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Posted by JB
This story blows, no detail at all
Posted by mar
this sucked
Posted by jason
I would love to gang fuck a slut
Posted by Bonnie
I have never been more offended by a film. I'm angry, pisesd, how dare you waste part of my life with this self-indulgent jizz-blob excuse for cinema. Is pleasing yourself really so important that you have have to drag the rest of us through your process of mental masterbation? Seriously, are you writing to an audience at all, or are you just urinating on us for your own amusement. 56 min 26 sec I have to stop, for the first time ever I write to a writer just to relieve the strain of reading the writing.If feedback is even important to you, here is mine.. uuuuuuggghhhhhhh. Why do you hate us so much?
Posted by Lisa
I would let you fuck me if you was here - analsex4.fun
Posted by Support85
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