My first infidelity

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18 years ago, at the age of 18, I became pregnant, and got married, three months before the birth. Two years later, I had my second son.
Six months after I had my second baby, my elder sister, Jenny, told me that, instead of sitting around, looking like an old woman, I needed a few nights out.
I knew that she went, with five or six friends to the local social club, every Friday night, to see local rock bands, but she had never invited me, before.
When we met, in a pub, I felt a bit dowdy, compared to the rest of the girls. I was dressed in an old white blouse, black trousers and sensible shoes. Jenny wore a short, low cut dress, which left little to the imagination. The others were dressed similarly, with loads of bright make-up on. They all looked very sexy. When I commented, on their dress sense, Jenny laughed, saying that all of the women dressed like them, and I would have to get my act together, if I wanted to come out with them again. When we got to the club, she was right, it was like a fashion parade.
The band was quite good, doing songs from the charts. Jenny and her friends kept me supplied with drinks, all night. In fact I was quite drunk by the time Jenny came back from the dance floor with a small, chubby guy, who looked familiar. "This is Alan, he's our lift home", she announced. As he wrapped his arm around her waist, I recognised him, as the manager of a furniture shop in town. He went to the bar, and bought us a round of drinks. When he sat down, Jen' perched herself on his knee. She pretended to bounce up and down, in a sexual manner, then rubbed her bottom into his crotch. Alan grabbed her breasts, and shook them; Jenny's friends all laughed. I was embarrassed. We chatted until closing time, with Alan paying a lot of attention to Jenny and Carole, peeking down Jenny's dress, and groping Carole's breasts. On the way out, Jenny took hold of my arm, "Just go with whatever happens, and for God's sake don't tell Tony." (Her husband), because I was a little bit drunk, I was confused, and didn't really understand her.
Jenny sat in the front, of the car, and I was in the back with Carole and Fiona. The other three girls waited for a taxi. "Is it your turn to be last?" Alan asked Jenny, the girls looked at each other, then me, and laughed. Five minutes later, I was dropped off at the end of my street, and waved the others goodbye.
During the week, Jenny visited the baby and me. "You haven't mentioned Alan to anyone, have you?" She questioned me. "No, why?" I asked, "It's just a bit of fun, but Tony wouldn't understand"; she left the subject like that.
Over the next few weeks, I had my hair cut, and my clothing became a bit tighter, and more `fashionable' but never `too revealing'. I became a lot more relaxed, and began dancing with some of the guys in the club, who would flirt with me. Alan started paying me a few compliments, usually about my bust, and `sexy arse'. I had lost most of my `pregnancy' weight, but my breasts were still swollen, to 34d, from 32b, after so recently having the baby.
Mark, my husband was pleased at the transformation, as I was, usually quite horny, when I arrived home, on Friday nights.
As the weeks went by, it became obvious that Alan was screwing all of the girls, including, my sister Jenny. Although I didn't approve, they all seemed happy, so I kept quiet. In return he gave me a 25% discount when we bought a new table and chairs!
I started to really look forward to Friday night. Especially the flirting, and the `dirty' talk in the car, sometimes I would join in. I became intrigued about what was so special, about this small chubby man. One night when we were alone, I asked Jenny and Fiona, who both burst out laughing, then they hinted at the size of his equipment!
In the July, when Jenny was on holiday, Alan dropped Carole off, then started to drive towards my house. He slid his hand up Fiona's skirt, "You've got tights on, you know I only like stockings", he grumbled. "Sorry, it's that time of the month", Carole whispered, "you'll have to make do with a blow job".
I don't know why, but, before Alan could answer, I gasped "Can I watch?" He looked in the mirror, and chuckled "Of course you can, I like an audience!" Fiona giggled, "Whatever turns you on".
He drove the car to an industrial estate, and kept looking at me, in the car mirror, I couldn't stop smiling at him. Once he had found a discreet corner, he put the inside lights on, and started to undo his belt and zip, when he had pulled his jeans to his ankles, he announced "let the show begin!"
Fiona looked at me, raised her eyebrows, smiled and pulled down Alan's pants.
I couldn't believe my eyes, his cock sprung out, it was huge, but only semi- hard. Fiona took it in her hand and shook some more blood into it, it must have grown another inch, and I was mesmerised.
As Alan moved around in his seat, so I could get a better view, Fiona bent forward, flicked back her hair, and started to swallow his monster. Years ago, I'd seen a porn film with my husband Mark, but I'd never seen anything like this.
Fiona bobbed her head up and down, sucking on the purple knob, taking it out, licking the tip and the shaft. She would use both of her hands to caress his hairy balls, while her tongue ran rings around the crest of his knob. When Alan was stroking her hair he never took his eyes off mine. He was grinning as he stared at me, while he kept telling Fiona how good her blowjob was.
I was now sitting forward, leaning between the two seats, "Come on Amy, don't be shy, show me those beautiful tits," he commanded me. I slid my blouse off and unclasped my bra, freeing my breasts for him. They felt huge, and my nipples were as hard as stones. When Alan put out a hand to stroke them; it sent a shudder through my body. As he squeezed the nipples some milk dripped out, he took it on his finger and licked it, "mmmmm" he purred. I was so turned on; I was having my tits rubbed by a man who was getting his cock sucked, by one of my friends. I couldn't believe what I was doing.
Fiona was sucking like she was possessed, then suddenly; she jerked her head back, with a look of disgust on her face, "Bastard! I hate it when you do that". She spat his come onto her hand; spunk was still shooting out of his cock, falling onto his pubic bush. Still stroking my tits, he looked into my eyes and laughed, "I know, but you're such a good cock sucker, I can't stop myself."
As I put my clothes back on, Alan continued staring at me. Fiona soon cheered up, telling him that he should have warned her, and he would have to give her really good fucking next time, to make up for it!
When I sat back in the seat, Alan pointed between my legs, and asked, "That really turned you on, didn't it?" I looked down, I was so wet, and there was a damp patch in the crotch of my cream trousers.
When Alan dropped me, at the end of my street, he wound his window down, and asked for `kiss goodnight'. I leant into the car, letting him push his tongue into my mouth, for the first time. He even manoeuvred his arm outside, stroking between my legs; I was still soaking wet. "It will be your turn, next week, babe!" he announced.
When I got into bed, Alan's massive cock and the smell of his spunk were still in my mind. I started to fiddle with Mark's cock; it stood to attention very quickly. He rolled onto his back; "You must have had a good night"
I slid down his warm body, and started to lick his knob, squeezing his balls, just like Fiona had done to Alan. I took a deep breath and sucked on his cock pulling it as far into my mouth as it would go. I moved one hand onto his small shaft, and quickly built up a rhythm, sucking and wanking. He was in heaven. I wanted him to come in my mouth, just like Alan had done to Fiona. I wanted to know what spunk tasted like. Within a minute, Marc tensed, "Stop! Stop! I'm coming, I'm coming!" He whispered into my ear. I increased the strength of my sucking, and he shot jets of lovely hot spunk into my mouth. It had very little flavour, but felt wonderful, sliding down my throat, I was so proud of myself.
He looked shocked, "Wow, what was that for?" he said smiling. "Just a little treat, for letting me go out, with the girls." I replied.

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