One Man's Fantasy - Almost There : Part 4

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“Hi David….yes, we had a wonderful time. I took some photos; I’d like you to see them sometime. Friday night? Okay, see you then, about seven, bye.” I hung up the phone and went outside to the garden where Gwen was trimming an evergreen. “David just called, their place at seven on Friday, okay?”

“Umm, that’s fine, how much did you tell him?”

“I just told him we had some photos I’d like them to see. I think he assumed they’re of the wedding. Anyway, pack something sexy to wear; I want you dressed like a horny slut.”

“Oh, I’m sure I can find something. The photos should make David’s big cock nice and hard.”

“There was another call….my cock called to say it wanted you in the garden shed in thirty seconds.”

“Well, we mustn’t keep your cock waiting must we?”

I watched her walk down the path to the shed, exaggerating the sway of her ass in her short shorts. She turned and posed at the open door, her hard nipples straining the thin material of her T-shirt then she disappeared inside. As I started down the path a T-shirt then a pair of shorts flew out of the doorway and landed on the garden. I entered the shed and saw my wife sitting on the potting bench, naked. Her legs were splayed and she was toying with her clit. I walked up to her and we kissed as she unbelted my pants and pulled at my underwear. My dick sprang free and she grabbed my ass and pulled me into her.

Gwen and I ran up the driveway in the pouring rain to where David held the front door open and greeted us with, “What a night! Vera is in the family room, very horny and already wearing her outfit for the evening.” Seeing Gwen’s overnight bag he added, “You may as well go upstairs and change now, I’ll have a glass of wine ready when you come down,” and gave her a kiss.

“Thanks, David, I won’t be long,” she replied as she made her way upstairs watched closely by two pairs of eyes.

David rubbed his crotch and said, “Ooh, that’s a lovely backside, especially viewed from below.”

“I know what you mean, I love watching a woman walk up stairs. It’s most horny when they are wearing stockings, heels and a garter belt and nothing else, their ass and pussy look fantastic from that angle.”

“I’ve been in touch Leon, the black guy who helped me organise Vera’s gangbang and we’re working on a plan that should see our ladies get all the black dick they need and then some. He and a friend are coming over tonight about ten, it will be a surprise for the gals. We can do our thing then watch them get it from a couple of well hung black guys.

“Sounds great,” I said, my cock already hard at the thought of Gwen not knowing she was going to be fucked later by a black guy, maybe two. My fantasy was moving rapidly into reality….first another man, then a black guy and tonight perhaps two black men. To watch her with several black men would make my fantasy complete.

Vera was standing by the patio doors with a glass of wine in hand watching the raindrops stream down the glass. Her tight, black mini-skirt was so short it exposed the cheeks of her ass and the garter straps that attached to fishnet stockings. Stilettos accentuated her ass and legs and when she turned around, her big tits were hardly contained in the see-through white blouse that was unbuttoned halfway.

“Hi, Vera, you look good enough to eat,” I embraced her and we kissed. I squeezed her bare ass and pulled her crotch into mine.”

“And I certainly hope you will and a lot more besides by the feel of you,” she quipped. “David said you have some photos of the wedding to show us.”

“Oh yes,” and I handed the camera chip to him and he set about connecting it through the big screen TV then poured a glass of wine for Gwen.

Gwen came downstairs wearing a naughty maid’s outfit. The tight skirt showed as much ass as Vera and her stockings were also fishnet. She paraded around the family room then, staying in character, bent over to tidy the cushions and we all saw she was naked beneath.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck a maid,” David said as he dropped a coin onto the floor. “Gwen, there’s something on the floor over there. You really must pay more attention to your work otherwise I will have to give you another spanking.”

“Sorry, Sir, I’ll be more careful. I don’t want you to put me over your knee and smack my bottom….unless, of course, I’m naughty again, then I will deserve it,” she replied timidly, and bent over to pick up the quarter, making sure we had very erotic views of her ass, legs and pussy. David took advantage of her position and mauled her backside and pussy then she straightened up and gave him the coin.

“There you are, Sir, is there anything else I can do for you?” she said in a dumb blonde kind of way.

Oh, there’s plenty you can and will do for me but I see you missed another coin,” and David tossed it onto the floor again.

“Oh, I’m sorry Sir, I’ll get it right away” Gwen cooed and exaggerated her walk and bent over, taking her time picking it up. I knew she was really horny and wanted David’s big cock badly but she surprised me when she strutted into the adjoining kitchen, washed the coin under the tap, then waltzed back and sat on the couch. She lay back, opened her legs and put the coin in her pussy.

“Here’s your coin, Sir,” she pointed to her pussy,” do you still want it?”

“If you think putting it there will distract me from your sloppy work you are very much mistaken. I’ll get that coin later but first you know what happens to a naughty maid.”

He sat on the couch and ordered Gwen over his knee. A playful spanking has always aroused her and she assumed her submissive position. David slowly lifted her tiny skirt to expose her buttocks; he surveyed her ass while caressing it and spread the cheeks before smacking each one several times. Although it wasn’t painful Gwen pretended it was and protested, “Oh Sir, it hurts, please, no more, I’ll be good, I promise.”

She got off David’s knee and sat beside him. He knelt between her legs and after a few minutes of searching, which caused the maid to moan and hold on to his head, David retrieved the coin and displayed it between his teeth.

After this diversion we all sat on the couch in front of the TV, David, Gwen, Vera then me. David operated the remote and as the gals lazily fondled our erections, the first of about thirty wedding pictures appeared on the screen.

“After this we’ll go upstairs and get down to business, this maid is going to get well and truly fucked tonight,” David said excitedly as Gwen stroked his big cock.

“Oh, Sir, you make me sooo horny, just feel my pussy, its sooo wet,”

She was wet because she knew what was coming; it was the same reason my cock was rock hard in Vera’s hand. David clicked through the wedding and then there was Gwen and Bryan. It was a long shot showing her bent over holding her ankles, her legs looking fantastic in heels and stockings. Bryan was standing behind and a little to the side spreading Gwen’s cheeks apart to expose her pussy. His massive, hard dick curved down under its weight alongside one of her legs.

“Gee, this is more like my kind of wedding, wow,” exclaimed David

“I want to see that big, black cock inside you, Gwen. It looks very impressive, my god!” exclaimed Vera.

It was beyond horny to see my wife on the big screen. I relived that night seeing his cock deep in her mouth, her pussy spread wide and covered in cum, sitting on top of him just as his cock was about to enter her then crammed deep inside.

Gwen came in response to David’s fingers and Vera yelled to a climax as I stabbed four fingers in to her sopping wet slit.

“Holy fuck, that was horny! You naughty, naughty girl, Gwen! I can’t believe you took most of that monster black dick…in your mouth and pussy,” David raved.

“It sure worked for me,” piped in Vera.

Gwen and I spent the next several minutes giving them all the details. Of how Bryan had stayed the night and fucked my wife three times and how horny his big black cock had made her. David rose out of the couch, his huge cock sticking straight out in front of him and said, “Jeez, let’s go upstairs, my cock is about to burst.”

“Yours isn’t the only one,” I retorted.

Vera went up the stairs first, putting on a show by sticking out her behind and spreading legs then sat near the top with her legs wide apart. David gave Gwen a duster and she pretended to dust the woodwork as she made her way up toward Vera. She teased us with her provocative display and when she was near the top she spread her legs wide, leaned over and buried her face in Vera’s bush. David and I watched from below and fondled our erections then David got behind Gwen and his huge dick forced its way past her wet pussy lips. I sat a few stairs below, tilted my head back and enjoyed the view of David really giving it to my wife’s pussy.

In the bedroom the gals knelt side by side, waiting for our cocks which we delivered to their open mouths. “I think this horny maid needs to service us tonight,’ David said as my wife slurped on his cock. “I know she wants to; her pussy is so wet it should be filled with a big, black dick, just like Bryan’s. Get your girlfriend pleaser ready, Vera,” and he helped Gwen up and told her to get on her hands and knees on the bed.

David and I fed our dicks into her mouth as Vera took a huge black strap-on cock out of a drawer. She secured it and climbed on the bed behind Gwen. A generous coating of lubrication was applied to the massive knob and veined shaft before Vera pushed easily into my wife’s eager pussy. David continued to thrust into her mouth but I wanted to see this monster dick fucking her pussy. I got behind Vera and she masturbated me as I looked over her shoulder and watched the thick rubber cock plough deep into Gwen’s hot box. Her asshole looked so inviting I suggested a change of positions. Vera lay on the bed and Gwen sat on the rubber cock, David knelt at Vera’s head and Gwen leaned forward and sucked his dick while Vera mouthed his balls. I lubricated my dick and looked down at my wife’s ass and spread her cheeks. The rubber cock thrust into her pussy and I slowly pushed my dick into her ass. She had at least three orgasms before we all lay on the bed to catch our breath.

I returned from the bathroom to see David on top of Gwen, her legs wrapped tightly around his back. My wife was eating Vera as she sat facing the wall. I stood on the bed in front of Vera and leaned against the wall. Her mouth welcomed my dick hungrily for a while and then she lay down beside Gwen and I mounted her. The gals received generous amounts of semen and after we freshened up David asked the gals to leave their outfits on for a second helping of cock after a glass of wine and a snack. They, of course, believed David and I would provide that second helping, we knew better and I was looking forward to it.

After refreshments Gwen and Vera got on the coffee on their hands and knees. David and I sat and enjoyed the view while they fingered themselves then we leaned forward and busied our tongues between their legs. The front door bell rang and alarmed the gals but David got up, put on a robe and said, “Don’t worry, stay where you are, I’ll get rid of whoever it is,” he turned, gave me a devilish grin and headed for the door. There were mumblings then the door closed and I heard David coming back. Behind him were two black guys and again he asked our wives to stay where they were. “Here’s your second helping, ladies a little surprise for you both.”

He introduced Gwen and me to Leon, 5’ 11” with a fit looking build and Terry, 6’ 3”, heavy set and built like a line backer. His shaved head sat on top of a massive neck and shoulders, his arms and thighs were huge. Our wives remained on their hands and knees with everything exposed for these men to see. David and I sat in two chairs in front of our wives and Leon and Terry sat on the couch staring at the pussies and asses before them.

“I’ll take this new pussy first,” Leon said then added, “I can recommend Vera, Terry, her pussy will take all you can give it so fuck it hard.”

The men began feeling our wives, first their stocking covered legs, then over naked thighs and buttocks, spreading the cheeks apart and finally, their pussies. Gwen looked at me; her mouth was open then she closed her eyes, moaned and lowered her head forcing her ass higher in the air to give Leon better access to her wet pussy. The men stood and removed their clothes exposing their massive erections then sat down again. Our wives got off the coffee table, Vera sat between the men and Gwen kneeled in front of them. David and I sat on the arms of the couch at either end. Gwen masturbated their big dicks and fondled their balls while they mauled and kissed Vera. My wife sucked one cock then the other coating them with saliva. Leon got up and placed Gwen on her back on the coffee table and licked her cunt and clit. His hands squeezed her tits, pulling and twisting the nipples. Vera lay on the couch and Terry’s massive bulk lowered on to her; she sighed and wrapped her legs around him.

“This maid is sweet and ready to be fucked,” said Leon as he stood, his huge black dick sticking out from his body.

Gwen looked up at it and moaned, “Fuck me now, stick your big hard cock in me, cum inside me.”

He fucked my wife on the coffee table with David and me watching on either side holding her legs apart. Familiar noises of a big dick slamming into Gwen’s wet pussy, her noisy climaxes and Vera’s moaning filled the room. Leon ejaculated then stood and jerked his dick, expelling the last of his sperm onto Gwen’s pubic hair. She ran her fingers through the blonde mound then put them in her mouth.

“She yours, Terry, this horny blonde pussy should be loosened up for you. Come and fuck the maid,” Leon said.

It was not until Terry climbed off Vera and stood that I noticed just how big he was in every department, no wonder Vera couldn’t stop her cries and moans of passion. Even his massive thighs seemed lessened by the size of his cock. Like Bryan’s it hung slightly downward under its own weight but was much thicker and the large circumcised head was gigantic. Leon sat on top of Vera and she trapped his cock between her tits and tickled his knob with her tongue when it was within reach. Terry stepped over to Gwen and held out his hand and she stood beside him and immediately her hand grabbed his cock. She looked small next to him and I wanted to see this big man fuck her. He led her to the middle of the room and she lay on the carpet. He stood over her sliding a hand over his cock in long, slow strokes while the other one grasped the base of his monster shaft and cupped his balls. Gwen lay below him, her legs apart, body squirming as she worked on her cum-filled pussy and gazed up at the huge knob and thick hard-on. Terry knelt between my wife’s legs, dwarfing her and steered his cock into her pussy. He pushed forward in one slow move then began a determined pumping of her wet slit. She let out little whimpers and soon his cock was covered in cream and her cries became louder. He drove into her again and again as her legs wrapped around his back then flailed about helplessly. He finished off by hooking his arms under her legs sending them upwards and very wide using every ounce of his considerable weight to pound her pussy until his hot load rushed deep in her vagina. She sucked his cock clean and the look on her face was one of lust and satisfaction. Her maid’s outfit was up and down around her waist. She straightened her outfit and Terry came up behind her. His semi-hard cock rubbed between her ass cheeks and his meaty hands smothered her tits. Vera stood beside Gwen and Leon did the same to her. The gals were told to spread their legs, bend over and grasp their ankles. David and I got behind our wives also at this point and joined the black men. Together our fingers probed into slippery holes and smacked their buttocks. I noticed Terry’s cock begin to twitch and hoped he’d fuck her in this position. He must have read my mind for he took hold of his dick, jerked it a few times then rubbed it back and forth along Gwen’s crack. I spread her cheeks and watched the large black pole sink into her pussy. Not to be outdone, Leon did likewise to Vera. After several minutes of frenzied fucking, during which Terry’s thrusts were so hard I had to steady Gwen from falling over; he fired another load deep inside my wife. My hard cock now took his place. Terry’s sperm covered my cock and as I fucked Gwen it became sticky then frothy, building up on my cock and around the entrance to my wife’s pussy. It felt strange yet very erotic and my sperm mingled with Terry’s. David was giving it pretty hard to Vera as Leon fingered her asshole. He came noisily with his hips slapping against his wife’s sweaty ass.

It had been an interesting and horny evening. David accompanied Leon and Terry to the front door and I heard a further muted conversation. He returned with a smile on his face and announced, “Don’t make plans for the long weekend, our friend Leon has organized a little group gathering for you two horny ladies.”

The long weekend was three weeks away and David gave a few details. He had rented a house on the coast a two hour drive away. He and Vera would pick Gwen and me up at 1:00pm. The fun would begin just after six and end at six on Monday afternoon. We gave him puzzled looks but before we could speak he held up a hand and said, “The rest is a surprise but I can assure you we will have a very horny weekend and you gals will get plenty of cock.”

Vera glanced at Gwen, and lust smiles spread across their faces.

So in three weeks my ultimate fantasy would become reality. Watching my wife being fucked by one black man after another, sucking many cocks and seeing cum squirting all over her and fucking her myself after. Then I wondered where my fantasies would take me and what my wife would want to do next.

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