Mona massi :Jerking to fuck

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

I had just shifted to Mona massi's house for my further studies and had started believing that very soon Mona massi would be in my arms.But it was just my desperation to get her and did not look realistic.She was a very free and bubly character and moved around the house freely in her nighty and sometimes even in her saree and peticoat.And looking at her sexy body was all that i could settle for at that time.She had a magnificient body.Very feminine , thin frame but had huge boobs .And her breasts were still in shape.Sometimes i would get a clear glance at her boobs ,when she stood in the kitchen and the sunshine fell on her from the side.This made her thin nighty quite see-through.And i got the fuel for my mansturbation after she left everyday.

Things went on this way and i had settled for just jerking and an ocassional peek at her sexy , huge boobs ,or a peek at her not so big but sexy ass while she slept.But things were going to change very soon.
One night after she had gone to her bedroom and i went to mine, i started jerking. Normally she never came out after she went in.So i could be careless and jerk with full freedom.So thats what i was doing ,keeping it slow ,dreaming of Mona massi sucking my huge ,errect dick and then slowly getting on top of me and taking a ride on my horse. dreaming of her sexy breasts in my mouth and my arms around her sexy waist i fell asleep with my dick still hanging out.

i the morning when got up it seemed to have been just another boring night when i had even failed to jerk off, just dreaming of that sexy body in my arms.But one thing amused me and that was that my dick was inside my paijama and not out , which was the case normally.I woke up quite early and normally would jerk off in the morning and then put it back in, but how was it in today.Had Mona massi put it back in? I did not think so.Just as i was starting to believe that nothing of that sort happened i found Mona massi's hair clip lying near my bed.May be Mona massi had come here at night. May be she even suck my dick, but could not wake me up , afterall she was my massi.

That morning Mona massi got out of her room quite late and that too with her saree completely covering her sexy boobs and also was very quite, also trying to avoid eye contact with me. But at the same time she was going about her work as ussual.I was surprised by that , she never got ready so early and would roam around the house in her sexy nighty.So may be i was not dreaming and she actually blew my dick.

This was my chance and i had to take it.So walked towards the kitchen with my errect penis protruding through my pajamas.Never before had i done this .I always used to tuck it in and then face her.Just as i said "Good morning massi" , she looked at me to reply ,but could not avoid looking at the hill on my paijama.She immideately turned around as if she had seen nothing and said "good morning ", shakily.Right now i got to know that i got her.But i wanted to wait and enjoy the situation.As she brought my breakfast to the table , trying her best to avoid looking at my dick,but could'nt. I did nothing and sat there with my legs spread wide so that she could have a nice look at it.She quikly went to her room and then left for her office.I was on cloud nine and had decided to fuck her tonight.I jerked my dick at the dining table and it took me just 5 shakes to almost get it out , but i stopped and got an idea. I went to her room and took Mona massi's very sexy photo from the wall and let the entire semen onto her face.It gave me immense pleasure in giving her a facial.She looked so sexy in that photo.She was wearing a sexy swim suit in that pic and was sitting on her knees ,legs spread and her hands in her wet hair.It was taken by her husband at some Goa beach .

I decide to leave her semen drenched photo on her bed for her to see when she returned.I did not go to college that day and was waiting for her to come back. But she did not come back till 5 in the evening .When she returned she told me that she got late in office. Anticipating what would happen as she went into her room i quickly went to wards her room and hid behind the curtains to see her reaction. She picked up the photo in her hands and had a look at it.The semen was all gone and all that was left was a white mark all over her sexy photo.She cleaned it and placed it on the rack behind her bed and lied down on her bed .I was disappointed and returned to my room.We spent another 2-3 hours in our respective rooms .Finally i got up and went to the living room to watch some t.v . She was still in her room . It was dark by now and i was watching some rerun of a cricket match .Just then i saw Mona massi walk towards me wearing her sexy nighty and her hair all wet .The water dripping down from her hair had wetted her thin nighty and i could see part of her breasts quite clearly.

She came right upto me and asked me " what do you want ." I said , "you ." "You want your own Massi" , she said.I could not say anything and just shook my head.She then sat right in my lap with her legs around my legs.I was wearing track pants and had intentionally not worn my brief. I got the biggest errection of my life as she started moving up and down as riding my cock.I wanted to remove my pants and get into her pussy but she did not allow me to get up and started moving faster and faster.I also started pumping her that much harder.We continued gyrating for another 5 mins after which i ejauculated and she knew it , so got of my lap and sat besides me and took my dick in her hand(Still inside my pants) and jerked it off fully.

Leaving me all exhausted she left for her room.I got my breath back only after 1 hour and then walked towards her room. I saw she was lying all nude on her bed, her sexy , huge boobs slightly falling towards the left, the side she was leaning to .I quickly got rid of my clothes and got on top of her.This was going to be my first fuck and the way she guide me all through was sexy .

Ever since i and Mona massi have been having sex atleast twice every day.She just does not stop.

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