Secret Sex with the Neighbour

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I am 35 year house husband my name is Ben. My wife of ten years is a Government Minister which pretty much means she travels a lot but when she is around we have a good sex life nothing out of the ordinary but a pretty healthy one. 
Iím about 5 foot 10 inches tall and of about medium build. I have never been unfaithful to my wife in all the years Iíve been married and I never thought I would either.

This story really starts when my wife left for one of her trips to a conference on farming or something to that affect. I donít really listen when she explains, as politics is really boring to me. Anyway, I got up on the Monday and dropped the kids off to school on a really sunny day. I remember thinking how good all the mothers looked wearing next to nothing as they dropped there kids off to school. 

On my way home I bumped into my neighbour who is a 37 year house wife who has three kids although looking at her very sexy body you wouldnít believe she has had three kids. Her name is Mary, she has ample tits not to big but they have a nice shape in that tight top she is wearing there a little bigger than my wives. Mary was wearing short shorts as well which really showed off her long tanned legs really well. 

They looked silky smooth. As we walked back to our houses we talked about the usual things the weather how our kids where doing at school and so on. I wasnít really taking any notice just the chit chat that any neighbours would have, we get to my driveway and Mary leaned forward and gave me a peck on cheek and with a wink walked off towards the next drive way saying ďsee ya laterĒ with the most seductive look I have ever been giving from a women. I just looked as she walked away her ass looked wonderful in those tight shorts moving with every stride. I kept thinking about that all day long thinking was I reading the signs right or was I just imagining it but I couldnít stop imagining fucking that tight pussy of hers I had to have a wank and what a great wank it was itís the best wank Iíve had for ages. After that I got on with the rest of the day. 

The next morning same again I had to drop the kids to school and it was another beautiful day the sun was hotter today. After I dropped the kids off to school I looked around for Mary but couldnít find her so I walked home and got on with the days chores as always, the life of a house husband isnít the most exciting thing to do in life or so I thought. I was tiding the kidís bedroom in the back of the house and I looked out the window and saw Mary sun bathing naked I couldnít believe it there is my very sexy neighbour sun bathing in her back garden naked. I sat and watched for a while I know what your thinking Ďpervertí but I just couldnít resist she looked so sexy. After watching a while I noticed I had a huge hard on which got bigger as I watched her oil herself up with some more sun tan lotion. I watched in amazement while she rubbed it all over her body. I couldnít resist any longer I just had to have another wank, it was even better than the day before. 

The next day after I dropped the kids off to school I bump into Mary on the way home we walked home together while we where walking all I could imagine was her naked body which was giving me a hard on again, I remember thinking I have to fuck that pussy soon or I would be driven mad. When I got to my driveway she gave me a peck on the cheek and grabbed my semi hard cock while walking away with a smile and wink said ďIíll be sunbathing again todayĒ. I watched as she walked off into her house when she looked back gave me another wink and looked my crotch, gave me a smile and walked into her house. I canít believe she saw me yesterday I didnít know what to do so I thought to myself fuck it so as soon as I got into the house I went straight up stairs and waited for her which didnít take long. She appeared with her cloths on walked to the middle of her garden and slowly stripped taking time removing her top up over her head then she removed her bottoms turning around bending over to remove her shorts over her feet giving me a great view of her round ass then she lay on her sun bed looked up at window with a huge smile began to rub the sun oil into her body, making sure to concentrate on her tits giving me a great show. I thought for a minute then ran straight down stairs out of the house and into her back garden with out stopping or saying anything walked right over to her and dropped to my knees and buried my face into her pussy. Oh how great her pussy smelt and when I stuck my tongue out and began licking the taste was so intense I nearly came in my pants right there but I took a breathe and starting licking her pussy slowly making sure to get her all wet before I start to pick my pace up. Mary began to moan and started rubbing my head with her hands. I must have hit the right spot with my licking because she grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into her pussy so I start licking faster and faster until I hear her, moaning really load until her pussy is dripping wet. I get off my knees remove my cloths move up to her face and grab the back of her head and shove my cock down her throat which she has no problem taking she grabs my ass and pushes me closer to her giving me the best deep throat I have ever had, she sucks me hard for ages until I let out a grunt and blow my load deep down her throat. Mary makes sure she doesnít drop any. She realises my cock, without saying a word I get dressed and go back to my house. I donít do anything for the rest of the day but think about what had happened. Iím surprised that I donít feel guilty for cheating on my wife I suppose itís because I really enjoyed myself.

The next day I drop the kids off at school and start walking home I donít see Mary on my way home I was hoping to bump into her as she is all I can think about. When I get home I go into the kitchen and make my self a cup of tea sitting there thinking about Mary and how good of a blowjob I had gotten the day before I hear a knock at my door I open it and there is Mary, without saying a word she walks into the house grabs my hand and brings me up stairs when we get into my bedroom and pushes me onto the bed. Grabs my shorts and pulls them down and takes my semi hard cock into her mouth sucks me until Iím hard she gets off the bed and strips naked she gets back on the bed looks me in the eyes takes hold of my cock and guides it in to her pussy and slowly engulfs my manhood. Wow itís as good as I thought it was going to be her pussy is dripping wet. When she has gotten herself set she begins to bounce up and down on my cock moaning loader and loader until her pussy is cumming hard on my cock her pulsing pussy is making me so hard I just want to cum deep in her pussy bit I donít I want this to last forever it feels so ggggoooooddddd, I know Iím doing wrong by my wife but I really donít care I want to do this, itís just so exciting I canít seem to stop myself, I start moaning as Iím so close to cumming, she slides off me and takes my cock in her mouth again and sucks me clean and keeps sucking me with all sheís got until I let out a grunt and grab the back of her head and dump my load deep into her mouth. As like yesterday she doesnít lose a drop. Mary gets of her knees gets dressed and without saying a word leaves I hear the door closing and I just lie there for a while thinking about how good her pussy is I want more I just want more. After a while I get myself back to reality and get on with the day. My wife is home tonight so I better make sure everything is alright around the house. My wife Eva gets in late that night by the time she gets home Iím already in bed still thinking about Mary I have a huge hard on Eva notices it and gets into bed beside me and moves over and we have sex but all Iím thinking about is Mary not my wife I cum really quickly which I get a sour look from Eva but I donít care. 
The next week or so I donít see Mary at all as Eva has been at home the whole time but I know Eva has to go away again for the weekend which is getting me going as I know Mary is going to be around. 

I drop Eva off at the airport early on Thursday morning then on my way home I drop the kids off at school driving home from the school all I can think about is Mary, Iím hoping she going to be around I really want her to be, I need to fuck that pussy again itís all I can about. I get home run straight into my house up stairs look out the window yes sheís there she is naked she looks up at me and smiles gives me a wink. I nearly fall down the stairs I running so fast I run into her back garden and as we have been doing for the last couple of weeks we donít say a word I get naked move towards her face. Mary grabs my semi hard cock and opens her mouth and sucks me until Iím hard all Iím thinking is how much I miss her blowjobs she is defiantly gives the best blowjobís Iíve ever had in tens year of marriage. Mary keeps sucking until Iím nearly cumming in her mouth she stops looks me in the eye and sayís ďyour not cumming yetĒ she move position and tells me ďLick my pussyĒ I have no problem doing this I drop to my knees in front of her she grabs my head and pushes my face into her pussy her pussy smells so sweet I just canít seem to get enough of it I lick her pussy until I hear her moan I get off my knees position myself so I can get easy access to her pussy I place my cock at the edge of her pussy and just before I enter her she stops me. I canít believe it why is she stopping me I know she is close to cumming. Mary rolls over in to the doggie style position and spreads her ass checks wide giving me easy access to her shit pipe Mary sayís to me ďhave you ever had anal sex beforeĒ I answer ďno my wife doesnít like it, have you ever had anal sex beforeĒ she answerís ďno but I going to now fuck my virgin assĒ I nearly cum right there. I living the dream I have a women who doesnít want a relationship just sex and kinky sex too. I move to position and place my cock at the edge of her ass. I start to slide my cock into her but it doesnít go in easy Iím pushing trying to break the virgin seal. I excited about this my cock must have grown another inch with the anticipation I keep pushing until finally Ďpopí I let out a moan ďyesĒ I start sliding my cock in and out the sensation is intense her ass is so tight itís clamping down on my cock I canít explain the feeling the feeling is running through my whole body this is better than I would ever have expected. Mary is moaning not in pleasure but pain I canít help myself I just keep going. With every trust Iím getting deeper and deeper up her ass Iím nearly in balls deep I keep fucking her ass. All I thinking about is me and how good it feels. Mary pain starts to turn into a moan of pleasure she is starting to enjoy it. Mary starts to push back on my cock like she wants more her moans are turning into screams of ecstasy she is screaming ďyes, oh yes fuck my assĒ we keep going until Iím balls deep up her ass. I can feel myself building to a huge cum so I grab her hips and start to bang her hard making her scream orgasm after orgasm, with every orgasm she has it is making her ass clamp down on my cock giving me the best feeling in my cock that I have never had even when I lost my virginity all those years ago. I push hard one last time making Mary cum again and I dump my load deep in her ass itís the best cum Iíve ever had my legs have gone limp I nearly fall to the ground but I manage to keep my balance. My cock is throbbing while her ass is pulsing with every pulse from her ass makes me realise more cum up her. We stay in this position until my cock goes limp and falls out of her ass. I fall back onto the sun bed and just lie there heavy breathing delighting in what had just happened. We sit there for a few minutes not saying a word Mary gets up of her sun bed moves over to me gives me a passionate kiss then moves down and sucks my cock clean. Mary keeps sucking me for ages to my surprise I get another hard on. Mary moves up and guides my cock into her pussy making her cum straight away the feeling of her pulsing pussy isnít the same as her pulsing ass but the way Iím feeling right now I just want to cum again. We make passionate love for at least an hour before I cum again in her sweet socking pussy, I havenít cum twice in that short space of time since I was a teenager. We sit there and talk for a while until itís time to pick up the kids. We say our goodbyeís and as Iím leaving Mary sayís see ďsee ya tomorrowĒ and I reply ďwhat can we do nextĒ she says in that sweet sexy voice ďYou will seeĒ. 

For the next couple of months Mary and I have been meeting during the day while our respected spouse have been away having the craziest sex you can only imagine there will be more stories to come about some of the things we get up to. 

Hope you enjoyed my story. Please comment and vote.

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