My wife, Me. Her Ex

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Nancy looked great today.We were going to the airport to pick an old friend of hers.He was her boyfriend 25yrs ago.He was on a business trip and had contacted her on an Old friends reunited site.

Jay and Nancy were about 18 when she left to come to the UK.Due to indian customs they had never had sex and were hoping to get married.Unfortunately they were of different castes and her mother did not approve so she packed her off and sent her to stay with her sister in Birmingham.

That was when I met her.We took to each other straight away and fell in love.She was a virgin when we married.We moved to London and set up home.Our sex life was great. We fucked like rabbits all the time.
As time went on she put some weight on and became a volumptious size 16.Still very beautifull and a very fair creamy complexion with a great pair of breasts
When we got to the airport Jay had already come through customs and was waiting for his luggage.Nancy recognised him straight away.They
greeted each other with an embrace.After the usual introduction we set of back to our place.

Jay was still as handsome as Nancy said he was.he stood tall with his turban and still had a beard.There was still a lot of chemistry between them and I could sense that jay still had feelings for her.
That night in bed I asked Nancy if she still fancied him.She told me that he was her first love and just smiled.They had never made love she told me but did regret that.

Nancy had only ever tasted my cock before untill a couple of months ago. We had a 3some with a collegue of hers at work whome she fancied since he joined.Imren was a Pakistani.We really enjoyed that experience.Now I was hoping to do it again with her ex.
I asked her quietly"You never did fuck him did you?"
"No" she replyed.
"Do you want to?" I asked.
"Only if you want me to" she whispered in my ear.
I could tell that she was getting turned on.I reached between her legs and felt her wet pussy.She sighed as I gently rubbed her.

"I want to see his cock in your pussy.I want him to cum inside you.Then I am going to lick you out.Then I am going to fuck you so hard."I whispered."Tommorrow I'll leave you two alone.Get to know him again and if you want to ,let him fuck you."
Nancy climbed on top of me and guided my rock hard cock inside and rode me.She was really turned on by the idea of Jay fucking her at last she told me.We fucked hard that night.
The next day I arranged to leave them on their own to catch up on old times.Hoping that my wife will soon enjoy his cock for the first time.

When I returned later that evening nancy had prepared dinner.They were a bit tipsy.Nancy flirted with him and he her.They got on really well..Just like old times.We sat down and dined had some more wine.The music played in the backgound.Jay offered Nancy a dance.She glanced at me.I nodded to her.She knows where this is leading to.We did the same with Imren.She has lost her inhibitions now.Now it was up to Jay and let's see if he will go along.They danced away as I watched.The dancing was gettig quite erotic.I left for my room making an excuse that I was going to bed.

Abot 20 minutes later I crept downstairs.I had left the door ajar.

They were sitting on the couch kissing each other.Jays hands were running over my wifes tits.Her top was unbuttoned.She wasn't wearing a bra.He leaned down and sucked her breast.Nancy leaned back and stroked his head.He had removed his turban.She had her eyes closed.Her hand was carressing the bulge in his pants.She then unzipped him and pulled his hard cock out.

"mmm."she groaned as she stroked his cock."I've waited 25yrs for this.Today I want to feel you inside me.I want you too fill my pussy."
I then watched as Jay and nancy strip.He lays her on the rug and parted her legs.He goes down on her and licks her out.Nancy wriggles her hips and pushes his head into her shaved pussy.He then gets up and places his cock at the entrance to her pussy and rubs its head up and down her crack.
"Fuck me now!" she says.

Jay pushes forward and penetrates my wife making her moan.He begins to fuck her .slowly at first then speeding up.At the same time they kiss passionately.My wife runs her hand over his back and feeling his bum.He is so excited that he cums inside her.Nancy hold him in by wrapping her legs.He fills my wifes pussy with his cum.She is not on the pill.But Nancy wanted his seed so badly that she wouldn't let him pull out.I could see her creampie oozing out.I walk in to the room.Jay is shocked to see me.I tell him to carry on.She has waited so long for you.

"Make love to her upstairs"I tell him."I may join you two later".
Nancy leads him to our marital bed and I let them fuck all night.

In the morning I went upstairs.I pulled the sheet of my wife and went down on her.The musky smell of Jays cum and her love juices excited me.I licked her fanny clean then pushed my cock inside her as Jay watched.We took turns in fucking her and cleaning her creampies.My wife now was a total whore.My long time fantasies of other men fucking her were now a reality.She was now my hotwife.
I was going to be her cuckold.

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