Seduction of housewife while hubby busy

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My name is Sam and I am a regular reader of your stories, so I thought today I will write my own piece of story. This happened 2 years back when I was studying my Physiotherapy course in Bangalore.

I was staying as a Paying Guest in a building in which there were 3 rooms in the ground floor and the Owner used to stay on top along with his wife and 2 children. They were from Nepal. The owners name was Mr Rakesh and was around 41 years and his wifes name was dimple aged 34.

He was a business man and has his own finance companies. Dimple was a house wife and after 1 year they put up a small shop in one of there ground floor PG rooms. Now let me describe her to you. She was one of the typical Nepali Girls whom I would describe as Sexy. Her size must have been 34 27 36,, can drive anyone nuts :-), and she used to roam around in 3/4th pants, Its common among them.

Her husband was a real looser. He used to come late at night and I could see from my window he would sit in the car itself with the engine on and AC working and having his drinks, it was a regular affair for him.

I took this as an opportunity for my advancement ;-), i slowly started talking to Dimple more often and would crack small flirtatious jokes with her. It was June when I was going in my Bike I saw her walking though a passage little far from my house. I stopped my bike and asked her where she was going and she said she was going for driving class and that she needs to go there.

I said will drop you, for which she politely said no. I again pressurized her and told i am going that way and it wont be a problem. Then she said Something which I wanted to hear.. She said someone may see. Instantly I had a hard on and my Penis was Rock hard. I said strongly, there is nothing to worry, It's just the Two of us and no one will see and I am just dropping her to her car pick up area, and then I said anyways Uncle will be coming later so don't worry.

She thought for a while and looked left and right and then sat side ways, I said I wont get balance if she sits like that so sit the other way, and she again hesisted, but she sat and held my shoulders. I could feel her pelvic gripping around my Buttocks and she was slowly slipping and coming forwards, on a few occasions I could feel her sexy breast against my bike. The journey just lasted less that 10 min, but till today I remember it. I came back to the room and had a completed jack off before going to bed ;-)..

I became more bolder and my advances became more and more stronger. I even got the opportunity to take her for a long drive outside the city, and the best part was that she had covered her face with dupatta, as if she was trying to avoid dust, but in reality she didnt want anyone to see. I would hold her hand and wound try to tickle her.

Then one day when she was in the shop she came to me and said she had a sprain in her hand as she had hit against a wall. I bought Volini and said I will apply and give,, I took my own time to feel her had completely. She asked me you must be an expert in this na ? for which I replied...;; this is just hand , I have learned techniques for the whole body massage and it gives a very relaxed feeling...

Then I said once I complete the course i can easily make 1000 to 4000 Rs for 1 single session. She was really Impressed as she thought I was telling it very professionally, then I said i can start with her and I wont charge,, she smiled and said stupid,, i knew I had hit the jack pot.. I said I was serious and it would indeed be very relaxing.

After perusing her for 15 minutes she finally said Ok,, but I cannot, my husband will be there. i said we will wait when he would be going for a trip. She said Ok and left,, I was really happy. Everything was normal and after 20 days, he had to go to Chennai for some work and would be away for 3 days, I thought this was my chance.. the next day morning her left in car..

In the Evening after college when I came I had a casual chat with her, she was at her shop, and I reminded about the massage, she had forgotten.. I said Dimple if you are free then today evening we can have the massage session, and she was kind of hesistant lookig for an answer and said but how her kids are there, and some workers are also there.

I said its absolutely fine. at night when the kinds have slept, just give a missed call and then come directly to my room in the Ground floor and then no one will come to know. She was really scared but at the same time wanted it to, I said It was total normal and I wont let anyone know. She finally said OK.

Before I Left I said that she has to wear a T Shirt and shorts as there was oil,, again she said no and i have to convince her for another 20 minutes before she said OK I went to my room arranged my my room properly and put a floor mat and bought Mustard oil from market. It was 10 pm, and I looked outside and all the other PG room were locked, at 10.45 I got a missed call and my heart was in my mouth and I opened my door and waited, in 5 minutes she was in my room..

God she just looked as if she was waiting to get fucked. I could clearly see the tension on her face too.. she was in a Pajiyama and Top. I had already selected my dress which was a Baniyan ( Body Fit ) and a short,, very small, she was kind of nervous when she saw me in that dress.

I very professionally called her in and without letting her say a word told her to come in shorts and her Inner shirt. she again hesitated, but I just held her hand with mine and looked at her face and said come fast.. Now there was no Stopping me. She just pulled her pants down and removed her top.. I was like watching Preeti Zinta.. Her shorts were really sexy, and I could see the lace of her Bra, It was Black in colour..

My rookie was already hard, and it had swelled to its 6 1/2 Inch. I asked her to lie on her stomach and she did. I took oil in my hand and poured on her legs and thighs,, the first touch with my hands, I could feel a electricty passing through me,, I kept massaging her legs,, and went further up her thighs, then I did what even

I didnt think off, with all my courage i just pulled down her shorts, it was a sight I would never forget. She was shocked, she tried to pull it up with her hands I said its ok, i need better access, she tried to resist but could not, I kept massagings her bumbs. and then I poured oil all over her panties, it was white in colour and it had gone down completely inside her ass.

I massaged her ass crack with my finger and then slowly started to rub her clit.. I knew I had her, she stared to moarn and tried to push my hand out,, but i just kept fingering her clitorous.. it was a wonderful scene. Then with my other hand I pulled down my shorts and started stroking my Penis,, ( she was still upside down, so could not see I had removed my shorts, I slowly put on the TV with the remote and put a music channel, then I pulled down her panties.

 She stared to say what you are doing. I said you will enjoy it.. I just bend down and buried my nose in her ass hole,, wow,, sweet smell,, she took a jump,, after licking her ass for 20 minutes I took my penis and placed it on the entrance of her pussy gate... she knew what was next.. I could see tears in her eyes..

I slowly pushed my penis inside,, it was really tight.. her husband had not given her anything . I kept stroking in and out for nearly half hour.. as time passed by she started enjoying it and turned her the other way facing me... We were now in missionary position and we both were fully oiled.. It was like she was having the fuck of her life.. Later I lifted her and she locked her hips around my hips and I started stroking her..

I took her to the bathroom and again we had a wonderful session. She took my entire Dick in her mouth and started sucking like a lollypop.. i shot my entire cum in her mouth.. I kept sucking her nipples like a small child.. We both stood under the shower for 1 hour before she got dressed and went back to her room.. After that we have had several encounters in different positions, and once I had the chance to have sex with her in her bedroom while she was talking to her husband..

Hope you have enjoyed the story. Interested ladies kindly mail me at sammysong at rediffmail [dot ] com

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