Moms Curtain Call

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Note : This story is completely fictonal!

Bright Sunday morning and someone is knocking early. My wife Angie and I are sleeping in after a party the previous evening. It be mom, looking as sharp and effervescent as ever in dress, designer heels and pearl earrings. Angie staggers thru the house in my long tshirt and tight nylon panties, "who is it?" It be Mom, she wants to hang curtains for us. "Shit, why isn't she home fucking with someone else today?"

She obviously misses me with her and Dad now officially separated and headed for Divorce. Even more, the great sex we shared for years and Leo was a better companion than Dad. Glancing at Angie and staring at Mom, I begin to compare these two as sexual beings. Neither was better, just different and Mom now hotter in my eyes. On this Sunday morning I began to long for her again.

Mom took her bright tan heels off to expose my fetish. Her feet were perfection and defined her elegance with shiney red toes in thigh high nylons off the shelf. Angie was sliding into some worn out jeans with holes and yellow shower thongs. We hadn't had time to fuck this early thanks to Mom, but I wished for Mom under me instead of my amateurish wife of 2 years.

"Grab a chair Leo and help me." She was intentionally leaving Angie out of this to piss her off more. Angie stomped off to the kitchen to make coffee while I held the chair and stared at Moms legs and feet. "Why don't you go get donuts Angie while I finish up," Mom ordered. While gone I stopped steadying the chair and held Moms legs by her thighs and then knees. Observing her feet sliding around on this small 2X2 surface and inhaling this feint heavenly fragrance of bath powder fresh.

I slid my hand above the thigh high nylon border that squeezed her legs together and touched the softness of her inner thigh with my fingers. Mom didn't say a word, just kept hanging curtains with a pin in her mouth, instead of my cock. I decided to be playful and goosed her up and thru her lacey panties. Mom didn't wear those old nylon shit panties like Angie. She screamed, fell into my arms and giggled. It was like I was carrying her thru the door on our Honeymoon. With one leg out and one dangling in my arms, Angie pops back in thru the kitchen with donuts. "What's going on here?" Mom lost her ballance and I caught her. "Your lucky to have a man like Leo Angie," Mom rubbed.

Angie went into the bedroom and sulked with the tube and coffee until Mom finished. She didn't even say thanks or goodbye to Mom. I walked Mom to the car, gave her a kiss with a thank you. "I hope everything is ok Leo, Angie looks mad." Mom loved fucking with her, and in so doing she fucked with me. Angie came out of the bedroom and into our natural habitat with Mom's exit, "she needs a man to fuck her." Sounds pretty cold when speaking of Leos Mom like that. She did have a man to fuck her until I married Angie.

After a brief spat and defending Moms Curtain Call, Angie did the usual, and went to her Moms. "Enjoy your day Leo, why don't you go stay with Mom and fuck "her." I just might do that, and thanks for the tip with tit. After Ange was gone, I hurriedly drove to Moms apartment above Sunset, what a beautiful setting with a pool overlooking the Hollywood sign. I found Mom in a white bikini, laying under an umbrella. "Did the bitch kick you out again Leo?" Not really, but I was reminded this morning of how much I missed being part of your life Mom. "I told you not to marry that tramp." Mom knows best for sure.

Rita grabbed some lotion and tossed it my way, "do me." This is something I'd been doing for years, "doing her." I missed it. She undid the thin straps and turned over on her back. I couldn't wait to get down to her feet and those toes. I called Angie and as usual, she was staying with Vivian this night to teach me a lesson. Little did she know, she was handing me the finest piece of ass in town outside her own mom who wasn't bad either.

Alone together again, it felt so comfortable and right, as I drove Mom thru the headboard with her legs and feet over my ears. I told her how good she felt as I pumped that sloshy pussy of hers. Moms muff was perfectly trimmed compared to my wifes silky hairy growth. I wasn't sure who was tighter and didn't matter because this was Mom and my best lover. She didn't like to kiss for some odd reason, but I forced some tongue action anyway when she was in heat like this. She ass and upper legs weren't as firm as Angies, but the difference was about home and Curtain Calls unneeded.

The next day, Angie asked if I enjoyed my evening without her and some good fucking? I told her I missed her and most definately missed the good fucking, but Leo did have some good home cookin. I promised no more Curtain Calls from Mom, but there would be no need in the future thanks to this one reminder of how good Mom was.

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