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I knew that I was gay, but I never said to the single person. I agree that I had been to a few gay sites and of course to same gay sex stories sites. Experiencing the great feelings behind the stories, I used to jack off and I just wondered whether it was true, whether all that was written had really happened and will happen, whether I would be able to have the privilege of taking part in such acts. All that remained but a mystery, deep inside my other self, for I had 2 personalities- one that you can clearly see when you approach me and one that is invisible to everybody, except me and that other self was the actual me when I browsed for porn on the net.

Again in the custody of the gay-myself, I was googling for some hot sites on my PC, when I heard the door open behind me. I was too panicked to take any actions, and as per reflex, I looked behind me with a huge intake of breath that could be heard miles away. It was Kevin, one of my friends. My ears became red simultaneously, followed my entire face. I felt ashamed of me for a couple of minutes and wondered what he would think of me and tell the others, I mean my other friends. I would be mocked of and completely pissed off, as I thought, and that was the last thing I would wish, like anybody would do. “Hi,” said Kevin, with a strange glimpse of light shining in his eyes. 

“What the hell are you doing?” he continued. 

“Just getting into some hot sites, when I accidentally landed on this.”

I perfectly knew that that was not the right time to come out and eventually lies got out of me. After staring at me for several minutes while I was, with all efforts, trying to convince him that I was hetero, he glimpsed at the screen and asked me to stop talking rubbish. He added that it could clearly be seen that I was on 12 gay sites and the deduction was too simple. I was really embarrassed and swallowed with much difficulty. What a fool had I been! 

Then, Kevin came nearer to me and apologised for not having knocked at the door. After that, he added that the fact of me being gay didn’t in the least disturb him because he was gay too. Despite the fact that I felt uneasy with him for the reason that I never came across a gay nor ever imagined to find myself in such a position, he, for his part, seemed delighted to make that ‘discovery’. Of course, he started to talk about gay life, that is how he found out that he was gay, his gay friends (and I was really stunned when he said that he even went to gay bars to meet queer guys). I talked less partly because of the timidity that took possession of me for the first time in my life and partly because of the odd things he told me. He was still chatting with me when he described his sex experiences with guys he met in bars, which resembled in numerous ways the sex stories I found on the net. My dick started to grow harder and harder while he went on with his description- and soon it stopped because I saw him looking at the little bone in my trousers. I was once more embarrassed and I discretely put my hand on my dick to hide it, as after all, I had never had a talk with a gay guy gazing at my hard cock

“Hey, don’t be shy, man. We’re in the same boat. You can talk freely to me, cause we’re pals, aren’t we?” he broke. 
When I was a little bit less tense, he said:
“Do you mind me getting in some hot website with you? And besides, I know some good sites!”
I was getting horny and agreed to that idea. He moved his chair next to me and we surfed and surfed. I must confess that I enjoyed the website we went in. He even showed me the pictures of some of his gay friends on the web. We were in viewing some good men’s pictures and my dick growing once more, when I realized that his arm was on my shoulders. I looked at it and he ignored my action completely. At the length of some time, enjoyed what he did. That gave me a hot sensation near my shoulders. 

After several minutes, he asked me whether I liked the stuff we were browsing for. I said yes and he said that that would be great if we had sex. I did not know what to say and watched him, as if numbed by emotions. He prolonged his hand to my neck and gently caressed it then moving it into my hair and my ears. I felt an unexplainable and weird feeling while he did that.

“Sorry, I have to. I can’t wait,” he whispered as he began to kiss me. 

I felt his hot, slippery lips against mine. As soon as he got the occasion, he let his restless tongue in my mouth, while his hands lifted my t-shirt a little bit and caressed my chest. I was totally hard and could not wait in turn. I got into the ambiance and caressed him too. He took off both of our t-shirts and told me to lick his nipples. I saw those hard little dots, perfectly shaved and could not resist from kissing the whole of his chest till the little bit of hairs of his stomach. Gosh! He was so manly. However, he got up all of a sudden and looked at me with the same little twinkle in his eyes and I saw when he entered. 

“Do you want us to be caught? Lock that shit of door right now if you don’t want somebody to come in!” he said to me with a smile.

I did so and we continued. I remembered of the sex tips and the stories I had read. I did what I learnt. He pulled off my trousers and put my boner in his mouth. I was really horny. I took pleasure in everything he did. I felt his wet lips on my penis and the motions it did. All that I could hear was but my heartbeat and he sounds Kevin’s lips made while sliding up and down my dick. He repeatedly let out odd sounds, and so did I as I enjoyed the blowjob. Kevin told me to some lube. I took out the cold cream from my shelf and handed it t him, with all kind of stories mixing in my head. After that, he asked me whether I had any condoms. I replied that what was the use of keeping things that I did not use (for I never had sex). He did not mind and inquired about the position I would like to take. The one I chose, which was the one, which makes it easier for dicks to enter, was of course me lying down on my back, with my legs up. He squeezed some lube on his fingers and inserted one finger inside my ass. 

“As you know, man, this will be a little painful. Just relax,” added he. 

He pushed his finger in and out, rubbing the wall of my ass. Then two, and three, and so on. I felt them playing with the things inside, which gave me nice feelings. I asked for more, but he extracted his fingers and even before I saw it, he pressed his pecker against my ass. I just felt it sliding in, like on its own and its huge size made it even more pleasurable. I moaned in ecstasy

“Yeah, Kev! Com’on. fuck me harder!”

He increased his pace and I felt the change. He struck my ass harder, as I felt myself go in Heaven. I started to breathe in harder and I felt his skin burning. “It’s coming! Oh, yeah!” screamed he. Just after that, I sensed a hot fluid inside me. I couldn’t realize that somebody had just cummed inside my ass! His cock softened down and he took it out. “My turn, now,” I said. Well, I was already exhausted to such a point that I could almost sleep on the spot, but I wanted more. Kevin was tired too. It could clearly be seen. Despite that fact, he got on all fours and I licked his salty ass, which had an unusually sweet odour. I took his soft dick in my hands and began to do motions just like milking it, while I played with his balls with my free hand. My cock was fully erect and was just craving to penetrate Kevin. After having fingered him, I squeezed some lube on my dick and pushed it inside Kevin. His ass was alright in the sense that I did not have to fight to make room for my cock. I pushed in and out, and at times up. He moaned each time I pushed it up. He was sweating and I could feel it. I asked him to change position. He did so and I saw his face while I fucked him. He looked so cute, with his eyes closed and mouth slightly open.

I fucked him deeper. I felt the wall of his hot anus all around my cock. I liked it all and I was near to the climax. That would be something really special for me as it was the first time. I heard him making small sounds as I did it faster, which made it for sure that he enjoyed it. I was coming nearer to the orgasm, while I heard him screaming with pleasure, saying, “Yeah! I like it!” It seemed that he had on orgasm too, but in his ass. I don’t know whether that is possible, but I felt like it was the case. Perhaps that he got it as he had had sex several times before. I continued as I taped with his butt. He let out loud shouts of ecstasy and I was just one second from my orgasm. It eventually came and I spurted my load right there, and I did not stop. It was the first time that I cummed without seeing it. When I took off my penis, Kevin said to me to suck his ass once more and taste my own cum in his butt. I did so. Hmm, it was just too great. Then, I rested near him, with perspiration coming out of every part of my body, mixed with his and a strange smell evolved from those of our loads and sweat and ass. I looked at him, who had his hand behind his head; looking up and I fell asleep to his side. 

When I woke up, he was not there, but he left a note, saying that he would be waiting for my call and that was just lie in stories. All I knew was that I liked the experience.

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