My 18 year old girlfriend

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When I first started high school, I was a rather popular guy. I had a lot of friends and seemed to get along with most everyone. It was a great time for me. During my senior year in high school I met a new girl that I later became really, really close friends with. I had just turned 18. We lived in a small town, so our elementary, middle schools, and high schools were combined. She was only 11 when we met. She had just moved to town and happened to be my neighbor. She, like me, was an only child. She was really cute.

She had red hair and the best looking green eyes I had ever seen. Over time we had become so close that we might as well have been siblings. We talked and acted as such regularly. Before long she was calling me her brother, even though everyone knew I wasn't. I really didn't mind to be honest. I really liked her. I loved spending time with her, because to me, I might as well have been her brother. We were close for my whole senior year. When I left for school after graduation it was hard for me. I know it was hard for her too. She cried when I left.

My friends name was Samantha. At the time I left for school she had just turned 12. She was 4'4 and had red hair. She wasn't an ugly red head either. She had the cutest face. Small button nose, very nice full lips. Her hair was almost to the middle of her back, and her skin was a very milky smooth skin. She didn't have any freckles either. I did notice how soft her skin was. Her eyes were very green. The kind that just grab your attention the first moment you saw her. She was just an awesome person!

Now about me, my name is Adam. I am of Polynesian decent, or at least I am fifty percent Polynesian. My mom is extremely white, like my friend Samantha. My father was full blooded poly, but he was the light skinned kind. My skin was bronzed, basically, almost like a tan I had all over my body. I stood 6'9 and weighed 220 pounds. From the time I was younger I was all about keeping fit, and spent a lot of time In the gym working out. I had girlfriends who would compare my body to Duane Johnson, however I really didn't think I looked like him.

Now I'm not sure if it was because of my poly back ground, but I am somehow blessed with a naturally large dick. I had been watching porn and became curious as to how long I was. So while watching porn one night, I measured it. After that, I was really confident, yet I never talked about it. I just figured if a girl wanted to know how long it was I never told them. I just decided to show them. I figured why be called a lier. There was one catch though. I am not one of those guys that would just whip it out and show girls, I had to really be into the girl. As a result I only had 2 girlfriends, but a shit ton of girls that wanted to either see it, or wrap their mouths around it. My cock was just barley under 10 inches long and very thick. Yeah, I was fairly confident.

By the time I had received my certifications I needed to work my dream job, I had turned 25. I got my RN license, and my Masters Degree in Nursing Science. However I really wanted to bridge over to Medic because I felt like I really needed to be on the streets. I got my masters in Fire Science, after i completed the Fire Academy. I was 25 when I finished everything. And I had finally landed my dream job. It didn't pay well but I didn't care, I loved the job. It was with a local department where I lived. The streets was where my heart was.

I was still able to actually watch Samantha grow up. We stayed very close. We were best friends the entire time. When she turned 14, she became a cheerleader. She would send me a ton of pictures of herself and her friends. I absolutely loved the fact that she and I kept in touch for so long. We were true friends the whole time. We were constantly there for each other.

After doing a lot of research on my Polynesian side, I began to learn a lot of different symbols used to tell family history, and stories through art. I designed many tattoos that would only pay respects to my family. I later got those tattoos. I wasn't completely covered, but I did have quite a number of them. I didn't really see the need to show Samantha, so I didn't. I didn't even tell her that I had them. Not to mention that I now had very large, toned, and very cut muscles. I did send her pictures of me In uniform, pics of the rigs I worked on. We sent birthday, Christmas cards and presents all the time.

She always called me when she had problems, and when I had issues with my girlfriends, I called her to vent. When the last one broke up with me she was amazing. Even though we were almost 6 hours away from each other, we made sure we were there as much as we could. There was one guy that she was absolutely in love with, but after he got what he wanted, he started to treat her like shit. Well, lets just tell it like it is, he and his friends bullied her, bad. That's why she moved closer to where I now lived, less than an hour. I worked a lot of hours after my last break up, mainly too keep it off of my mind. So you understand, I was going to propose, I had the ring and everything. I sold it after the break up.

7 months before I turned 26 years old, Samantha had just barely turned 18 years old, as in a day ago. I had accrued some vacation time and I thought she would like it if I just went to say hi. I didn't get her much more than a card, So I thought I would call her as I had many many times before. I was greeted by her vey soft voice. And as usual she was very excited to hear from me.

"How are you doing kiddo"? I asked.

"Great"! She replied.

She then rambled on about everything she did all day.

"So, when are you going to come and see me? I know you work a lot but don't you have, like, any vacation time or something"? She asked.

"Funny you ask that." I replied. "It just so happens that I have some vacation time and I was just going to ask you if you minded me coming out to see you."

She shrieked with excitement! "Oh my god! Really?" She asked.

"Yes, really." I replied.

"I have been wanting to see you for a long time! I miss you, you're my best friend and I haven't seen you in like so long." She said. "So when are you coming out here?"

"Well in a couple of months is when I was thinking. It's almost Halloween, and it'll be the first one I've had off since I started my job. So I figured I would drive down and see my best friend."

"Oh my god! I'm so excited! Hey, I have an idea, only if you want though!" She said. "It might be a little weird since your like, basically, like my brother and all, but, I am going to a Halloween party, and since you'll be here, maybe you could, I don't know, go with me. You could be like, my date or, something. What do you think?" She asked.

"Oh ok, that sounds awesome, I'de love too actually! I think it would be fun! You gotta help keep those other girls off of me though."

"Oh, I don't know Adam, I've shown a lot of the girls here your picture, they all think you are hot. I'll try my best though." *giggle* "God I can't wait! I'm soooo excited! Yay!" She said.

All I could do was laugh at how cute she sounded.

"By the way it's a cowboy cowgirl theme, the ones with the hottest dress ups wins a prize, I don't know what it is yet, but I think with you, we just might have a good chance of winning." She said.

We talked for at least 6 hours that night. It was a lot different than any other conversations that we ever had. I noticed how she was actually, for the first time ever, flirting with me, big time. She kept telling me how hot I was, and how all of her friends were jealous of her that she has such a hot friend that was a guy. They told her many times that if she didn't have sex with me, they would. I can't lie, that was the first time I had ever began looking at my best friend in a sexual way.

During the two months prior to me going to see her, we would have long conversations almost every day. On the days we didn't have long conversations, we would talk still, but not long. On those days, it would be because I was working. We talked about everything like we use to. The only difference was, this time, we talked about sex, a lot! I found out what she likes. She absolutely loved giving blow jobs. She found out that there was nothing more sexy to me, than the way a woman squirms, twists, and writhes when I lick her pussy.

She and I both made comments about how we would do certain things to each other. We talked about what we looked for in a significant other. Turn ons and turn offs ect, ect, ect. We talked about absolutely everything. I was also falling in absolute love with this girl. The flirting we were doing was not helping matters. The more we talked the harder I fell for her.

After we would talk, she would send me some pictures of herself. The very first one she sent was very sexy. She had boy shorts on, a pink tank top and her hair was down. My god, I thought, she is hot as hell! Her hair was still red, except she had recently bleached some of it to blonde. What really got my attention was that I noticed that she had her tounge pierced, and she had braces now. Her tits had grown to a full B cup, and i could see plenty of her cleavage. The more I looked at her picture, the hotter she got. I took one of my self, fully clothed, and sent it to her.

She would send me picture after picture during the two months. The more time went by, the sexier her outfits became. She looked so damn sexy in her cheerleader uniform, and her tiny bikini. My god she looked so good! And I told her too. I sent a bunch of myself and I tried to show her more of myself, still hiding all of my tattoos. She absolutely loves the one I took of me in my work uniform. Of corse I unbuttoned 3 buttons to give her a peek at my pecks.

"Oh my god you're so hot". Would be texts I would get from her regularly.

"My god you're sexy". Was what I would send her.

Two months passed and it was finally time to go see Samantha. I didn't know the first thing about dressing like a cowboy, but I did my best to find what I could. I found a pair of tight pants a shirt, hat and cowboy boots. I drove the 50 miles to her town too see her. I checked into my hotel and got some rest. It was a day early, so I was able to get some sleep. The next morning I called her mom and told her I was in town. Her parents divorced. I let her know I was in town and asked her if I could stop by. Her mom of corse knew all about me since her daughter and I were so close for so long. I went over at about 9am and her mom let me in. I though it would be cool to make her bed In breakfast.

Her mom looked at me. "You know." She said. "My daughter thinks the world of you." Samantha thinks you're the best guy ever. After her last break up all she talks about is you. Especially over the last two months. It's almost like she has become obsessed with you recently. I kinda think she has been in love with you for quite a while. I don't know how you feel about her, or whats going on with you two, but you better not hurt that poor girl. She has been through enough."

I look at her straight in her eyes and said, "I understand, and please know I have no desire to hurt her. I care about her a lot, and for years I have been trying to protect her. I know that she has been through a lot of things lately and it's been hard for her. Please know that you have my word, and my promise that I will not hurt her."

"You are not the first guy that has said that, but this time it's different, I actually believe you. Thank you for being there for her all of these years." She replied.

She hugged me, then took me to the kitchen and showed me where things were. I cooked Samantha her favorite breakfast, eggs, bacon, toast, biscuits and gravy, waffles everything she loves. As soon as I finished I put everything on a tray and went to her room. She was still sound asleep when I got into her room. I looked down at her and that's when it hit me as to how attracted to her I really was. I felt warm, and a slight butterfly in my stomach. My god she was so damn beautiful! I placed the tray on her desk and sat gently on her bed. I knew at that moment, my feelings for her were definitely as I thought they were. I had fallen in love with her, and I fell hard!

I suspected that she felt the same way about me. She had made a small shrine to me using all of the pictures I sent her. She printed them off. She had a big mirror and the pics of me had covered an entire side of it. The other side were pics of her and her friends. Some would say that I should have been creeped out, but i wasn't. I was flattered, very flattered. I knew at that moment that I wanted to be more than just her friend. I wanted to be her man, more than anything, I wanted to be hers.

I caressed her beautiful face gently. I placed my hand on her shoulder and very gently rocked her small frame. She stirred a little, but stayed asleep. I couldn't even stop myself as I bent down and very gently, and softly kissed her on her soft lips, and shook her gently again. She opened her eyes and looked up. She lifted her head and looked at me. I smiled at her as she stared in disbelief.

"Adam?" She asked, With a puzzled yet suprised look on her face.

"Hey beautiful, happy belated birthday." I said softly. She sat up really fast and immediately wrapped her arms around my neck. She pulled me close and held me to her.

"Oh my god, I missed you so bad! I'm so glad you're here!" She said as she began to tear up.

"I really missed you too." I said. "Listen I made you breakfast, I hope you like it." She broke away from the hug and I stood up and got her breakfast. She scooted to the middle of her bed. I kissed her on her head and went and placed the breakfast in front of her. She acted like a little girl, it was so adorable. (Yeah, I used that word.)

"I am going to go downstairs and clean up my mess. Let me know if you need anything.

"Ok," she said, with a huge smile. "Hey, thank you, this is the sweetest thing any guy has ever done for me."

I just smiled at her and went down stairs. I had made breakfast for her mom too, the only difference was I didn't serve it to her like I did Samantha. As I cleaned up my mess, her mom looked at me and said, "You know that girl loves you right?"

"Yes mam." I said in response.

"No I don't think you understand Adam, she is in love with you, she is genuinely In absolute love with you." Her mom said.

I didn't know what to say. I felt very excited, and happy about that. My face felt very warm and all I could do was smile. I looked at her mom. "Well, no words are needed." Her mom said. "You feel the same way, don't you?" She asked. All I could do is keep smiling and nodded. "Yeah, you lit right up when I told you." She said.

After Breakfast was finished, Samantha showered and got dressed. Once she was finished she came down and we relaxed. For the next few days, we spent a lot of time together. I met her friends and their douche bag boyfriends. I was very content and happy with the fact that Samantha introduced me as her boyfriend. I wanted to be hers. She held my hand and was all over me. She couldn't keep her hands off of me. I was In heaven! I took her home, and on the way home I just had to tell her. I parked in her driveway.

"Look Samantha, before I walk you to the door, I have to tell you something. I'm not sure how I'm going to say this, so I'm going to just say it. I looked her in her eyes, and paused. I'm In love with you. I have been falling in love with you for a while. You have been absolutely amazing to me. And now that you are finally 18, I just feel like I can finally tell you. No woman has ever been there for me like you have been.

She smiled really big and got closer to me. Her small hand then caressed my face, and tears started welling up in her eyes. "I'm in love with you too,"she said. "I've been trying to fight it for years because, I didn't want to ruin what we have, so I hid it. I am so happy right now, you don't even know." She whispered as she started to cry. I kissed her on her soft full lips. We kissed for what seemed like forever. I then walked her to her door, she did not want me to leave, and I didn't want to leave her. But we had plans the next day.

The next day she had a major glow about her. Her friends noticed that we were both glowing. We kissed a lot, and we couldn't keep our hands off of each other. Her friends were very jealous. The more time I spent with her the more sexually attractive she became to me. Like I said she was a very, very, attractive woman. 4'9, her B cup very firm tits, extremely nice ass, and her smooth flawless white skin. I felt a stirring in my dick many times that day and really, really looked forward to seeing what her costume looked like. Once we got to her house we started to make out.

We were kissing and I started to reach for her little tits. She didn't stop me. Instead she placed her hand on mine and and pressed my hand into her small little tit. My cock began to harden as I felt her soft little breast. We were both breathing very hard. We had to stop as we had to get ready for the Halloween party. I walked her to her door and kissed her more. I couldn't get enough. I went home and showered.

As I dressed in my costume I did so making sure I looked sexy. I hoped I pulled it off. I put my boxer briefs on, and my tight ass wranglers. Not my choice of clothing but I wanted to play the part for my girl Samantha. I put my shirt on and rolled up my sleeves so my tattoos showed. I kept most of my buttons undone in order for my skin and very toned muscles to show well.

When it was time I went to her house. I nocked on her door and she yelled for to come in. I went in and waited. Minutes later she came out and I couldn't breath. I stood up also and she just stared at me. "Oh wow". She whispered. She was wearing a red bandana as a shirt. It was wrapped around her very perky breasts and tied around her back. She had on a very small pair of Dazy Dukes and cow girl boots. Her hair was pulled into a high pony tail. She looked so tasty! My cock began to stir and it began to swell. She just smiled at me. Her pink braces showing, making me want her more. She looked at the large bulge in my pants . She bit her lower lip. She walked up to me and hugged me, she kissed my chest and looked up at me. "God you're sooo hhot!" She whispered. "My god, so are you!" I replied.

It was then that she finally payed attention to all of my tattoos. She opened my shirt more and looked at all of my tatts.

"When did you get all of these tattoos?" She asked.

"I've had these for a long time actually." I replied. I just took my shirt off and showed her my tattoos on my chest, arms shoulders and my back. "I have some on my legs too, from my knee down to my ankle, and a large band on my other leg. Is that too much?"

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