Sue's Night Out

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Sue was a 52 year old happily married woman, she had three grown up children, and a husband that did everything for her, in fact they had been married for 34 years and she still fancied him the same as the day they met. Everything was just perfect except for one problem, Sue’s life lacked excitement.

Everyday seemed the same for Sue, get up, make the breakfast, go to work, cook dinner, go to Bed. It was the same with sex, she thought at 52 her days for having a sex drive were long gone, Sex seemed more like a routine than a night of orgasms and passion like it used to be. This concerned Sue but she thought it was too late to do anything about it, she just seemed to except that this is what happens in relationships, after all they had been married for over 30years.

It was Tuesday and Sue met up for lunch with one of her old school friends, they had known each other since junior school and still remained close friends over 40 years later. Sue’s friend Janet was also happily married for nearly the same amount of time as Sue, the only difference between them was that a month ago Janet had a one night stand with two men. This was the first time Sue had seen Janet since it happened and she was excited to know the details. Janet seemed to have a glow about her, talking for ages about what went on and how amazing it was and that she would be doing it again in the near future with the same two men. Sue was very taken aback by what Janet was saying, it seemed to send her off into a dream world of what it might be like if she had a was to do the same! Sue soon came to her senses and remembered that she was married and would never dream of dong a thing like that, But it did get her thinking!!

For the next few days Sue’s mind was racing about what Janet had told her, she knew she wanted to meet up with Janet again soon because she wanted to know more. She gave Janet a call and arranged to meet her at a Wine Bar out of town for another girlie chat a drink and a dance, it had been ages since Sue had had a good night out so decided that she would make an effort and really dress up for the evening.

The night came and Sue started getting dressed, even at 52 Sue could still look younger than her years if she made an effort, she found her best Bra and top, she decided on a low cut number that showed off her ample breasts. As they were going out in style Sue also opted to wear a skirt, not something she does to often, under it she also put on her best set of Pantyhose, she was gonna go with stockings but she thought she could get away with wearing no underwear if she went with the pantyhose plus she only ever wore stockings to turn her husband on, that was something that hadn’t happened too often. As Sue was getting ready her mind started to race again about Janet having sex behind her Husbands back. Sue thought it was very wrong but couldn’t help thinking how much of a turn on it would be, even though she knew she would never do it herself. Sue loved hearing Janets stories, It was the only kind of excitement she was going to be getting in the near future.

Sue got to the Wine bar and sat at a table and waited for Janet to turn up, after about half hour Janet still wasn’t there Sue decided to give her a call but Janets phone went straight to her voice message, Sue thought she would wait awhile then try again, after about 10mins Sue’s phone rang, it was Janet sounding very flustered.

“Are you alright Janet?”

“Ooooooooh My God Sue, im soooo sorry, I can’t meet you tonight , I met up with them two blokes earlier today and we kinda got carried away, they have been fucking the shit out of me for hours! They are soooooooooo gooood! Oooooo! I’m really sorry Sue i’ve gotta go! They are making me CUM!!!! AGAIN! AHHHHH!”

With that the phone went dead, Sue didn’t know what to do, talking to Janet and hearing her being fucked stirred something deep inside her. She was in a Wine Bar miles from home on her own, her mind was racing thinking about what them two men were doing to Janet. Suddenly there was a tap on her shoulder.

“You look a million miles away? You on ya own? Do you mind if we join you?”

Sue looked up and saw three men looking at her.

“UUmmmmmm Hello yes I’m on my own please join me.”

The three men sat down and introduced themselves.

“My name is Mark that’s Tom and that’s Scott.”

Sue looked at all three of them they all looked like they had just come out of college or Uni.

“How old are you guys.” said Sue.

“Tom is 21, Scott is 22 and I’m 22” said Tom.

“let us buy you a drink, you look very bored, are you waiting for someone?“

“Yes I was but she’s stood me up.”

“Shame looks like you are going to have to put up with us three for tonight then.” said Mark.

As the night wore on Sue found herself laughing and joking with the men, talking about anything and everything. After a few bottles or wine the subject turned to sex! The boys were asking Sue all sorts of questions, “What turns her on?” “What’s her favourite sex positions” etc. Sue was getting so relaxed that she found herself answering all the questions they asked her. Then Tom asked her if she had ever considered a Gangbang? Sue was taken aback! All Sue had been thinking about for the last couple of weeks was what it would be like to be fucked by a group of horny men.

“Well to be honest I’ve thought about it a lot.”

That’s all the fuel the boys needed!

“Well would you be willing to maybe have one tonight?” asked Mark.

Sue couldn’t believe what she was hearing. All her life she had been faithful to her husband but here she was surrounded by a 3 men that what to fuck her.

“Well I think I might need some help in deciding.”

Without another word two of the men moved either side of her and started to put their hands under the table and onto her legs slowly lifting her skirt abit at a time, touching her pantyhosed legs. Already Sue knew that this is what she wanted to do, she could feel herself getting lost in a see of hands.

By now the two men had reached the tops of her thighs and started caressing them slowly at times touching her pussy through her hose. Sue was loosing it already. This was barely the starter, God know what will happen in the main course.

The third man Tom whispered in her ear that he was gonna lick her out while she was sitting at the table and the other two men were gonna spread her legs apart. Sue said

“Please no no it’s full people in here someone will notice”

Tom said

“That’s the point we are gonna give you an orgasm right here at this table in the Wine Bar. Then you can tell us if you are up for a Gangbang!”

Tom got under the table and instructed Mark And Scott to hold her legs apart. He then started working hes way up her legs kissing and Sucking Until he got to her Pussy. This sent Sue wild, She knew she could not make to much noise because people in the Wine Bar will wonder whats going on, Luckily for Sue their table was tucked away in a dark corner of the Bar people were too busy Dancing and chatting to take any notice of what was happening.

“OOOoooooooo AAAAaaahHHHH”

Within a minute she knew that she was gonna have her first of many orgasms of the evening !


Sue held on to the table with her hands, Mark and Scott gripping her legs tight as Tom licked away at her pantyhosed covered pussy biting at the material making sure she could feel hes tongue trying to get at het Clit!


“I knew we could talk you round. “ said Mark

With that Tom got up from under the table, Sue was still shaking. Ok Sue lets take you back to my house, We can finish this off there.

When they all got to Toms car Mark and Scott got in the back with Sue making sure she was between them. Tom said

“It’s only up the road, we will be there in a couple of minutes, Make sure you keep her lubed up Boys!”

With that Scott and Mark lifted her top up and started groping her tits. Yet again Sue could feel herself losing it.


“We are here, are you ready for your gangbang Sue?”

Sue was so turned on by this point.


“That‘s what we like to hear, carry Sue up to my bed.” said TOM.

Once inside Toms apartment all three of the men surrounded Sue and wasted no time in getting down to what Sue wanted. First they took off her top and slowly undid her bra exposing her very firm Tits. Tom and Mark started to suck on her nipples as Scott got behind her and lifted her skirt up to rub her pussy.

“AAARRHHHH this feels so good, suck my nipples.”

Sue couldn’t believe what she was saying, a couple of hours ago she was a normal housewife now she seemed to be turning into a slut.

After a few minutes the three men laid Sue down on the bed, all three men were kissing every inch of her body. Her skirt was now round her waist, hands rubbing all over her, Sue was going insane.


The three men couldn’t believe their ears. Scott said

“If that’s the case I wanna see her tied to this bed as we fuck her.”

“Nice one.” said Mark.

With that Mark and Tom both took off their ties and tied them around Sue’s wrists and then tied her wrists to the bed posts.

“This feels amazing.” gasped Sue.

With Sue tied up the three men started to undress. The only male body she had seen in the last 34 years was her husbands, soon the men were down to just there boxer shorts, she could already see that they had massive erections, Sue had only ever seen her husbands 6 inch cock and that was more than big enough for her. Slowly each of the men pulled down their boxers.

“Oh my God!” said Sue.

Each of them must have had at least 8 or 9 inch cocks. Each of them as fat as her wrists. Sue was scared but the thought of them cocks inside her sent her almost into another orgasm.

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