Son and mom have sex.

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

So for about the last 4 years my mother has lived with me after she got divorced. I was widowed 3 years prior to her moving in. I never seen my mom sexually. Bit one night I was feeling horny. And thought it would be funny to expose my cock to my mom. So I went to bed on the couch and wore a pair of boxers and let my cock hang out the front door.

I knew my mom would wake up and come out at some point during night. But before I could even fall asleep she came out. I pretended to be sleeping but I could sense my mom walk near and stopped for a few minutes. My cock was hard from before just thinking about this. And now it was happening. I was hoping my mom was gonna grasp my cock in her hand or shove it down her throat bit nothing happened.

Over the next couple days I couldn't stop thinking of having sex with my mom. All I could think about. What really turned me on was know she hasn't been with a man in at least 4 years.

I was hoping she would leave me some sort of sign. Then one day my mom was napping on the couch. All she had on was a long shirt. The blanket she had was positioned so I could see her hairy pussy. She had one leg stretched across couch and the other was off the couch on the ground so her pussy was exposed a little. She never done anything like this. I was turned on. So I knelt down by her legs and spread open her leg so I could really see that pussy.

I dove my tongue in her pussy and started licking and nibbling her clit. She wasn't quite awake but was squirming around. I couldn't believe I was eating out my mom. She tasted better then anyone I gone down on. She awoke and was surprised by what was going on. Her own son was licking up all her pussy juices. All of a sudden I felt her thighs tighten around my head her hips moved up really hard into my mouth and I got a big shot of my moms warm juices all over my face.

She then grabbed me and threw me down on the cough and ripped my pants off. She took my hard card and put it all the down her throat as far as she could. She was suck and licking my cock squeezing my balls in her hands. At first I was just enjoying a great blow job, then it dawned on me that my own mother was sucking my Dick.

After a while of getting the best blow job from my own mom she moved up and sat on my cock. I was absolutely nervous. My cock was about to entry my mother. I'm going back in the same hole I came out. It was arousing like nothing before.

My mom rode and bounced her pussy on my cock for a few minutes until I took over. I threw her face down in the couch and slammed my cock balls deep in my moms cunt. I was pumping my mom so hard when I couldn't hold it anymore. I moaned put that I was gonna come and she quickly turned around and shoved my cock down her throat. I shot my entire deep down my moms throat.

After I felt weird. I even told her. But she told me that we were just two adults having fun. We weren't starting any relationship or building feelings. Just having sex. so nothing to be weird about. I still have sex with her at times to this day. It's a lot of fun.

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Her hair was down as usual,and she was wearing a white wife beater and very skimpy shorts... "Hey well come in!" She seemed cheery.I ignored that and looked at her shirt.She wasn't wearing a bra,and you could see her large breasts.The shirt was perfect,it showed every shape in her breasts.