A Chance Meeting

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The following story is fictional. No real stories, events, or persons have been portrayed.


Old Friends

This story begins years back, when I was in grade 4. I went to an elementary school called Oceanview. It was only about 300 kids and was in a somewhat isolated community. That year, I met another guy named Ryan. We were in the same class and became good friends. We remained good friends for a couple of years until I moved into the city centre and we drifted apart.

We did lots of fun stuff together. Play tether ball and just plain hang out. I had my first exposure to porn with Ryan. Internet and the playboy channel. This was before I knew that I was gay. We showed each other our “equipment” back then, too. We didn’t masturbate or anything. We didn’t know what masturbating was.

We didn’t talk for nine years until one day when I was 20 (I’m now 22). I was walking through the mall, a clothing store actually, looking for some jeans. I had picked a couple of pairs off of the rack and walked towards the change rooms to try them on. When I opened the door, one of the cubicle doors was open and to my surprise, Ryan was standing right there, shirtless I might add.

He was hot! He looked up and shot a quick hello and then reached for a shirt to put on. I stared at this beautiful specimen of a man. He was about 6 feet tall with a muscular build. As he reached for the shirt I could see his muscles rippling in his arm as he extended towards the rack. His chest was amazing and he was evenly tanned. His nipples were small and manly. Ryan’s pecks were well defined and he had nice flat chest sporting a sexy six-pack. The only hair was a faint treasure trail that ran down from his navel to his manhood and then disappeared in his shorts. I felt a familiar tightening in my pants as I examined this beautiful stud. He was exactly how I liked my men.

He took a second look at me and realized who I was.

“Alex?!” Ryan was ecstatic. He moved towards me and locked me in an emotional hug, which I had no objections to embracing. I returned the gesture. He broke the hug and looked at me for a minute. We talked and decided to go get a bite.

After arriving at the food court, we stopped at one of the venders and then sat down. After talking for a while, I learned that he lived on his own. He had just recently moved out. He was working part time at a local grocery store and attending Capilano College. I learned that he had just broken up with a girlfriend of 3½ years. I asked why and he explained that she had cheated on him, so he dumped her.

He asked me if I was with anyone and I told him no, that I hadn’t had a boyfriend in about a year. A couple of one night stands but nothing serious. He was a bit taken back with my being gay, but apologized for his reaction and said he was fine with it. He was really keen on the idea of going to his place so I could see it. Ryan was really excited about his new “pad.” I agreed and we left.

When we arrived in his apartment, he asked me if I wanted a drink. I replied that a beer might be nice and he indicated me to make myself at home while he went to the kitchen. I sat down on the couch and grabbed the remote to the TV.

I pressed the power button and was attacked by a women on all fours taking a cock in her ass and another in her mouth. 

“Holy shit!” I yelped. Ryan sped out of the kitchen and grabbed the remote.

“Hey! It’s OK. I watch porn, too! Leave it on.”

He did and ran back to the kitchen and grabbed the beers. He sat himself beside me on the couch and we began to enjoy the movie. Ryan asked if I wanted him to turn it off, since it wasn’t exactly gay porn. I said it was fine. I just would concentrate on the cocks, rather than the pussy. He laughed and we continued watching.

After about ten minutes, I felt a familiar tightening in my pants. I glanced down and watched the bulge in my jeans grow. Ryan had a similar mound in his shorts. 

“Um,” I said, “I have a bit of a problem here. You mind if I deal with it? You can jerk off, too.”

Ryan was a bit uncomfortable with it.

“C’mon . . . I’ve seen yours before and you’ve seen mine before.”

I reached down and started rubbing my swollen arousal through my pants. A small wet spot appeared on the fly of my jeans. The precum was oozing from the glans of my man tool so quickly. I was gonna shoot off in my pants at this rate!

Ryan eventually reached down to his crotch and pulled his shorts down a few inches. His 7 inch long, cut manhood slapped against his abdomen, and he whimpered at the sensation. He spit onto his hand a couple of times and then began to carefully spread his saliva along his glistening shaft.

I unzipped and pulled my slightly shorter pole out. The precum was flowing pretty damn quickly. All I could think was maybe I would actually get to make love to this stud beside me! The precum was more than enough lube so I began to stroke slowly. Ryan did the same.

We fucked our fists in unison. I was so horny! Our pace increased. The movie was reaching the finale. The one man was still fucking her up the ass, while the other was exclaiming he was about to cum. He pulled his cock from her mouth and the head exploded. A shot of man cum landed in her mouth and on her chin. A second strip of his juice shot her on the forehead. He shot the rest down her throat.

Ryan was groaning hard now. The noises were coming from him at the same time he thrust his stiff cock into his grip. He was almost ready to cum. I started to ignore what was on the screen in front of me and began to watch what was going on beside me. Every time Ryan stroked down his shaft, I was lifted to a new level of arousal. My own equipment twitched with excitement whenever I heard an erotic noise of pleasure erupt from within Ryan’s soul.

But Ryan knew I was watching him and not the TV. He stopped and my heart sank a bit.

“I thought we were watching the movie?” he said.

I turned the TV off and put the remote on the coffee table. Ryan was still waiting for an answer. I shifted so I was facing him with my body on the couch. My eyes met his and we engaged in an exploratory stare – almost a trance. We were searching each other’s inner most thoughts.

“Ryan, when I first realized that it was you in that store today, I was ecstatic. I was going to reunite with an old friend who I always thought about. But it was more than that. I was always kind of attracted to you. I didn’t know what it was back then but I know now what it is and that you don’t feel the same way. But I want you just the same. You make me hot. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, then I’ll stop watching you or I’ll leave, OK?”

“Wow,” was all Ryan had to say. We remained locked in a trance until he said something back. 

“Since I found out you were gay, I have been wondering about the possibilities. I have always been interested in a gay experience – you know, bi-curious. And you were my chance to try it out. But now that you are here, I don’t know if I want to go through with it. We are friends and what if doing anything like that destroys our friendship?”

“I’m willing to take that chance.”

Ryan was deep in thought for a few minutes. His forehead wrinkled with frustration as he weighed the consequences. He looked up at me and nodded. He wanted me like I wanted him. A wave of happiness overwhelmed me as I realized that my dreams since childhood, although I only realized what they were now, were going to be realized.

I leaned forwards to kiss this man in front of me. He didn’t move. I reached up with my hand and rested it on the back of his neck. I guided his head towards mine, his lips towards mine. Then it happened, we locked together. Our lips pressed and we both relaxed. His mouth opened slightly and my tongue slipped inside. Ryan was enjoying it as much as I was. We remained entrenched in that kiss forever. Our tongues wrestled each other for control. 

After an eternity, I broke our connection and suggested we move to the bedroom. Ryan agreed and got up. I removed my shirt on the way to the bedroom, revealing my body which was almost as impressive as Ryan’s. Ryan copied my action and we were both shirtless by the time we got to the bedroom. 

We embraced in a kiss again. This time we explored each other’s bodies with our hands. I threw him onto the bed and got on top of him. I had one hand on his neck and the other found his tight ass cheek. He did the same and squeezed my arse. After a while more of making out, I began to shimmy down his body. I found his pecks and nipples and began to play with them with my tongue. I sucked and teased his nipples for about 20 minutes. Every time I lightly bit on one, it sent him through the roof. Ryan was in pure ecstasy, arching his back and making noises of pleasure I have never heard. He squirmed on the bed, breathing heavily and rubbing himself all over. 

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