Sex in the woods

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“I’m going camping, today with my family for a few days.” Sara and I had been seeing each other for the last 4 months. She was tall, slender, sexy and gorgeous. She had light brown, shoulder-length hair and light green eyes. She had a beautiful figure with curves at all the right places. Her breasts were a bit small at 32b but that was all right.

“How long will you be away?” I asked with a hint of disappointment in my voice. Unbeknownst to her, I too was going to Naiwasha with my family the next day for a camping trip

“A week.” She replied. “Great!” I thought to myself, “that’s how long I’ll be there.”


We got to Naiwasha at about a half past five the next day and I immediately began my search for Sara’s camp. Surprisingly, there was hardly anyone around, thus it hardly took me any time to find her. Her family had set up their camp and she was sunbathing on the ground. She looked stunning in shorts, which complimented her long, tanned legs. I began to walk up to her to give her a surprise but at that point she went inside, so I went up to the lake for a swim. I hid my clothes behind a bush in case some joker decided to take them and run off. I dived in wearing only my swimming trunks. After half an hour or so, I came out of the lake and went to put my clothes back on, when I saw Sara coming towards the lake. I hid behind the bush and watched her.

She started stripping. First came off her shorts and she walked sexily out of them. Then she took off her t-shirt. She only had her bra and panties on now. I anticipated the removal of these two pieces of clothing anxiously. And when they did, my penis erected to the maximum, and it bent painfully against the belt of my jeans. So I took them off. Now even I was completely naked, revealing my 8-½ inch penis. 

I looked at her sexy body; her well-shaped breasts, her shaved crotch and those long, sexy legs, and she dived gently into the lake and began swimming. I entered the lake silently and swam underwater towards Sara. I crept up from behind and put my arms around her and onto her breasts. A short moan escaped her lips and she turned her head back towards me. And we kissed, a deep passionate kiss. Our tongues rubbed against each other and I enjoyed the sweet taste in her mouth. We broke off long enough for her to turn around. We kissed again. Then she broke off playfully and motioned me to follow her. I followed her out of the lake and deep into the woods leaving behind our clothes. After a walk of about five minutes, we came to a silent and serene place with a beautiful view of the lake and the hills, however, the only scene that interested me at that point in time was a nude, 18 year old girl standing in front of me named Sara. 

I walked up to her and took her into my arms. I gently kissed her on her lips, my tongue first rubbing against her lips then going deeper into her mouth to embrace her tongue. My hand ventured teasingly down her neck to her breast and played with her nipples. My other hand went down to her ass and I ran it around her pussy lips. She dropped her hand down onto my penis and started toying with it.

Then yet again she broke off and lay down on the ground in an inviting position. I climbed onto her and we kissed again. Then I kissed her on her cheek, then on her neck, and I kissed her down to her breasts. I liked them teasingly, and then began sucking at them. There we were, out in the wild, in the nude, having sex. It was the best experience ever. I kissed her stomach and made my way down to her crotch. I kissed her near her vagina then playfully moved on to her inner-thigh, and all this while she moaned with pleasure. Then I started licking her vagina. I pushed my tongue up as far as it could go. “I’m gonna cum!” she screamed. She came all over my face and I licked up her sweet juices. Then pushed me off and climbed onto me, taking charge. She kissed me and then went down to my penis. First she licked off the pre-cum on the head of my penis, and then she licked my balls playfully. I ran my hands through her hair. She did this for another 10 minutes or so before she took half my penis into her mouth and started deep-throating me. After a few minutes I yelled“Oh God! Sara, I’m Cumming, babe…

 just…keep… AH!!!” I felt my balls tighten and I came in her waiting mouth. We kissed for a while, enjoying the taste of each other. Then she said to me, "Taimour! Take my virginity. Fuck me!” I grabbed her hips and turned her over and then I penetrated deep into her. She screamed loudly as I broke her hymen and took her virginity. As her pain subsided she moaned with pleasure. By then I had six inches of my penis inside her. When I was completely inside her she squealed to me,” I’m gonna cum!” “Me too, babe,” was my reply. We came together and then collapsed on top of each other. We fell asleep, the best sleep we had ever slept; in each other’s arms, completely nude, warmed by each other’s body’s. 

Sara woke up first and she woke me up to. At first I thought it had all been a dream, a beautiful dream. But seeing Sara’s breasts sticking into my face made me realize that it had all really happened. We kissed again. By now it was quite late and we began to head back towards our camps. With a last goodnight kiss, we pu on our clothes and returned to our camps.

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