My Young Black Stud

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They were a bit startled but kept their composure. My ears and face were red probably from trying to hide that he saw me playing on myself. Hubby had a small knowing smile. Leon on the other hand, was the only one who behaved like an adult. He had a calm composure and without a single tell-tale of carnal thoughts he said “Hello Mrs. Winthrop”. I immediately replied “Don’t be so formal Leon, just call me Liz”. There it was, a gorgeous young black man who’s the only male adult in that bunch.

“Mom, you know Leon will be starting college next fall”. “That’s wonderful” I exclaimed, “Wasn’t it only five years ago your family had arrived from Congo?”

“That’s right” Leon answered, “in the begging it was truly rough. I spoke French, and had to learn everything a new. Not only English, but a different way of life, customs, quirks that people born here, learn as normal”.

I could not help myself. I looked into his face as my nipples got real hard, from my realizing his simple control of his own being and his powerful gaze.

“Mom, Leon got Academic and athletic scholarships to Berkeley”, I heard my s** say, “Not only that, you should see the young coeds cling to him”. Leon looked at him and answered “Your S** must be exaggerating”. “Wow” I thought to myself. “He’s a gorgeous alpha man, smart, strong, what’s there for a woman not to like”. My mind immediately envisioned these naked white teens impaled on his black cock as he’s towering over them. Just the visualization of the color contrast of a small pussy clinging to his cum covered cock was overwhelming. I thought of how “naughty” I could be with him, my pussy got so wet it started to drip down my thigh making me want him in a truly bad way.

“So tell me Leon, what path will you chose Academic or Athletic?” He looked at me with a gaze that practically saw me through my robe. His stare was penetrating, as if knowing what I wanted. His crotch declared that he knew what I really wanted. He said “I do not really know. I like Track and Field especially sprint and long jump. But I do not think that I’m good enough for the Olympics but good enough for national ranking. In Academics I’m good with analytics, maybe I’ll go into engineering but, I don’t know”. He continued looking at me as if with a Shortwave X-ray that made my robe disappear and only an erotically exited body stood before him.

I could not but love this young man. His words and intellect made me want him really bad. On many levels my lust for him was intensified. Through his open IZOD shirt I could see that he had a muscled chest. Simply stated, no red blooded woman could resist him. He moved off his chair standing up. I placed my hand on his shoulder saying “Oh, don’t get up” and leaning forward I let my robe open up just enough for my fully erect nipples peek out letting him to take a good look at my breasts.

“Oh Mom”, I heard “be nice, you’re behaving like a Coquette”. “Coquette, you say? It’s such a nicer word than a wonton or immodest or promiscuous”. Talking to my s** but looking at Leon I continued “I’m none of those things, I’m a woman that loves her sexuality”. With that I got closer to Leon, put my hand on his crotch and felt how hard and big he was. Then took his hand and placed it at the end of my robe’s sash. He instinctively pulled on it untying the knot. As the robe opened, I looked into his eyes and said “Do you like what you see?” He looked at me with a knowing smile, brought his hands to his crotch. Brazenly he massaged his tool under his slacks running his hand along the length of his bulge.

With trembling hands I reached for his pants zipper top dragging it over his impressive bulge. With his pants crotch open I fished his huge uncircumcised dick of steel. I kissed him deeply, and then grabbing him by the hand led him into our bedroom. Tossing my robe I lay down on the bed spreading my legs for my stud. This is when I noticed how dark his skin was. He was not the chocolate color as most African-Americans are, but black as coal. I stared at his toned muscular body and could not help but think he was nothing at all like my hubby or other studs that I have had. He looked like someone out of a fitness commercial with a hard cock pointing straight up in the air.

His huge cock swayed as this young one moved onto the bed/ I touched his erect phallus, pushed back its foreskin and with my tongue kissed his mushroom. After few minutes Leon pulled his cock away from my oral caresses and positioned himself between my legs. Holding his weight on his arms he worked his huge cock into my pussy. I spread my legs as far as I could and screeched in pain and pleasure. He slowly pushed himself into my pussy satisfying me with pressure and heat. Each one of his thrusts was filling me more deeply than the last. He started to increase his speed to practically the speed of an Energizer bunny. I wanted him to do me with slow, long and methodical strokes. I wanted to keep him inside me and to enjoy every stroke. I wrapped my legs around his back and pulled his body into me, he slowed down as we moved in unison. Digging my nails into his back I pulled his mouth to mine, and he made his tongue do what his cock was doing; he was fucking me good.

I was having mini orgasms that made me moan in pleasure. Leon was a good student, he was moving just the way I wanted triggering every fiber in my body wanting him more and more. I was whispering "Fuck me, fuck my pussy, fuck me” as I made him roll over.

He was on his back. I squatted over him, with one hand spread my pussy lips and with the other grabbed his big black pole, lowering myself inch by inch until almost his entire shaft was inside my pussy. Then I moved to my knees as I rode cowgirl-like, rocking back and forth. He pressed his thumb onto my clit bringing me near an orgasm.

In this carnal haze, every fiber of my fibrous tissue was feeling his girth. I was moving my hips, rocking and holding his thickness. Then his hands caressed my derriere helping me ride him. The muscles of my opening gripped him making the feeling indescribably delicious. I wanted this feeling to last forever and at the same time I wanted to cum.

As if in coitus-interrupts, I lifted myself off him and rolled onto my back. Looking down between us, just the color contrast of his coal black cock invading my white pussy could get me off. This difference of black strong cock and delicate white pussy was obscene and taboo and completely erotic. I wanted to revel in the beauty of the contrast but my body was screaming for good and solid fucking. I spread my legs and grabbing his phallus with both hands I put his dick’s head into my hot, wet pussy. Seeing and feeling the streaks of white cum elevated my being to an ultimate level of sexual fulfillment. I was panting heavily, my chest rising and falling, and I could hear my own heartbeat. With mouth half open I gargled out “fuck me hard”. “Give me your black cock”, “Fuck my white pussy”, “Give it to me”. I dug my heels into his buttocks pushing him deeper with every shove of his cock. I moaned and screamed out loud. Now Leon set the in and out tempo.

I felt all the nerve endings at my entrance become sensitized and I was moaning without words. I felt my appetite rise and meet Leon’s thrusts. I felt my cunt cream flowing and with one great push, Leon was balls deep in me. I felt his cock’s head push against my cervix. His strength pinned me to the bed. I was totally lost in him. Our bodies like our eyes were locked into each other. Leon settled in giving me the fucking of my life. Long strokes, short strokes, short and fast, slow and long, ramming as hard as he could with every bit of his wonderful manhood. I screamed “fuck me harder with that black cock!". I felt the precursor to my orgasm begin in my body.

He started to pull out. I pressed my heals hard against his ass and yelled out loud: "NO, Leon don't pull out, I want you to pump your seed into my belly”. ”Make me your woman now”. OH, Yes, Leon, OH!" like a woman possessed, my body shuddered with orgasm in waves of pure ecstasy.

As all subsided, he got soft and pulled out letting the mixture of his sperm and my cum to leak out. I looked at Leon, kissed him and said “I Love you”. He tenderly returned my kisses.

As the daylight returned to my senses and eyes, I saw my husband and my s** watching us. Spreading my legs wide, I turned toward them giving them a perfect view of black man’s essence leaking from my cunt.

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