California Bound

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

The white teenagers forced Cornelia in their car when she walked home after church. They took her to a deserted campground and raped her. She was thirty seven and old enough to know better than to tell the police about it. This part of Georgia was known for it's prejudice.

"Now that you boys used me for sex please take me home"

"Why should we?" laughed the boy called Jake.

"Take the old bitch home Jake, we're done with her" laughed his brother.

The boys took her to her house and dropped her off. She was glad the neighbors didn't see her. When she entered her house her daughter ask her.

"Where have you been, I was worried"

Cornelia told her what happened.

"We better call the police"

"Those cops aren't going to take the word of a black woman" she snarled.

"That means the bastards will get away with it" gasp Ida.

"Now you understand" sighed her mother.

Two weeks latter when she was walking home from church the same boys stopped their car.

"You know what you have to do" said the boy named Jake

She got in the back seat and pulled up her dress so Jake could remove her panties.

"I love black pussy" said Charley.

"You'd fuck a snake if I held it's mouth open" laughed his brother.

When they got to the campground area she lay on the pick nick table and spread her fat legs. Jake fucked her first and she was ashamed when she climaxed. She knew that she needed a man but never found one after her husband died. When Charley mounted her he fucked her long and hard and she climaxed so often she felt dizzy.

"Are you done with me?"

"Yes" said Jake.

"Next time take me to your house this pick nick table is uncomfortable"

"Dad would like some nigger pussy" said Charley.

"He hasn't had a piece of ass since mom left him" replied Jake.

Cornelia sucked their pricks before they took her home. This time her daughter was waiting and saw her get out of the car.

"Did they rape you again?"

"I wouldn't call it rape"

"What is it then?"

"Two white boys having fun" she replied.

"You bitch, you enjoy what they do to you"

"Yes, I have my needs"

"I haven't been fucked since high school and you're getting all the action"

"Do you want to join me?"

"Why not, maybe white racist crackers is what I need" she laughed.

The next time Cornelia met the boys she had her daughter with her. She told them that Ida wanted to have sex also. They drove the women to their house and took them inside.

"What's going on?" ask George.

"You can have the old one daddy we are going to fuck her daughter"

"How much do they cost?"

"Their pussy is free" said Jake.

George got his home made whiskey and poured drinks for everyone. mother and daughter drank it down. They wanted to get drunk before they got fucked.

"Did you ever kiss a black woman?" ask George.

"No" replied his sons.

He wrapped his arms around Cornelia and kissed her on the lips. She had never been kissed by a white man before and it made her pussy tingle.

"Do you want to do me?" she gasp.

"Let's watch my sons fuck your daughter first"

Hearing that Ida undressed and lay on the couch. Jake mounted her first and fucked until his prick went limp. When Charley took his turn he made Ida climax. Cornelia smiled at her daughter and said.

"Are you glad you came with me?"

"Yes momma" she giggled.

That night she slept with George and her daughter slept with his two boys. The next morning after George fucked her she heard her daughter cry out in passion. She and George went to see what was going on. Ida was on top of Charley getting her cunt rammed and Jake was fucking her asshole.

"Fuck her until she shits" said their father. They watched until the boys filled Ida with cum. The black girl kissed Jake and then Charley and whispered.

"I think I am in love with you both"

"I wish we could live with you" sighed Cornelia.

"Do you know what people would do to us here?" replied George.

"Maybe we could go to California, no one gives a shit what happens" said Ida.

"Do you boys want these women in your bed at night?"

"I do" replied Jake.

So do I" said Charley.

"Ok, lets move" said their father.

George closed his savings account and put the cash in his wallet. It took most of the day to pack and they left as soon as the sun rose. When George stopped for gas Ida said.

"I have to pee"

Jake and Charley followed her to the woman's toilet and went inside. Jake bent her over and pulled down her panties.

"Let me pee first" she giggled.

"You can do it while I fuck you"

As soon as his prick penetrated her hole she pissed on the floor.

"That makes me hot" said Charley.

The boys took turns fucking her wet pussy until they were tired. When they went back to the car Charley ask Ida what took her so long.

"Your boys fucked me while I peed"

"Next time your mother has to pee I'll ask her to do that"

That night when they crossed the state line they got a motel where Cornelia and Ida took a shower. Charley got a bottle of whisky from the car. He and his sons drank it all. The women were delighted because when the men were drunk they fucked like wild animals. The next morning Charley found a restaurant. They had breakfast and Jake drove and let his father rest. Cornelia sat in the back with Charley. She took off her blouse and bra so Charley could suck her tits. When they got to Los Angeles Charley rented a furnished house. Then he and his sons got jobs working for a paving contractor. This was better than Georgia. The wages were higher and they had union protection. The next morning Ida had a talk with her mom. They were still naked and their cunts were filled with cum.

"Jake ask me to marry him when I get pregnant"

"What about his brother?"

"They can both do me"

"That's nice of Jake" she replied.

"If Charley asked you to marry him would you?"

"He already has and I said yes"

"Mom if I tell you something you won't get mad will you"

"I could never be mad at you sweetheart"

Do you remember when my cousin Nadine slept with me?"

"Yes" replied her mom.

"I made love to her"

"My god, you girls were only nine" she gasp.

"I liked it so much I want to do it again"

"With who?"

"With you if you let me" she whispered.

"I've never let a woman do that but you can suck my cunt if you want to"

Ida led her mom to her bedroom and pushed her on the bed. Cornelia spread her legs so her daughter could eat her cunt. When Ida sucked her clit she trembled and climaxed.

"God honey that feels good" she whispered.

Then the girl pushed her tongue in her mother's asshole and made her climax again.

"sweet Jesus take me to heaven!" cried the woman.

When Ida was done with her mother she ask>

"Did you like it"

"My god yes"

"Do you want to eat my pussy?"

"Tomorrow when our men go to work"

When Ida and Cornelia got pregnant they had a double wedding. Both women had girls. Their breast's were so full of milk they let the men suck it out after they fed their babys. Charley and his sons were glad they left Georgia

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