The Best of Friends

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My eyes wandered around the airport, watching as the passengers got off from the plane coming from England. I glanced at my watch, noticing that she was supposed to be here 10 minutes ago, paced around a couple of times, before deciding to head to the bathroom for a second.

"Hey Eden!" Margo exclaimed, giving me a big hug from behind. I almost screamed, but immediately recognized her dirty blonde hair,tan skin, and 32C breasts against my back. "It's so good to see you again. It's been years since highschool," she added.

"No it hasn't," I smiled at her. She was always so dramatic. "It's only been a couple of months since graduation." That was at least true. We were now 18, legal, and were going to college soon. Margo just wanted to swing by for a visit before heading back off overseas to her college in England.

"Well, we need to do a lot of catching up," she grinned, holding up two DVDs. "I got the chick-flicks and you got the popcorn. Practically heaven right here." I laughed and let her drag me out the exit and to my car.

Margo and I had been friends for the longest time. We've done absolutely everything together, went on double dates,went to the mall, store, clubs, parties, and even going to each other's family reunion. We were practically inseparable, until we each got accepted to different colleges. Since she was going to be here for the weekend, we needed to hang out together as much as we possibly could.

So two hours later, we were on the carpet of my bedroom, slightly drunk from vodka that Margo had managed to bring laughing up a storm for no real reason.

"Oh jeez, this is fucking killing me," Margo giggled. She hiccuped before tipping over until she was flat onto the floor. "Too damn funny." Finally something happened on screen. It was a sex scene, something that I hated watching around anybody, even Margo. Even worse; it was with two girls. I watched in astonishment as the brunette girl on the screen passionally kissed the other girl while rubbing her nipples until they were hard and perky.

"Damn Margie, tell meh if you're gonna get the unratted fersion," I slurred at her. When I looked over at her, I was completely surprised. Her face was inches away from mine. I can smell the drink in her mouth.

"Eden, wanna try it?" she asked.

"Try what?!"

"Oh, I think you know what I'm talking about," she said seductively. She leaned closer towards me and before I could say something, she kissed me. Her lips were incredibly soft as she let out a little moan before pressing me down on the pink carpet. Our tongues tangoed a bit before she pulled away and smiled slyly. "And you never had sex with a girl before?"

"No... But I like it." And with that I tossed aside my shirt and my shorts and dove at Margo to remove her short skirt and tanktop. I licked her nipples as she held onto my dark brown hair. I was getting so wet just looking at her. I finally went down lower and lower towards her pussy, just like the girls in the video were doing. I kissed around her thighs as she moaned, "Oh please, shove your fucking tongue into my hole." And I did just that.

"Oh my god, Eden!" she groaned as I stuck my tongue in and out. I kept one hand in her breast as I started licking her clit and moving my right hand in and out of her pussy. "OH MY GOD, YES!" she screamed. "I'M GONNA CUM!" With one shudder, she let out her womanly juices all over my face and the carpet. I wiped at it with my index finger and tasted it cautiously. Sitting up slightly, Margo asked, "How does it taste, bitch."

I held out my finger to her which she sucked on so hard, it made my pussy get wetter. "It tastes good," I said softly, licking the side of my lips.

Margo leaned in to kiss me and I tasted her juices again. Loosening the kiss, she pushed me down and held out two fingers, indicating towards my already wet vagina. "It's your turn now," she smiled.

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