Marz and Natalie: Part 1

(Part 1 from 1)

Marz had just returned home from the movies with her mother. She had cleaned, watched some tv, and cooked dinner for the night. There was simply nothing else for her to do. While flipping through channels, she happened to come across the cinemax channel. Tons of porno flick names popped up and everyone one of them seemed to hit Marz in her most sensitive spot. She changed the channel to "Sex Aliens: Attack of the Titties."

Without even knowing it had happened, Marz's right hand had slipped inside her panties and was vigorously rubbing her clit. She hadn't realized it until she came to her rushing climax. Her breathing was labored and her clit was throbbing immensely.

Marz decided it was time to make herself come a whole lot more. Marz had a girlfriend named Natalie who had a certain trick with her tongue that gave Marzie multiple orgasms. She called Natalie over, said she needed some sexual company, and Natalie came over not even 30 minutes later. Once Natale arrived, she and Marz began making out immediately, rubbing each others tongues together in the most sensual yet stimulizing way ever.

Natalie was never gentle when it came to pleasing Marz. She ripped off Marz's shirt and pushed her onto the couch. Reaching behind Marz, she began unclipping her bra, further releasing Marz's d cups. Natalie took one of the generously perky nipples into her mouth and was massaging the other tit with her left hand. Marz could do nothing else but moan and buck her hips in pleasure, waiting for that moment when Natalie would take off her pants and suck her clit til it was too sensitive to touch.

Realizing that Marz was practically begging for it, Natalie unbuttoned Marz's pants and began pulling them off roughly. When they came off, she threw them to the far part of the room, signaling that it was time. Natalie licked Marz's wet pussy from outside of her soaking panties, preparing Marz for what was about to go down. Slowly, Natalie removed the panties and threw them into the same corner as the pants. Natalie spread Marz as far as she could go and then began licking her pussy up and down.

"Oh god, oh god. Don't stop baby. Mmm," said Marz as she nearly came to her first given climax. "Faster, please."

This was an open invitation for Natalie to begin the orgasm process. Preparing two fingers, Natalie stuck them slowly into the entrance of the sweet hole Marz had possession of. Once Natalie had them all the way in, she brought them back out slowly. She began to give Marz the speediest finger fucking she had ever had. She couldn't tell which was louder: Marz moaning or the sounds of her pussy juices.

"Natalie, shit! Ugh! I'm coming, baby, I'm coming!" And with that, Marz couldn't take anymore of the fucking Natalie was giving her. Just as Natalie removed her fingers, Marz orgasmed. Natalie stood up to give Marz a kiss before she went to the kitchen to grab something to eat. Not soon after, Marz and Natale went into the bedroom and fell asleep.

*** To be continued. Email me for what YOU think should happen in the next story. marzipanisa at yahoo dot com

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