Love doesn't mind age.

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She smelled so erotic, I always love her perfume. As we both lay naked on bed with silk blankets running over and between us. She slowly positioned her self on top of me. She kissed me on the neck, licks my lips, touches my tit. Kiran is elder to me by 27years am 24 she's 51 years old. Oh my god, I just can't believe that's true her body is so tight, she's ofcourse an athlete she runs 20miles everyday and does power yoga. Am the lazy one. She ran her finger on my thigh cupped my ass, kissed my boob. I was gasping for air.

She was lowering herself, I held her head with one hand ran the other on her back. God, I just get scared when she does this to me, in the beginning I told her that may be we shouldn't do this, she always loves licking and sucking on my clit. I couldn't resist her too much. She loves making love in the light, the room is always illuminated.

She kissed me on mound, it was like telling me to stay in the bed not to runaway. I closed my eyes, took a heavy breath and lay still. Her tip of her tongue touched my lips, she kisses my lips. Inserts her tongue and draws circles. I piss off after sex, I don't like this because it pushes me to urinate even on bed.

"Do you wanna pee."
"Go on."
"On bed?"
"never mind."

I peed off before I tell myself to do so. She smelled my pee. May be this is what just turned me crazy to go after this woman, she's so crazy about me.

We lay beside each other holding hands. Recalling how we fell in love, came out to my parents. My mother was initially disappointed but later is still taking it in the stride. Both my gran-mothers are still in the process of acknowledging the fact. My sisters welcomed Kiran with warm hugs and open hearts. My dad as he knew Kiran both personally professionally took pride and disappointment in my decision.

Kiran has two daughters one happily the other whom Kiran visits quiet often. Were "okay!" with it as they lost their father quiet long-back and felt sorry for their mother's loneliness.

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