My First Time and a Little More: Part 7 - Sucking Straight Guy

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Please read the true story leading up to this point. Unfortunately, the story titles are similar, but not exactly the same. I hope you will find all of them under the following titles. (1) “My first time and a Little More,” (2)“First Time and More: part 2.” (3)“My First Time and a Little More: Part 3 Anal,” (4)“First Time and a Little More: Part 4 Cum,” (5)“First Time and a Little More: Part 5 foursome,” (6) “My First Time and a Little More: Part 6 Swallow.”

Now, Part 7. If you read from the beginning, I often refer to my first friends, Sean and Michael, who lived in my neighborhood. Sean was enticed to suck his cousin’s dick on a weekend, but the cousin wouldn’t suck him afterwards. The next day, Sean asked me. That was my first time having sex and orgasm. Michael moved into the neighborhood a year later, and Sean got him to suck dicks. All three of ended up sucking each other for two more years almost daily after school until I my parents moved to a farm far away. Please read about those exciting years leading to this point in my true story.

From part 6, because I graduated high school early, spring semester was my first in college. I had finally turned 18, but didn’t celebrate it since school had just ended and everyone was on vacation. One evening that summer I was especially bored, so I drove the 30 miles to campus. During the summer the campus stores closed early, so I ended up at a restaurant near the campus. I wasn’t hungry, but I went in just to sit and order something to drink. A few minutes later a guy from one of my classes walked in. I waved, and he came the booth where I was sitting. We chatted about how glad we were that the semester was over. We had the same Spanish class together. His name was Tom, and he sat down at the booth with me. He said he lived with his parents and was taking a class during the summer.

Since spring semester had ended, I hadn’t been with Randy. Randy had gone to his parents home a couple hundred miles away. I hadn’t been with anyone else either and was beginning to feel a bit isolated. Impulsively, I asked Tom if he wanted to go riding around, and we did. It was getting dark, and we listened to the radio and talked about random subjects. Somewhat impulsively for me, I drove to the secluded place that the waitress had shown me the previous summer, see part 4. I stopped the car, and we continued to listen to the music.

Thinking about what Sean would have done, for the first time in my life, I took the aggressive role. My heart was pounding, and I was waiting for the right point in the conversation to change the subject to sex, but it never came. The more he talked, the more I looked at him thinking about what he looked like without any clothes. My dick was hard, and I was wet. I flashed back to the days when Sean, Michael, and I sucked each other. We talked more. I daydreamed about sucking him and wanted to take his pants off.

Then, during a pause in the small talk, I simply asked, “Have you ever been sucked off before?” Without a thought or hesitation, he said, “No.”

I asked if he wanted to be sucked off. You would think he would have said, “By whom?” or “Who would do it?” Instead, he simply said, “Where?”
I said, “Here.”
Then he asked, “By you?”
I said, “Yes.”
He said, “OK.”

If those weren’t the very exact words, those are 99% the exact words. It was quick and to the point. Looking back, he wasn’t surprised or at least he didn’t show it.

Oh my gosh. My heart was pounding, and I got a chill with the anticipation.

He asked what I wanted him to do. I told him just to lay back and take his pants down. He laid his head in the corner where the door met the seat and unzipped his pants. I pulled them down to his ankles. Then I pulled his underwear down and saw that his dick was hard and ready to go. Remember my assessment of all guys from my last story. Guys are sluts. Gay or straight, we are ready to go anytime, just ask. I had asked.

He had a nice, averaged-sized dick, about 6 inches. The hair was extremely soft around his dick. I was too afraid of his rejection if I did a lot of foreplay, so I just went down on him and started sucking him. After a few minutes of silence, I pulled off slowly and quietly asked him if it was feeling ok. He said yes, it was great. I continued and then gently beat his meat while continuing sucking him.

Soon I felt that pulsing, warm cum shooting in my mouth. I continued without pausing and swallowed while moving my tongue round and round his throbbing dick. When he finished, I pumped it one more time to get the last drop.

I sat up and helped him pull his pants up. I asked if he really liked it, and he said yes.

A minute later he said, “Can I ask you something?”
I said, “Yes.”
He asked, “Did you swallow that?”
I said, “Yes. It’s not bad.”

I stopped short of elaborating. I remember when I couldn’t fathom swallowing cum, and I remember being startled when I first encountered cumming in Robert’s mouth, and the how surprised I was when Randy swallowed my cum only a few months ago.

Tom didn’t ask me about anything sexual on the way back. We talked like nothing had happened. We drove back to his car and said goodbye. He really enjoyed it, but I had a feeling that he didn’t want to pursue any more than what had happened. I saw him later that fall, and we had a cordial greeting. I didn’t regret giving him pleasure even knowing that it would not lead to a relationship. I was too afraid to being used to continue sucking him although I liked it very much that night. It wasn’t that I was looking for love, but I did like a two way relationship even if it was for only one night at a time. I only sucked off one more straight guy after that. That story will be told later.

My story continues with “My First Time and a Little More: Part 8.” I hope you have enjoyed the story up to now. Feel free to tell me how you liked any or all of the chapters.

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Another thing, diary, both Ems and I reached in and started doing our clits!!! All the time, Gary had this little smirk on his face, the kind ya just wanna slap off, but you don't, cuz you're afraid if you do that he won't let you take a turn with his cock!!!...