Sex experience with my GF

(Part 1 from 1)

I would like to share my sex experience with my girlfriend. First I met her in Orkut and become friends. Then we started having crush on each other and we use to go to films and roam everywhere. Whenever I get a chance, I use to press her boobs hard. While going in bike, she use to drive and I have my chance to touch and squeeze her boobs all time and I hug her tightly with my cock touching her tightly.

She use to feel my cock every time. She is really hot and I inserted my hand inside her tops while going in activa and she expressed nicely. One day, I got a chance to be alone with my GF at her home. We were watching TV. I was sitting at her back. I started unzipping the salwar top zip. I have seen her back fully and his bra. She scared and asked me to zip it.

After sometime, she suddenly took me to her bed room. She pushed me into the bed. Really I got shocked. Then she fell on me with her huge boobs. I felt her soft boobs. I hugged her tightly, i can feel her soft boobs. Then I started biting her lips and kissed her on boobs and bited both, she shouted in pain. Then I kissed navel and vagina.

Then I just lift her tops and licked her navel and played with my tongue. She started mourning vinu vinu along with sexy expression. She enjoyed a lot. We were lying on bed hugging tightly like snakes. After some, She asked me to show my cock, then I showed mine and hugged her with my bare cock.

Then she took my head and hugged it tightly with her boobs. I started licking her boobs. Really her nipple is awesome. Whenever We use to go to film, i use to play with boobs and nipple. She's hot. I still remember her. I tot her as my wife, but she went away now.

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