Being Cruel To Be Kind

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Note: The following contribution(s) were inspired by "Nasti4unow's" 9-part serial titled, 'Cassie Hole.' But this story explores Michael's sexual life primer beginning with the transformation of his mother from dour to power.

Cru-el To Be Kind : Chapter 1
It's hard to answer even for yourself how a person is drawn to certain activities above and beyond reason. Of course there are the physical timeline of events and moments of indiscretion but answering how one becomes soiled and dissolute is a hurculean task. In my headlong rush to experience pleasure or execute business deals at any cost, I devolve into another animal. A devlish, conniving, manipulative, corruptive animal consumed by the bachanale pursuit of wealth and power. This is what I do. This is my life. I share it with a surprising understudy. She is the one that has allowed me to express my cruelty. Permitted me to live openly and devoutly with a part of me I've struggled to keep dormant for 55 years.

My name is Michael and I own and run a very successful (even with the Governor's tax impositions), near recession-proof legitimate software company with long-term government contracts which are strengthened by a rather peculiar enterprise which I've developed with my daughter as inspiration and wellspring. I've noticed in my extensive forays into the byzantine world which is the Capitol and City Hall that there is a parallel universe of corruption and debauchery and desperate, nubile, and all too willing women to service that need. I'm not talking about the run-of-the-mill prostitution-ring and the occasional drug binge. That's peanuts. And maybe real "peanuts" who fork over the green to experience pedestrian sex without digging deeper into the dark underbelly of vice and the purveyors who supply it. What I'm describing is premier, high security, background check, deep pocket, international shit. But you gotta pay to play!!!! Just ask a certain Italian politician.

I didn't always have the extreme wealth which I have now and never did understand Scientology. The estates, the servants, the cars, furniture, security, boats and executive jets. I had to struggle mightily during my time. I was hungry for it all. My parents were old money, blue-bloods but they were stingy with love and even averse to providing comforts. My parents made me work for everything I had. I squirreled it away never spending a dime. Since poverty was of their creation and I was the first-born it naturally fell to me to be the desperate rat finding his way to the feeder. I railed in my small and formative mind of the injustices. I had contempt for them all. They thought that I wouldn't amount to anything. But I had information and information is power. I secretly listened in on the conversations of the elite and powerful. I was 18 years old then.

But I remember beyond being twelve. My stepfather remarried many times. But through longtime servants, porous walls, and my mother's diary which I lifted I pieced together my infancy. Those halcyon memories are all that I have of my best days. When my parents met they were the progeny of the idle rich jetting from one estate to another and witnessing and partaking of the finer things. When I was born we used to holiday at the French naturist resorts in secluded bungalows at Montalivet and Languedoc regions. We went there so often my parents bought the property. My mother's bohemian hue won over my father. She encouraged family nudity and sexual openness. The layout of the bungalow necessitated mosquito nets and screens providing protection from persistent insects but did not hide the pleasures of the flesh.

I was a babe then and I required a changing room away from the scuffle and din of merriment. The warm room with the radiant sun pouring through facilitated days of intimacy with my mother. There was a large bed on which my mother would lay and we would be side by side. I would explore mother's terrain with abandon. My little penile nubbin would grow and she would squeeze it and stroke it often. I would pinch her natural breasts with my fat fingers and her laughter would be soothing. Nothing would quiet me quicker than her tugging my sac gently. Bath times were especially treasured. Warm water and loving mother equaled happiness. She began to wash me gently, being careful to apply gentle pressure around the thighs, buttocks, and my back. Her gurgles and babytalk was something to cherish. She would probe my anus gently washing the canal with care and tenderness and this would emit laughter and giggles from me in appreciation.

My mother was born in Germany to an industrialist with an attraction for his only child. It was innocent enough, you see, but of course he bacame the ideal father figure in his mirth and confident strength. He took care of himself assiduously. As a child, she called a forested estate on a German island close to Denmark home. On this estate was a large exercise compound with courts, gymnasiums, swimming pools, tracks, and areas for body contemplation. Pilates equipment, natural springs, expansive areas of green for secluded tantric experiences.

She would always go there nude in her childhood and straddle trees and climb rock formations. Her father relished these excursions. He was often nude and he watched lovingly as the gazelle-like girl expertly climbed and straddled tree limbs. He watched with particular interest as she flexed her calves outlining taut muscles. The effortlessness of her athleticism, her love of the outdoors and her being naked was evident. Her large glutes prominently standing out. Between the crook of her bent legs, her father could see unobstructed her juvenile, pre-pubescent vulva. Glistening from sweat and dribbling down her long legs, he sensed his erection. As mother climbed Grandpa could just make out the rather prominent lips (even at nine years old) separating from each other. Grandpa got a special thrill looking at his daughter's pudenda while she was lazily wrapping her sinewy legs around a large limb exposing her sex for his covetous eyes. There was a smooth wooden railing that ringed the property for decorative purposes and she would grind her lips for a "little death." Who was anyone to disrupt a child's joy? So if she wanted to be naked and climb there were strict orders to allow her that freedom from the parents. Mother took particular liking to rubbing her pre-pubescent nubbins on the railing. She thought she was being discreet but it was an open secret that no one under any circumstances was to reveal. In fact, most everything she did was spied on. That was because unbeknownst to her, the house had rooms within rooms, two-way mirrors, vents and craftily fashioned holes that doubled as decorative fixtures. This was done for corporate purposes, too. But the intense monitoring of his nubile child had its own denouement.

Her father imposed his will but he was not menacing with his tremendous authority. He was judicious and tolerant. He was wise this way. When it came to his little girl she had his undivided attention both above and below. Not being ashamed of letting the child know that she had this pronounced effect, he nevertheless, did not arbitrarily feed on his impulses. His approach, if anything, was nuanced and delicate. They were Germans after all, that is where the "free body" culture or naturism began in the 1930's so he did not have to behave suspiciously to admire his daughter's burgeoning sensuality. Ironically, the only areas that were off limits to her were the billiard rooms where deals and transactions were made. The master bedrooms were availed to satisfy her curiosities and explorations. Grandfather if anything, was very vain and he enjoyed an audience. He took to being the physical specimen for her incessant probings, jabbings, pinchings, and tactile manipulations. He was no slouch in the looks department. He was a tall, muscular, symmetrical man. A mane of golden wheat, a deep tan borne from his naturist romps, and a musculature the embodiment of health and since his daughter began to take an interest in him, of his feet, hands, legs, back, ears, and penis and sac he made a concerted effort to be the Adonis to her that he was. One other attribute that he took enormous pride in was his enormous phallus. The paternal males all had very prodigious lengths in the upper ranges - 10-15." The widths were just as impressive at ten inches or more. Grandmom was the only one able to withstand the pain to accomodate his monstrosity and she was the one he married. Her mother was kind and pleasant but not much else. She submitted to the iron will of her husband and acquiesced to his impositions. She was a proud woman but she was not dumb. She knew that her husband wanted mother because every time her father heard the footsteps or smelled the natural scent of his daughter his thrusts were extra vigorous and she permitted the relationship to blossom in return for her own fulfilments. Grandfather was, what for him was languidly, but for Grandmother bordering on unpleasantly thrusting into the cavernous protrusion of his mate's pussy:

"Ingrid, I'm horny tonight. I want to use that pussy now. Axel, you're too harsh with me. I need a lover not a fighter. I...N..G..R..I..D..Do as I say, woman!!!!! Dutifully Ingrid turned over and Axel wasted no time in plowing her fleshy furrows. Axel heard scrambling feet coming up the massive staircase and he felt an urgency that was uncommon. The closer his daughter came the more vicious he became. "Axel, darling, you're hurting me. Slow down, sweetheart. Shut the fuck up cow," he growled heatedly. "Just lay there like a log like you always do," he ordered as he pistoned mercilessly sawing back and forth. Axel mauled her pussy, stretching it beyond decency. He forced Ingrid to change positions. Ingrid gingerly planted her weight on to Axel's solid post as she screamed in pain. Not caring who heard and not even for the state that Ingrid was in, he socketed into the dry fuck hole. Axel continued plumbing the fleshy depths all the while listening intently for his Lolita's whereabouts. Listening only for his Lolita, his deep, downward presses of Ingrid's chest onto his massive obelisk started to make Ingrid bleed. He slapped Ingrid's twat cunt severly as he kept his ferocious pace, cru-dely socketing, then lifting Ingrid off unceremoniously and then repeating. With the only sound being the obscene sucking of the cum juices of Ingrid's pussy heard lewdly in the marble hallway. Mother walked even closer. When she appeared in the doorway, Axel dumped a copious amount of cum into his wife's canal. So loud and beastly, it scard Mother. In Axel's haste to meet up with his love, he discarded his wife and told her to be quiet.

Still intensely unsettled in his fulfillment, he knew he had a raging hardon. Answering the unanswered question, he appeared in front of mother. Sweating profusely and driven to distraction by his uncontrollable longing for his quarry, he struggled to contain himself. "Hi darling." Not paying attention to his obvious tumescence he continued, "so nice to see you. What have you been up to. Oh, nothing daddy. Just got done swimming a lap." With that Axel leered at his child knowingly. He did not fail to notice that she was nude. He with his fuck pole in plain sight and she nude and innocent suddenly made him realize that he did not want to be a spectator. He wanted to be a player. "Is Mom okay. I heard her screaming. "Oh, she's fine we were just fucking around
Then she looked down and saw her father's cum covered, juiced up cock. After staring unabashedly at his enormous ten inch bat, thudding with a "come hither" bob, her eyes glazed over and she began to swoon. Her nine year old hairless cunt began to drip noticeably revealingly exposing the fact that nine-year old Harriet was growing up fast. Ingrid stopped crying long enough to watch the interaction and she decided a divorce was in order. She knew the longer she stayed with Axel, the sooner her twilight years would come and no one would want her cunt. Mother was confused and dizzy. She knew the marriage had cooled substantially between them but she didn't know in her small mind, she couldn't know how her life would change after the pending divorce. The estate was so expansive that a separate suite of living space was built entirely for the family. One area for state business and private functions and another for the domicile.

The divorce settlement was very generous and speedy. Harriet's mother did suffer some superficial bleeding and vaginal tears but after her settlement she decided she knew what she was in for during the marriage and she felt it was fine. She was given a new home and a lump sum and although icy in close proximity they remained cordial in public.

Four years had passed and the slow seduction began at home. But Axel was patient. Although the play-by-play of that day always remained visceral for both father and daughter nothing was mentioned and the superficial happenings of everyday life unfolded. Harriet was sent to an exclusive boarding school on the German-Swiss border partly to cool off and put distance between them. Here she would go to a finishing school and then matriculate further at another satellite campus in France. The breaks home weren't too far and Harriet often thought about her father. Writing graphic love poems:

Eyes of cobalt blue
Rugged hands searching
Broad shoulders so expansive
I huddle for your warmth

Vestige of childhood
No more am I
Wantonly seeking relief
Feasting on my posession
My connubial rights begin

Want me. Desire me. Covet me.
Own me with your eyes
Ravish me. I am a child fuck fantasy
Anointed with sex juice

I relish with haste
To suckle on fertile eggs
To die happily and faithfully
Ensconced tortuously on the fuck pole
Amidst thickets of blond
Teutonic Viking heritage

Gape me. Probe me. Pound me.
Into submission.
Inspect my meaty offerings
Throbbing clit. Thumping expectantly
Of orgiastic love for you

It was on several of these breaks that a lifetime of changes and adventures were planned. Harriet was fourteen and she was juiced and ready. But Axel was no slouch either. He had resolved to state his case once and for all. Sensing that Harriet felt the same, Axel took a risk. He immediately set his plans into motion. Once the trusted driver of the private limousine picked up Harriet, he handed her an envelope. As per the instructions inside the envelope, she stripped her clothes off and played a dvd for further instructions. Her cunt was thumping loudly. The heat emanating from her hole was suffocatingly hot. She listened breathlessly. "Darling, Harriet. I profess my desire for you. I want to hurt you, posses you. Own you mind, body and soul. I want to defile you so that you can be ready to render such service to me. Since that night that your mother began the divorce was the beginning of the end for me. I apologize to you for her absence. Without you, I'm nothing. I long for you with bated breath. Are you nude darling? (he knew she was because there was a tiny camera with a mic mounted in the limo). Can you see my massive prick? And it was huge and obscenely thick and veiny. Harriet salivated and she violently began to slap her virginal hole. Bouncing up and down. Laying on her back with her legs lewdly displayed. The thing about this limo was that the tinting finish was on a separate track and she lowered the tinting and summarily began to punch her kitty. Knuckling it roughly up and down. Poking and pinching the rather large lips. Clear for anyone to see. The jaded driver saw it too but he was composed enough to keep his eyes on the road, "the motherfucking things that rich bitches do" he chuckled.

"Once you are on property, use the private entrance and go to the naturist area and keep your clothes off. I want to see all of you. Your rosy pucker and your taboo cunt, bitch, do you understand," he said surprisingly. But she took it in strides. She wanted this desperately if for nothing else, at least long enough to experience a sordid fuck. The truckers craned their necks and cars kept pace to see what their eyes refused to verify. Tires squealing and near wrecks were all white noise to Harriet. She was filled with lust and hate, and trepidation. She climbed on the champagne console and mashed her clit and sensitive lips and began to rock lewdly. Pinching her clit savagely. Not fearing blood, she clawed at her body, pulled her nipples and slapping her twat. She fingered her asscunt. She knew she wasn't achieving anything monumental and silently skulked. Raising the tinting she slumped irritatedly. Given the hint, the driver sped along the express lane hoping to get that bonus if he delivered Harriet in one piece.

Awakened by the insistent tone of the eager driver, she opened the door in all her nude glory running to meet her father. Racing through the estate her holes were primed by the handsome rugged face of the lover-to-be. The broad back and sinewy well muscled piece of art that he was to her. Her fuck cavity flooding now as the wind whipped the girlcum all over her thighs and her pebbly nipples like grains of sand; goosebumps of anticipation in profusion multiplied on her thighs, arms and back. You would swear that she was a cockless little boy running around, fleet on foot, with her boy chest of not yet evident tit-flesh ready for their debut. Finally meeting at the naturist area of the estate
she spied her father languidly stroking his massive cock. She has always seen her father nude and even seen his pecker plenty of times. Touched it often and played with it. But her sexual longings were compelling her to think differently, posessively of this totem of fuck that the extremely long and fat cock was to her. The eggs alone creased languidly at the fold. The balls were bigger than anything she'd seen in the porn mags. They looked heavy. Yes, she certainly absorbed much in her four years away at school.

As she approached her father, she replayed all the words uttered in the limo. "violate, posses, desire, own, defile (she didn't know what that meant) and even hurt. She winced in expectant dread now that she got close once again. The memories of that night, of seeing that gargantuan monster fuck cock flooded back sopping her virgin hole. She settled on her knees in a worshipful, reverent gaze at the pole of all poles. Longer than a hot house cucumber and fatter than a pumpkin squash. It was incredible. She hesitantly touched it always seeking silent permission from its owner. Soft and smooth yet she could guess at the latent coil of energy that it possesed. Try as she might her tiny fingers could not meet each other. It was that fat. Frightened, she suddenly realized that possesion was nine-tenths of the law. Maybe it was overly optimistic. A grand but fanciful ambition. She started crying so much so that an arm from on high scooped her up effortlessly and cradled her in its reassuring breast. Then the self-assured voice of her knowing father trailed down from the strong jawed mouth. "Harry, don't worry sweetie. Our love is unbreakable. It's taller than any mountain deeper than any stream. Longer than my cock." With that, a shared laughter at the silliness was all the resolve "Harry" required. She screwed some courage and resolutely began training all her holes to accept huge cock and become the apple of her father's whore. "Listen, darling carefully. We're going to do this methodically. I have a friend who will teach us through dildos and dongs that your young body can acommodate my cock in all of your holes including this one." He said, as he squeezed her butt cheeks knowingly and grazing a lazy finger along the ass crack.

"But does he know about our feelings???? Ah! You have a point there. But you know what cuteness, you don't become the country's favorite steelmaker overnight. You cultivate and groom people who sympathize and understand your goals in your business and personal lives. People who will protect and support you. Friends who indulge in the same things you do. Friends who are very highly placed. Judges, politicians, constables, doctors and such. In the meantime I will explore you with everything else that's on hand." They laughed at that, too. "Like what? Well I could show you how to suck my cock and I can suck your delectable cunt." Harry just had a puddle there because father said "cunt." Throughout the comforting conversation Harry watched as father deftly diddled her folds. "Those meaty fingers," she thought a low moan escaping her tiny mouth. Harry had her arm hooked around daddy's neck while resting her haunches on his thighs giving his beady eyes which were bigger than the moon an unobstructed view of his genetic handiwork. Axel began to sense a physical change overcome him the longer he stared at the juvenile cunt. Her ragged breathing bawdily opening her gash to further probes. He formed a cup with his free hand and placed it over her fuck twat and began to strum the labial chords that created a sonorous note from his ever observant child bride. He stuck a cupped middle finger into her ass pipe and began to pump vigorously; a low rumble of snorts and grunts. Harry adjusted herself slightly never losing contact with that lewd finger simultaneously pumping from above. "YES, HARRY, DO THAT. DO IT. KEEP IT UP, WHORE. FUCK MY FINGER. SUCK IT IN. BITCH. YOUR A WHORE FIT TO BE USED AND SOLD. CUNT FUCKER." She let go of her father's neck and supported by his strong arm sat up on her haunches while still on her father's lap and pumped furiously and deeply. She was applying so much body weight that it was all Axel could do to keep them both stable. His snorts and grunts sounding approvingly in her boyish ears.

The combination of strumming lips and probing Harry's pucker encased in filthy streams of unheard of guttural base language and the banshee wails of pleasure at being so debased threw them deliriously to the point of no return.
Fuck it hard slut. You've wanted this as much as I did. Fuck me. Fuck my finger. What are you my underage whore. I'm paying you in cum bitch. Spank me!!! Spank me. A thunderous crack so loud reverberated within earshot of the sympathetic servants leaving a big red bruise on her tender white skin. A vile primitive groan erupted from Axel's throat. He abruptly carried Harry to one of the dirty empty barns and threw Harry down unceremoniously onto the straw and amid a he-man growl began a marathon session of spitting, strapping deconstruction of Harriet, the meek, that was a marvel of dominance and submission. YOU FUCKING CUNT. WALKING AROUND TEASING ME WITH THAT NAKED PUSSY. BITING YOUR NAILS AND RUBBING DOWN YOUR LEGS. I'M GOING TO FUCKING TEACH YOU THAT THIS MAN IS IN CHARGE, WHORE. YOUR TWAT IS MINE. TO DO WITH AS I PLEASE. Axel looked every bit the savage Neanderthal. Eyes popping out, spit gobs collecting on the corners of his mouth. Veins popping out of his forehead and arms. COME HERE CUNT, WHORE YOU'RE GOING TO SUCK MY COCK. She obediently wrapped her timid mouth on his mammoth fuck stick. For the life of her she could not get much of it down.YOU'RE NOT DOING IT RIGHT BITCH. He pushed hard knocking out her baby teeth. Tears streaming down but with a river of cum slipping thickly in her forbidden hole was her reward. He used her skull as his personal penis pump jacking her head back and forth. Slamming her against the stall enough that the boards shuttered and dust flew everywhere, he put his weight on one leg while he roughly fucked her ever widening hole with his big toe. Harry scooted closer to the big toe and used it like a dildo. Harry was on the verge of passing out because his cock was blocking her lungs. Only about a third of his girth went in. Frustrated, Axel took it out and beat her face with his heavy rod. Slapping her and leaving big bruises, he took a horse whip and welted her sides and back. Turning her over on her stomach, he took a huge paddle with ball bearing studs and spanked her. MORE, MORE, GIVE ME MORE, DAMN IT. Lunging her ass up to meet the paddle she could feel the raking of the studs on her fuck meat. There was a dirty table full of straw which he put her on and proceeded to fist the wanton cum whore. He copiously coated his hand in her juices and rammed his hand up her steaming twat and told her to push against his hand. She obeyed relishing the strange sensation of something that could not happen tearing her hymen.

The ordeal over, he just as suddenly relaxed realizing the full extent of what he was asking of her, his daughter to do. He started to tear up realizing the selfless devotion of the fuck slave of his life. No compensation, no money, no houses, cars or furs could have represented what she became to him. She was all for him. For him to manifest his perversions. What was in it for her he wondered. He knew he was mad beyond definition. Insane but he had to have her. She could have been 85 and he would have found her desirable. It wasn't what she did but what she was willing to do. He called his servant and ordered a fresh clean blanket be brought and a hot meal ready for his little girl. Carefully wrapping his treasure he carried her lovingly to the main house where a warm bath stirred her loins once again. He took charge. He did not want anyone else trespassing. He gently sprinkled rose water over her wounds and began to cry for what he had done. He cried for an eternity going over all the welts and bruises. Dazed, Harriet woke to find her "husband" becoming undone. This is not what she wanted!!!! She wanted the virile and cold lover he had been. She knew it was all play. That he wouldn't hurt her unless she wanted. She had to gain the upper hand unless he became a sniveling softie metrosexual. She wanted the self assured commander of his business empire. The heartthrob. "Father. Listen, enough of this. I wanted this for us. I loved it. To be in your true element of what you most desired. You were feral and commanding. Raping me with your unspoken nature. Your behemouth of a cock did the rest. I'm in love with you. If you'll have me as your wife we can make this a great marriage. I embrace your darkness. Let's explore it together." He was ecstatic. He heard her right. "But it's wrong to marry you. No it's not. Not if it's something we want together. You said it yourself. We will go to that place that protects and encourages our lifestyle. Where is that place? Is it in this world? Yes, it is. We will create it somewhere very discreet. Catering to those with peculiar needs who will actively promote and expand our efforts."

"I know a JP that will do the marriage ceremony, Axel said, "and I will contiue to be inserting ever larger butt plugs and dongs in both my cum-dump holes so that I will be ready for your horsecock come honeymoon. I'll get started by looking at and But first let us plan our lives she said, as she whorishly sucked his tongue into her mouth with affirmation.

"I don't want a pedestrian wedding. I want a small affair attended by like minded people. An orgy? Yesssss." Harriet snarled as she puddled below. "Imagining all of those monstrous rampant cocks really gets you humming? You should know!! Planning this kind of thing takes a couple of years. Sending out invitations and finding a suitable location for our orgy could take months and so will opening up my holes, Harriet said dryly. Now get to it. Yes, sir. I'm at your service. The best of everything for my fuck bunny." She tugged at his turgid piece while jacking her box knowing he couldn't have it yet.

Now fifteen years old, she saw that every day her husband/father was working feverishly to organize his accounts and finding locations and people throughout the years and Harry was resigned to doing her part: opening up the nether holes and nightly she visualized her prize as she worked really hard. Ordering everything under the sun such as the vac u lock cocks and vinyl ripple probes for anal insertions and the njoy brands of toys for both ends. She was stymied. She and Dad enjoyed measuring just how deep and wide she was able to gape but it wasn't sufficient. Dad's cock was extra fat. The "Mr. Universe" and "fat boy" looked like attainable goals. All the while they became the eye candy as they mutually masturbated each other. Goodness fuck, Harry, you are fucking gorgeous. He started tearing up a little. "Daddy, what's the matter? We get along so well together. I just regret not violating you years ago. We have each other now and after mom left I'm the only one that is going to handle that cock like a true cock whore that you want me to be. Now quit blubbering and let's get each other off." She tugged his turgid but flaccid cock roughly. Moaning for relief he begged Harry to fuck her holes but she said "De-nied. It's going to split me in two and then some. Just wait until the honeymoon darling. I'll be as deep as the North Sea. Then you can plunder me all you want. I want it too, stud but I'll have to be content with some rug munching. He took a vaculock cock and plugged her poop chute and then had Harry lie on her stomach. With the cunt in full view he began his assault. He grabbed the floppy lips and chewed on them roughly. Going around the clit he nipped at the sensitive thighs. He made sure to press into the butt plug with his forehead, too. Gaping the cock sleeve he drooled gobs and gobs of spit into the heavenly orifice and proceeded to jack her box. Being this close prompted a change as the rabid animal began to surface. He pounded the pussy fisting it mercilessly. Punching the slick innards and jabbing every which way seemed to elicit the feral reaction he was looking for in Harry. "FUCKING CUNT WHORE MOTHERFUCKER"!!!!, he screamed. IS THIS FUCK HOLE MINE????????? he yelled ferociously. I'M GONNA FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF THIS GOOD FOR NOTHING HOLE. This foul smelly cunt is not yours. I own it!!!!!I'M GOING TO CUM-BANG IT SO FUCKING WIDE AND HARD IT'S GOING TO BE USELESS TO ANYONE ELSE. How many men are you going to fuck there?" "All of them." You going to fuck the kiddies, too. If that is what you want. Lucky bitches. Slut, who do you belong to? Whose property is this?? "Yours. All yours," she wailed releasing gallons of bitch cream. This went on for many more months. Each week, as the garb of plug and dildo worked its magic expanding both ends wider and wider, the realization that it could be possible to fuck deliriously was palpable. The wider her holes got the wilder and more urgent the need: Fucking whore, fuck that finger. Dad removed the butt plug and plunged four fingers into her shitter forcing Harry to lick her own stench. She relished it. The more depraved he made her, the deeper their committment for and binding their love was. Sixteen now, Harry knew that her holes were wide enough for copulation. She was excited to hear that they were going to honeymoon in the Netherlands and throwing the orgy in the nudist resorts of the Black Sea dachas, she was more committed to being the ultimate do anything-go anywhere cum-dump whore-slut her daddy loved her to be.

Bringing plenty of lube and sex toys and pussy patch bikinis, microbikinis which mold onto the crotch to flare the lips and crotchless sets she knew she would be the belle of the beach with her fleshy folds on proud display. She also got an isabella clitoral piercing done for her pleasure. They brought nothing else. Word got around that they were bringing "contraband" and so friends from the ticket counter to TSA and even baggage handlers were stationed strategically to shepherd the celebrity couple as they eased their way into Amsterdam. All the while Harry still maintained her gaping and expansion regimen right up until hotel room entry. Total discretion. Having a whole floor to themselves. Noise reduction and priceless views of the beautiful city and its beaches and canals. The carnivorous pair booked this floor of this hotel to cater to their distinct pleasures with instructions to staff of absolutely no disturbances. Axel put down a two million dollar retainer/insurance in case anything got broken. Hehehe. They had two weeks to fuck and suck and that is what they did. We brought bondage toys but we knew that we only needed each other and Axel's prick to satisfy. He ripped my clothes off to shreds. We opened all of the remaining suites on our floor. We were so wet. Axel eyed my fucks hungrily. Axel, now is the time to fuck me senseless. Are you up to it? If not then maybe you're not the man for me!!! WTF????? My mother's waist-length chestnut hair and gorgeous chocolate brown eyes with caramel centers, pouty full lips above and below, high cheekbones, natural C-cups, shaved cunt, and contoured 5'9" figure was plenty good enough for Gramps. He pulled Mom into him clawing his way from top to bottom. Pulling her hair roughly he thrashed her around by the hair. He grabbed her skull and skull-fucked her. GRRRROWL FUCKIN TAKE IT ALL WHITE TRASH WHORE (banging her head loudly) ASS WHORE. DO YOU WANT YOUR COCK? YOUR MEAT! DUMB SLUT. He jackhammered her skull so loudly that he dented the drywall. He had her slobber on his tool until gobs of spit dropped like pancakes onto the griddle. He was jamming his hips so hard and so fast she started to tear for joy as the old Axel resurfaced. She was on her back and he was pistoning his cock in her mouth fervently. YES MOTHERFUCKER GIVE IT TO ME. WHORE ME SELL ME TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER. I'M YOURS AND YOURS ALONE ass hole. FUCK ME PLEASE.......she cried hapily. He was above her demanding she suck him, beside her demanding a suck, 69ing and sucking. He tore her cunt up. Biting to bleed her lips and jacking the clit raw. He fisted her with ease this time and he even pumped her ass manually. THAT'S IT STUD, GIVE IT TO ME. OWN ME. R...A...P..E..M....E...MAKE IT RAW SONOFABITCH. COME ON DON'T DISAPOINT ME FUCKER. SHUT UP BITCH WHORE DID I ASK YOU A QUESTION, DUMB CUNT DUMP? NOW YOU'RE REALLY GOING TO GET IT. YES....GIVE IT TO ME.......she said pleadingly. He rammed his cock so far up her cervix her stomach was undulating. He pummeled her senseless. OHMYGOD.....YES, YES. OH SHIT. GIVE IT TO ME. GIVE IT TO ME.......FUCK YES. FUCK YES. HOLY SHIT MOTHERFUCKER. YES....I LOVE YOU. Sweat pouring down like humid rain painting a sheen on her nubile body. HARDER FUCKER HARDER HARDER....She shoved back animalistically snorting and huffing maddeningly. Each time taking more and more. OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD......YES MOTHERFUCKER. YES.......Tears streaming down. I'M SO WIDE. SO WIDE. SO WIDE. COME ON JACK ME UP. GIVE IT TO ME GIVE IT TO YOUR CUNT WHORE FOR DENYING YOU SEX. DAUGHTER FUCKER. INCEST PERV KIDDIE FUCKER. Those epithets triggered a rush of adrenaline so complete he crashed and rammed his massive cock further than ever before. He could see the cock about mid stomach. He was marveling at her sturdiness when Harry protested by pushing on him. She needed that fuck tool. She lived for it. The whore within her echoing her deepest reserve of slut 101. She kicked his heels shaking him out of his revelry. He resumed the desperate heights of primitive pleasure. Growls, groans, moans, huffs, and puffs were exchanged. He cradled her effortlessly from room to room on the rented floor of the 5-star hotel while still tethered to his orgasmatron fuck pistol. She was pumping him while hanging on for dear life. Meeting each other's thrusts hardly gave her the satisfaction. She needed to concentrate on her pleasure. He sat down on the bed and shoved her shoulders harder and pulling her back up, pushing her down and pulling her back up. The cock shimmied as the skin moved in unison. FUCK YEAH FUCK YEAH...OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, HOLY SHIT. I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU. You haven't felt nothing yet. Axel inserted "Mr Universe" up her ass cunt and roughly socketed her pussy giving Harriet a wild ride. He selected a King dong and pushed it in to her cunt and shoved his own cock into her cunt giving her double vage. Keeping the dildo steady and sawing in and out was a little awkward but the joy on his child bride's face was priceless. He entered the coveted ass and pumped and pumped and pumped his massive fucksaw. Harry's eyes rolled back and she rolled her head languidly. Sweat and tears rolling down. Yelling at the top of her lungs: FUCK YEAH, OH MY GOD GOD DAMN YES FUCK FUCK FUCK DON'T STOP MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!! Axel pumped for all he was worth and when he knew he was about to spew he quickly socketed into Harry's dirty cunt hole and pumped gobs and gobs of sticky, stringy cum. Axel was so jacked up that his cock was pumping all by itself. FUCK ME BREED ME YOUR DAUGHTER BRIDE MOTHER FUCKER, BREED ME AGAIN AND AGAIN......Axel sang her praises. "You were fucking fantastic!!! All those blue-ball days were worth it, baby. She did not say a word. Only dropping down to clean the cums off of her prize. He carried her to the shower with "Mr. Universe" in hand. Axel pried his daughter's asspipe and plopped the plug in. Harry lovingly brought her father's cock to life. As they lathered and rubbed each other he snugly slipped into her back alley. The double anal was an incredible sensation. Moaning contentedly, there was a violent shudder and ass cream spewed all over Axel's thighs. "You're a great fuck slut! They had to rest their cunt and cock for a few days and while there they comissioned Jock Sturges to do an explicit fuck book just for them. It wasn't sold anywhere because the Network immediately issued the one and only copy to the couple. They exhibited themselves on a nude Dutch beach to thankful appreciation. All around them naked infants, toddlers, boys, and girls were part of the beach holiday scene. She was proud of the reaction Axel was getting by the jealous bitches as they submitted to his virility. Harry was no slouch. Her giant labias were framed in a crotchless net and getting plenty of scrutiny and her piercing was shining brightly. The throngs wondered about the beautiful couple and especially about the seeming child-like quality of the girl friend. Wouldn't they like to know!!!!!!

They rented a 747 so that they could join the Mile High Club. All the staff were personally selected by Axel as they were all members of the Network and since there was no one else all the crew were able to savor sky fucking using the great fuck pole of Axel's. The men were practically falling over themselves to fuck the very hairless, pierced, child-bride. They fucked her over and over in the ass as the couple wanted to ensure their hard-won pregnancy. Harry sucked the crew's dicks with ease and rode them hard.

When they landed they went straight to the company clinic and was assured that although there were superficial lacerations of the anus and pussy that topical ointments and rest (with no intercourse) should heal Harry. They also delayed their pregnancy because they wanted to ensure Axel's progeny while at the orgy.

The couple decided to race to the orgy site which was a Black Sea barrier- walled estate of an oil baron leased for the week from yet another of Axel's contacts. The sumptuous appointments belied the filthy debauchery yet to come. He worked with his friend to go over the plans, look over the invitations, and tie up loose ends. The kickbacks and favors were put in place as the festivities unfolded. Not everyone were members of the Network. There was an inner ring of diehards who gave orders to their respective chapters to yield to a member in need. The inner cabal were all born through incest. This inner cabal formed the nucleus of industry, the arts, journalism, financiers and military personnel. It was agreed to be a costume ball with no one being able to take off their masks until they were approved to the inner circle. There would be layers of protocol enforcers in between the guests and the women. Deep-pocketed contributors were considered first for upgrades to the inner sanctum with the higher echelon society types who were necessary to maintain this well-oiled machine getting the ultimate prize: an audience with the ingenue. Hordes of women from fashion, media, and the curious milled about the large room. After about an hour of meet-and-greet a sumptuous meal provided to those with discriminant tastes was consumed. Everyone paired up within their segregated tiers. The newbies with the prostitutes, the easily corrupted deep pockets with the children and the extremely favored (until they weren't) had their time with Axel's 18 year old daughter-bride.

The children were particularly selected for this occasion. All of the seven children (4 girls and 3 boys) were selected from among Network members who were groomed and imbued with the organization's ideals.

Harriet knew she was in good hands and that Axel was watching. The attendees were under strict secrecy. They didn't really care who the child was. All that they knew was they deserved it. They agreed never to take off the masks. Fifty men and their wives all lusted after Harriet. Recognizing some as the jaded titans of industry, barons of this, and moguls of that, they were all looking for that different something. Some of them knew the true mission of the Network but the others who were invited were marks who were needed to contine the Network. To corrupt them would mean that the Network would be further insulated from any harm come what may. Fat and well-fed attendees weren't great looking and some were even feeble. No matter. They came for a show and they would get a show. Axel would emcee this event like he always did.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome home. Thank you for attending this event tonight. You were all invited because you have provided outstanding, above and beyond material and moral support for the Network's missions. A million per attendee got you through this door and that is what we have here. That money would go a long way to expand and support our activities. Now on with this show. We have a new member here tonight. A member that I'm particularly fond of. My beautiful daughter has agreed to be pleasured and used tonight." Just then a curtain was separated exhibiting a nude caged girl spread eagled. Her back supported by racks and her asshole rammed with a fat anal plug. The cage was wired for electricity and she would get zapped at intervals. The electrodes were spcifically placed to maximize pleasure. The look of pain was evident. Tears streaming down. She was barely able to contain her crying. She looked over at Axel for approval. He was all that ever mattered to her. She always had worshiped her father. She would die for him. And that cock. That monstrous cock was so huge. She was inadvertently lubricating her vulgar folds thinking explicitly of the amorous days past. Sweat poring down from the hot glare of the stage lights combined with her lubricated fuck hole twat and seeing in the attendees a chance once again to prove her love to the man that meant everything to her. They gasped as they saw the huge anal plug stuffed in her shit hole lewdly exhibiting the widest gape they ever saw. They also saw the fattest dong ensconced in her fucking twat cunt that they ever saw. The monster dong was more than a foot long and more than ten inches wide. So long that it formed an indelible impression on the stomach. By now Harriet was screaming. The dong was screwed at a height that every time she jerked because of the electric zaps she would take a little more and every time she jerked her sphincter would also relax allowing that plug to suction further into her back pipe all the more. She accepted much more than Axel ever imagined. So much that it threated to tear her perineum and pussy. Harriet was so fucking turned on and she knew Axel was. Anybody who looked over could see his manmeat strain to get out. YES.....MOTHERFUCKER.....sweat poring down smudging her makeup. HOLY SHIT....OH MY GOD....FUCK YES FUCK YES, JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. The combination of the ecstasy of nearly having your body split in two then having it zapped all the while the plug and dildo going in a bit more, Finally she was able to root the plug and dildo as she pushed up and down, up and down. Axel became worried and although this was planned he rushed over to her anyway. LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE, she growled. Hair plastered to her face. Sweat pooling around her upper lip creating a sheen. FUCK YES, OH MY FUCKING.....GOD....JESUSSSSSS. She knew she just had to master it. To know that she could. She already sucked in more than any woman alive she thought. Suddenly, she felt a massive tickle and a slight breeze later she squirted a river on to the floor of the cage and flooded out to the mattress below. People close by were even splashed. Then she passed out. When she did that the relaxed hand released a safety button which lowered her down and removed the invasive phalluses. She slumped to the ground. As the phalluses were being pulled away the gapes at both ends were so wide she could have accomodated a herd of horses. The attendees gathered around to peer up both holes. It was so plain to see the cervix dilating rapidly and the anal sphincter rings were clearly visible. Closer inspection verified slight burn marks on her nipples and clitoral shaft. Fearing that the momentum was lost and interest would fade Axel struggled to maintain control. He rushed over and tried to awaken his new wife. Seeing the sincerety of concern and love the attendees knew that she meant more to him than a mere daughter. She was his wife. They whispered approvingly and shouts of praise and accolades began to rain down on the couple. Bursting with more love than Axel had to give, he stood up and acknowledged their praises. He immediately said that they would be refunded but there were mounting protests heard from left to right. He gave up. They were promised copies of the show instead.

Checking up on his wife he was relieved to know that she was alright. Looking under the sheet, the garish hole still was wide as could be and she was leaking cum. He couldn't resist. The makeshift clinic with top notch staff and doctors were cleared and he fucking ravaged his delirious wife. Ripping the sheet apart. he pinched and grabbed like an assaulting criminal knowing that this was the last time for pussy. He stripped off and the massive monster prick and heavy eggs sprang up with a THWACK. Axel got so turned on he didn't remember his fuck paddle being so tight and veiny. He felt longer, too. Oh slut, you did that for me??? He pumped right there on the bed. His cock belonged to it. The velvet den of iniquity. It fit like hand in glove. Hot and steamy it was. He was loving the sensation and replaying the hedonism exhibited moments ago. All for his benefit. Fucking viciously and ferociously, he slammed into her. Her moans only reaffirmed his love for her. No one else compared. There was no one else. Hands going everywhere. She locked her heels tightly against the broad waist of her conqueror. PUMP ME FULL, BABY, GO ON. DO IT. OH GOD, OH GOD, I'M CUMMMMMING.......DON'T STOP. DON'T STOP. HERE I GO!!!!!!! A fart of sorts as waterfalls of homemade girl jizz squirted all over the bed. Axel noted the explanation he had to give. But he din't give a flying fuck. He sawed up and down and in and out. He pulled all the way out and slammed his monster cock all the way in where his pubic hair tickled her lips. The pussy slightly slackened as Harriet lost consciousness but the harder he slammed the tighter her grip became. He knew it wouldn't be long. Then a few more passes and then he sensed it. Massive contractions spurted gallons of hot cum clogging up the cervix. So much cum. It spilled out as much of it went in. He wasn't spent because his wife's heels had stiffened around his waist and wouldn't let go. Besides he had an anal cave to explore. He was going to spelunk that place. When he pulled out of her cunt it was easy enough to scoop the baby oil and lather on to the skin of his already radiant goddess fuck.

Standing up, his cock was more than long enough to socket into her ass with ease. Then the coupled pair followed each other to the bed never losing suction. Rampant hands grabbing nipple and hair, pulling hard on the cuntal lips savaging it like it was the last fuck of the century. Then there was a rude knock at the door interrupting this bestial union. It was the clinic staff needing to check the patients for tears and such. FUCK OFF.....No one took issue with the crudity. They were in agreement that they would have felt the same way. But as long as the benefactor was taking his time they might get to play for themselves, too. So the doctors and nurses paired off into the conference room. Axel laid on the bed first then his wife spread one leg over while on her back. Without waiting he began to pump and fuck that beautiful derriere. He pinched the cheeks leaving nail marks; squeezing the bountiful bubble butt. He pulled down on her waist hard wanting Harriet to slam him. She didn't because she was savoring the thunder club so far ensconced in her shitter that she didn't have to do a damn thing. Some guys have to work for their pleasure. But Axel's cock was so thick and long that the practice sessions seemed to be a memory. As long as the love club remained in the love canal the tightness began to return. His cock was like scaffolding. Without the scaffolding the building would crumble. She remebered the rules. There was no cum dodging in this relationship. So much thick, stringy cum erupted from his fucking cock literally covering her entire face and highlighting her dark chestnut hair, it was all she could do to not auto asphyxiate. But she wanted to be the mega-whore super-slut that she knew he wanted her to be. So she took it like a champ. Tears flowing down straining to take it as he viciously throat banged his struggling bride. Finally after five minutes of nonstop spooge, his sac became tender and that was when she cleaned the rest of his cock off licking from top to bottom and side to side; under the head and over the head greedilly sucking out any shy gobs of cum. She licked her lips seductively getting every last bit of spunk and then smacking her lips together made for an adorable, worshipful, happy slut child bride. After their carnal fuck-off they surveyed their olympian fuck-for-all. Poop smears all over the walls, cum all over the sheets, soaking wet from the girl cream, pooling splotches of blood from the criminal rape of her ass cunt. They were happy. They vowed to indulge each other's every fetish dream. The staff came in and their jaws dropped to the floor cursing the mess in front of them. The janitors were doubly incensed. They fully expected to get laid. Not work.

Donning the carnivale masks they reassured all the guests that she was fine. The couple went into the children's room and saw that a well-endowed executive was slamming into a girl not much older than she was when she first entertained being a fuck whore. As young as she looked, she had maturity written all over her face; an apparent serenity belied her true age. The other children were equally preoccupied with their clients or were in poses of bliss underscored that they were still children, albeit wanton cocksluts and manlovers.

Squeezing her husband's cock to see if he was interested, his rampant granite cock was all that she needed as evidence. They called for their limo and off they went home. The limo seats flattened out into a plush bed. In no time, the hot couple fucked and sawed, fucked and sawed. Slamming into each other with every pothole. "Harold, keep your eyes on the road," he turned around cursing, "fucking rich fuckers doing some crazy shit." They were at the airport and they still weren't dressed. Axel was always prepared for this kind of thing. He called his driver to get the trench coats from the trunk and hand it to them. They left the limo in only their trench coats and nothing else. Axel informed the crew that they were to be left alone unless otherwise indicated. Then in mid-stair they shed their trench coats and walked into their spacious rental 747. They pumped and pummeled each other senseless. SPANK ME!!!! WHIP ME!!!! Looking around with a questioning look but not wanting to disappoint the wife he motioned for the two stewardesses to spank his wife. With lusty fire, the one looking at the wife's nubile, hairless cunt, and the other looking at the husband's horsecock sausage, they didn't need convincing. They stripped off and commenced with the spankings with the one stewardess taking off her belt in compliance. "What's going on back there," yelled the captain. We're sorry but the clients requires both of our attention, Frank." Frank knew full well what really was happening. He cursed the lucky whore bitches. The plane was not high enough into the safe flight level so the women were doubly cursed.

Having two more people added to the multiplications of possibilities. Redhead slammed her hairless meaty cunt onto Axel's sausage and blondie poised her dripping blond thatch over Axel's greedy mouth. Harriet walked over to blondie and seductively kissed and mauled her body taking blondie's hand and slamming it into her own steam room. Redhead and blondie, public dykes, began licking each other's hotboxes but in a closed wheel formation. Blondie's twat was fully exposed to violations: FUCK YES,SIR. PUT THAT MEAT GRINDER IN. TENDERIZE ME....UGH..UGH...While Axel was standing on the outside pumping away at blondie's snatch and blondie munching on redhead's meaty platter, Harriet hovered her body over the two stewardess' bodies and bent over to expose her glistening twat for rapid minsitrations: OH GO GET IT AXEL. LAP IT UP. IS IT GOOD??????? Disentagled, Axel muscularly lifted redhead high above his head with her ass cheeks cupped in his hand for support giving blondie plenty of room to gape her colleague lapping up the tangy liqueur. Her dirt pipe wasn't going to be unmolested. She stuck two needy fingers meanwhile Harriet rode her husband's wild bronco and pulled blondie's legs closer to savor her moneymaker and also inserting a rude finger in her pucker. Blondie got her holes chewed while Axel was standing. Then blondie sucked on his meat cleaver while redhead licked his balls and Harriet slammed her fist into redhead's flustered fish pond. All the filth, moans, groans, and grunts finally affected the pilot who put the plane into cruise control and pulled out his cock. Alarmed, his co-pilot reminded the pilot that he couldn't jack off on the sensitive instruments. "I gotta do something Seth, those guys are driving me nuts man." He pondered further and he said, "I'll take one for the team," Seth grimaced. The pilot knowing he wasn't going to like this but thinking of the great pay and that he needed relief agreed and the pilot pumped the longest stream of jizz ever attempted onto his second-guessing co-worker. Too late!!!. He wiped up thoroughly and both agreed not to say a word to anyone. Ever! But everyone in the aisles heard every word and they snickered and laughed heartily.

Then thanking the crew for their hospitality and hugging the women extra hard giving their boxes and tits a firm tug, they parted amicably. Into the waiting limo where they finally had been so exhausted they were lazily stroking each other. With not a stitch of clothing in the limo and not particularly giving a shit they slowly lumbered into their home. Barely making it in. They decided they needed to shower desperately. They go to their master where there is a Kohler all-sided shower system. Surrounded by Travertine marble and stone seats they luxuriated in each other's arms while they diddled each other. They couldn't stand their arousal and Harriet's horniness triggered one last sleepy sex. Desperate for sleep, barely able to hang onto each other, before succumbing to to the lullaby of Nod. But even then Harriet orgasmed.
Then a month later I was born.

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