The Bare Bottom Spanking and Wedging

(Part 1 from 8)

Several years ago I became an administrator at an average-sized, co-educational,
private high school.

It was a time when spanking was not only allowed but even encouraged. Though
rarely used at the high school level- occasionally an unruly Freshman might find himself
at the end of a strap.

The ill-disciplined Danny Bullman, the police chief's son, was a senior who had
just turned eighteen, though he looked- and behaved- more like fifteen. The girls in
elementary school and middle school adored his blonde hair, blue eyes, and thin but
athletic build. It was no different here at high school. The girls worshipped him and often
chatted among themselves about whether the hair on his frontal hangings was as curly as
the hair on his head. To satisfy their curiosity they hired another boy to give them the
low-down on what Danny looked like in the raw.

In return for a large pizza with two toppings, one of the guys who shared a locker
with Danny reported back to the girls some valuable information: (1) Danny's pubic hair
could hardly be called a bush; on the other hand, it goes well beyond the peach fuzz
stage; (2) every time he had seen Danny at the locker or in the shower, dressed or
undressed, he had a perpetual, unrelenting, and raging hard-on; (3) his bare butt looked a
lot like Mark Lester's when he stripped in front of a mirror in the movie Redneck; (4) the
hair at his crotch was a deeper and darker blond that the hair on his head.

That was the kind of information that an adolescent girl would die for and so they
included a six-pack of Cola with the pizza. After ample discussion, they voted
unanimously that Danny's pubes were just right and could be classified among the short
and curlies. A week later they flocked to the movie theatre to see the flick Redneck to
discover what Danny looked like raw-naked. Only half of their pubescent drives were
satisfied as movie, heart-throb Lester revealed his endearing backside but not his frontals.

Danny- and most of the other guys in the school- were totally infatuated with
Angela who, in Danny's own words, was the hottest and most beautiful girl in the entire
world. On one occasion the badly-behaved lad had announced to Angela Sweetster, in
front of the whole Calculus class:

I could eat you alive and still be hungry for more. Just thinking of you in your
panties makes the tip of my dick tingle with goose bumps. And, I won't even mention what
thinking of you out of your panties does to me.
She had blushed with utter embarrassment, of course, but he continued to verbally
harass her.

Angela, at eighteen, was short, petite, and absolutely beautiful- a real looker, and
she knew it! A knock-out elfin was what several boys called her. An only child, she had
mesmerizing and intoxicating ocean-blue eyes, long, shiny brown hair to the waist, and a
stately neck that made mouths water. Gifted with both impeccable poise and magnetic
personality, she turned heads wherever she trod. Just passing her in the school corridor
was enough to send a poor unsuspecting lad on an emergency trip to the lavatory for
instant, climactic relief Some boys unwittingly never made it on time. It was no accident
that the longest bathroom sign-out sheet for boys in any classroom at any time of the
school day was the classroom Angela attended. Sidewalk rumor and sidewalk humor had
it that anytime there was an assembly with Angela present, the custodial staff had to
double and spend the entire evening unblocking the urinals of thick, syrupy spunk. Some
teachers actually disliked having Angela in class because boys most certainly would
rather eye Angela than the text or blackboard.

A story- which many acclaim as true- tells of a day when Angela heard of a
Freshman dissing her and saying she wasn't anywhere near as attractive as other guys
thought. The next morning, Angela sought out this blabbermouth ninth-grader at his
locker, walked over to him, lifted his long shirt above his belt, stared droolingly at his
crotch, and sighed with belabored breathing:

"I can tell that there is something long and stiff under those dungies. You are
going to make a lot of girls very happy campers. What I would give to be in your class
and sit right next to you!" She then gently rubbed her lightly-covered tits with one hand
and her twat with the other- and walked away with a bit of a wiggle in her well-rounded

There are several witnesses who will testify that this first-year student spent the
rest of the morning in the bathroom, beating his raw pork into both ecstasy and
submission. The same people say he had this gigantic smile on his face at lunch- and had
no appetite for food.

From that day onward, Angela assumed two additional descriptors- stiffener and
general. The former applied to her incredible effect on countless peckers; the latter
applied to her uncanny ability to require anything hanging between a boy's legs to salute
her in passing.

In a nutshell, Angela reaffirmed the Pavlov theory: her very presence in any room
or hallway was sufficient stimulus for puberty-stricken boys to ravenously salivate- from
their mouth and from their salami. Tittle-tattle has it that she could sit on a school bus
next to a pre-pubescent boy and, within one bus-stop ride, send him on his way home as a
fully-developed pubescent, where, for the first time in his life, he would gladly and
willingly soil his sheets, pillow case, pajamas, and bathroom towel from late that
afternoon well into the following morning. Extravagant as it may sound, listening to the
boys talk about the effect she had on each of their ever-flapping willies made a believer
of me.

As for Danny, well-known for harassing Angela and equally known for getting
away with it (who knew why?), he too was short and petit (though very athletic) and had
the same mouth-watering effect on girls that Angela had on boys. A girl speaking with
Danny would often find herself manipulating and rubbing her breasts as if consciously or
subconsciously inviting him to do the same. There was, however, a strange quirk to
Danny. They say that if you can't connect via intimacy, you will connect out of
aggression. However you connect, you will connect. Danny was very inadequate at the
intimacy; he was very practiced at the aggression.

And so, if Angela was the knock-out elfin, Danny was the edible hunk. From the
vantage point of looks, the two reigned at school as the chief protagonist and chief
antagonist- continually switching roles. As a whole, the school's social life sank or swam
on how that reign played itself out, for they constituted the school's ultimate heart-
throbs, though hardly such between themselves.

Throughout Danny's school years, innumerable younger guys frequently
complained that Danny constantly bullied them. He had a perpetual hard-on for pushing
kids around- especially if, in his judgment, the kid was gay- and he especially cherished
any and every opportunity to inflict vicious and sadistic wedgies on weaker dorks and
losers who dared to wear tighty whities instead of the cool and expensive boxer shorts
that he and his fellow jocks wore. Just the thought of handsome guys and beautiful girls
having their undies wedged deeply and uncomfortably into the anxiously-waiting crevice
of their ass cheeks- naturally or contrived- turned him on in a big way.

Danny boasted a membership in a subculture of people -mostly teens- who are
aroused by giving or receiving wedgies. This fixation is rooted in in sadism- the
enjoyment of giving pain- and masochism- the enjoyment of receiving pain. Only
recently has it become recognized as a legitimate sexual fetish alongside other school
pranks. The wedgie fetish includes the use of threading rope through the leg holes and
hanging the victim off a hook or other high object to make the wedgie permanent and
more painful.

1 Virtually everyone gives and gets a wedgie or two in his or her life- and may even
enjoy such- but Danny wasn't satisfied with the fun kind of wedgies, which were
certainly embarrassing enough. Rather, he went beyond the prank wedgie and inflicted
the kind that were significantly painful and humiliating.

According to Danny, the official rules for wedgies state: (1) anyone found to be
wearing tighty whities should be given a wedgie immediately; (2) anyone wearing said
tighty whities can be given any type of wedgie, at any time; (3) wearing tighty whities is
inexcusable and, therefore, always punishable- with no exceptions; (4) if while
performing a wedgie, the underwear is ripped, the wedgier must repay the victim; (5) a
wedgie is always acceptable if the victim was asking for it, i.e., when any waistband is
exposed; and, (6) a wedgie is always in season if the victim's overall demeanor is

As an editorial writer, Danny had published these rules on the front page or the
school newspaper under an essay entitled: Tighty Whities, Beware the Wedgie!
Danny seldom gave a normal wedgie- a sharp yanking from the rear of the
underpants- and he rarely wedgied a consenting partner. Those weren't erotic enough for
him. His victims were mostly non-consenting kids smaller than he. In fact, virtually all of
his wedgies were pants-down wedgies. And, the vast majority of his pants-down wedgies
were underpants down as well. Neither age nor gender mattered. He would just as soon
wedge-drop a female's panties as a male's briefs; and, even as a high school senior, he
would just as quickly wedge-drop an elementary student or middle school student as
quickly as any high school student- male or female. Everybody at school had a theory of
how he got away with underpantsing so many kids of so many ages- both male and
female- but I never heard anyone actually say it. Also, he always chose the kind of
environment where it would come across as play rather than as sexual satisfaction. And,
in those days, society was not as aware of sexual harassment as today's.

Needless to say, one of Danny's favorite wedgies was the hanging wedgie where
the underpants were hung high on a doorknob or other high place- often with the victim
attached. He also prided himself on cosmic, turbo, and ripper wedgies where the pants
and/or underpants were both ripped off completely. These activities were no less than
acts of highly-intrusive pantsing and underpantsing in the name of wedgie-ing. He could
also rattle off the names of other favorites: frontals (melvins, vedgies, and thwedgies)
which squash the testicles or wedge the underwear material into the vulva causing camel
toe; the nuclear and atomic, where the briefs are stretched all the way to the forehead;
and countless others which increase or alter the violence: the sky-high, flying dutchman,
propeller, bondage, jock-lock, rambo, tape, gang, tied-up, deluxe, drag, belt, handcuff,
and superman wedgies. The messy wedgie, commonly practiced at camps or at
sleepovers, occurs when a sticky and wet substance such as mud, whipped cream or a
banana is put down the victim's underwear and wedgied in to maximize the mess.

Danny had several other problems as well: including mouthing off to teachers and
telling his parents where to get off- not to mention his most terrible habit of sexually
harassing Angela.

With his good looks and rascal charm, he escaped many a punishment. But he
finally pushed his luck when, at a school assembly, he raised Angela's mini-skirt well
above her waistline- for an extended period of time- exposing her laced bikini panties
and bare upper thighs to the entire school. Just days before, he had accomplished an even
greater feat in the school cafeteria where, instead of lifting Angela's dress, he boldly and
successfully reached underneath, with both hands, to retrieve her scant panties.
Touchdown- in a flash, he slid her silk panties from her loins down to her ankles and into
his greedy, covetous hands. Danny was goooood- there was no doubt about it. Hardly a
male senior missed this provocative deed because Danny had previously announced his
intentions. Also seen enjoying the festivities were several females who hated Angela's
beauty and who were overjoyed at seeing her dissed and humiliated. In fact, one of the
girls had taken a vivid pic which she had copied and spread throughout the school

The pizza line that day, they lightheartedly say, was virtually empty as every male
senior hungrily awaited the Special Menu du Jour- Angela's white, red-bordered panties
which were passed around to all of the lunch room tables with the stipulation that they
would be returned to Danny as a souvenir. Yeah, right!. Needless to say, those panties
disappeared into the pocket of a rather blissful senior who undoubtedly nursed an
uninterrupted erection for the remainder of the day.
There were other reports- extending back several years- of Danny reaching into
Angela's low-cut dress and bra, squeezing her well-developed and well-proportioned
boobs, and painfully tweaking her firm nipples. In addition, God alone knows how many
times he squeezed her butt both over and under her garments. He was sure to finger her
from the back while doing so.

She thought of wearing dungarees instead of dresses but she had often seen what
Danny did to the dungarees and trousers of elementary and middle school kids- and some
small high school kids- on the bus. No matter what, he always went for the bare rump-
yelling wedgie as he would simultaneously de-pants and de-underpants frantic kids of all
ages, ranging mostly from eight to fifteen. He even managed to get a few kids older than

It didn't matter whether they wore a belt or not. He could remove a kid's belt
before the kid knew it was gone. In fact, he scared several kids into not wearing belts at
all- warning them that the more difficult it was to pants and underpants them, the more
forceful the wedgie would be. Anyone caught wearing a belt around his trousers would
automatically get the painful frontal with its ball-crushing or vulva cutting effect. He
delighted in pointing out any soiled spots in the kid's underwear- and broadcasting it to
the entire bus. Over the years, Danny had sent many kids home, balling their eyes out.
The little snatcher ripped so much underwear off kids' bodies that some said department
stores should give Danny a commission on their undergarment sales.

At times, he would merely expose the kid's nude ass; at other times, he would add
a painful and embarrassing wedgie; at other times, he would drape the kid over his knee
and spank his bare ass until "red, red, red." He often called them birthday spanks-
whether it was the kid's birthday or not. On the bus, girls didn't get it as often as boys
but, when they did, girls got the exact same bare-assed treatment as boys. On occasion,
he would keep the kid's briefs, boxer shorts, or panties and send the kid home without
any underwear. The incidents on the bus were perfect proof that, despite the rule against
tighty whities, Danny did not discriminate against any underpants. For Danny, all
underpants had one purpose: to be yanked down when the kid least expected it-
especially if the kid was cute and/or if a boy seemed effeminate .

What finally turned the school tide against Danny was another bus occurrence.
This time he had stripped even his own sister, Marge, in the 5th Grade, from
her waistline all the way down to her ankles, publicly commenting on the fudgie stains at
the back of her panties. After spanking her bare bottom very hard, in front of her male
classmates, he removed her training bra and joked about there being no boobs for it to
cover. Why she never told her parents, no one knew, but she stayed out of school for the
next three days rather than face her peers, especially her boyfriend who had been one of
the onlookers.

Little Marge's boyfriend, with a close-up, front-row seat, had seen everything-
and I mean everything- front and back, left and right, north and south, east and west. He
described even her tiny peach-fuzzed twat in detail to the boys who weren't present- but
who wished they had been- and that was just about every boy at school. Instead of
defending her honor, this boyfriend not only encouraged Danny to strip her all the way
but also gloated during and after the incident.

There was lots of debate at school about which was worse: Danny's removal of
Angela's panties in the cafeteria or Danny's complete stripping of his sister on the bus. A
lot depends on how you view the girls' ages, their relationship to Danny, who and how
many were present, and the location. There were good arguments on both sides of the
debate. But whichever side of the issue you took, Danny developed the reputation of
being an A-1 prick, a first-class dick, and a number one asshole who would somehow,
someday, get his comings. He had no way of knowing how soon. If he had only known!
Finally, Angela and her mother came storming into the building. They both
wanted something done. Though brand new to the building, I had seen enough mischief.
This kid was way out of control. It was payback time.

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