My Foe and my wife

(Part 1 from 1)

I am a martial artist. So, I have a super stamina for sex. It was the beginning of our relationship when in a public place my gf's friend, J touched her ass just to tease me. She slapped him, he tried to slap her and I beat him to hospital. Later, I had sex with her. And in every pose I gave her real orgasm, which made her addicted to sex. We got married to each other. Honeymoon was madness. but later I had to go for some work. She got lonely.

One day when coming back to home from work, My wife, kate met J. They said Hi to each other then came to home, had coffee and that's it. My wife is a hot babe. She is the girl any man would wish for. She was lovely, innocent, cute, sensitive with a hot body. Her skin is like an ice-cream, everybody wants to eat. She is 5'7". And ya she is very naughty.

She always missed me and masturbated every night. One night they went for a dinner. My wife took the topic of that fight. She apologized for my behavior and he apologized too. J-"You look so lonely". Kate-"I miss Drake". J-"don't mind but its not just love that you miss". Kate-"shut up!(blushing). They went to home and they talked about their college affair.

In my bedroom, while they were talking. J came closer to kate. And looked in her eyes. J-"you never had sex with me". Kate-"(nervously), You just wanted my body". J touched her legs. She felt the pleasure, then he kissed her. It got passionate. He kissed her neck. Kate-"mmmmhhhhhh".

His hands were caressing her ass and pussy. Kate was having sex with my foe. He was kissing my wife madly. He removed his and her clothes. Then went down on her. Sucked her boobs and all she could do was to moan, have pleasure and touch his head back. She was under her. He kissed the belly, then legs and started licking her pussy. She was moaning badly. After that she took his big broad cock in her small little mouth. She was sucking his cock. Up and down. He enjoyed looking in her innocent eyes while she sucked him.

I hated anybody who would even look at my wife. And J was kissing her body and was crossing all those limits that were just allowed to me.

He entered her warm pussy with which she gave a moan and a smile. She was enjoying. Her innocent looks turned horny. Her gaze would make any cum. And J started fucking her hardcore. They were breaking bad with motion and my wife was screaming. It was the orgasm before which started hitting him but he did not stop. After this, he stopped his cock in her pussy and started kissing her. She was moaning. Her pussy was done.

And now it was the time for losing her anal virginity. He was mad by now. He entered her anal and started fucking her. She moaning badly. She never allowed me anal. But he was having fun. He fucked her like a machine and at the end shot cum in her throat. They slept together that night. And this happened many times.

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