Sage Advice

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Amy requested a noon meeting over lunch. She was picking at the last pea on her fork with a napkin placed neatly in her lap. In a dark navy blue dress just above her knees, this nyloned leg jutted in my direction with a feint lilac fragrance. The discussion about her and Bretts weekend skiing trip was about to be muted by a request for advice. She reached across and grabbed my wrist, "I'm thinking of having an affair." 3 1/2 years of faithfulness and marrital bliss, up in flames so soon? Amy's nympho and wilder side was beginning to show. Apparently, adventure and fun on the slopes didn't rival being fucked by a man other than Brett.

"I need some strength here Leo, and your the only one I trust." She knew ahead of time Leo wouldn't stand in the way and this was her reference to Strength. "Go ahead, if it's something you want, your sex life with Brett will be better for it. When did you meet this lucky guy?" Amy's face looked happy and giddy as she backlogged a year of emails and subsequent phone conversations with Carl. He and Brett worked for the same company and they met in the Cathderal. "He's a bit older than me but my attraction is purely sexual." Carl was 20 years older at 46.

The thought of Amy saving herself for the last 4 years, just so Carl could fuck her was exciting to Leo as well. It was time to shine up my viewfinder, get a new pair of bifocals, and check my camoflouge. There was just one finishing touch from this noon rendezvous. Where, when and how are Amy and Carl gonna get together and fuck? Leo had this mobile home on an acre of ground that had been vacant for a year. Surrounded by cedars and sage and double pad locked. It was close to downtown and Amy's travel office. Why not a nooner off the clock? Would it be a quickie? Not with Amy it wouldn't, I'd seen her performance before which included curtain calls. Before meeting Brett she was a wild nymph remember? Carl must have noticed and sensed what a wild fuck she was at one time.

Leo began within hours of freshing the mobile home with clean fresh new sheets on the back bed. Stocking the small fridge with beer for Carl and wine for Amy. Carl was a Cathedral guy, but even Cathedral guys have affairs and a beer. Leo didn't know Carl's wife, but knowing how painful this might be for Brett made it even more tasty. If he had been fucking her like she liked it, Amy wouldn't be here or would she? Leo had been fishing and golfing with Brett for 5 years, the nicest guy in the world and maybe that's the problem for Amy in bed? Was he going down on her enough? Carl had tapped into those big brown flirty eyes while Brett was oblivious in the pews.

It was a windy day, dust and sand were skewing my viewfinder from behind the sage on my acre of ground. There it was! A black Sabre sedan pulled onto the property and made the 50 meter drive to the front of the mobile home. I wondered if they had eaten first? Leo's viewfinder caught the first glimpse of Carl climbing from behind the wheel to open Amy's doorside. I could feel the heartbeat in Carl's cock inside my own bib overalls which carried spare bifocals. Nothing like a first time, and it was happening thanks to my sage advice and handy mobile home on a desolate piece of ground no more.

Carl was a hulking mid aged man with cropped grey hair, khaki jacket, blue shirt and red tie with some stylish loafers. Carl must have played football in his day. Amy has such great taste when it comes to sex and getting laid, even with a man in his 40's. For Amy's part, nothing special, it seemed like any ordinary day at her office in a nylon black skirt just above the knee and she had her hair up, swathed back on one side with a berret. But the skirt was blowing in the wind and wrapped around her legs above her thighs as she tried to open the door with my spare keys. I had even put a "good luck charm" on them for her and Carl.

The next frame on my viewfinder found Carl and Amy embraced in a deep tight french kiss, standing and Amy even mugged for Leo by raising her one foot behind her in a statuesk pose in these suede black sandal heels. Amy pulled this long belt around her waist and the skirt dropped to the floor. She stood there making out with Carl in her thigh high nylons and black lace panties in red trim. Carl did the rest by unbuttoning her blouse exposing these larger than avg melons in a half cup black bra. Carl kissed around the top of her cleavage and unhinged her bra at the same time. Moving from the slopes of Amys titties to her nipples, Amy wrapped her legs around Carl standing up and they made the 40 ft trek down the narrow hall to the bed and Leos newly freshn'd linens and sheets.

Carl and Amy simultaneously disrobed with Amy sitting on the bed and Carl neatly hanging his jacket and shirt on a well placed rack thanks to Leo. Carl was watching some matching black bikini briefs, is that Karma or what? I hope this was their first time? Amy wouldn't work Leo would she? No, it was the first time I would find out later. Carl was in fantastic shape was this gradual declining muscle bod and his cock was straight out, no signs of leaning right or left for his penis yet. Amy removed the berret and shook her hair as she reclined on her back, legs partially wide open. Amy had a full muff of dark brown satin, Brett was a believer in natural things, while Carl's cock and balls were shaved.

An hour later, Amy was sitting up with her legs open and toweling the remainder of Carls cum from her pussy, out of view of Carl who was sponging off in the bathroom. Carl began to put his shirt back on with a, "get your ass in motion, we're late!" An indication he'd had her and now thinking of his wife maybe? Amy walked by Carl butt naked with her cheeks shifting back and forth, Carl reached out and slapped one on her way by. "Was it good for you?" What do you think? Was it better than your wife Carl.

I wondered if this would be the affair, Amy was searching for and would she fuck Brett before showering Carl off her? Carl was on his way back to the office to joke with Brett about Golf, and Leo was cleaning his viewfinder while sniffing the soiled linens. All voyeurs need a hands on, in the field experience now and then.


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