Part time farmer

(Part 1 from 1)

It was a hot summer day, we were at her parents farm helping do chores while they were away. She was inside the house and looked outside, and seen him standing there all by himself. He was standing to the back of the shed taking a piss and even from where she was she could see how hung he was, this was not the first time she had seen him. She remarked to me the a week ago, and said it must be the size of my forearm. I smiled and asked her if she thought she could handle it. "jerk" she said back and hit me in the shoulder.

She grabbed her boots and the chore list and walked to the barn. she was just finishing up, with filling the last water bucket, when she heard him behind her. She turned and smiled at him, and said just finishing up for you. She tried taking a step but he cut her off, and made her step back. She was in the corner and couldn't get out.

She had heard her mom, say that he had cornered Sarah, like this one time and wouldn't take No for an answer. She could see his package starting to grow, and the next thing it was out, and even bigger then she had thought. She wasn't sure what to do next, and she didn't want to get hurt by him.

She slowly slipped her shorts and panties down to her boot tops and dropped to her knees and turned over putting her head to the ground with her pussy and ass in the air. He was on her quickly, she could feel his breath on the back of her head and his chest on her. His giant cock was flailing around slapping against her ass. she reached back and grabbed for it, barely getting her hand around it. He stepped forward and she guided him to her pussy.

She gasped as the head pushed into her. He was not being kind, she thought he had filled her and stretched as far as she could take it, and he pushed a little farther trying to get every inch in he could. This was a new experience for her, she was scared and a little surprised on how incredible it was, she had never been fucked like this before. Her pussy was being torn apart and her face was in the dirt.

She was coming like never before, and it felt like his hole cock was in her. After a few minutes he started breathing heavy and let out an enormous wail, she could feel his legs twitching, then he released his load in her, it to was enormous and hot, he gave her a few more pumps, then pulled out. She then felt his nose by her ass and the feeling of his tongue licking the cum off her pussy, she said this made her cum again . He left her there and walked off to the other side for a drink. She got up and collected herself walking gingerly back to the house to take a long bath.

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