The exhibitionist

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For the sake of this story my name is Ann, i'm a 50 year old happily married woman. I got married when i was 19 years old and have never slept with any other man.

This is a story of what started off 8 years old as a accident and ended up being 5 of the best years of my life. For them 5 years i lived out my fantasy as an exhibitionist.

Lets started at the beginging.

It was the year 2000. I've worked in a Department store for over 18 years and enjoy my job very much, i worked on a department with 3 guys, each of them were in their twentys. we all got on very well and enjoyed working together.

As i said at the beginging of this story my exhibitionism started as a complete accident. Don't get me wrong when i reached my forties i had often wondered what it would'vre been like if i had maybe had more lovers in my lifetime but as i said i was happily married woman.

Anyway back to the story. It was coming up to Christmas so it was party season at work, we all enjoyed a drink after work ever so often and we were all up for the work Christmas party which was in our local pub/club.

I dressed in a tight black dress. I was 42 years old back in 2000 and still had a nice figure for my age. I decide innocently that this dress would look better if i wore no underwear with it, so thats what i did, no bra no knickers.

So off i went to the party and we were all having a great time dancing and drinking. One of the men i work with, he's name is Ben had a camera and we spent the night taking random photos of each other. As i said it was all innocent and we all went home and had a good laugh about it the next day in work.

I few days later Ben went to get the photos of our christmas party developed and when he returned we all looked through them. To my horror in every photo taken of me my dress was completly see through, you could see everything. the guys loved it, they said the fact i was wearing black and the flash on the camera must of caused it to happen. At first i was shocked, you could see my nipples and an outline of my boobs. I could see the guys were really enjoying the pics of me and to be honest it began to turn me on.

A little while later i overheard them speaking about the photos and they were saying how good my body looked and how they would love to see more of my Tits and from that day on my life as an exhibitionist began.

About a week or so later we had another christmas party to go to, this time i wanted to tease the boys abit more. I dressed in a little black skirt with black Tights and a little low cut top. I normally wear knickers whenever i'm wearing tights but tonight i thought i'd go without.

Off to the party i went. Again the drinks flowed, we all were having a really great time even though i noticed that the guys were more flirtier than normal, they started asking me if i was wearing any underwear tonight. I thought i would shocked them by saying i wasn't wearing any knickers, they didn't believe me and wanted me to prove it to them. I told them if they were good boys i might show them later.

The night wore on and i was getting hornier and honier, even though i knew i would never do it i just wanted them to take me to the car park and all fuck my brains out!

I kept thinking. "No No i'm a married woman."

It was coming to the end of the evening and again the guys wanted me to prove i had no knickers on so as i sat at the table i slowly lifted my skirt up, the guys faces light up as they got a good look at my legs in my black tights.

"Wow, you wear Tights and no knickers." One of them shouted.

By now my skirt was up round my waist and i was covering up my pussy with one hand and letting the guys see that i had no knickers on.

"Fucking hell." They all said at the same time.

They wanted to see more but for now that was as much as i would show them, their faces were lit up like christmas trees.

I pulled down my skirt and went off to the toilet because i was so turned on by what just happened i just had to touch myself. As soon i got to the toilet i put my fingers to my pussy and rubbed it through my Tights, within a minute i cum in my hand, the feeling was amazing.

The next day in work the guys were all smiles about what i showed them the night before, they said they couldn't believe there eyes and would love to see more if i was up for it. I just smiled back knowing full well that this was only the beginging of what i was going to show them.

Even though i was happily married for some reason i didn't feel guilty about what i was doing, i just wanted some harmless fun before i was too old and the thought of these twenty something guys getting off on me showing them my tits and pussy turned me on more then you could imagine.

So my next plan was to start wearing more daring clothes to work, i normally only wore a loose blouse and trousers but i thought maybe it was time start wearing some skirts and tighter tops, i wanted to see if the guys i worked with would notice what i was doing.

I started going to work dressed in skirts and tight blouses, the guys loved it and i would often see them getting a sneeky look down my blouse or up my skirt, i never let on that i knew they were looking at me but the thought of it turned me on so much.

This went on for a good few months, everyday i seemed to get more daring with what in wore, i remember one day i put on a completly see through bra and see through blouse, you could see my nipples clearly through my top but i didn't care, the guys loved it and spent most of the day staring at my tits. In my head i just wanted them to take me to the stockroom and rip my top off and suck on my nipples.

After a year or so of me dressing to please the guys i worked with i needed to take it a step further.

I remember that mobile phones just started coming out with cameras on them and the 3 guys i worked with had one, they would go on at me all day to get my tits out for them so they could have a picture of them on their phones, i was so tempted but i thought up a better idea to please them.

They used to keep their mobile phones in our stockroom so one day i decided to let the guys all go off to lunch at the same time, that left me on my own for a good hour. I went to our stockroom and thankfully they had all left there phones behind, without wasting anytime i undone my blouse and cupped my tits out of my bra and picked up each of their phones one at a time and took a picture of my tits with their mobiles. I put the mobiles back were i got them from and waited for the guys to come back from lunch.

When they returned i couldn't stop smiling, they klept asking me why i was so happy, i just replied with. "I like to keep my boys happy."
they didn't have a clue what i was on about.

As the afternoon went on i kept giving them hints about what i did, it was turning me on so much i couldn't wait for them to check their phones. About another hour passed when finally they checked there mobiles and found the picture of me with my tits out on.

"FUCKING HELL!!" They couldn't believe there eyes.

"Your Tits are amazing." They loved the photos.

They kept playing me compliments all afternoon. i went home that night a happy woman, i went straight to the bathroom and fingered myslef silly!

About 2 weeks later i bought myself a camera phone and thats when things really got interesting. I seemed to spend every minute of the day sending these guys photos of my tits in different outfits and poses, i became obessed, they loved it and everytime i sent them a pic they would txt me back how amazing i looked, i got off on it big time. The more pictures i sent the more adventurous i got.

It was becoming hard working with them because of how we all got on, even though i never had sex with any of the guys i knew this couldn't carry on and that my husband would be devestated if he found out what i had been doing for the last five years.

after a lot of soul seaching i decided i had to leave and work somewhere away from the boys, so i got a new job in another store but i needed one last goodbye before i put a stop to my ways. A leaving party!!!

We decided to go for a drink after work one last time, i dressed in a skirt with tan couloured Tights and a tits out top, as i like to call them.

The drinks flowed and i was getting very drunk and so were the guys. The guys started asking me if i was wearing and knickers and this time instead of showing them i told them to find out for themselfs.

The men coudldn't believe their eyes. I told the men to put their hand up my skirt and see if they could find any underwear. they didn't waste anytime suddenly hands were all over my legs, my skirt was getting lifted higher and higher, i didn't care i just needed to feel their hands on my pussy, i didn't have to wait long each man took it in turns to rub my pussy through my tights, i cum so hard i was shaking. i looked down and one of them had got under the table and put hes head between my legs and started to kiss my pussy while the other 2 men held my legs apart, i nearly passed out right there, i had waited 5 years for this moment.

I cum again how no one in the pub knew what was happening i don't know but to be honest i didn't care.

After what seemed like ages they stopped playing with me and sat back next to me.

"Lets take this further?" One the the guys said.

I needed to have sex with these men they had drove me crazy for the last 5 years of my life but i knew tonight was not the night, i had something better in mind.

To be continued...

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