Sis Sits for Coma Bro part 1

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Note : This is story is completely fictional! Never try to do it in real live!

My brother Donny broke his legs 4 months ago in a car accident. He also sprained his back bad enough so he was left bed ridden for six months. He is 17 and was very proud to get his license, seeing it took him 5 tries to get it. Obviously he still didn’t know how to drive very well. It was him who caused the accident. He ran into a station wagon killing an entire family. Don was trapped in his car with his injuries he was forced to sit there and watch the family of 4 burn to death. It left him severely traumatized so much so that he hasn’t spoken a word since the incident and is also unresponsive, he just lays there and stares at the ceiling. My name is Rose and am only 13 so my parents Kim and Donald Sr. have had to do most of the personal care that Donny needs daily. A visiting nurse comes by 4 times a week, but all that she does is check to make sure he is in good health, i.e. blood pressure, pulse, temperature, reflexes, stuff like that. My father does most of the work because Donny is so big, he has to carry him to the tub and bath him and he rolls him around into different positions on the bed so he doesn’t get bedsores. My mother keeps busy cleaning up after his bodily functions. My father doesn’t bother clothing him so it is easier on my mom. I get to feed him once in a while. But he is always in bed with the covers on so I don’t see him naked, not that I ever even thought about it. I am only 13 and he is my brother. I go to school during the day so the only time I get to feed him is at night and in the morning when both my parents are observing. My father moved Donny’s bed into the living room for convenience sake. But this week is the start to summer vacation so I am to (baby-sit) him during the day while my parents are at work. My mother can go back to her part-time job now that I am going to be around during the day.

I got up Monday morning and took my shower. I went down stairs to the kitchen where my folks were having a quick breakfast before heading out. Everything has been worked out. Donny has been bathed the night before and all I am supposed to do is feed him at 10:00 am and then again at 2:00. My father put an adult diaper on Donny so I would not have to deal with any of that kind of crap.

So I fed Donny at 10 o’clock with no problems and just sat around talking to him as usual. Of course he never speaks back but that sometimes is a good thing for a little girl of 13. I could just sit there and tell him all my problems with no judgments and no derogatory comments. Just teen problems like school and boys that I like but they are too immature to notice me yet. I told him how even if they were into girls yet they probably wouldn’t want anything to do with me because I haven’t exactly developed yet. My little boobies were just that very little, about the size of half a large orange. But my nipples were freakishly large. I got picked on in the showers at school by the other girls because they were about an inch and a half long. I asked Mom about it and she said that I take after her and then I asked if I could see them and so she showed me her tits. They were simply beautiful; they were sloped upwards kinda like a ski jump with the biggest nipples I’ve ever seen in my 18 years. They were even bigger than mine, about 2 ¼” long. I said, “Mom when did they get that big?” Mom’s nippies were at least ¾” longer than mine. “I hope mine don’t get that big!!!”

“They were about the size of yours but when I had you kids they seemed to get even bigger.” Mom said. “Besides,” she said, “I think you will grow to love them when you are older, they feel very good when touched and pulled and even sucked on by a man.”

“Oh gross!!!” I exclaimed. I knew all about what men and women do together but I still thought it was gross especially thinking that my mom and dad do those things.

Mom said, “You will not think so Rosie when you get older trust me. I don’t know if you noticed but you also have an unusually large clitoris, like me. That also feels very good when touched by a man or just by yourself.”
I didn’t know that I had a large clitoris, (you can’t exactly see another girls clit in the showers), but I did know that it felt good touching it and rubbing it. My clitty was about 1 inch long when not stimulated, but gets very puffy and swollen when I play with myself. I had been playing with my clit since I was like 8 years old. I even put a couple of fingers in my vagina sometimes. But they never get that far, cause I didn’t want to pop my cherry. I heard it hurts.

Talking to Donny about my body and thinking about my nipples and clit got me a little wet. I was gonna go up stairs to play with my self a little but I just fed Donny and didn’t want to leave him alone cause sometimes he spit up a little if he gets over fed. So I just slid my hands up my skirt and started fingering my clitty through my panties. I kept this up until my clit was fully engorged and my panties started to soak through to my skirt. I didn’t want to get my new clean skirt all wet with my crotch juices so I pulled it up over my hips and pulled off my panties.

I was a little apprehensive about doing it there in the same room with Donny, but he was just laying there as usual looking straight up at the ceiling. So there I was totally naked from the waist down in front of my semi-comatose brother. It was actually very exciting. I started lightly running my fingertips over my pubic area, which has almost undetectable light blonde peach fuzz on it, but it feels so good when I do this. I kept lightly touching myself slowly working my way down to my slit. I had my legs spread out so wide by then, I had one foot out to each side on the couch. Which caused my pussy lips to open up on their own. I leaned forward and watched as I started fingering little circles around my clit. I have never been this excited. My clit was extended out a lot and I pulled the little hood back revealing the rest of it. Now I started totally attacking it with my fingertips. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter. I was dripping down the crack of my ass. I started breathing harder and harder and I could feel my face getting hot. I reached down to put a finger in my pussy as far as I dared with my other hand. Tears started running down my face, it felt so good. My pussy started to feel very sensitive and I was instinctively thrusting my hips up and down pushing and grinding on my fingers. My pussy was wetter than I ever saw it. Then my nipples started to feel kinda funny. They were hard under my shirt and felt very sensitive rubbing against the material. I jumped off of the couch and pulled it over my head. My nipples were the biggest I ever seen them. They were very hard and beet red and the areola surrounding them was puffing way out. They looked like Hershey’s Kisses but with an extra inch and a half of chocolate sticking out. I took my fingers out of my almost hairless pussy and started to pull and roll my nipples.

I was now standing up in front of my brother furiously fingering my clit and pinching and tugging my nipples. Juice from my pussy was running down my legs now. My whole inner thighs were soaked down to my knees. I started panting and gasping. My legs started to quiver and became so weak I dropped down to my knees. My pussy was now tingling and I felt it start to go into contractions. I layed back and planted my feet flat on the floor spread way out from my body with my knees wide open. I trust my ass up off the floor about a foot. Then dropped it to the floor. I kept pumping like this over and over, it just felt natural to me to pump like this I didn’t really know why. For some reason I just started making mewling sounds. I was going, “Uhmm uhmm uhmm uhmm!!!” in a high pitch. My fingers were a blur rubbing back and forth across my clitty. Then my whole head felt like it was buzzing. And my pussy felt like it was vibrating by it self. I had no idea what was going on. I had never spent this much time on my pussy so this was an entirely new experience.

All of a sudden my whole body started to shake and quiver with this unbelievable buzzing sensation going through my entire body. I found myself yelling out in staggering gasps, “Ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh!!!” My pussy was now spraying out this juice into my palm. My whole hand was instantly soaked and dripping off into the hardwood floor.

I collapsed completely flat on the floor trying to catch my breath. My face was wet with tears. This had to be what I read about being an orgasm. I thought I knew a lot about sex but this was just the beginning of things I thought I knew all there was to know about. I brought my hand up to my face to look at it and saw how wet it was. I brought it to my nose and took a quick whiff. It was sweetly musky. I stuck out my tongue and dabbed it into my palm with just the tip. “Not to bad.” I thought. I then lapped up my whole hand while sitting up. Then I noticed to huge puddle pooling around my ass and thighs. I thought my juices tasted pretty good but I was not interested in licking up the floor.

I got a towel to clean up. While walking back into the living room still completely naked, I noticed a vile smell. It had to be Donny. He must have made a mess in his adult diaper. I was left with strict orders not to bother with trying to clean him up. My Father told me under no circumstances am I to even move his covers down below his waist. But I figured he ain’t here and I couldn’t see leaving Donny to sit in his own shit all day and being uncomfortable just so Dad can feel comfortable about his little 13 year old not seen a penis. Well what he don’t know is I seen a lot of dicks online. So I figured if I changed Donny and stuck the diaper in the trash outside he wouldn’t know about it.

I pulled Donny’s covers down to his feet and undid the diaper on the sides. I then pulled the front down between his legs and noticed there was crap all over his crotch, even up onto his cock. The crap covered pretty much everything. Then I pushed his side as hard as I could and got him to roll over onto his left side, enabling me to slip the soiled diaper out. I got the towel I used to clean up my mess off of the floor and wiped up his ass real good. I got a wet towel from the kitchen and cleaned his bottom and between his ass cheeks until there was no more mess back there. I then went to the other side off the bed and pushed him back onto his back. I took my cum towel and started to wipe up his crotch and dick revealing more of his privates. Between the 2 towels I finally got him all cleaned up and shoved everything into a garbage bag and put it by the back door.

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