A Chance Seductive Encounter with Geetha

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My wife had gone with kids on vacation to Madras. I was left alone due to pressing office work. I was not particularly happy preparing meals and opted instead to eat outside. That day being saturday, I got up late and after usual week-end works, went out to eat. After a hefty meal, I started back and turned into a nearby locality to visit my aunt. This aunt of mine is a sister of my father, nearing 70, and is very particular that I visit her frequently. I usually used to visit her on Sundays and today was an exception. I reached their flat and found the door locked from inside. This was a bit unusual as my aunt doesn't lock the door but keeps it open and chained. I thought she must have slept off after meals and knocked the door repeatedly. The door was opened and there stood my cousin Geetha. 

This cousin of mine, Geetha is nearly 5 to 7 years elder to me. She had been married off very early in her teens to an airport ground engineer, who was atleast 18 years older to her. Geetha must be around 45 years with grown-up kids, settled in US after completion of their studies. She is thin, of very fair complexion and looks just 35. She has thin, long face with bright dark eyes, pointed nose and thin lips, bright pink in color. She has a pair of swaying hips and well shaped but small boobs, slightly larger than her thin frame could manage. Geetha smiles sweetly at me whenever we chance to see each other and talks nicely, but I had no sexual urges towards her before, my concentration being fully on my acquintances with large breasts. She too showed no inclination towards me in any manner and I had kept my distance always. She visits my aunt quite regularly, they being related and it was no surprise that she was there on that day. She looked as though she was disturbed while in sleep but welcomed me warmly into the house.

I went in and occuped a seat in the front room, Geetha sat opposite me. Before going for lunch, I was on the Net browsing through some erotic sites and hence a bit horny. My plan was to quickly get over with visiting my aunt and head straight back to the internet and the porno sites. With this mood, I just surveyed my cousin Geetha sitting just opposite me. Geetha was wearing a thin saree of light yellow color and under her pallu I could make out darker colored blouse. Her projections on the bosom were clearly visible due to the light colored saree and her lips looked all the more attractive and inviting. Her breasts used to heave up and fall down rhythmatically with her breathing and that was very attractive to me. However she didn't appear horny and I didn't expect her considering she must have got up from deep slumber. 

I said "Hello, how are you? " and we got off to our usual talks about her family and mine. All the while I was wondering about my aunt's presence, when she herself volunteered the information. 

"Aunty has gone to a marriage and is expected by evening" she said

"How come you are here alone ?" I asked

She said " I came to visit and spend some time with her. She asked me also to join her to the wedding. I was down with a head-ache due to the scorching heat and decided to stay back till I got over the ache and head back home "

I said " I am sorry I disturbed you in your sleep. I too wanted to spend a couple of minutes with aunt and leave"

Geetha said " I was anyway getting up. Stay back for some time, the heat outside is really unbearable. I will make some coffee, Ok?", saying that she disappeared into the kitchen.

I wanted urgently relieve myself and walked into the bathroom. After my pee, buttoning up my trousers, I found some clothes and lingerie hung on the bathroom wall. One item drew my attention. This was a bright red colored panty with fine prints of flowers on that. Definitely not my aunt's, I thought. You don't expect a 70+ female to wear such sexy undies. If they are Geetha's then what are they doing here instead of covering her hidden pleasures ? Curiosity got the better of me and I took the panty and looked at the inner side. Sure enough there were indications of a dripping cunt there !. Her panty was fully wet inside with fresh juices and I deduced that Geetha must have removed it just before I arrived. She must have been really horny to wet her panty like that! I brought the panty to my nose and smelled it. The strong, sweet smell of her cunt drifted into my nose and I had an instant hard on in my lower parts. My prick suddenly elongated and thickened and became wet all over. A horny mind and a seductive dripping panty, what a combination! I felt a strong urge to lick and taste her pussy juices. I licked her panty all over and her juice was as sweet as honey to taste. I just could not stop licking till all the remnants of juice from the panty was lapped up by my hungry tongue. Looking at the panty I was aghast that my tongue had coated my saliva all over her panty and it was fully wet on the pleasure side. This will take some time to dry, i thought and wished Geetha would not start missing her undies at least for some more time. The last thing on earth i wanted was Geetha to discover my lack of self control on matters related to sex!

As I went back to my seat, Geetha appeared with a glass of coffee and offered me. My prick which had suddenly slumped a minute before, quickly regained its erection as Geetha's bent frame clearly showed well bulged breasts through her thin saree. I mechanically took the glass. Geetha took her glass and for the next couple of minutes were spent discussing about the weather. As I finished my coffee, Geetha took the glass from my hands and went into the kitchen. As she returned, I was aghast to find Geetha going straight towards the bathroom ! Curse my luck, I thought and cursed myself for being so hasty and lacking in libido control. Was she going there to just pee or is she going to wear her panty ? that was the million dollar question in my mind. My penis was dancing and pressing wildly against my trouser zip just at the thought of Geetha wearing her panty fully coated with my saliva. I tried desperately to control it. Geetha was inside much longer than I was comfortable with and as she opened the bathroom door, I was full of anticipation about her reaction and was trying desperately not to show my feelings. A feeling of wild pleasure on one side with an equally embarrassing feeling on the other. Geetha came out of the bathroom in a puzzled manner and looked at me. I tried to hide my wicked smile and turned away. 

"Raju, my head is aching still and I will lie down in the bedroom for some time. You will stay ?" She closed and bolted the front door and walked into the bedroom. I was happy that she did not chide me for my childish behaviour. I reclined in the chair and started reading news paper. 

After a couple of minutes, Geetha called me " Raju, my head aches badly, can you give a cold pack?" I agreed readily, took out some cold water from the fridge, not finding a suitable neat cloth, took out my hand-kerchief and went into the bedroom. On my way, I just had a peep into the bathroom and was glad to see Geetha's panty still hanging on the wall. So she has not seen my act, I thought and thanked my luck. Geetha was lying on the bed with head on a pillow. I pulled a chair near to her head, dipped my handkerchief in the cold water, squeezed and applied on her forehead. I applied the cold pack for several more minutes and Geetha asked me to stop " I feel much better now" she said. She asked me to remove the pack but continue pressing her forehead with my fingers. As my finger touched her forehead, she moaned quitely and held my fingers and pressed tighter against her forehead. Must be in deep pain I thought. A couple of minutes later, she opened her eyes and looked straight into mine. It was lovely to be drawn in by her dark wide eyes. "There is something sticking on your forehead" she said and raised her both hands and wiped her hands on my fore head. The feeling of her thin, long and soft fingers on my forehead was electric and I was trying desperately to control my urges towards her. She moved her hands on my head, held me by my neck and started pulling my head downwards. I was not prepared for this sudden show of affection from her side and tried to hold back. Geetha would not leave me, instead she raised herself from the bed, brought her face close to me and in one moment crushed her lips against mine. Her lips were warm and wet and a shiver ran through my body, energizing every part of mine including my horny dick. My penis suddenly elongated and thickened all at once and I was wild with excitement. Geetha started kissing me repeatedly on my lips, making different angles every time. She suddenly got up and sat on the bed. She took my face in her hands and said " I never knew you were so naughty, Raju, licking my panties without my permission. What will a girl feel if a man tastes her pussy without even a request ? I cannot pardon you for that!" Saying that, she came and sat on my lap with a sweet naughty smile on her face. 

Her lips were thin and turned darker pink, dripping honey. She moved her face and started kissing me all over head making deliberate noise with each kiss. Her kisses were electric and with every kiss my penis wriggled wildly and my passion for her increased ten fold. She once again brought her lips against mine and holding my head kissed me strongly on my lips. As her lips crushed mine, I smelt a strong odour of her body and realized that she was fully aroused and needed me to deliver the goods. I caught her on her thin middle, squeezed her and pulled her to me. I moved my lips against her lips, opening them and dived inside and moved my lips against her teeth. She cried out in pleasure and reciprocated my action. I took out my tongue and licked inside wet lips. She was thoroughly enjoying this licking and her mouth started oozing her saliva. I gladly accepted whatever saliva she was oozing and drank them all. My tongue slid against her teeth begging her to open. She understood my desires, opened her teeth and offered me her thin and long tongue in return. I simply sucked her tongue deep inside my mouth. Geetha gave out a big muffled cry and started rolling her tongue against mine. Our juices combined in the licking and started flowing, dripping down from the corner of the mouth. Time had no meaning for us and we were sucking each other with lust. I moved my hands on her blouse and caught hold of her breasts and started squeezing her breasts round and round and held her nipple in between fingers and squeezed them. She cried out in pleasure and her boobs bulged and her nipple hardened. 

I simply lifted her and took her to the cot and pushed her on the bed and fell on her. I removed her pallu and had a look at her bulged treasures in the V-cut of her blouse. They were expanding and trying to get out of her blouse. I buried my face inbetween her breasts and started sucking her exposed breasts one by one. Geetha moaned and said "Hey, hey, don't be in such a hurry. You will get everything!" Saying so, she pushed me aside, propped a pillow on the wall and sat with her back to the wall. She removed her blouse and bra and her breasts came out in joy. Her boobs were beautifully shaded, well filled and her nipples her enlarged, thick, darkish and fully erect. She had a large round patch of dark skin behind her nipple. Without a word, she held me by my hairs and pulled my lips onto her breasts. I took one of her breasts in my mouth, bit her nipple and sucked it straight into my mouth. She cried out loudly in pleasure and filled my mouth fully with her boob. I started sucking her boob with all my sucking strength and with the other hand I held her other boob and began massaging furiously. She cried out loudly, moaned and called me all kinds of sweet fucking names and pulled me closer and closer to her body. 

I unzipped my pants and removed my pants and underwear. My tool which was dancing in wild anticipation freed itself from bondage and extened and thickened in anticipation. I took Geetha's hand and placed my quivering prick in her hand. " Oh god, what a penis you have here and it is already wet!" She moaned in pleasure, held my shaft in her delicate hands and started moving and rubbing her palm on my shaft. My cock got excited all the more and with every thrust of her palm started pre-cumming little by little into her tender palms. She loved this, vigorously rubbed my cock and with each stroke took the pre-cum in her palm and spread it all over my tool upto the balls. She squeezed my balls lovingly and started whispering sweet nothings into my ears. She kissed me deep inside my ear and said " My boobs never had this kind of sucking anytime from my husband. Raju, dont stop, suck and suck till I cry out in pleasure and pain. come on Raju, suck harder". I got all the more aroused with her talk and my shaft became longer, thicker and cummier than before, fully filling her palm and goading her to increase pressure of rubbing and speed of rubbing. She removed my hand forcibly from her breast and yanked it down, pulling her saree up and placed it on her thundering thighs. Her thighs were smooth as silk, warm. I squeezed her thighs one after the other and went straight for her hidden pleasures. She was naked inside and my palm hit her well dressed pubic hair first. They were very soft, gentle and wet with her juices. 

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