Peeping Jerry is back

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Well I couldn't resist going back the next night because she was so sexy and she left the sliding glass door open again. She was watching TV wearing her see through top and no panties and she looked like she had passed out and by the way the empty bottle of tequila was tipped over, I could tell it was time for me to get a closer look. I snuck in through the kitchen and with the soft glow of the TV, I could see how beautiful she was.

She was laying on her back with her legs slightly apart and her top was up around her neck exposing those pert titties with nipples that really did look just like Hershy's kisses and I wanted to taste one! Her dark haired bush was split open just enough that I could see her pussy lips and her little clitty and when I got close to her, I could smell her perfume and by now my heart was racing and my dick was straining to get out of my shorts!

I bent over and lightly kissed her nipple and it was tasty, so I sucked it into my mouth and she did not move, still breathing deeply asleep. I then moved down to her bush and when I kissed it the hair was so soft and it smelled so good, I just had to lick it! I was thinking of what to do next and the TV station went off the air, (it was like 2am by now) and the screen went to static with a loud noisey sound that started waking her up!

I was too far from the kitchen so I made a quick dash into the bedroom thinking she would fall back to sleep but she got up and headed for the bedroom! I was freaking out thinking she would catch me hiding in the closet but she went in to take a shower, so I thought I would make my escape. As I started to leave I could not resist taking one last look at her naked in the shower. She was rubbing soap all over herself and I was almost about to cum in my pants so I thought I would jack off real quick before I left. I came quickly and made a mess on the floor by the bed but it was too late to wipe it up, she was getting out of the shower! She grabbed a towel and I had no choice but to get back in the closet and I thought there is no way that she is not going to notice my puddle of jizz!

She came out of the bathroom and walked right by it and toweled off right in front of the closet, OH SHIT! She put her hair up in the towel and reached for the closet door and my heart stopped! She hung the towel on the closet door knob and walked over to the bed, WHEW! She pulled the covers down and slid in and reached over to the night stand and pulled something out. She was laying on her back and she was doing something under the covers. I heard a buzzing noise and I heard her moan and I realized that she was using a vibrator and she was getting into it!

She kicked the covers off and I could see everything. Her legs were spread wide and she was moving this 10" black vibrator in and out of her snatch and it was on the highest setting for sure! I adjusted my position to get a better look and I made a noise! She probably didn't hear it because of the noise that thing was making and she was really getting into it, arching her back and thrusting her hips up in the air fucking her imaginary cock!

I was getting hard again and she was almost to the point of no return, but when I tried to get an even better angle, I tripped over something and it caused me to stumble out of the closet! She was having a powerful orgasm and as she was shuddering with extasy, she looked right at me and did not stop coming! She stared directly into my eyes as she convulsed and continued with multiple orgasms! I was so caught up in the moment that I pulled my dick out and stroked it twice and shot a load right onto her stomach as she arched her back and kept panting as she almost passed out from all the excitement!

I was frozen with sexual energy and also scared as I wondered what would happen next! She did not miss a beat and when her explosion of sexual energy started to wind down, she pulled this giant vibrator out of her pussy and shoved it all the way in her sweet little mouth! She pushed this 10" black cock deep in her throat and looked at me as if to say "Check this out!" as she pulled her hands away and tilted her head up with only the end of the huge vibrator showing!

I was still in cock shock but I managed to clap my hands and she motioned for me to come over and pull it out! I grabbed the end of it and slowly pulled from deep in her mouth until it was almost all the way out and then I shoved it back in all the way to the base and she did not even choke! I did this several more times as she kept her head tilted back at just the right angle so she did not gag! I finally pulled it out with a "POP!" from all the sucksion that had been created.

At this point I started to leave and she said, "Tomorrow I get to use that thing on you!" and she laughed, saying "I'll leave the sliding glass door open and I won't be wearing any clothes!" I said, "Okay Honey, but we really need to come up with a different fantasy!"

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