Billy Black's Story: Part One

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It started in in southern New Mexico, the desert. I hitched along the road under the baking sun for hours with not a single driver bothering to give me a ride. I was 19 that summer, recently failed out of college, broke, homeless, and sweating my balls off.
Finally…when the sun was about half down and as much of my skin exposed as possible (to help with the heat) I got a ride from a trucker in a water truck. He pulled to the side of the road, I got my shit and ran to the passenger door and opened it.
“Where ya headed?” He looked to be about thirty, a redneck country boy with a cowboy hat. He was a big guy, probably did a lot of heavy lifting where he worked.
“West,” I answered, eagerly waiting for him to say…
“Well get in man.”
“Thanks so much dude,” I said. I jumped in, throwing my stuff in the backseat.

In minutes we were barreling down the highway towards wherever, and I didn’t care where the hell we were going as long as it took from where I’d been.
“What’s a young guy like you doin on the side o the road?” he asked, turning down the radio. “Shouldn’t you be at home? Or in school? Or workin?”
“Ain’t got any of those things.”
“Wanna beer?”
“Fuck yea, I’ve been dyin out there.”
“Yea well its hot as shit. Here you go.”

I popped the tab and chugged the cold beer down like it was water. “Thanks.”
“Sure. So you ain’t got nothing goin for ya at all?”
“I got some friends in Oregon. That’s where I’m headed.”
“God damn that’s far. What are you gonna do there?”
“Find some work. Live I guess,” I said chuckling.
“Hope you find some kid. It’s hard these days.”
“I know.”

The conversation fell dead for a few moments before the man eagered up again.
“The name’s Bill by the way.” He stuck out his hand and I shook it.
“No shit,” I said. “Me too.”
“Well ain’t that something.”
“Call me Billy, though. Billy Black.”
“Huh, that you’re real name?”
“Yes sir.”
“Billy Black the white hitchhiking kid. Ha! I like it.”
We laughed; I finished my beer.
“Want another?” he offered.
“Yea if you don’t mind.”
“Naw go for it.”

I started on another while he started talking about where he was going and what company he was working for and other stuff, and to be honest I can’t remember any of it now. I just remember what he looked like and his name was Bill, and what happened next…
I was reaching for another beer next to the middle compartment. My hand slipped and knocked off some papers and something else. “Aw shit,” I said, trying to gather everything. I picked up the papers, then picked up a porn DVD called “gloryhole 3”.
“What the-?”
“Oh no!” He grabbed it from my hand and tossed it in the back. “Sorry bout that.”
I laughed. “It’s just porn.”
He laughed too. “Yea, I guess so…just…oh well…whatever…grab me another beer.”
I got him one, and then we sat in another silence, this was one was more awkward. I was growing curious, though, so I had to ask.
“Hey Bill, what’s a…gloryhole?”

He nearly spit out his beer he was so shocked. “What’s a gloryhole? You don’t know?”
I shook my head.
“Well…uh…you know what a blowjob is right?”
“Yea of course.”
“Well a gloryhole is…uh…a hole in a wall, like in a bathroom stall, and uh…you put your dick through it and someone else on the other side sucks ya off.”
“Oh. Sounds pretty cool.” I was smiling.
He smiled back. “You like that idea?” His smile was different, a horny one.
“Yea, I think it’s a good idea. It’s kind of a lot of trouble to sneak a girl into the bathroom when you could just get head somewhere else but yea it’s pretty neat.”
His smile dropped. “Oh…yea, that’s true.”
And along came another silence.

“You know…uh…Billy, when you put your dick through that hole…it’s…usually another man that’ll suck it.”
I didn’t respond right away. I definitely hadn’t taken this guy for gay.
“Oh…oh, ok.” I turned my head out the window, trying not to look at him.
“You ever…done anything like that?” he asked.
“Hell no!” I shouted. “I ain’t gay.”
“Hey! Hey! Calm down. I was just askin. I’m not either.”
“Then why do you have gay porn?”
“Gloryholes aren’t just for gay guys, man. Lots of straight dudes suck cock.”
“I’m pretty sure I’ve never met a straight guy that wants to suck another guy’s dick.” At this point I was ready to get out, but I needed the ride.
“Well Billy, I’m sorry but I gotta tell ya…I’ve had the best blowjobs of my life from other men. Now sex is different, I’ll only have sex with my wife, but I’m only bein honest when I say guys give the best head.”
“I’ve had great head from girls, thanks.”
“Yea I’m not sayin they aren’t good at it, but when a man sucks your dick it’s different.”

“Whatever.” I drank more of my beer and looked out the window, but the thought was creeping into my head. I had been getting along with Bill fine until now, and I wondered why a man like him would let another man suck him off, so I asked… “How is it different?”
“Well…cause a man has a dick. He knows what it feels like, knows what feels good and knows what another man wants. women have pussies, therefore they can’t completely understand what pleasures a man.”
I hated to admit it at the time, but he had a point.
“Plus,” he added, “havin a dick is pretty fuckin awesome, and when you can share that kinda buddy-buddy havin a dick experience…it’s pretty cool.”
I still didn’t talk, just tried to comprehend what he was saying as it was all brand new to me.
“You can’t tell me you’ve never seen any of your friends’ dicks before.”
“No, I’ve seen ‘em. Hell we were in football…we saw everyone’s dick.”
“There you go. Did you like it?”
“No, I told you I’m not gay.”
“Gay means you liked the other guy for more than just his dick. I mean…did you like looking at the other penises?”

I thought a moment. “I guess I checked ‘em out to see who was bigger, but I didn’t wanna suck ‘em.”
“Ever jerked off with any of your buds?”
“And did you watch them jerk off at all or just stare at whatever porn you were watching, and be honest.”
“……yea, I watched ‘em for a bit.”
“So see, jerkin off with another guy is kinda exciting, and that’s the same way that sucking a dick is. It’s not romantic or gay, it’s just helping another guy out.”
“Allright, whatever.”
Another pause, and I noticed he kept lookin my way.
“I’ll suck your dick if you want.”
“What!” I said half laughing. “No way man.” I took another drink.
“When’s the last time you got some? C’mon when?”
“About a week ago?”
“You probably need some relief then don’t you.”
“Yea, but I can just jerk myself later.” Took another drink.
“That’s cool, but right now you could have a warm, wet, mouth wrapped around your cock and turning it down.”
“You just wanna eat my cock, dude.”
“Yea, I wouldn’t mind it. You’re a good lookin guy, got muscles and everything. You probably got a pretty big piece, too, don’t ya.”
I paused. “Yea, it’s pretty big.”

“Yea, man. Be proud of that. How big?”
“Bout 8 inches.”
“Shit if I had a dick that big I’d be showin it off to girls AND guys. Damn.”
I took another drink.
“You probably wanna fuck right now huh? A nice wet, warm pussy to put that big dick of yours into.”
I was getting hard. I grabbed myself, and he noticed.
“Getting hard?”
“Yea,” I mumbled.
“You can go ahead and jerk it man, I don’t care. I’m getting a boner myself.” He grabbed his crotch. I glanced that way and saw the bulge, and it excited me to see it; just to see another man’s dick getting hard.
We were both men with dicks that were getting rock hard, and it was pretty fucking awesome, though I wouldn’t let myself think like that then.
“Go ahead man whip it out,” he said.
“Why not? Take care of that wood. I got a dick, too. It’s not like you’ll surprise me with anything.”

I finished my beer, and I was so fucking horny. I didn’t wanna have sex with Bill or suck him…I just needed my own cock taken care of, either by me or him. “Fuck it,” I said, unzipping my pants.
“There ya go. Take care of that cock.”
I pulled my dick out and it stood at full length.
“Damn!” Bill exclaimed. “Go ahead, man, stroke it.”
I started stroking it, slowly, squeazing it, forcing more blood to head. My cock was practically purple, oozing precum all down the shaft. I jammed my hands in my boxers and started rolling my balls, then slipped underneath them and rubbed my taint.
“How’s it feel?” he asked.
“God damn.” I didn’t even care that Bill was watching. It wasn’t gay. I was just horny, and he was another guy and understood it. I stroked faster and faster, squeazing harder. My cock was throbbing…I could feel my balls coming up. “I think I’m about to shoot.”
“Let it out, man. I got some towels in the back.”
“Ok!” I jerked my cock at full speed and with the other hand I cupped my balls firmly into my body. Faster, faster, faster. And then BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! My penis pulsed like a monster and cum shot out like a cannon onto the dashboard, onto my jeans, onto my shirt, on the window, and even more onto the floorboard.

“Holy shit!” Bill laughed and clapped his hands. “Way to go. I ain’t ever seen a shot like that, man.”
I calmed down and sighed, then wiped my forehead. He gave me a towel and cleaned up. “Thanks,” I told him.
“That’s some real talent right there.”
“Uh…thanks.” I chuckled.
“Feel good now don’t ya?”
“Fuck yea.”
“Want another beer?”
“Yea.” I popped open another. “I guess I coulda used that warm mouth.”
“Haha,” Bill laughed. “Maybe next time.”
We talked a little more and then things quieted down.
“I think I’m gonna catch some sleep,” I said.

“All right. I’ve had some nodos so I’ll be drivin all night. I’ll wake ya if we stop anywhere.”
“Sounds good.” I laid my seat back and closed my eyes, and the truck kept driving west…

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