Maris gets even

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When the young man came to the door selling magazine subscriptions Maris had something else in mind. Her husband had been cheating on her and she wanted to get even. She listened to his sales pitch and said.

"I'll buy your damn magazines if you fuck me"

The boy looked like he had been struck by lightning.

"What did you say?"

Maris pulled her dress up so he could see her panties.

"I said I want you to fuck me"

The kid turned three shades of red and sat on the couch beside her. She kissed him and removed her panties and said.

"You're not gay are you?"

"Oh my god no"

Maris grabbed his hand and led him to her bedroom. When they undressed she was surprised when his cock was bigger than her husband's. The boy wanted to know her name so he ask.

"My name is Maris Lawson"

"I'm Larry Tate"

"How old are you Larry?"

"I turned eighteen yesterday"

"Have you ever fucked a woman?"


"My god I am getting a virgin" she laughed.

Then she pulled Larry on top of her and helped his prick find her hole. Larry rode her for twenty long minuets. He made Maris climax several times before his dick went limp. Her husband never lasted long and left her hanging.

She smothered him with kisses and said.

"Oh god that was great Larry"

The young boy played with his prick until it was hard and fucked her again. This time Maris had a huge climax. It was like an earthquake and she squirted pee. Before Larry left she got his phone number and said she would call him when she needed him. That night Fred when came home from work he said that he had to go out of town for a business meeting.

"Are you taking your secretary?"

"Of course honey, I need her"

"You mean you need her pussy"

"I'm tired of your suspicion so shut up"

"I want a divorce" shouted Maris.

"Fuck you bitch"

The next morning she called her lawyer and told him she wanted out of the marriage. He said he would draw up the papers tomorrow. Then she called Larry and ask him if he wanted to live with her. The boy packed his bags and told his mom he was moving out. When Larry opened the door he found Maris sitting on the couch.

"Do you want a car?"

"I don't have enough money yet"

"I'll buy you one"

"You don't have to do that"

"I want my man to have everything he wants"

"Lets go fuck" said the delighted boy.

Maris quit taking her birth control pills so she could get pregnant. When she had a baby boy Julia Tate came to see her grandson. She held the baby in her arms and said.

"Are you going to marry my son?"


After they were married they went on a honeymoon in Larry's new Cadillac convertible and left the baby with Julia to take care of.

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