Rock and Roll

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We were headed to the city, for a concert of bands from my youth. My wife had gotten tickets as an anniversary present. I tried getting her to dress as a vixen from the 80's hair band days, but she didn't want to play along, she said all the women there would be dressed like that, and she was right. She decided to wear a cute floral summer dress, and the entire way to the concert she kept moving it up and down teasing me. after getting to the concert we found the only standing room available was in the back, which wasn't so bad it was close to the bathrooms and the beer garden. after several beers she was really getting into the music.

She was dancing and rubbing her ass into me making my cock hard as nails. She was dancing and into the music, and must not have heard me excuse myself for another round, when i came back she was grinding her ass into some guy, who must have stepped up when i moved. He had a look of pure joy, and she apparently never once turned back around to see who it was. When the song ended i approached her with a beer , then she realized what she was doing.

Her eyes were as big as the guys smile, he thanked her and moved back. I laughed as she grabbed the beer and chugged it. the next song began and i took my rightful place behind her, this time she looked back and smiled as she shoved her ass directly into my groin. i grabbed her hips and began pushing her back and forth across my dick. my hands, moved up her sides and onto her sweaty breasts, she let out a moan and pushed harder into me. I squeezed her hardening nipples between my thumbs and fore fingers. I would lower my hands down her stomach and then back up on her heaving tits, nearly pushing them out the top. I worked my hands back down under her dress, and down the front of her soaked panties. Her pussy was so wet her lips parted with just the slightest push of my finger. at this point i was really getting into it, and didn't realize that there were several guys around us, getting into it as well.

I looked around to take a breath and seen them staring, for a second i almost stopped, but she was so turned on i thought i better not. I pulled her close to me and grabbed the band of her panties and pushed them down, she did not fight at all and even shimmied her hips to help. Her panties slid down he legs, to the floor of the arena, she stepped out of them and back into me. I got two thumbs up from the guys on either side of me. I put one hand on her back and the other i slid down her ass and under to her awaiting pussy. she took her right leg and stepped out, giving me perfect access to her.

I slid one finger into her, moving in and out and back up across her twitching asshole. every time i moved back in i added a finger. her legs spread wider with each finger until all four were inside. I took a slight step back and lifted up the back of her dress giving the neighbors a great view. For some reason this wasn't enough, i motioned for the guy on my right to move up. i had him place his hand where mine was on her back then let him slide his hand inside her. i nearly came in my pants watching her unknowingly fuck this mans hand. after a little time, another dude moved up waiting for his turn.

I motioned him in, and when he hit his third finger, i walked up near her ear and asked her if she was enjoying herself. mmmm yes she said, so i took both my hands and grabbed her tits again, it took her a second to notice what was going on. I looked at her, and smiled, then began kissing her. the man behind her was getting his last finger in, when she reached back and grabbed his cock, she squeezed and he pushed in the fourth, she spread her legs a bit wider and told me to tell him to shove his whole hand up, and fist fuck her pussy.

I stood up and told him, he smirked and preceded to push his thumb up as well after a few grunts from both of them i watched her pussy engulf his hand. he was nearly wrist deep in her when she let out a groan and her body began convulsing. he finished her off, she could barely stand and when he pulled his hand out of her it was covered in her cum. He immediately shoved his hand down his pants and began jerking himself off as my turned and watched, actually we both watched. the ride home was incredible, she was sore she said, but lucky for me her mouth wasn't.

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