Mom's changes

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Subj: 1. First Night 

This chapter and those that will follow, are fiction. They are set in the relm of actuality although they never happened. 

My mother was a slut, I just didn't know it at the time, or to what levels she would finally reach. This series of stories is my recounting of the chain of events as they happened. I will attempt to put them in order however as with any good wrighting, chapters develope later on in the developemental stage that are often reinserted in at different times other then when they where recorded. 

My mother was a slut. It was as if a door had been opened once my stepfathers started working her over and once that dam was compromised, everything started flowing. Literally and figuratively. Let me explain something about my Mom and Stepfather, I'll call him Dad from this point on, There relationship was unique. My real father died and Mom was alone for years. By the time my 18'th birthday came around, Mom was ready, ready for what? Ready for just about anything.

A good friend of my mothers had someone that she wanted her to meet. It took her a lot of doing to talk mom into going out with this guy. Well, slowly one thing led to another and soon, he appeared at the door with some flowers as I answered it. Is your mother home, he said, I said yes and invited him in. He gave mom the flowers and they went out to dinner. Well one thing led to another and I knew what was coming next. He proposed and the wedding came, it was a small one but the whole family was there. We had the reception and they headed off to PourtoRico for a week.

Everything was normal for about 6 months and then all of a sudden, things started to change. In hine sight, mommy started to look different in the morning. Mommy would walk around the house in a robe, she had done that before but this was a new one that was shorter than her other. She would leave the bathrooom door unlocked, I walked in on her once and she just reached between her legs and smiled at me. I usually turned in early because of work. This one night, something was on cable and I decided to stay up later. I was told to keep the sound low and I did as requested. When it was over, I was tired and headed up to my room. To get to my room, I had to walk by there bedroom. No problem but as I walked by there bedroom, I noticed that the door was open. There was noise coming from inside of it so I walked toward the door and looked into the darkness. A light was flickering on the night stand and it cassed a glow over the bed. As I looked on, I saw Dad moving up and down and Mom was laying under him. She was moaning and had her arms around his shoulders and her legs where up in the air, knees bent. Dad was between her legs and Mom kept on moaning, God, yes, God, yes, Yes, YES , YES YES YES YES YES Oh, Oh, OH OH OH OH OH OH then silance.

The door was left open I would find out later to catch my attention and catch my attention it did. He definately had my undevided attention. I must have hit the door because it squeeked they both stopped and Dad looked over his shoulders and saw me standing there. He got up and came over to me standing there. He grabbed me by the hand pulled me into the room and closed the door behind us. Dad proceeded to tell me to remove my clothes and to come over to the other side of the bed. I did as I was told and he climbed on behind Mom putting her between the two of us. Mom didn't move an inch, she just looked at me and over her shoulder at Dad. In hine sight, this had been planned but at the moment, it was so different, so scary, so exciting all at the same time.

Dad moved up behind Mom and positioned himself right behind her, she looked at me and Dad's voice split the silance. Give Mommy your hand. I reached forward. and did what I was asked. Daddy then told me to let Mommy help me put his into her. Dad, moaned as my hand and Moms touched his dick and it twitched. Mommy just moaned lightly under her breath. Mom reached down with her other hand and started opening up her lips for Dad and soon was directing my hand that was holding onto Dad's salamie toward her pussy lips. As the head first made contact with her, she smiled and moaned as he entered her and started pushing, Mom immediately bent at the waist and pushed back toward her new entry. Mommy let go of my hands and started grabbing onto her beautiful tits. She was moving the nipples between her fingers and continued till she started racing toward her first of many orgasms that she would enjoy that night. Mom got a look in her face, then she would start grasping for air then she would start moaning bollowed by screaming as Dad would pump into her again and again and again.

After her first orgasm, Dad established a rhythem that kept Mom at the hight of pleasure, he whispered something into her ear. Mommy just moaned as it registered. Tell him, Dad said. Mom moaned again and pushed back against him harder this time and Dad grabbed around Mom and held her real tight. Tell your son, tell him now. Mommy didn't say a word. I said, tell him, he again barked and Mom looked into my eyes and said the following. I'm Daddy's sllllllllluuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttt honey. I've been for years, we just couldn't tell you till now. I will always be his slllllluuuuutttt. I need him, I need to feel him, just like you. . . . . . will. There was a grasp for breath between the word you and the word will. She gazed at me with a passionate look of total desire, as though she had just gone somewhere that she had never been before. Dad smiled at her from behind and said, good girl, good, good, girl.

After helping Dad put his dick into Mommy and after hearing what Mommy said, I just looked on in astonishment as he kept on pumping and Mom kept moaining. Mom then said something to me that totally shocked me. Do you want to know what I feel when Daddy makes me feel real good. Do you. Mom said this panting from orgasmic relief and I just looked up at her and said yes. 

Dad pulled out of Mommy and turned her over. Kiss Mommy's cheeks. I bent down and kissed her left but cheek and then her right. She is nice isn't she? Dad asked. Again yes was my answer. Mom just moaned as I did this. He is going to learn, tonight, he is going to learn everything. Mom just moaned louder as he said that and her follow up was of course nothing less than motherly. He's so young, He's old enough, we wated this long, and this is long enough Dad said to Mom then he said to Mom, DO IT, nothing else. With that Mom reached back and grabbed both of her beautiful but cheeks and pulled them apart. Joseph, he said, show Mommy how much you love her by kissing between her cheeks. I looked at him like he had gone mad and then Mom said, honey, do it for me, please, please just do it for me. If you don't like it, you can stop but please at least do it for me.

How could anyone refuse a Mother's request when delivered like that. I straddled her outstretched leg and lowered myself to between her cheeks. I brought my tongue out and as it hit point on the first try, Mom moaned loudly. Joseph, lick it, push your tongue inside of me, please, please. I did as I was asked and soon Mommy let go of her cheeks and there I was with my face between her beautiful ass cheeks. The smell, the scent, the absence of light all added to the moment, even the shortness of breath where contributing factors to my now enlarging dick. I started to move a little on the back of Mommy's leg and Dad said, so our little boy wants to play and with that, he put his lubed finger inside of me and as he did this, I dove into the depths of Mom's innermost level of enjoyment. and Mom moaned loudly. The farther Dad would push, the farther I would push and soon Mom and I where both being anally satisfied. I didn't know at the time that this was enjoyable but the more he did it, the more I grew to enjoy it. Dad then put another finger inside of me and I moved harder against the back of Mom's leg. 

He's doing you isn't he, he has two fingers in you doesn't he. Yes, Mom, Yes, he does. You love it like I do, don't you. I must moaned and went right back to the spot left for me between her beautiful cheeks. Mom moaned and then Dad removed his fingers. I was empty, it felt open then all of a sudden, I felt Dad climb ontop of me, all of his weight was soon on top of me as he placed the head of his dick against my ass. He reached down and applied a generouse amount of lube all over my hole and his dick and soon I felt him at my back door.

He leaned over me and siad to me in a whisper. I took your Mom just like this on our third date. I knew from then that this family would be mine in a very short period of time. And here we are. With that he pushed into me I gasped and then my dick flew up hard as steel followed by me diving deep into the depths of Mommy's rosebud. Mommy started to moan and we where soon all bumping against one another as we established a rhythem. Dad blew first and luckily removed himself from me before he did and this sent a stream of cum all over my back, then I plastered the back of Mommy's thigh as I continued to rub against her while licking her rosebud. Mommy was last as she grabbed one of my hands and dove it into her as she loked back and just kept saying, "Fuck Mommy, honey, fuck Mommy".

That was the first night, my first night. In hine sight, was it planned out, did it just happen. No question this had been worked out, well in advance. From that moment on when I was finally made aware of there activities, new levels of release of information would follow as they best saw fit. 

Most of the times, when I was to find something out, I was brought into there room. In the beginning, Mommy would be very reserved, very quiet as though she didn't want me there. Not that she didn't make me feal welcomed, she knew better. She just didn't make the initiative. She was extremely passive only doing what she was told to do. Of course, I liked all of it because she was told to lick Daddy and rub me, she was told to suck me and rub daddy, she was told to put little things into me to make me wider for Daddy and she did. I liked those times some of the best. Mommy was gentle putting things in where Dad was hard and forced me, he hurt me a lot in the beginning and Mommy didn't. I grew to like Mommy the best. 

Mom used to go to the gym about 3 times a week. She would always come home in her bodysuit, some of them where smooth and shiny, some of them where flat and rougher, not rough like sand paper, just not as smooth as the shiny ones. They where mostly black but sometimes she would have on a blue or red one. I liked those the best, especially since when she would wear those, she would always wear a pair of silky black pantyhose, not leotards. Very sexy, even to me back then. I would always find her pantyhose in the hamper. Those where some nice times, nice until I was caught. 

One day, I came home from school early and went into the bathroom, I was doing my thing when I looked to my right and found a pair of pantyhose hanging from the curtain rod, just drying, that got me thinking and right in front of me was the hamper. I lifted the lid and inside, I found a pair of Mommy's soiled panties and a pair of her pantyhose that have not been washed yet. I reached in and removed both. I then decided that I wanted to smell Mommy's scent so I brought the panties up to my nose. Well I loved it but I couldn't stand there with my hands covering my nose with her panties so I decided to put the panties on over my head. Allowing me to look through the leg holes. It worked. I was sitting there with Mommy's crotch to her panties in front of my nose and I inhaled deeply and immediately sprung to attention. I then took the pantyhose and grabbed my dick and started rubbing up and down. The feeling was wonderfull. Wonderfull that was until Mom opened the bathrooom door and caught me sitting there with her panties over my face. Mom gasped and started to pull the door shut when Daddy walked up behind her. So what do we have here he said. 

I began to remove the panties and I was told not to bother. You like smelling Mommy's pussy, keep smelling when you're done, I want you to come to our bedroom wearing the panties over your face, is that clear. Yes sir, I responded, good, you have 5 minutes, he shut the door and I heard him bringing Mommy to there bedroom.

I didn't know what to expect, what was going to happen, I was fascinated, scared, shocked and excited all at the same time. Mom had just come home from the gym and was standing there in her Bodysuit and stockings when she caught me. I diidn't know what was going to happen but I knew I only had 4 minutes left to get to there room.

I finished my business, washed my hands and still wearing Mommy's panty over my face, I made my way down the hall to there bedroom. I heard some light moaning but no one was on the bed. Instead, as I entered the room, I observed Dad sitting on the chair with Mom sitting ontop of him, still in her bodysuit and hose. Dad told me to take my clothes off and I did, I now stood there nude with a pair of Mom's panties over my face. So how is my pussy boy, he said. Mom just giggled. 

I'm not a pussy boy, I said. Oh, really, what do you call it with a pair of your mothers panties over your face. I just looked down and Mommy moaned a little. Dad then said to sit down on the bed and watch them. I did and was soon treated to seeing Mom race toward orgasm as Dad rubbed her red bodysuit hard against her. As he did this, the material got darker and the patch of darkness expanded and expanded, her head flew back, her hands stayed at her sides holding onto the chair arm, she was pushing down against Dad's upward thrusting hand and she just kept moaning louder and louder. 

After being found out, and being taken into there room and made to watch Dad, rub Mommy's pussy through her red bodysuit, as he rubbed her, I noticed the material get darker and I loved. It was a big circle, it went from about 2" up the front to about half way up the back of where her but would have been. I guess you can say, Dad, really rubbed Mommy the right way. 

Mom was still sitting on Dad's lap as he rubbed her when all of a sudden he stopped. He told her to stand up and she did. The he told her to remove her bodysuit and again she did. Mom now stood in front of me in nothing but her pantyhose. Then he did something that changed my life forever. He whispered into Mom's ear and Mom brought the bodysuit over to me. Now you have to get this picture, I am sitting on the bed, with my mothers soiled panties over my head as I am now handed a bodysuit that is definately wet from her juices as I see Mom move back to Daddy's lap and sit on it again.

Dad then inserted his hand below Mommy's pantyhose and started rubbing her again. Tell him, he said, Mommy started to turn red. I said tell him. Mommy looks over at me and as she begins to speek, I can see Daddy push a finger into Mommy's pussy. she lets out a gasp. Now tell him. 

Mommy looking into my eyes, sais, Daddy, sais, there can only be one man in this house and he is it. If you want to stay here, you have to be like me. I looked over at her and said, I'm already like you Mom, I already had Daddy in me. No honey, from now on you will have to wear a bodysuit maybe a bra and definately panties. The days of dressing like a boy are over from now on while you are under this roof. Is that clear. I look over at Mom and say, clear. 

Dad whispers something in her ear again and Mom sais, honey, smell my bodysuit. I bring it to my nose and start to enhale madly. She smiles because she is happy that I love her scent. Honey, Daddy, just fingered me making those panties so wet, so very wet. Put them on.

What, did I just hear that correctly. Yes Honey, I said, put them on. I opened the neck hole and put one foot in and then the other. I slowly rose the bodysuit material up my calfs, over my hips, buttochs past my chest and lastly snaked my arms through the short sleeves. I must have been a sight, standing there in Mommy's bodysuit all wet in the right places, there was a stream of wetness that went half up my ass. What you don't know is that I loved the feel of the wet material as it came into contact with my body. It was hot in places and cool in others. Bringing the bodysuit up my legs was no big deal, but as soon as it came over my dick and up to my waist, it felt all funny in a good kind of way. Then as I pulled it up further, to feal this material slide over my stomach and back at the same time was invigerating and then to lastly put my arms through the short sleeves and bring it up over my shoulders leaving only an ovel around my neck and my legs and arms out was an unbelievable sensation. One that I just knew that I would have to do again and again. I did a lot of things that night as I was brought onto the bed, kissing mommy's pussy, licking and sucking daddy's dick and lastly eating mommy's rosebud and rubbing against her legs as Daddy slipped deep inside of me. I exxploded and the cum went through the bodysuit and onto the back of Mommy's legs. She just moaned as I did this because she was in sensory overload at this time. After that night and the next morning things slowed down for about a month or so. Oh, I still heard them go at it but I didn't get involved. It was a much more open time then but still I stayed away. This was to be short lived however. One night, there was an argument in there room it was late and it woke me up. I didn't move, I just layed there in my bed, trying to stay asleep when all of a sudden my door opened. Mommy came into my room, she was alone though. She came over to the bed and whispered in my ear, if I was awake. I didn't move, is my little girl awake honey. I turned over and smiled up at her. Good. Mommy wasn't wearing anything, she was in the nude. Totally bare, her beautiful breasts where hanging over me and her smooth hands started to rub my dick. She didn't rub it though, she would take her hand and bring her fingers together and then pull up like you where doing a reflection of a duck or a bird pecking at some seed. She exageerated it on the pull up and pulled up my dick at the same time, stretching it as she went. It got hard real fast. She looked down at me again and said. Daddy wants you to come to our room. Do you want to come? I shook my head yes. I want you to put this on, with that she handed me a shiny pink bodysuit and a small bra, which I found out later was a training bra. I put the bodysuit on. It's Pink Mommy, I said. Joan, you want to be like Mommy, right? I shook my head yes, then put that on. Mommy likes her girls in Pink, it's very special. I stepped into it and as I did. Mom said to me. Joan, this is your own Bodysuit and bra. You will have to put this on when ever Dad or IIIIIIIIIIII telllllllllll youuuuuuuuuuu tooooooooooooooooooo. Of course as she was saying this, she had driven a couple of her fingers deep into herself and she was masterbating in front of me. In front of me without Daddy being around. I reached forward and hugged her, she hugged back and kissed me on the lips. I am so bad honey, I can't help myself, I just can't. she said that panting, her fingers never left her pussy.

Dressed in the pink bodysuit I was told, if I wanted to join them, to give her five minutes and then come to there room. I was told that if I entered there room tonight, I would have to do whatever I was told, no exceptions. I agreed and stayed in my bed, dressed in the pink bodysuit I watched the minutes change on my alarm clock, one, two, three, four, I stood up and as I approached my door, I started to here moans and noises coming from Mommy and Daddy's room. I opened the door a little, and as I looked at the bed, I saw two people on the bed, it wasn't mom and dad though. It was our neighbors, Rose and Phil from across the street. Close the door Dad said and at that, I entered and closed the door behind me. I wanted to leave, I wanted to hide, this was our neighbors across the street. Rose had on a pink bodysuit just like mine, Phil didn't have anything on. Mom and Dad where watching Phil pump into Rose and she just looked over at me as I stood there and said, Joan, I love you in pink. Mommy smiled and Dad slipped his finger deeper into Mom. Mom arched her back upon his entry and said, GGGGOOOOOOOODDDDDD YYYYYEEEEEESSSS. Not yet honey Dad said. Ok, it's time for the girls to play, Dad said. With that, Mom got up from Dad's lap and approached the bed. Rose was already on the bed and Phil took a seet across the room. I just stood there. Dad said, again, I said it's time for all the girls to get on the bed. Mom looked over at me and said, Joan, come on the bed with us. I moved over and sat down, watch us honey, and with that Mom and Rose started to kiss. Dad said to Phil, look at or wifes kissing each other, isn't that hot. Phil just said, yes but not as hot as what is going to hapen later. Mom kept kissing Rose and Dad said to me, ask your mother what she is doing. Dad, she is busy, I said, I know, ask her, she will tell you. I said, Mom, what are you doing. Mom pulled away from kissing Rose and said, honey, I'm going to make love to Rose while you make love to her and me and we make love to you. Won't that be nice. just us girls. What about Daddy, I said, oh, Daddy's going to join us later but first he is going to see the three of us get into one another. Honey, Rose and I just can't get enough honey, your father started me up and once I got going, I just can't stop. I have to do it again and again and Phil found out what Dad was doing to me and turned Rose onto it. Now we all get togethere once a week, but first, we are going to make you very happy as our little daughter. I climbed on the bed and slid between Mommy and Rose. Rose was the first one to move and she went down the bed, she turned around so that her pretty stockinged feet where by my face. Mommy, moved around and came up next to me and started to suck on my dick, Rose at that point headed to Mom's pussy and started to eat her out. I was there being sucked while Rose's pretty feet where near my face. I just reached up, she bent her legs and I brought her toes into my mouth. We all where moaning as the guys watched.

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