Part 3 of my island love affair

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The next 3 days were like a dream come true. Our love grew and became deeper if that's possible. The sex was without a doubt the best I have ever experienced. It blew me away each time I climaxed or he did! We made plans for our lives together. We did some shopping in the little town and then took the boat to St Thomas where Bud got me a ring that which he gave me at dinner on our last night! What a surprise!! We did some sightseeing of the town and the national park they have on the island. St. John is one of the prettiest places on earth! Every morning, we would walk the beaches early, usually by ourselves not seeing another sole. We even made love in the water scaring the fish a few times right in front of the place we were staying! It was like a dream. The palm trees on the beach swaying as the warm tropical wind blew them. The water so clear you could be up to your neck and still see the little fish swimming around your feet. The sand so white from the bleaching of the sun! And the two of us in chest deep water, my arms and legs wrapped around him as we pumped our bodies together fucking like wild animals. 

I tried on the bikini and sure enough I had to shave more of my pussy hair. So Bud volunteered! J We went into the bathroom and I sat on the edge of the tub spread my thighs and Bud sat on the floor between them. But, he couldn't control his self and we fucked! I sat facing out from the tub and Bud sat face the wall with my body on top of his. We rammed into each other again and again and again until we had both climaxed hard! Then we tried again. Having him shave my pussy so carefully and slowly gave me shivers and thrills until he had just about finished, As soon as he did I fucked him! I pushed him on the floor in the bathroom and jumped on top of him. I pushed his cock skin down tightly and lowered my open bald pussy on to it! I rode him for an hour, I swear. I fucked him again and again and again! I climaxed over and over as his cock stayed hard and thick inside my very clean shaved pussy! He told me how sexy it looked riding up and down on him! God!!! I loved this man so fucking much! I did things with him over the 4 days we were together that I never even dreamed I would ever do with anyone. We were dirty fucking animals most of the time! We fucked while we ate. We fucked while we showered. Hell I woke him up one night sucking his cock to get it hard so I could fuck on it again! I sucked his cock while he shaved, which was not the smartest thing I have ever done. He ate my pussy one night as I sat out on the porch. You could see my body from the waist down and he sat on the floor eating me into one orgasm after the other as people walked by saying hi! It was scary and so fucking sexy!!

The last day we took the boat out again to that little sand clay. We landed and tied the boat. The hotel provided us with another picnic lunch. But we both had other things in mind to eat! Bud had more wine and we spent the entire day on the clay, swimming, eating and fucking! I swear we must have fucked 6 time or more every day! My pussy was getting red and it wasn't sunburn!! He would lay me back on the big blanket and untie my strings on the new smaller bikini. It opened out to him like a dipper once untied. He would lick me into multiple orgasms that were supreme! I would cum again and again from his lips tongue and mouth as he licked and sucked me into my own paradise in our paradise! I would sit on his cock and ride it up and down as he pumped his hips up into me. We went crazy on each other for the entire 4 days! But I will most remember the night before we had to leave for home. We had this porch that we sat out on in the evening and held each other for hours just touching the sex of the other person. We explored each other's body knowing every inch of it! I knew he had a little mole on his cock about inch from the head. He knew I had a tiny humming bird tattoo next to my now fully shaved pussy just above where the bone in my left leg meets my cunt. He asked me: "How bad did it hurt to get that?" I told him: "Not as bad as leaving here will hurt baby! God I could stay here with you forever!" We sat on the porch usually with little or nothing on just stroking the other's body! And then when the passion built high enough, we would drop to the floor or go back into the bedroom and fuck ourselves to sleep! One morning we were looking out at the beach and as Bud stood behind me I felt his hands come under my arms and cup my breasts. The air was cool in the morning and my nipples stood erect. He asked me: "Are you cold baby! Would you like to go inside?" I turned my head and kissed him saying: "Oh god Bud! I love this place! Your hands always warm me baby! No I'm not cold! You feel so good against me!" I felt his cock tickling my upper thigh as it grew harder. He cupped my breasts and was squeezing them, pulling gently on the nipples. We watched a bunch of birds fly over the water looking for breakfast! He had my breasts clear of any clothing now and we both watched as his hands roam over them. I was happy that I had taken good care of myself over the years and even at 33 my breasts stood almost straight out. There wasn't very much sag in them at all! 

He rubbed them as the cool air blew over the bare skin! I lay my head back on his chest feeling the hardest of his cock moving up between my thighs and touching my ass! I had a nice ass! It stood up high and was very round. He told me my ass was made for him to love! It did help lift us both up off the bed as we climaxed! And I could use it to lift his balls up off the bed as he pumped his big cock into me! His one hand stayed on my left breast as his other hand slowly moved down my body until it touched my shaved pussy. I had to shave it more so none would show from the small bikini Bud had purchased for me. We both laughed remembering the day we got it. He told me to try it on and we fucked minutes later. He told me the bikini looked so great on my body he couldn't help it! The bikini had small strings on each side that held it together. If you undid the strings it fell open like a baby's dipper. And Bud was always undoing them! Now as we stood together on the porch he pulled the string on the side of the bottoms and it opened falling down my legs. God I was completely naked standing on the porch where people were only a few feet away! And the funny thing was, I didn't care! I didn't care about anything except making love to this wonderful man! I felt his hand come under my ass and push my legs open. I spread them so he could touch me! 

His hand moved under my ass and cupped my pussy! Al of my pussy! He slowly squeezed and rubbed it as my juices began to flow! He pushed a finger into me and I lay back against him moaning his name! He whispered:" I'm going to make you cum right here on the porch baby! Right in front of these beach goers. And, they won't even know you are getting off! He dropped to the floor and turned his head so he could get under my ass. And then he began to lick and suck on my pussy as I stood there looking out over the beach and water. In seconds he had me squatting and moaning for him to suck my cunt! I began to cum and cum hard. He kept his mouth tight on my pussy fucking me with that magical tongue until I had finished climaxing. I fell to the floor and he moved over me. He teased me with his huge cock touching and moving it inside my pussy lips. He never put more than the head in. I tried to arch my back and push up to get it all inside me but he never let it go it until I was begging him to fuck me. He smiled down at me when I told him: "Fuck me Bud. Dam it!! Fuck me!! Oh shit baby! Don't tease me! I need that big cock of yours in my pussy NOW!! DAM IT BUD FUCK ME!!!"

Finally, he lowered his body down and I felt the big cock head fill me! I arched up again and this time I had him! My pussy sucked in his cock into me and I squeeze my cunt muscles tight holding it inside me. We laughed and rolled around on the floor as more and more of his cock moved inside me. God it felt even bigger this time! As he began to pump his big cock into my pussy I arched my back and screamed loudly as I orgasm in under a minute! He ducked down behind the porch and we lay together fucking our brains out only feet from the other people on the beach! It was so fucking exciting! I must have had 3 orgasm in a max of 5 minutes! Finally as I rammed my pussy up into him he began to shoot his cum into my body! God the man had so much cum. His cock shot 15 or 30 shots before he finally fell forward on top of me where we laid for about an hour. He whispered: "let's get dress in our suits and go scare the fish again today babe? OK?" I smiled and we did just than. We stayed in the water and fucked, we fucked under water and when it became late and we were the only ones left on the each, we fucked again on the beach before going to late dinner at 9PM. When we got back to the room, I sucked his cock dry before we fell asleep. In the morning I woke up finding his cock still next to my mouth. So I woke him up by blowing him. One last day and then we head for home. I wonder what he has planned for us today?" Guess part 4 will tell you. Stay tune, film at 11PM!!

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