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I've been back at high school for two weeks now and just last weekend I engaged in something that warrants a story. I date the president of one of the fraternities so of course I love to fuck. I'm open for almost anything and one night my boyfriend asked me if I would help him out with this years pledges.

"I have an idea for what the pledges can do this year."


"Part of being in a fraternity is being fraternal, yes? You know doing stuff together."

"Go on."

"And one of your fantasies has always been to be gangbanged, yes?"

"Sadly, yes. Is this going where I think it's going?"

"Probably. If this years six final pledges fuck you and videotape it together, I'm going to let them in."

"Sure. Let the freshman fuck the senior."

"Hey, I was pretty good as a freshman."

It didn't take long for him to compile his list of the final pledges. Four white guys and two black guys. "For your enjoyment, of course."

Just last Saturday the night arrived. I was up in the room waiting on the guys. I had never been more excited in my life! Six guys were going to fuck me at the same time!

"All right men, upstairs and too the left is your final task. And here's the video camera. Record and post the results. Have fun."

I could here them coming up the steps so I stripped off all of my clothes and sat at the foot of the bed. The guys opened the door and obviously they were pretty schocked to see a naked woman on a bed.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!"

"Don't be. You came to the right place."

"But you're naked!"

"Yeah? And this bothers you...?"

"No, no, it's just that..."

"I think I know what we're supposed to do. Does he want us to, you know?"

"I don't know. You tell me."

"That does make sense. He wants us to fuck her and put it on the Internet! Damn, college is awesome!"

"OK, so how are we going to do this?"

After about five minutes they had their plan. They moved a desk to the middle of the room and covered it up with a blanket. One guy would film while the other five fucked me. Each guy was going to fuck me until they were about to cum and then pull out and do a cum shot. The next guy would then fuck me.

After the five had stripped they all stood around, waiting to start.

"Well come on boys! Jim provided you with a pussy to do what you will with it and you're all just standing there!"

"Alright, I'll start."

The biggest of them all, one of the black guys came up and stuck his finger in my waiting pussy.

"You are so wet already! Damn girl! Hey Paul, start filming."

Finally putting his dick in my soaking pussy he pumped fast and hard, never letting up. Black guys really can fuck better! Nearing his climax he pulled out and I opened my mouth, waiting for his cum. Stroking his dick he came rather loudly and I swallowed all the cum I could catch.

While he was busy shooting my mouth full of cum the next guy came up. He was wearing a ring so I assumed that he had gotten married before school started. Obviously this didn't matter to him and started to fuck me. He too knew what he was doing; his dick felt so good.

Soon it was his turn to pull out and shoot his load in my mouth. He squirted his out and I swallowed, liking every minute of it.

The next guy had never had sex before. I could tell because he was so erratic and it didn't take him long at all to reach his climax. When he came up to my face he had no aim and was just jacking off. He even shot some in my eye, which sucked. Cum was all over my face and I tried to get as much of it as I could with my tongue.

Next up was a guy who certainly knew how to fuck. His strokes were long and hard and I found myself crying out to him. When he was finally done he jacked off and again I swallowed while getting fucked by the next guy.

Finally the second black guy stuck his huge dick in and pounded me. My pussy just absolutely loved these black dicks! When it was time for him to cum he squirted out a lot of cum, I actually spat some out so cum was all over my face then.

They had all gone but the first black guy decided that he wanted more. Coming up to my pussy again he shoved his dick and fucked me hard. I was screaming at this point, it was the best fuck of my life. He pulled his dick out and came up to my face. Pulling my head back by the hair he squirted his cum into my mouth and I swallowed.

Having had my fantasy fulfilled I just lay there and let it all sink in while they went to show Jim the tape.

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