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Lanas resume read, receptionist, waitress, topless dancer, and housewife, but she was never unnoticed by the resort mgr. and his wife. The timing was perfect to offer her a new position at the Bali Hai Resort, as hostess and bar manager, along with a new sports car. Lana and Leo had moved to the suburbs and reeling her back to the resort would require transportation.

I paused to ask Lana about the extravagance of a new rental car, for a hostess no less. Her reply, "I'm worth it." There were lingering doubts about her prior relationship with Rico, a certain closeness of mutual admiration perhaps? Rico was a short, well kept man, who wore barber shop black shirts, 3 gold chains, with a razor cut. His wife Marcy, more visable than Rico around the resort, tall, dark haired intellectual who had married Rico just years prior.

With the car, came a wardrobe of multi-colored Asian dresses (oriental). Dresses which rose just below the knee with a slit ranging to the upper thigh. With each step, Lana's legs were visible like her days in a g-string. Lana was a bubbly, happy, effervescent girl of 29, but not intellectual material. I could certainly see the value of having a greeter and bar manager of her skills and the sports car, maybe earned in a menial way.

Leo liked his breakfast's and business luncheons at the Bali Hai with discount, although no businessman was Leo. One afternoon, with the business crowd filing in, I was biting into my tuna salad, and observing Lana's tip toes, smiling, greeting, and happy. Four men from the nearby science industry sat in a booth behind Leo. Lana seated them with a menu, and I thot how cute she was, standing there with one young mans arm around her waist, exchanging pleasantries. How special a wife she was, the rental car seemed so nebulous and understandable, my doubts so foolish.

Lana began to stroll away with a wide grin, and I heard this, "she's something else." I smiled at my booth for one, and then I heard, "I'd love to fuck her!" A burst of laughter from the men behind me. Another said, "she's Rico's girl, he's getting that pussy, and his wife better not catch him." The most callous shit, but Leos levis gave way to a boner and wanted to hear more. I was right all along, but why was she decieving Leo, we normally talked these things through.

My suspicions were getting the best of me. I told Lana I heard men talking about her in a booth. She asked, "what did they say?" I told her they were complimenting her on her cute and bubbly demeanor, and how much she meant to the resort. She smiled smugly, "I told you!" I couldn't undermine her confidence, as the resort whore, Ricos mistress. The rental car had now taken front stage, even her body was for hire.

Rico called me into his office one afternoon, to offer me a job in the afternoon, twice a week. A way to get rid of Leo, know where he was at, while Lana and Rico fucked upstairs in one of Bali Hais suites. In the corner of Ricos office, I noticed a pair of Lana sandal heels, laying on top of a duffel bag of hers. Perhaps sex toys, fishnets, probably no condoms. I took the job, and in walked Marcy, Rico's new wife. Stunningly attractive, tall, thin, and well kept in a designer dress. No Asian gowns for Marcy. It dawned on me, these two women looked just like sisters, two Italian hotties, of differing age. Rico was fucking the young and old of what he enjoys. Damnit! Why didn't I notice this before?

I began to time my arrival at home with Lanas, in her sports car. She obliged me with sex in the late afternoon, and I loved watching her take off those gowns at the foot of the bed. She always felt so clammy, and sweaty, her pussy gooey. Those lips wrenched with a certain stale taste from sucking Ricos cock.

Lana was never overly horny after her sessions upstairs with Rico, and always put one bare leg over my body, stroked my cock with her right hand and looked down at Leo. I could bear the deceit no longer. "Are you having sex with Rico?" Her response startled me, "what if I were, it has nothing to do with my car." As Lana stroked my cock with her hand, the cream began to rush over her hand, and she knew the charge she was affording Leo with her deception.

After ejaculation, Leo always thinks more clearly. "Of course your affair with Rico has nothing to do with the Rental, Lana. But if Marcy finds out he's fucking her double, she'll kick your little red ass, take away your oriental gowns, and the sports car." Lana got out of bed, wiped her hand on a towel, shuffled her hair into place, and while walking out of the bedroom, looked back at Leo, sprawled and concerned in our King Size. "What makes you think Marcy doesn't know? Rentals come with more than one tag Leo, it's called threesomes. No one is taking my car back, ever. Now, what do you want for dinner Leo?

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