First Time Mature Swingers

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As I told you in my previous story, ‘The Second Time’, Ellen and I had been married for 22 years when we decided to swing. I had wanted to do it for some time but although Ellen was mildly interested she didn’t want to contemplate it while our son was living at home. Now that we were empty-nesters she was prepared to move cautiously in a search for a compatible couple.

I’m 50 and Ellen is 47. She’s slim, blonde and very feminine. Her breasts are small but her nipples and aureoles are large and very sensitive, sucking and biting them while fingering her or using a dildo or vibrator brings her quickly to an orgasm. She has lovely legs and a beautiful bottom and her tight pussy is topped by triangle of blonde hair.

Quiet and somewhat shy by nature, once sexually aroused she is quite the tigress and wants to go for hours. I had wanted to see her with another man for a long time and was very excited that we were now embarking on that very path. I was also aware of the number of possibilities there were with four people as opposed to two and longed to experience them.

We placed a profile on an adult web site and waited for responses. Since we were novices it was decided not to contact anyone but wait for a suitable couple to contact us. Several young males, not much older than our son, showed an interest in Ellen even though we had indicated we were only seeking married couples. She liked their firm bodies and big hard cocks and was flattered by their comments about her photo and desire to fuck her.

We thought it might be an option for the future once we gained some experience and I had many horny thoughts of two, three or more young men with her at the same time really giving her a good screwing and spilling their large loads in and over her. Ellen also had a fascination for black guys and wondered if they were ready different to anyone else. She was turned on by internet pictures and videos of black guys with huge cocks and the way the women appeared to love being fucked by them.

We didn’t know at the time that it wouldn’t be long before that desire was satisfied by Rob and his huge cock as I related in, ‘The Second Time’ and later with two black couples in our adventure at an adult sex club described in ‘Midnight Market’.

We received several responses from couples but none were to our liking until we heard from David and Gloria. They were older than us by ten years and were experienced swingers. They promised patience and understanding for newcomers to the lifestyle and lived a twenty minute drive away. Gloria stood a good four inches taller than David at five-eleven and was a statuesque beauty with big tits and a curvy figure.

David was about five-six or so, balding and sported a small moustache. He was very well hung with a long, thick uncut dick and Ellen was quite taken by it. She has always been turned on by the thought of older men screwing her and David’s cock was a definite plus to his dozen years her senior. I was of average endowment and circumcised and Ellen wanted to play with a big, uncut cock. Gloria looked great in her photo and I certainly wanted to get to know her.

Ellen replied thanking them for their interest and expressing our interest in them. There then followed quite a few email exchanges over the next week ending with an agreement to meet at a local coffee shop on Saturday morning. David and Gloria were already sipping their drinks at a corner table when Ellen and I arrived and after smiles and handshakes we settled down with our coffees.

‘I recognized you even with your clothes on,’ David quipped and Ellen blushed but joined us in laughing.

‘How long have you been doing this?’ I asked.
‘About fifteen years, we are very selective and have half a dozen couples that we are good friends with,’ Gloria replied.

‘We are very considerate and understand that this is new for you. We love to entertain at home, our backyard is very private and we have a hot tub that we enjoy, it can be very relaxing or stimulating, whatever you feel like,’ David added.

The next hour flew by as we got to know David and Gloria better.

Gloria gave David a knowing look and said, ’We think you’re a good match for us and believe we can have a lot of fun together. Take some time before making a decision; it’s all new for you and we understand.’

David nodded in agreement and I looked at Ellen. She raised her eyebrows and smiled. ‘We don’t need anymore time, let’s take the next step,’ I said.

‘Wonderful! Are you busy this evening? David inquired.

‘No…nothing planned,’ Ellen replied quickly.

‘Right, shall we say seven o’clock? David said as he scribbled his address on the back of his business card.

‘Fine, we’ll see you then.

Our excitement was palpable as we drove home. Ellen rubbed my thigh and felt my erection. ‘I’m very excited also, I know we’ve made a good decision, I like them a lot.’

I had to agree and highly erotic thoughts of Ellen with David and me with Gloria ran rampant through my mind.

It was with a mixture of excitement and nervousness that Ellen and I got ready to meet David and Gloria that Saturday night. During our emails it was discovered that our wives enjoyed dressing erotically for sex and David and I certainly liked them to. Ellen packed some things in an overnight bag to change into after we arrived. The short drive to their home was filled with tense anticipation and as I rang the doorbell, Ellen and I exchanged nervous glances.

David and Gloria welcomed us into their spacious home and led us to the family room. David produced a bottle of wine and filled four glasses. As we sat, Gloria said they had introduced newbies before and knew that we would be nervous as well as excited, as they were on their first time. They felt they had a method to make everyone more comfortable, ‘Our hot tub is very private and can not be seen by our neighbours. We have a couple of robes upstairs for you. Once you are settled in the tub David and I will join you and we can get to know one another in a less exposed way. Afterward Ellen and I will get ready for you and David to join us in the bedroom,’ she said.

David showed us where the tub was then four of us made our way upstairs and Gloria pointed the way to a bedroom, ‘See you in the tub,’ she said with a smile.

Ellen and I got undressed, put on the bathrobes and headed to the hot tub. My cock was hard as I watched Ellen climbed up the steps to the tub. I stopped her and felt between her legs. She was very wet and just as aroused as I was. We settled into the tub and waited for David and Gloria. They arrived, took of their robes and stood together near the tub. Gloria looked very good; her big tits full and firm, nice legs and ass and just a thin line of pussy hair above her large, puffy labia.

‘I know you want this Ellen,’ Gloria said as she took David’s cock in her hand, ‘I’ll just get it nice and hard for you,’ and she began to jerk it. She knelt and licked his knob and took him deep into her mouth while fondling his heavy balls.

Ellen stared hungrily as David’s cock became fully erect and looked absolutely massive. ‘There, I think that will do nicely for Ellen, go and give it to her,’ Gloria said mischievously.

David approached the tub and his cock looked bigger and thicker than in his photo, he really was very well hung and I couldn’t wait to see Ellen would take it. He slid into the tub and sidled up next to Ellen and Gloria climbed in and immediately straddled my lap. Her tits smothered my face and she rubbed her pussy over my erection. I nibbled her nipples and held her generous ass as she moved back and forth. I glanced past her and could see that Ellen and David were fondling and kissing. I imagined what her hands were doing to his cock under the water and wished I could see.

Gloria slipped my cock into her hot twat and sighed as it sank all the way in. She doesn’t waste any time I thought but I didn’t mind, her wet box felt fantastic. Her pussy squeezed my dick as she moved up and down and it felt so good to be inside her. I slid down my seat until I was neck-deep in the tub. I could now thrust upwards into Gloria as she held onto the tub edge. She moaned as I rammed into her and I felt her orgasm on my cock in a hot rush.

Suddenly the wave action increased and I heard Ellen moaning, ‘Oh god…umm…umm…yes…yes.’

I adjusted my position and looked past Gloria. Ellen was obviously kneeling on a seat and David was standing behind her. ‘Oohh, you’re so tight, it’s perfect,’ he gasped as his hands helped to drive her back and forth onto his cock. His pace increased as Ellen accommodated more of his long, thick dick and she became more animated, ‘Yes, oh yes…that’s it…more, more…oohh yeeesss!’ she moaned over and over as David slammed deep into what until now had been my pussy and mine alone.

It was exciting but I couldn’t wait to her pussy and David’s cock stretching and punishing it. She screamed as she climaxed and David stopped thrusting and held his cock all the way inside her. ‘Oh yes, I can feel it throbbing, oohh,’ Ellen moaned.

Gloria turned to me and said, ‘I do believe they will get along well together.’

We clambered out of the tub and each grabbed a towel from the pile on a chaise lounge. David was still fully erect and as Ellen bent over to pick up her robe David went behind her and slid his hard prick between her legs and moved back and forth. Ellen sighed, spread her legs and bent over further. I saw her swollen labia and how open she was and moved closer with Gloria to get a better look. David rubbed his cock between her pussy lips and I could see how wet she was and wanted it inside her again.

‘Give it to her David, give it to her good, fuck her hard,’ I heard myself saying.

‘Oh Honey, tell David to fuck me, tell him to stick his big cock in me, it makes me so horny to hear you say it,’ Ellen begged.

Gloria knelt and began sucking my cock as I said, ‘fuck my wife, David, fuck the shit out of her, make her squirm and scream and cum all over your cock, screw the slut with that big dick.’

David, also excited by my verbal encouragement, held his prick and lined it up with my wife’s pussy, ‘Ooohhh,’ she moaned as he pushed it in and began pumping into her. She was so wet and aroused that he was almost instantly all the way inside her. She had learned to take a big dick quickly and I thought she would have no difficulty taking a thirteen inch black dick.

David’s body slapped against her ass and his cock made squelching sounds in her pussy. The sight of his huge cock ploughing my wife, the sounds, Ellen’s moans and Gloria’s mouth was too much for me and I felt a tingle in my loins. Gloria knew and jerked my cock until it erupted and sent cum splashing into her mouth and over her face.

She rubbed my dick over her face and licked off the semen several times. David withdrew from Emily and gave her ass a smack, ‘Let’s go inside,’ he said and I saw how much Ellen’s pussy had been forced open by David’s huge erection as she lingered bent over for a few moments with her legs wide apart. We gathered our robes and went into the house.

Gloria and Ellen went upstairs and David and I sat in the family room. About a half hour later Gloria called down from the top of the stairs, ‘We’re reeeady.’

David and I climbed the stairs and he led into the master bedroom. Our wives were standing on either side of the king-size bed, Ellen on the far side and Gloria on the near. Ellen was all in black, stilettos, stockings a lacy thong, garter belt and push-up bra that fully exposed her hard nipples. Gloria wore just a pink waist cincher with matching stockings and heels.

One hand toyed with the nipple of her right tit and the other caressed her clit and pussy. David removed his robe as he went around the bed and embraced Ellen. He mauled her ass and tits then bent her over, pulled her thong to one side and fingered her pussy. She knelt down fondling and mouthing his cock to a full and very stiff hard-on.

‘Suck that dick, oh that’s good, that’s a good girl, take more…oh yes, suck my balls,’ David moaned as my wife first licked his engorged knob then moved all the way down the shaft to his balls. She took one then the other then both into her mouth as both hands jerked his cock. His balls filled her mouth and her cheeks bulged and David held her head. It was both lewd and very erotic; I never imagined I would see my wife in such a position but it thrilled me.

Gloria and I kissed and fondled and my dick was rock hard in the hand. I fingered her pussy and teased her clit as she jerked me. She broke away, sat on the edge of the bed then lay back and opened her legs wide. ‘Eat me,’ she breathed.

I knelt between her legs, looked into her eyes then down to her pussy, ‘Show me,’ I said.

She smiled and spread her fleshy labia exposing her swollen clit and the pink wetness of her vagina. She was highly aroused and wide open and I flicked her clit with my tongue then probed her wet hole. I went back to her clit and pumped two fingers in and out of her cunt as she bucked slightly while squeezing her tits and nipples. By this time David had lifted Ellen onto the opposite side of the bed in the same position as Gloria and was mauling her tits while his head burrowed between her legs. He looked up in response to Ellen’s moans and saw me looking his way. ‘Bring Gloria here beside Ellen; it’s time to give them some cock,’ he said.

I helped Gloria up and we went to the other side of the bed where she lay next to Ellen. I held her legs open and David did the same with Ellen and we entered the wives. We fucked them in sync, encouraging each other saying, ‘Yeah, fuck the slut…give it to her deep…fuck the horny cunt…make her squirt.’

Next we pummelled them doggy-style then I lay on my back and Ellen sat on my face, while I ate her. Gloria sucked my cock and David stood with his back against the wall above the headboard and fed Ellen his dick. I looked up and watched his huge cock disappear into my wife’s mouth. He held her head and pumped into her throat causing her to gurgle and choke. Saliva dripped from his cock as he fucked her throat faster and faster. Gloria stopped sucking me and sat on cock and reached forward to maul Ellen’s tits.

We all lay on the bed for a moment to catch our breath. ‘I have an idea,’ David said as he opened a bedside table and produced two large dildos, one white the other black. They were even bigger than David’s horse-cock and he handed one to Gloria and the other to Ellen. He arranged the wives into a sixty-nine with Ellen on the bottom. David and I knelt on the bed and stroked our erections as the gals worked the dildos into each other.

I watched Gloria nudge the huge black dildo just inside Ellen’s pussy and it struck me just how much I wanted to see a real black cock in there. She was having trouble pushing in so she put it to one side and brought her tongue into play. It was super horny to see another woman eat my wife and it had a positive effect on Ellen. She began to whimper and pumped the dildo into Gloria with increasing ferocity.

Gloria’s tongue had done the job and she pushed about six inches into Ellen and began thrusting as vigorously as Ellen was. It was a really horny site and when David positioned himself between Ellen’s legs and lifted them I took the cue and got behind Gloria. The dildos were put to one side and as David entered Ellen, I mounted Gloria. As I fucked Gloria, Ellen licked my cock and balls and Gloria’s pussy sending erotic thrills through me.

David slammed into my wife and Gloria did her best to lick his dick and stimulate Ellen’s clit. David moved forward and really began to give it to Ellen. She cried with pleasure each time his big cock rammed all the way into her. He went faster and faster then gasped, ‘Here it comes…here it comes.’ Ellen screamed as his semen filled her and shuddered through and orgasm herself.

It was so horny that I shot my load into Gloria. I pulled out and semen dribbled from Gloria’s well-used pussy onto Ellen’s face. She licked what she could reach then sucked my cock clean. Gloria cleaned David then began to eat Ellen. I held Ellen’s head and moved it onto Gloria’s pussy. After several minutes both ladies shook through powerful orgasms.

And so ended our first swinging experience. To say it was a success would be an understatement, it was the horniest, most erotic time Ellen and I had ever had and was but the first of many horny experiences with our friends, David and Gloria.

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