Sally's Black Bang

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My 48 year old wife Sally loves cocks. She's quite happy with mine most of the time but
now and then she wants to feel a different sized cock in her pussy. I think she also likes the way
she can attract and control men by offering her body to them. Sally discovered her passion for
cock when she was in her late 30s. She had just gotten divorced from her husband of 18 years.

He had left her for another woman and she was just not sure whether she would still be attractive
to men. Her first date was with an older man who she met at a party. He was fifteen years older
than her but she found him quite attractive. She discovered the feeling was mutual and they were
in his bedroom fucking before the date ended. She soon had a very active social life; she dated
mostly older men and usually fucked them on the first date. When she discovered that one was
married she wasn't turned off at all, in fact the forbidden pleasure made their fucking more
exciting. She fucked several more married men, reveling in the fact that she gave them something
they couldn't get at home any more.

I met Sally at a party six years ago and was immediately attracted to her. Oddly enough,
we did not fuck on our first date. But by the third date we were having marathon sex sessions. A
year later we got married. From the beginning I knew about Sally's rather wanton past. In fact, I
found that I would get very hard when she told me about the men she had fucked. During sex
around three years ago she confided in me that she had never fucked more than one man at a time
but would like to try it. A year later we invited a man who we met over the internet to join us in a
threesome. Sally loved it. Since that first time two years ago, she has fucked around 30
strangers. She enjoys gang bangs most of all. Just two weeks ago she took on seven men in a
swing club.

After fucking her first black man this past New Year's Eve, Sally asked me to set up a
gang bang with several black guys. New Year's Eve had been interesting. I had enjoyed seeing
her pale white flesh pressed against her partner's dark body, her legs spread while a hard black
cock penetrated her. Then there was the climactic moment when that hard cock pulled out of her
wet pussy and sprayed her tits with its hot white cum. The memory of that black stranger's cock
shooting its semen all over my blonde wife's white breasts makes me hard even as I write this.
When Sally said she wanted a black gang bang I knew I would gladly set it up for her.

First I got in touch with the man who had fucked Sally on New Year's Eve, telling him
what we had in mind. He said he could probably get five other black guys together. He had one
condition... no condoms. The thought that my slut wife might get pregnant by a black man made
my pulse quicken with both fear and excitement. I agreed.

The night night of the meeting Sally dressed for action in a tight white t-shirt and a black Her 38C breasts strained against the fabric of the shirt which was a size too
small for her. She wore a tiny black G-string under the mini-skirt, like the t-shirt it barely covered
her assets.

We met James and his five friends at a local strip club. They had been there for around an
hour, getting more and more excited as they watched naked flesh slap against brass poles and
heavy breasts swing in front of their faces. I stayed behind at the bar to see how the guys would
react to Sally. As Sally walked up to James' friends, they thought she was one of the strippers
from the club. She pulled up chair next to them and began flirting. James recognized her but said
nothing. After a few minutes Sally put her hand on the thigh of one of the men. As she slowly
slid it up to his crotch they began to realize she was not a stripper from the club. James then
introduced her as the main course on their evening's menu. With that they all stood up and
approached the bar.

"Gentlemen," said James, "I would like to introduce Sally's husband. Tonight he will be
our chauffeur and photographer to record the action."
"Pleased to meet you, I'm Stan," I stated. Each then introduced himself. Their names
were John, Charles, Ike and Barry. They were all extremely polite and well-dressed. While Sally
will fuck just about anyone, she her tastes tend towards gentlemen (apparently blondes prefer
gentlemen as well.). I knew she was really going to enjoy the evening.

We got in our mini-van. I drove while James rode shotgun. Sally sat in the back bench
seat between Charles and Barry. As drove to the motel we had selected for the evening I could
see Ike and John were turning around and watching the back seat. Sally was already going
strong, kissing Charles and Barry while they stroked her breasts. Her mini-skirt was pushed up
around her waist and they were fingering her pussy.

We arrived at the motel room after around 15 minutes. It was in an x-rated motel and had
a waterbed, dirty movies and mirrors on the walls and ceilings.
"Why don't you gentlemen make yourselves comfortable while I change into something
even more exciting," Sally purred as we entered the room. I found a channel that was showing a
gang bang in progress so Charles, Barry, Ike, John and James could anticipate the coming action.
It wasn't really necessary since, as each undressed, a completely erect black cock popped out of
his pants. The strip club and the action in the car had done a great job of preparing them.
Sally emerged from the bathroom in her new outfit. It was a black fishnet teddy that set
off her short blonde hair. Her erect nipples pushed through the net holes and I could see moisture
glistening on her pussy down at the snap crotch.

"Oh, you fellows appear happy to see me." Sally breathed as she walked up to the five
black men. "I am a chocoholic and I see some hard chocolate bars waiting to be eaten." She got
down on her knees and pulled two of the men towards her. The other three quickly surrounded
her. She started with Charles, deep throating his 7" cock. Her left had stroked Ike's cock while
her right pumped on John's. She sucked on one black cock after another as the five men stood
around her in a circle. As I watched my slut blonde wife sucking black cock I remembered that I
had planned on getting photos.

As I got my camera I could hear Ike groaning, "Oh baby I can't help myself, I've gotta
cum." I got back to action just in time to see Ike's 8" dick shooting cum all over my wife's face.
The other guys moved away so I could get some closeups of my wife's face with cum on it and a
pulsing black cock still spurting cum onto her cheeks.

"You all taste so good, but when do I get fucked?" Sally asked. Getting to her feet she
walked over to the bed and crawled on it, spreading her legs. James hopped on the bed,
unsnapped the teddy's crotch and immediately buried his cock in my wife's pussy. Charles got on
the bed in front of her and presented her with his cock to suck. Soon Sally was moving like a
piston between an 8" black cock in her pussy and a 7" black cock in her mouth. Ike was relaxing
in a chair while Barry and John stood beside the bed watching the action and stroking themselves.
I took several picture of the action on the bed.

I leaned over and asked Sally, "What are you tonight?"
"I'm a whore," she replied, removing her mouth from Charles' cock, "I'm a whore for big
black cocks."
"Do you like your white whore?" I asked Charles and James.
"She is one hot cocksucking slut," said Charles. James just nodded agreement as he
shoved his cock in my wife's pussy. Sally's tits quivered every time he thrust.
"Shove it to me hard James," Sally moaned.
"Is that all you want him to do Sally?" I asked.
"No, I want his hot cum inside me. Give me your sperm James." Sally moaned again.
With that James increased the intensity of his fucking and began to groan. Then he
"Oh, yes, I feel your cock shooting into me. Fill me with your seed," Sally almost
screamed. James continued to jerk for almost a minute. Then he pulled out, his dick covered
with his semen and Sally's pussy juices. As Sally knelt on the bed I could see a little of his cum
ooze out of her pussy.

"Who's ready for sloppy seconds," Sally asked the other men. John moved up to take his
place between her legs. Sally leaned over on her elbows as his cock thrust deep within her. Soon
he too was grunting and cumming. This time, as his cock pulled out of Sally's pussy both James'
and Johns' cum oozed out and down her legs. I got another picture.
"I want to cum on your tits," said Charles. Sally laid on her back and he knelt over her
face, jerking on his cock. Sally licked the head of his cock as he pumped. I got up close where
I could see her lapping up his pre-cum.

"I'm going to cum," groaned Charles as he scooted back over her tits. Sweating, he
continued to jerk on his cock until a long stream of cum shot out and over Sally's chest. Some
puddled on her neck while the rest splattered on her left breast. He continued to cum, moving his
cock over her right breast. Soon her chest was covered with splatters of semen. Sally rubbed the
cum into her flesh while I took photographs.

Barry was the only one other than myself who had not yet cum. He was as hard as a pipe.
Sally smiled at him and spread her legs. He crawled onto her and slid his cock home. As I
watched my wife on her back with her legs spread and a stranger pumping her I remembered how
often I had viewed this scene in the past three years. I enjoyed it every time. I don't know why,
but having a slut wife who would just as soon be a whore really turns me on.

Sally wrapped her legs around Barry's waist. What a wonderful sight, her tanned white
legs around a strong black man. I had to get several more photos. Finally Barry started to moan.
"Wait I want to cum on your face," Barry said, pulling his cock out of my wife's pussy.
He scooted up the bed and shoved his cock at her mouth. Sally opened wide and took his cock,
covered with her pussy juice and cum from James and John, in her mouth. She briefly gagged as
he plunged it in her throat.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah," Barry repeated. "Now I'm cumming, now I'm cumming."
He pulled his cock out of her mouth just as a spurt of semen left its head. It laid a track across
her check, her right eye and in her hair. Like the others before him, Barry came and came and
came. Soon Sally had cum all down her checks, on her chin and even by her ear.
"Well guys, thanks a lot for cumming," I said to them as the five dressed to leave. "I'll be
in touch next time Sally wants some more action."

"It was great...Be sure to call...You have a wonderful wife...Thanks for sharing such a
scrumptious treat with us...Anytime," they replied and left.

I turned back to the bed and looked at my smiling wife. Sally had cum still oozing out of
her pussy, she had cum on her tits and throat and her face was glistening with cum. I took a few
more pictures and then settled in for some sloppy sixths.

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