I Really Love My Chubby Little Sister

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Jonathan Riley, Johnnie to all his family and friends, had just come in from a run. He’s seventeen and on summer vacation between his junior and senior years of high school. He’s a wrestler on the school team and tries to stay in shape year round; it’s easier than having to sweat off weight during the season. Johnnie is 6 feet tall and weighs 150 pounds. And right now he’s tired and sweaty. All he wants is a shower.

Johnnie has a 18 year old sister, Jennifer. As he climbed the stairs and walked by her bedroom he heard sobbing. Looking in he saw her curled up around her pillow crying.

He entered the room asking, “Hey Jen what’s the matter?”

“Johnnie, I’m fat and ugly; I hate myself. Nobody ever asks me out. I can’t get a date and I’m fat.”

Johnnie had to concede that Jen could loose a bit of weight. She had a cute face and for a 18 year old girl, humongous tits; she was at least a 38D cup but she weighed as much as Johnnie although she was only 5 feet 2 inches tall.

Johnnie sat down on the bed and rubbed her back saying, “Sis, you’re hardly ugly. You’ve got the prettiest face and I love your little pug nose and your beautiful blue eyes. I think you’re so cute.”

“Do you really think I’m cute, Johnnie?”

“Sure I do.”

Jen sobbed loudly, “Johnnie, I’m so fat, no one will ever take me out on a date.”

“Jen, your cute, you’re smart and you’re funny; sure some one will ask you out.”

“Who, Johnnie, who’s going to ask me out; tell me that will you.”

“Jen, I don’t know who it’ll be but some guy is going to be smart enough to realize going out with you would be fun, just wait and see.”

“Johnnie, I’ve been waiting and waiting some more. “I’ve never been out on a date in my life and I’m sixteen.”

“Don’t worry, someone will come along. Shoot, I’d ask you out myself as cute as you are.” He smiled at her.

“You’d really ask me out Johnnie, you really would,” she enthused.

“Of course I would, Jennie.”

“Ok, let’s go.”

“Go where?”

“Johnnie you said you’d ask me out. Let’s go out now.”

Johnnie thought what have I gotten myself into? He looked at her smiling face; her eyes alight and couldn’t bring himself to hurt her feelings.

“Ok, how about a movie and then a pizza?” He asked.

“Johnnie, I don’t care what we do, whatever you want.”

“Ok, movie and pizza it is. Let me grab a shower and we’ll hit it.?

Jen was so excited, she’d been to the movie and even out to eat with Johnnie before but that was just a big brother being nice to a little sister. This was a date, a real date: wow.

She took a quick shower and put on a nice pair of white shorts along with a cornflower blue button front blouse. He wasn’t going to see them but she was also wearing frilly panties and a lacy bra, they made her feel sexy.

Johnnie called out, “Hey is my date ready?”

She practically skipped down the stairs to meet him at the front door.

Johnnie had an old beater of a car his grandfather had passed on to him for his sixteenth birthday; an old four door Chevy; but it beat the heck out of walking. Acting the gentleman Johnnie opened Jen’s door for her.

“Any particular movie you’d like to see?” Johnnie asked.

“How about Avatar?”

“Yeah, I want to see that one, too.”

When they got to the theater Johnnie bought the tickets and a big pail of popcorn; they found seats in the middle of the room about half way back.

When the movie started Jennie snuggled against Johnnie. Instinctively he put his arm around her shoulders and held her. Jennie was in heaven.

At movie’s end, as they were walking out Johnnie wanted to talk about the amazing effects of the 3-D. Jen just agreed with him; she couldn’t remember the film, she’d been so enraptured being held by him she’d hardly paid attention; his hand had brushed against her breast several times, that’s all she could remember.

At the pizza parlor they split a medium pepperoni and cheese and had Pepsi Colas.

After they had finished Jen asked, “Johnnie, what would you do now if you were out with someone else?”

“Oh I don’t know, maybe we’d drive out by the lake.”

“Then take me out to the lake.”

“Jen you’re my sister.”

“Oh no Johnnie, I’m your date. Take me out by the lake, please,” she pled.

What the heck Johnnie thought, why not. It was too early to go home anyway.

Johnnie again opened her door saying, “Ok, jump in.”

As soon as Johnnie got behind the wheel Jennie scooted over to him and put her head on his shoulder, sighing.

Johnnie hugged her with his free arm as they drove and rubbed her back. “Having fun?” He asked.

“Yeah Johnnie, I’m having a lot of fun. Keep rubbing my back, that feels so nice.”

It was doing more than feeling nice it was giving her a little tingle between her legs; as she squeezed her thighs together she could feel dampness in her panties. She’d played with her pussy a few times; she knew what she was feeling.

When the got to the lake Johnnie parked so they could sit in the car and look out over the water. The moon was reflected upon the surface, ripples on the lake making the reflection seem to glimmer and dance. She thought, this is so romantic, as she twisted a bit seeming to be trying to get more comfortable. She was really positioning herself so that Johnnie’s hand fell onto her breast.

When his hand landed on Jennie’s breast Johnnie stroked the side then rubbed her nipple. He heard her quick intake of breath then he thought, whoa, this is my sister. He took his hand away and, getting out of the car, suggested they take a walk out by the water.

Jen didn’t want to get out, she wanted Johnnie to keep holding her but since he was already out of the car she got out, too. She walked over to him. He put his arm around her waist and led her to the lake side.

They sat on the shore, dangling their feet in the water. Jennie asked, “Johnnie, are you having a good time?”

“Yeah, I am having a real good time. It’s more fun than I thought it would be.”

“Why didn’t you think it would be fun? Cause I’m fat??

“Jennie if you’re going to keep dwelling on that, let’s talk about it. You could afford to lose a few pounds, sure, but I think it’s more in your mind than around your hips and tummy. Like I told you earlier, you’re cute and smart and funny. I didn’t know how much fun it would be to go on a date with my sister. Well, damn it, I am having fun.”

“How come you took your hand off my titties, didn’t they feel nice. Your hand sure felt nice to me.”

“Jen it felt nice, maybe too nice, after all is said and done you are my sister.”

Jen stood up and took his hand, pulling him to his feet. “Come with me,” she said as she led him back to the car. She opened the back door and slid across the seat saying, “Get in here with me.”

He hesitated for a long moment asking, “Jennie what do you want?”

She reached out and took his hand pulling him into the car with her, answering, “I’m your date and I want to make out with you.”

With that she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him.

As Jen kissed him she pressed her breasts against his chest letting him feel her erect nipples then she unbuttoned her blouse, raised her brassiere and guided his hand to her tits.

Johnnie didn’t want to do this, she was his sister, but he didn’t want to not do it either. With her tongue down his throat and his hand under her bra he was getting aroused. It felt darn good. Then he felt her pull the zipper of his shorts down.

As Jennie pulled his semi-erect cock from his shorts Johnnie protested, “Jen, what are you doing?”

“This,” she whispered as she dropped her head to his lap engulfing him as she began to suck.

Johnnie couldn’t believe what she was doing but as soon as she took him in he got as hard as a steel rod. He wasn’t going to stop her now.

Jennie was bobbing up and down taking him deep into her throat, making a humming action as she did so. The vibrations created a fantastic feeling, then she released him and licked his shaft, swirling her tongue around him as she teased his little hole with the tip of her tongue.

Johnnie was pushing his hips up to meet her lips as she again took him into her mouth. He was reminded of the proverbial “golf ball though a garden hose” as she sucked him harder. When she slid her hand under him and started to finger his asshole, he couldn’t hold back. Johnnie patted her on the head and told her he was about to cum, he wanted to warn her.

Jennie nodded ok and kept sucking. He held her head and pumped into her mouth blasting pulse after pulse of cum into her. Each time he filled her mouth she swallowed. She didn’t miss a drop. As he started to soften she milked a little more out of him and rubbed her mouth over his cock coating her lips like lipstick then she looked up at him, licked her lips and smiled.

Johnnie just sat there, a little dazed, as Jennie climbed back up and gave him a kiss. She looked over his shoulder out the back window, “Johnnie, someone’s coming, I see headlights.”

“We better get out of here, it might be the Sheriff’s patrol,” he said as he stuffed his cock back in his shorts and got behind the wheel.

Jen pulled her bra back in place and buttoned her blouse as Johnnie turned the car around and drove back to the highway. They’d been lucky that Jen had seen the car; it was the Sheriff’s patrol. Johnnie gave the deputy a little wave as the passed.

“God Jennie you were fantastic. I’ve never had a blow job like that, where did you learn to do that?”

“Just a natural, I guess.”

“Well, I owe you one.”

“You sure do and I’m going to collect,” she giggled.

They mostly made small talk on the way home, avoiding discussing what had happened. Johnnie a little embarrassed and Jennie, well Jennie was thinking about how she could get more to happen. Now that she’d gotten a little she wanted a lot. She wanted Johnnie to make love to her. Just reliving having him in her mouth, reliving him caressing her breasts made her little panties, well maybe not so little panties, wet.

It was late when they got home; their parents were already in bed but not asleep. Her mother called out, “Jen is that you and Johnnie?”

“Yeah Mom it’s us; goodnight.”

“Goodnight to you two, too,” her mother replied.

Jennie gave Johnnie a hug and a kiss, “I had a fantastic time Johnnie, thank you.”

“Hey I had a great time, too.”

The next morning when Jen got up her parents had already left for work. She glanced in his room, Johnnie was still fast asleep.

Johnnie had said he owed her one, now she was going to collect.

Jen slept in a nightie top and her panties. She didn’t wear her bra to bed, it was too constricting. She crawled under Johnnie’s covers from the bottom of the bed; he was just wearing a pair of boxer shorts. She pulled his flaccid penis out and took in into her mouth.

Johnnie came slowly awake, he’d been having the sexiest dream he could ever remember. As he became conscious it dawned on him it hadn’t been a dream after all. He was getting a real live blow job. He lifted the covers and looked down at his sister just sucking away. She met his eyes and smiled at him, not the easiest thing to do with a cock in her mouth, then went back to work.

He didn’t know what or how she could make that humming vibration with her throat but it drove him crazy. He dropped the sheet back over her head and watched it bob as she went up and down on him. Damn that girl could hum. She was slathering his cock, twirling it with her tongue and taking the head between her lips, tickling him with the tip of her tongue then it was back in her throat feeling that incredible vibration. Johnnie started pumping his hips. She slid both hands under him and pulled him to her then she slipped a finger into him. Johnnie exploded, gush after gush of his hot cum spewing forth, she swallowed each time he spurted then continued to gently suck him until he was soft and completely drained.

Johnnie lifted the covers saying, “Oh Jen, come up here I want a kiss.”

She climbed up into his arms saying, “Johnnie, are you sure you want to kiss me, I’ve still got you in my mouth.”

“Jennie, sweet girl, I don’t care, come here.”

Johnnie took her into his arms and kissed her deeply and passionately; his tongue probing her mouth as he lifted her nightie and teased her nipples, alternately lightly pinching then twisting them. Jen gasped and humped against Johnnie’s leg. He could feel the moisture leaking through the crotch of her panties, dampening his thigh.

He broke their kiss and took one of her nipples into his mouth. It was a dark rose color, about half an inch long and swollen. He sucked it and titillated it with his tongue. Jennie’s breathing had become shallow and rasping as he gave her second nipple the same attention.

Johnnie helped her take off her nightie top then kissed down her tummy. She was soft with what felt like baby fat. He had cupped her sex through her panties and was slowly rubbing up and down her slit.

“Jen, let me help you out of these,” he said as he began to roll her panties down.

Jen couldn’t wait; she grabbed them and ripped them off. She wanted Johnnie to touch her so bad.

For a teenager she had a nice pelt of fine light brown hair. Johnnie ran his tongue through her hair and found her slit. He used his hand to open her. Her inner flesh was coral pink and she had an almost floral aroma. Her labia were puffy and large. He took one of her lips and sucked on it, then the other while his fingers continued to stimulate her. He slipped a finger into her vagina where he met resistance; she was still a virgin.

Jennie was breathing raggedly and lightly moaning as he started licking her sweet pussy. He found her clitoris, teased it with his tongue then took it into his mouth, sucking and tugging on it with his lips. Remembering what she had done to him he moistened a finger with her juices and rubbed her rose bud.

Jennie was already moaning, when he touched her bottom she started wailing and when he stuck a finger in her pucker she pushed back and started grunting as she forced his finger deeper into her. Damn, Johnnie thought, she loves that. Maybe that’s why she did it to me. It feels good to her and she thought I’d like it; and I did.

Lying between her thighs, sucking on her clit and fingering her bottom, Johnnie could look up and see her puffy tummy being overtaken by contractions, her muscles were rippling and when the contractions hit her vagina she clamped her legs around Johnnie’s head screaming as her first real orgasm hit her. She continued to scream as her spasming pussy pumped gush after gush of her sweet juices over Johnnie’s face.

With her chubby thighs now wrapped around his head, holding his face tightly against her spewing vagina Johnnie feared he might drown, he couldn’t believe how much liquid she was producing. It was chaotic; Jennie was still screaming, she was thrashing her head back and forth and was still pushing her ass back against his invading finger. He’d stopped sucking her clit, he was too busy just licking and swallowing her flood. He had his mouth over her pussy and his finger sawing in and out of her ass as she wailed.

“Oooh Johnnie, oh, oh, oh, oh Johnnie, oh Johnnie, pump my bottom harder,” as he did it she grunted ugh, ugh, ugh; he probed her deeper and deeper.

Even as she came down from her high Johnnie kept his finger in her, she wiggled her plump bottom, expressing her delight. Then she seemed to collapse just lying back and letting her breathing return to normal.

Johnnie was still poised between her legs. He leaned forward and kissed her lips then asked if she was ready.

She just nodded yes.

He tucked her feet up close to her back side and opened her plump thighs. She was sopping, he’d need no other lubrication. Running his cock along inside her slit he found her hole and pushed in. He was watching Jennie’s face and could see her wince in pain as he was stopped by her hymen.

“Jennie, this may hurt a little, you understand that don’t you,” he whispered.

Again, she just nodded yes as he pressed forward, tearing her open and sliding into her depths.

Jennie gave a loud moan and tears came to her eyes as he broke into her but she didn’t cry out. She wanted him in her no matter the pain. She thrust her hips to meet him, inviting him deeper.

Johnnie thrust deeper and faster, pounding into her delectable cunt. He’d fucked a lot girls but none like his chubby little sister. Her pussy was tight, of course, but she was using it like a pro. Every time he probed into her she thrust back intensifying his pleasure. Then she started flexing the muscles in her vagina, milking his throbbing cock.

Back and forth they went, pounding into each other, wanting more, getting more. Ten minutes or more they fucked each other mercilessly. She was getting sore and so was he but neither let up.

Finally, Johnnie felt Jennie’s pussy start spasming and he felt his own cum filling his balls and climbing upward. They came in an explosion of mutual screams. He felt her juices flood over him as he filled her cunt with rope after rope of his creamy cum yet he remained hard. He continued to pump into her forcing his own cum out of her and over his balls. She had him around the waist with her legs holding him as he drained himself into her. Finally he started to slow his thrusts. He leaned back and looked down. He was still in her, there was a little blood but it seemed like quarts of cum covering him, her and the bed.

He lay beside her and held her, talking softly, “Jennie that was magnificent. God you’re a wonderful lover. How was it for you?”

“How was it for me? I’ll show you.” She slid down and took him in her mouth, sucking until he was stiff again.

Rolling over onto her back she said, “I want you in me again, now.”

Johnnie hadn’t given a condom a thought before but he did this time. Oh he wasn’t going to deny her. He opened her swollen lips and pushed in.

Johnnie wasn’t forceful, he fucked her with long languid strokes, taking his time, leaning forward, kissing her and caressing her breasts. Talking quietly, letting her know how much he loved her. She enjoyed the slower pace, too. She was sore from losing her virginity and their earlier romp. She just lay back and let him do the work.

They mated for over fifteen minutes before Johnnie felt himself get ready to cum. Jennie was already leaking her juices, not from a violent orgasm but rather a small series of mini-climaxes when Johnnie pulled out of her. She was surprised; when he began to spew his cum, the first gush went clear over her body and hit her face, after that he showered her breasts and her belly then dribbled his last onto her pubic hair.

“Why’d you do that Johnnie,” she asked.

“Jen I should have used a rubber the first time. I didn’t want to take anymore chances.”

“That’s ok, I understand,” she answered as she wiped her face and licked her hand clean then she rubbed the rest onto her tits and tummy like it was a body lotion.

“Jen, you’re too much.”

“No I’m just enough, I think. Am I enough for you Johnnie?”

“Oh yeah, you’re enough.”

“Are you gonna be just mine? I’ll be the best lover you’ll ever have if you’ll let me.”

“I’ll let you, I don’t think I could ever do any better,” he grinned at her.

“That’s a deal. Now let’s get up. We both need a shower. When we’re done you run out to the drug store and get some rubbers. I’ll fix breakfast while you’re gone.”

Johnnie bought two dozen. Somehow he didn’t think they’d last too long.

Breakfast was ready when he got back. As they sat at the table Jennie said, “Johnnie, now you’ve seen all of me. I do need to lose some weight, don’t I?”

“Jen, I’m not complaining. I like you just as soft and round as you are, but I think you’d feel better about yourself if you did.”

“Me too, that’s why I want you to help me, I want to exercise with you, can I?”

“Jennie there’s no way you’d keep up with me on my runs, I go at least five miles a day, but I’ll tell you what I’ll do. We can set up a lighter regimen that we’ll both do before I go running, ok?”

“Sure, when can we start?”

“Right after we eat.”

After they’d finished and cleared the table Johnnie asked, “Do you have a leotard or some gym shorts?”


“Well get changed and we’ll start.”

When she came back down stairs dressed in gym shorts and a short top, he showed her how to do some stretching exercises telling her, “Always start by stretching, if you don’t get loosened up you can strain or tear a muscle and that hurts.”

He was standing behind her watching her stretch when she bent over. My God he thought her ass is as wide as an axe handle. She did need to lose some weight but he wanted to pound into that pillow before she did.

After a thirty minute session he complimented her on what she’d accomplished but told her that he’d he adding a little more each day. Not longer, thirty minutes was enough, but more, faster repetitions.

“Why don’t you take a nice long soak in the tub while I do my running? You’re going to be sore in places you don’t even know you have; the hot water will help.”

When Johnnie got back from his run Jen was in the living room watching TV. Johnnie took a shower and came down and sat beside her, asking, “You want to do something today?”

“Yeah Johnnie, I do. I want to go on a picnic out by the lake. Do you know any place where we can kinda get off the beaten path?”

“I do, there’s a little glade on the other side of the lake but we’ll have to walk, I can’t drive to it. It’s shady and right on the shore.”

“Could we skinny dip there?” Jen asked.

“We sure can.”

“Johnnie you get the ice chest and some drinks and I’ll make us some sandwiches, ok?”

After packing the cooler Jen got a blanket and towels and packed up the car.

Johnnie parked near where they had been the night before. They got out of the car with Johnnie saying, “Ok sis, we hoof it from here.”

Johnnie grabbed the ice chest and Jen gathered up the towels and blanket and off they went; the walk was about half a mile.

Jen laid out the blanket and got out two drinks. Sitting on the blanket she asked Johnnie to sit down with her, she wanted to lay her head in his lap.

Jen was so comfortable; Johnnie’s lap fit her perfectly. He was only wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts and a tee shirt. She could feel his flaccid member through his shorts. Jen had worn a yellow sun dress. She did have on panties and a bra; she would have loved to pass on the brassiere but she’d be too floppy if she did.

She turned her head and kissed his crotch through his shorts then took his hand and directed it under her dress. She wanted him to feel how damp he made her.

When she kissed him Johnnie started to harden and when she put his hand under her dress he got stiff as a board. When Jen felt Johnnie’s hard on she rolled over and pulled his cock out the leg of his shorts and took him in her mouth, sucking him and taking him down throat.

God Johnnie thought, she’s starting that vibration thing again, it drove him nuts. He wanted to just lay back and enjoy but, as he looked down at her he couldn’t keep his eyes off her butt. He lifted her dress and gazed at her large pantied ass. He adored it and he wanted it. He rubbed her bottom through her panties then slipped his hand under her waist band and massaged her soft cheeks then slipped a finger down her crack and circled her tight little rose bud before he slid a finger into her. Jennie dropped his cock and moaned in pleasure as he invaded her pucker, pumping in and out.

He wanted to get a taste of her. He turned so that he could get his mouth to her bottom and took his finger out of her saying, “Jennie, lift your hips, I want to pull your panties off.”

With her panties off Johnnie opened her legs and slipped a finger into her pussy then he spread her cheeks, licked her and probed her tight ring, pushing into her and teasing her with the tip of his tongue. Jennie just wailed as she felt his slight penetration.

“Oh Johnnie, that feels so nice, can you get deeper, push into me I want you in me.”

That was exactly what Johnnie wanted to hear. He lifted her hips and pushed into her pussy; she was lubricating heavily and he wanted to use her moisture. Wetting himself in her he pulled out and pressed the head of his penis against her tight sphincter.

As Johnnie pushed into her Jennie moaned, “Oooh damn Johnnie, oooh God you’re a lot bigger than your finger, oooh, oooh, fuck me Johnnie, fuck my ass, fuck me hard.”

Johnnie probed further into his sweet sister as she started pushing back against him, meeting him. She was flat on her tummy. Johnnie lifted her to her knees saying, “If you want me deeper, I need you up here.”

Jennie came up to her knees, spread her legs a little further and bucked back to meet his thrusts.

“Johnnie fuck me, fuck me, God I want you deep in me. Make me feel it, oh, oh, oh, YES, just like that.”

Johnnie couldn’t get any deeper into her; she was getting everything he had. He spread her cheeks as wide as they’d go then grasped her hips and pounded into her as hard and fast as he could, his balls were slapping her pussy and his hips were bruising her soft broad bottom as he continued to thrust.

Jennie stopped pushing back against him; she dropped her head to the blanket and started panting like a bitch dog in heat as she arched her back offering herself to him completely. And he took her completely. He watched as he pumped in and out of her hole; damn it was erotic watching her little ring being pulled out then pushed back in.

Jennie’s panting turned to a long loud wail as she came. Her pussy overflowed; her sweet juices cascaded down her inner thighs then she felt Johnnie’s cock swelling in her.
Expecting to feel Johnnie’s hot cum flooding her she was disappointed as she felt him pull out.

Johnnie blasted ropey stream after ropey stream of his scalding cum over Jennie’s big beautiful ass, some hitting her open distended asshole while most covered her cheeks; his sticky goo slowly flowing down over her broad hips then he slipped back into her pumping out the last drops. He rubbed his cum onto her bottom like it was sun tan lotion, pulled out and hugged her hips, forcing her back down on the blanket.

“God Jennie, you’re the greatest, I love your ass. I want to kiss it, I want to play with it and mostly I want to fuck it, Sis you’re the best ever.”

“Johnnie come up here by me,” she said dreamily. “I loved that, you make my bottom feel so hot. I think I like that even better than when you’re in my pussy.”

Johnnie lay down beside her and held her. She still had her dress on.

“Johnnie, help me out of my dress and unhook my bra for me, I want you to just lay down with me and suck my titties.”

After Jen was nude Johnnie rolled her toward him, on her side and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking her like he was nursing. She held him and stroked his head; she felt so close to him.

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