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My Foe and my wife reviews

Posted by Angel
Life is short, and this atilrce saved valuable time on this Earth.
Posted by Gabriel
I was up in September to this wonderful part of the World what a loevly place!! I have a few friends from up there and they are always going on about it. I can see why! I got the chance to drive around and explore some of the quieter roads, with each twist and turn gives you magnificent views and great photo opportunities. I certainly hope it won't be too long before I'm back up.
Posted by Nurhariansyah
lol. I didn't even think of the unintended ceceequonnss of the picture. Thanks for reminding me why I am good on accident.I did it at an open mic to mediocre response. I've been writing a lot, so other things take preference right now, simply because I know where they fit in my set list. This I don't know if it fits yet.
Posted by dutchman
this is a nice story but it is to short! Plz send me more
Posted by Iroonhert
Love it!
Posted by Merlin
Kate do you really love your husband Drake ? So you have betrayed and cheated on him if you were my wife I would get a divorce. What happens when the affair goes sour cos she would not take me back
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