Playing Hostess- Chapter 4

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

3 months after the initial party that Judith “hosted” for her friends, she and her husband Matt were still very much involved in incest with her sister Ruth, who was also helping Judith satisfy their father. Matt was also regularly fucking Samantha, Mallory, and, of course, his mother-in-law. 

However, as much as she liked fucking Matt and didn’t want to stop, Ruth missed her ex-husband. She still wanted him back. There HAD to be a way for her to get her man back and persuade him to not be so jealous. After all, there was no reason that he couldn’t play around as well. It would take some effort, indeed, to convince him. 

Once she broke down and admitted this fact to Matt and Judith, followed by her parents, they all agreed that the key for someone like her ex was to hold an “intervention”. They would all ambush him with reasons to take Ruth back, after which they would “welcome” him back to the family sexually. With any luck, he wouldn’t be THAT difficult to persuade to change his mind. What would start out as a confrontation would become a seduction. It was a sort of “good cop, bad cop” approach. 

On the next convenient weekend, Matt asked Joe, Ruth’s ex, to go on a fishing trip with him. There was a Samuels family estate that dated back to the Gilded Age, when Matt’s ancestors first made their money. It was an old house, much larger than a cabin, but it would do for this purpose. Ruth, Judith, Isaac, and Leah would all be present. Samantha and Mallory agreed to watch Donald and Warren, boys who were probably ignorant of their parents’ scheme and didn’t exactly mind spending time with their mother’s “cool” friends. 

Joe didn’t become suspicious until he saw the place and noticed that there was no creek near the house. Matt made some excuse about there being a little detour, but he could tell that action had to be taken soon. He quickly sent a text message to Judith, who told the others that it was time. 

6 minutes later, Joe saw his ex-wife standing in front of him, begging him to take her back. He found it hard to refuse, but he also felt a bit of anger at the trap and the fact that she had probably cheated on him (in his opinion) with Matt. He had agreed to the trip as an opportunity to confront Matt about the issue, but the whole situation had turned on him. 

“You still won’t face up to your infidelity, and Judith is clearly living in denial about her husband’s indiscretions,” Ruth’s ex insisted. 

“Oh, is THAT what you think?” Judith retorted. 

“Yes, it IS!” he thundered. 

“It is NOT that way at all, Joe. I admit that I had some fantasies about Matt, but I NEVER betrayed my wedding vows with him. However, since you divorced me, he and I have had a sexual relationship. What is more, it has been with Judith’s knowledge and consent,” Ruth replied. 

“WHAT?” Joe shouted. 

“Well, yes, Joe. I asked Matt to have sex with Ruth, as well as my friends. It is a purely physical deal, however. I have a fetish about sharing an alpha male with other men, which Matt has helped me fulfill, not that it has been difficult or unpleasant for him,” Judith explained. 

“Why are you saying this?” Joe demanded. 

“Because you deserve to have all of the facts. That will enable you to make a decision based on them, not on some misunderstanding you have about Ruth. She NEVER cheated on you with ANYONE. She is still in love with you, and I think that she deserves to be happy. You REALLY should consider it. I know that it is hard on your pride to admit that you were wrong, but at least it was an honest mistake. The two of you should have a fresh start,” Ruth’s sister told her former brother-in-law. 

“I agree with Judith. Otherwise, if you had been a jerk ON PURPOSE to my daughter, I would have kicked your ass, even at MY age,” Isaac Baum added. 

“So, Ruth wants everything to return to the way that it was before the divorce?” Joe queried. 

“Well, not exactly, dear. I have gotten used to regular sex with certain other men. I don’t think that I could be faithful now. It wouldn’t be fair to anyone here to make such a promise to you. I CAN swear not to go behind your back or leave you for anyone. Don’t worry. You can sleep around as well. I don’t want to be cruel to you,” Ruth responded.

“So, you want to be back with me, but YOU are setting terms? Shouldn’t I do that?” he answered skeptically. 

“Not setting terms. I am just giving you the facts. I love you too much to reconcile on false pretenses, Joe. I would not turn you into a cuckold, denying you sex or anything like that. I will not even try to dominate you. That is not in my nature. I have just awakened a slutty side to myself that I had buried for a while. There is no reason why you shouldn’t benefit from it as well. I want to INCLUDE you in my adventures, such as the orgy that we have planned for tonight,” Ruth assured him. 

“ORGY?” he asked dubiously.

“Well, Judith has volunteered to welcome you back into the family in the tradition that has taken hold lately. Would you care to fuck my sister? Bear in mind that I will be enjoying Matt and it will likely get even wilder,” she declared. 

“Well, she DOES have a nice tush. This is fine with Matt?” Joe agreed, melting in the face of bribery and reason. 

“Of course it is! Judith and I are swingers now. If she doesn’t mind sharing MY body, why would I mind sharing hers? Double standards are nothing but trouble,” Matt chimed in. 

“Nice tush, eh? If you like it so much, I will have to make sure that you get to experience it. I’m not exactly opposed to anal, as you can imagine,” Judith flirted with him.

“Good. Ruth was not too hostile to the idea, either. I guess that must be ANOTHER thing that runs in your family,” he remarked. 

“OUR family. As far as I am concerned, you are one of us again. There is more to family than blood and red tape,” she grinned, as she unzipped his pants and pulled down his boxers. 

“You don’t waste time, do you, Judith?” Joe noted.

“Why should I? If I want something, I go straight for it. What I want RIGHT NOW is your dick in my mouth,” she informed him. 

She had what she wanted in just 2 more minutes, and Joe realized that his cock reacted to it much like it did to her sister’s oral efforts. Fellatio seemed to be yet one more “family tradition”. He was quite shocked that his supposedly conservative former sister-in-law was involved with such things as swinging, let alone sucking off family members. He would have NO problem with the new arrangement, if it would truly be like this! He had simply not wanted to be a cuckold and a laughingstock. THIS, however, made him feel like a stud. 

While Joe enjoyed the intense blowjob Judith gave him, Matt started to enter Ruth, only to have her ask him to try the backdoor instead. She wanted Joe to be the next guy to fuck her cunt, since she was fertile today. She hoped to be knocked up by her ex and future husband. Matt understood and CERTAINLY had no problem butt-fucking his sister-in-law in the ass instead of the pussy. 

Isaac Baum found his manhood stirring as well, and Leah decided that it was time to take care of her hubby. She lay back on the sofa, while her skirt hiked above her waist, inviting him to use her womanhood. Even though she had fucked him thousands of times, and also enjoyed numerous other men, she still regarded him as her favorite lover. She had NEVER allowed their extramarital episodes to interfere with their marital intercourse. 

Knowing that he wouldn’t get his wife pregnant, Isaac Baum didn’t bother with a condom. Then again, he rarely used one these days, anyway. Most of his philandering had been with his daughters in the past few months, and he wasn’t worried about THEM. The couple of times that he had been with someone outside of the family, it had been with Samantha and Mallory, both of whom had recently been tested. Neither of them were too worried about the idea of having his baby, since the two women lived together and pooled their money. 

Matt had to avoid looking at his mother-in-law’s delightful legs as they stood in the air, because he didn’t want to become so aroused as to cum too soon in Ruth’s butt. Her tight pucker was keeping him excited as it was, along with the fact that she kept pushing back at him. She made it evident that she found the experience VERY stimulating as well. It was hard to say whether his wife or her sister was more receptive to anal sex, because they BOTH welcomed it often. 

“Oh, fuuuuuuuck! Thaaaaaankkkkk youuuuu!” Ruth squealed as she came suddenly. 

The realization that he had given his sexy sister-in-law a serious anal orgasm was more than enough to force Matt’s hand. He abruptly spewed his cum into her asshole, filling it with a MASSIVE load. 

“You’re welcome, Ruth,” Matt winked at her, making her grin. 

“Well, this is the perfect moment, isn’t it?” Judith laughed, as she took Matt’s dick suddenly into her mouth, straight from her sister’s ass. 

“What do you mean by THAAAAT?” Matt reacted to both her words and her oral service. 

“I mean that you ought to last a bit longer, since you have cum already in my sister’s tush,” Judith explained, before she resumed deep-throating her husband’s cock. 

Meanwhile, Ruth presented her pussy to Joe, who now faced the prospect of cumming twice in one day. This was not something easy for him to do, since he normally had one good load (which he had already spent in Judith’s mouth). He was not quite sure HOW he would get stiff again, but Ruth solved the problem by adding her hand to his as he stroked himself. She then reached down to her butt-crack, took some of Matt’s cum, and rubbed it on Joe’s cock. The sensation was oddly pleasant enough, despite the awkwardness of having another man’s spunk on his manhood. 

After Joe had gotten a bit stiffer, Ruth licked Matt’s jism off of his dick, in order to make sure that it didn’t stay on him and make her conceive her brother-in-law’s child. She used her tongue to get him ready as well, until he was about to get a “second wind” for only the fifth time in his life. He used it to slam into his ex’s cunt, which apparently didn’t upset her at all (she had often complained that he was a little TOO gentle of a lover). 

Matt, for his part, started to take Judith’s twat, when Leah announced her climax from Isaac’s clearly satisfying thrusts. He came almost immediately afterward, and everyone’s attention returned to where it had been. No one expected the next act, which turned out to be Leah’s abrupt decision to suck Matt’s cock as it prepared to fuck Judith. 

“Mom, I didn’t know that you wanted my husband’s dick right now. You should have said so. I would waited for you to finish,” Mrs. Samuels told her mother. 

“There is no need for THAT, dear. Just let me lick it as it pushes in and out of you. I have always wanted to try his cock with your juices still on it,” Leah smiled. 

Judith had no trouble with that request, so Matt received the additional pleasure of Mrs. Baum’s tongue between strokes in his wife’s pussy. It heightened the stimulation for all 3 of them, as this was the closest that the otherwise adventurous Leah Baum had come to sex with her own daughter. It was an excursion into a taboo area not considered in the past. 

Joe, in the meantime, had gone as deep into his ex-wife’s cunt as his 5 inch cock would permit him. The relatively smaller size of his meat had been a major part of his insecurity, but Ruth’s actions now had reassured him that there was no danger of being replaced by a more virile man. The fact that she apparently still wanted to carry HIS children helped as well. His self-esteem had doubled this afternoon, as he knew where he stood now. 

It was Matt who couldn’t hold out any longer, since Leah’s tongue had weakened his ability to restrain his horny dick and balls. He grunted, in order to warn Judith that his 2nd load was ready. 

“Guess I was wrong, but I don’t mind. It was worth it to try something so HOOOOT!” Judith exclaimed in response, as she was now on the verge of a climax too. 

The timing was fortunate for once, as Matt emptied his balls into Judith at roughly the same time as she climaxed. Leah giggled like a schoolgirl and suddenly planted a kiss on Matt’s lips, after which she gestured that it was Judith’s turn to taste his mouth. 

Appreciating that her mother had kept it short and sweet on purpose, Mrs. Samuels deliberately drew her lip lock with her husband out as long as possible. She tangled her tongue with his, not the least bit put off by the fact that Matt had swapped spit with her mom. 

One benefit of Joe’s smaller cock became apparent, as he did not fill Ruth’s cunt as much. This reduced the friction, enabling both of them to keep from cumming quite as soon as they might have ordinarily. Even so, the fact of so much sex in the same house gave the couple a voyeuristic stimulus powerful enough to cause first Ruth, and then Joe, to have their release. 

As they were exhausted, everyone present agreed to take a lunch break. There was plenty of salmon left in the fridge for the whole group, and they would certainly need their protein for the NEXT orgy. That there would be one was reinforced for Joe when he saw Leah wink at him in plain sight of Isaac and Ruth. He blushed a bit, despite what had just happened, because he was still new to this “big, happy family” idea that they had cooked up. That did NOT mean that he minded it anymore, however. It would just be an adjustment…..

To be continued….

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