Quad's Ch.05

(Part 1 from 1)

I have had excellent feedback on the Quad’s, and as long as you the reader keep asking for more, I will continue writing.

Enjoy and note : This story is completely fictional!


The rest of the week at our grandparents went pretty smooth. We didn’t see our cousin Norman again, and from what his sister Brenda told us the first day we met, the reason he got in trouble before, was because he got caught looking in a neighbors window while they were getting undressed. Uncle Frank marched Norman down to the Marine recruiting office the next day after he saw Stephanie, and me and forced him to sign an enlistment of four years. If anyone could straighten him out, the Marines would be the ones.

Our grandparents knew that the four of us were sleeping with each other, but they didn’t say anything about it. How the hell could they? If anyone tried to research our family tree, they would find one hell of a mess.

My parents are brother and sister, dad’s father is his uncle, and his stepmother is his second cousin. It goes on and on. I hope that I never have to tell my kids about this.

The day after everything went to hell, our cousin Brenda came over to tell us about Norman.

“I have never seen dad so mad. I figured he was pissed when Norman got caught watching Mrs. Jackson, but this was worse. What the hell did Norman do?”

Shane, Stephanie, Stacy and I looked at each other; silently asking if we should tell her what has been going on between the four of us. We had made a promise with our parents and grandparents not to tell anyone what is going on, but this was our cousin. Could we trust her? Stephanie answered that for us.

“He got caught looking at me when I was in bed sick.”

“Was he checking on you to see if you were okay?” Brenda asked.

“I don’t know. I had a night shirt on then, but normally sleep naked.”

“Oh,” Brenda said in a whisper.

What Stephanie told her was the truth, but not the whole truth. We were sitting outside away from everyone, so I decided to open up a little to see if we could trust her.

“There is more to it.” I told her.

The other’s looked at me with a surprised look on their faces.

“And what is that?” Brenda asked me.

“I was there with Stephanie.”

Brenda looked at each of us, saw our expressions, and then said, “I don’t understand. What were you doing in there with her?”

“I had taken dinner to her. When she was done, we were kissing and I had my hand up her nightshirt.” Seeing Brenda’s expression, I continued. “Stephanie and I sleep with each other. Shane and Stacy do the same.”

“You are kidding, right?”

“I am serious Brenda.”

“Cool,” she said smiling.

“Cool? Is that all you have to say is cool? Your not upset?” Stacy asked her.

“Why should I be upset? I just think it is cool that you guys are sleeping with each other. Since you have been truthful with me, I might as well tell you something that no one knows.”

Looking around to make sure no one could hear her, Brenda leaned in and softly told us.

“Jack and I have been screwing each other.”

Now it was our turn to be surprised.

“Don’t tell anyone about us, please.”

“As long as you don’t say anything, we won’t.” I told her.

The rest of the week when she wasn’t working, Brenda would come over and spend some time with us. Jack came with her a few times and we told him. We didn’t tell them about our parents, or grandparents, and didn’t plan on it.

The four of us continued to work on the house and land where our grandparents lived. Everything was looking good, so one day when Jack and Brenda came by, they let us roam the land.

We ended up at the pond relaxing and talking. It was a hot day, so not long after we got there; Brenda was the one this time who suggested that we go swimming.

“Damn its hot today. Let’s jump in the pond to cool off.”

“We don’t have suits Brenda.” Stephanie told her. 

“I did, so if you don’t mind, I am going to jump in.”

She had a suit on all right, her birthday suit. Brenda’s tits were about the same size as Stephanie and Stacy’s, but she had small areolas and nipples. She also had a bald pussy. Jack was right behind her, and not long after, the four of us jumped in. All six of us were in the pond cooling off, naked as the day we were born.

We stayed in for a while, and then got out to lie in the sun. I was starting to drift off when Stephanie nudged me, and said that Jack and Brenda were going at it. 

Looking over at them, Brenda was kneeling between Jack’s legs giving him a blowjob. Both of us watched them for a few minutes, getting as excited as they were. Stephanie then reached over and slowly started to pump my hard cock. Hearing Stacy moan, I looked over and saw Shane between her legs licking at her pussy.

Stephanie then straddled me, and lowered herself on my cock. Slowly she rode me up and down. Closing my eyes, I enjoyed feeling her on me. Through my eyelids, I noticed that it got dark. Opening my eyes to see what was going on, I saw a bald pussy in front of me. Brenda had lowered herself on my face, so I started to suck on her pussy. 

I was in heaven. Stephanie was riding my cock, and my cousin Brenda was sitting on my face. Thinking of the others, I knew that Stacy had both Shane and Jack, but couldn’t look to see what they were doing. 

Brenda then leaned forward and took one of Stephanie’s tits into her mouth. Stephanie moaned when she did this, but kept riding my cock. Faster she went, until she was bouncing on me like a mad woman. Then I felt her slam down on me, and shudder as she orgasmed. When Stephanie calmed down, she started to bounce up and down again. Pulling Brenda up from her tits, Stephanie started to kiss her, sticking her tongue into Brenda’s mouth. I felt Brenda stiffen up, scared of what she was doing, but then relaxed and went with the flow. 

I felt Stephanie slamming up and down on me, and knew that I wouldn’t be able to last much longer. Brenda was moving back and forth on my face, so I reached around, spread her cheeks, and slowly inserted a finger into ass. Brenda started grinding her pussy in my face and moaned loudly.

I was the first to go, as my cum shot up through me, and into Stephanie’s pussy. Feeling my juice shooting into her, she slammed down on me as she orgasmed again. Brenda was not far behind, and I started to lick up all the juice that was running from her. 

Stephanie lifted herself off me, and pulled Brenda away my face. Laying her down on the grass, Stephanie sat her cum filled pussy on Brenda’s mouth, and leaned forward to lick her pussy. I was still hard, so I got between Brenda’s legs. Sensing what was going to happen, Stephanie lifted her face enough so that I could slide my cock into Brenda’s wet pussy. Then she started to lick Brenda’s juices off my cock as I was sliding in and out of her. Looking over at the other’s, I had to smile as Stacy was getting double dicked.

Shane was lying on his back, and Stacy was facing away from him as she was riding his dick in her ass. When Jack walked over, she leaned back to lie on Shane’s chest. This left her pussy open, so Jack slid his cock into her. Stacy had never felt so good. When she felt both cocks in her, she had three orgasms, one right after the other. Shane had reached around, grabbed her tits, and Jack started to kiss her. She threw her arms around Jack, kissed back, and felt both cocks move in and out of her. 

Stephanie was grinding her pussy in Brenda’s face, and licking away on my cock as it was sliding in and out of Brenda’s pussy. Both of them were groaning, and I knew that they were enjoying themselves, so I started to fuck Brenda faster. Stephanie went first this time as she started to shake with an orgasm, and then Brenda followed as her pussy muscles tightened around my cock. I kept pounded into Brenda as both of them had their orgasms. Not long after, I slammed into her, and unleashed my own orgasm. After the first couple of shots, I started to pump again. When I could cum no more, I pulled out and Stephanie started to lick my cum out of Brenda’s pussy. 

At that time Stacy screamed out as she had her orgasm. Some how they had switched so that Jack was fucking her from the rear, and Shane was fucking from the front. They were lying on their sides, Jack and Shane were pounding into her, and Stacy had her orgasm. Jack was the first to go as he slammed into her ass, and yelled out as he let go. Shane felt this through the thin membrane separating the two cocks, so he slammed in Stacy a few more times, and then let go with his own orgasm. 

Stephanie, Brenda and I had separated. When Jack and Shane rolled away from Stacy, the two girls crawled over and started to lick the cum out of Stacy. Stephanie had separated her ass cheeks and licked the cum out of Stacy’s ass, while Brenda licked it out of her pussy. A few minutes later Stacy started to shake with another orgasm.

When everyone was finally done, we laid back caught our breaths, and started laughing at what we did. We laughed for a good fifteen minutes before we stopped. 

For one last encore, we linked up in a daisy chain, with the girls between Shane, Jack and I. We ate and sucked until one right after the other, everyone orgasmed one last time. 

On the way back to the house, we decided to keep in touch with each other, and maybe get together again to continue.

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