes searching James’s own. Her face wore an expression of frustration and lust as she fought the urge to reach out and touch his wide chest.

She managed a small, tight “Thanks,” as she thrust a 10 pound note into his hand before walking behind him up the stairs into the small broom closet like area that was the teaching room.

Lizzie began to unpack her guitar as her teacher watched her whilst sitting on the chair opposite her own. They were very close together in the tiny room and each could feel the others heart pulsating, Lizzie’s whole body was alive being so close to him, and as she got out her guitar, feeling the eyes of James on her back she began to shiver.

“Lizzie” James whispered softly.

She turned abruptly and saw him sitting there making no move towards his guitar.

“I was thinking we could do something a little different today...”

It wasn’t a question. It was a statement. He smiled his cheeky smile and raised one eyebrow daringly.

“Like what?” She asked without moving, “Acoustic?”

She didn’t let herself dare to believe anything would come of her fantasies. They were fantasies after all.

He walked towards her, only two steps in the small room.

“I was thinking more, this...” He stepped in once more and traced the inside of her thigh with his finger. His expression was cocky. He knew she wasn’t going to complain once he had started and this knowledge drove the normally shy man into his very own fantasies.

Lizzie looked at his face in shock. She couldn’t move. She didn’t want to move. The inside of her thigh where he was touched it was still tingling hard, as if she had been burnt.

“I know you want me Lizzie. There’s not much point in fighting it.” He raised his hand further up her thigh and kissed her deeply on her neck. Lizzie moaned a small sigh of satisfaction and sat backward onto a small table behind her as he kissed her neck and face, his hand wavering around her already wet, aching pussy.

He took the sigh as an agreement to what was happening. He wanted his hands all over her at once and pushed her back onto the table more so her legs were spread eagle around his longing body, her legs wrapped around him and he kissed and bit her all over.

Lizzie was so horny by this point she was practically dry humping him, his semi-hardness was playfully sliding onto her through his jeans, forcing her skirt to ride up to her stomach. He was squishing and fondling her tight breasts that were bouncing up and down. She was clinging onto the table and onto him pushing herself closer and closer and moaning a deep kind of lust.

Seeing her so aroused, James pulled off her top and skirt in one swoop and with one hand undid the clasp on her bra, flinging it across the room.

He stopped for a second and stood back from her. She made a frustrated noise. He slowly leaned into her and kissed her lips passionately, playing his tongue along hers and sucking it deeply. He then kissed down to her breasts and started to toy with her left nipple with the tip of his tongue in small circular swirls. Slowly, he started to suck hard on her breast; as if he were a hungry child. She tilted her head back and enjoyed it as his hands wondered up to her panties at the same time. As he sucked her breast he slowly but surely slid his hands along her pussy and pressed inwards with his thumb rapidly again and again. Her juices were coming out the side of her panties and dripping down to her anus.

As she began to pant loudly he pulled away and slid off her pants. She was completely naked. He was completely hard through his jeans. Lizzie felt as though she was in one of her fantasies.

“Treat me like I’m your fucking whore.” She spoke, but her voice did not sound like her. This was the Lizzie in her dreams, the Lizzie that wanted to be spanked like a bad girl.

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