Mom's Changes - Carolyn's Initiation

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

After that phone call late in the evening things where set in motion that would change everything. While Dad pumped away inside of me as I continued to eat Mommy's sweet pussy the ground work was being laid. As we finally all climaxed and where enjoying the afterglow, Mom looked at Dad and said. What are we going to do about Carolyn?

Dad thought about it for a second and then decided that the best thing to do was to invite her over and to invite her Parents Gwen and Scott over as well. Now I was confused. How where we going to deal with an irate 19 year old who just observed my father fucking her mother in her parent's bedroom around 3:00 in the morning? This was going to be a good one.

As Dad ran it through his mind. Mommy jumped in. What if we blind fold them? Dad said that Mom's idea was perfect. They began to make the plans. Mom called Gwen and Scott up first. She invited them over for a party the next night, instructing them to come over no later than 8:30pm and to come with an open mind. Mom told Gwen to make sure that she had something very sexy on and of course some nice sheer pantyhose or stockings. Gwen agreed with a sound of excitement and anticipation. The first part of the plan was laid.

Mom called up Carolyn next on her cell phone. Carolyn answered and they began to talk to one another. Mom continued the conversation right where it had left off the other night during the early hours of the morning. Mom was not denying that Dad had been over to Gwen's home or that he had been sexually involved with Carolyn's mother. What Mom did however was to tell Carolyn, if she came over around 9:00pm the following night that she would have everything explained to her. Carolyn reluctantly agreed and the trap was set.

Dad at this point walked up behind Mom who had come to the kitchen table and sat down in her chair wearing nothing but her satin robe. As Dad got closer, Mom knew that something was no doubt going to happen. She gave in to Dad's advances and as he came behind her, his hands went from stroking her beautiful hair, to caressing her long neck, tracing her shoulders before bringing his hands that had just needed her back around to the front of her body as he caressed her beautiful breasts through her robe. As Dad's hands needed Mom's breasts, I saw Mommy reach up and open her robe freeing her charms for anyone that may be present to enjoy. At this Dad, grasped onto one of her breasts and then the other as he massaged them gently and began to whisper into Mommy's ear. 

I couldn't hear what he had been saying to Mom although from her reaction to his comments, he no doubt was gaining her total and complete attention and raising her to new heights of pleasure. Mom spread her legs and grasped one of Dad's hands and moaned as she dragged it from her breasts down to the wetness that was so uniquely hers. The scent of Mommy's juices was permeating the room that we where in and I was even getting ready to explode as I observed the actions unfold. Daddy's fingers teased Mommy ever so slightly and then without warning bursted into her wetness, the deepness that is uniquely hers and Mom's juices just began to flow and there was no way that this was going to be stopped. Mom leaned back hard against Dad and let herself go as wave after wave thrashed through her body.

Dad looked over at me sitting on a kitchen chair and motioned for me to come over to where they where. I did as I was requested and soon was ushered into the sweetest area of all. Between Mommy's legs. As Dad slid his finger of one hand into Mommy's dripping pussy and his other hand continued to massage Mommy's breasts, I was ushered down to meat his retracting finger with my probing tongue. Each time he exited, I entered and was treated to one of the sweetest nectars this side of the Mississippi. Dad and I brought Mom to almost five orgasms before we decided that she had had enough. Mom of course was enjoying it beyond measure and for that we are extremely grateful.

The next night came and Gwen and Scott arrived first. Scott was dressed in a pair of dockers and a simple shirt, while Gwen was adorned in a short black miniskirt, with a revealing cream blouse and of course the sheerest of stockings that encased her curvy legs. The hose where the covering for her petit feet, she must have been a size 7 no more and she was wearing a pair of black 4" spike heels. Mom allowed her gaze to run from Gwen's face, down her chest, past her waist and down the long legs as they shimmered from the black hose coming to rest in the prettiest pair of shoes she had ever seen. Mom just licked her lips and Gwen smiled. The guys did not miss this either. Mommy and Dad made no haste to begin setting the stage. Gwen, Scott, do you trust us? Yes was there answer that was delivered without thought. With that Mom said, then we are going to have a wonderful night tonight. You do want to have a wonderful night tonight, don't you Gwen, Scott. Gwen answered first as she placed her hands on the top of Mom's that where resting on the kitchen table in front of her. She smiled and said, yes, I do, we both do, don't we Scott. Scott, smiled and shook his head. The possibilities that awaited them they both knew was far beyond any level they had enjoyed before. The only thing that they did not know was just how far beyond. 

Mom started to explain what was going to happen this evening as Dad sat there and smiled like a proud Peacock, enjoying the results of his year of work. Mom had come so far, so much farther than she had been only 12 months ago. Mom started off by saying that we where going to do something that we have never done before. It was going to be highly arousing and enjoyable for all involved and if there was any hesitation to speak now or not at all. Mom asked them again if they would be open to following Dad and her instructions to the letter without question. Gwen and Scott both looked at one another and after saying how much pleasure that had enjoyed under mom and dad's prior attention that they mutually agreed and Dad asked Mom to get the package from the dresser. 

Mom reached into the drawer behind her and removed a bag containing nothing but three blindfolds. Removing two of the blindfolds from the bag, Mom approached Scott and Gwen. She hands Gwen a blind fold first and then Scott. They both took them and Dad begins to explain that they are to go upstairs to there bedroom, the master Bedroom. Once there they where to put the blindfolds on for the duration of the night, explaining that the only way that they where to be removed was by either Mom or Dad and by no one else. Gwen and Scott where also informed that if they did this that they would be able to enjoy who ever would be introduced to them that evening and do what ever they wanted to with that person or persons without question or limitations. The only other limitation imposed upon them was that no conversation of any type could be shared and under no circumstances could the blind folds be removed. Gwen and Scott agreed. 

Dad said, go up to the master bedroom, make yourselves comfortable and once you are comfortable, on the dresser are two slim set cordless headphones. Put them on and you will be able to enjoy soft music while you wait for us, after the headphones are on, put the masks on. We will join you shortly. You may begin pleasuring one another if you would like. Gwen and Scott hurried upstairs stripping outer clothing as they hurried up stairs to the Master Bedroom. 

Dad looked at Mom and said two down, one to go. Mom smiled and I simply remained seated where I was inside of a closet that was right behind the living room. Gwen and Scott had no idea that I was involved in this and this was something that would be revealed later. Mom walked over to the closet and said, if this works, after Dad and I go upstairs with Carolyn, I want you to put on a pair of pantyhose your bodysuit and join us in our room. You are not to leave this closet for five minutes, just so we can be sure that everyone will be comfortable with what is happening. Do you understand me. I whisper yes. Mom says, good and returns to the kitchen table. Dad smiles for he knows that this is going to be one hell of a night if all works out well and the beginning to yet another turning point, another group brought into the fold, that will be revealed to them in time.

The doorbell rings again and this time Mom answers it. She stepped outside for a moment and the only thing I could gather was that Mom explained the specifics to Carolyn outside informing her of the lack of being able to communicate. The door opened again and Carolyn walked in behind Mom, holding her hand. Carolyn was wearing a pair of sandals no socks or stockings, a short skirt and a light T-shirt. The outline of her bra that barely concealed her breasts could be observed below her top. Mom brought Carolyn over to the chair in the living room and began to speak. 

The only people that will be saying anything tonight my Husband or I, that's it, do you understand? With that question, Carolyn nodded her head smiling all the time. Mom said, good and continued to inform Carolyn of what she had seen.

Carolyn, the other night when my Husband visited your mother did you ever wonder where your father was? Carolyn went blank for a moment as she realized that her dad wasn't there to stop my Father. Then it hit her. Carolyn, Carolyn, She gazed into Mommy's eyes and all of a sudden it hit her.

You know, don't you, you now understand? Carolyn shook her head in agreement as a big smile came to her face. You know that while my husband was making love to your mother, your father was making love to me, don't you? Carolyn, shook her head in agreement once again and as she did this her hand went down between her legs. Mom smiled as she knew what was going on. You saw my Husband fill your Mom with his manhood as he slid in and out of your Mothers wet slippery pussy lips, didn't you? Carolyn simply moaned, her hands began to rub at her crotch faster. You heard the noises of his entry and retraction as he slid in your mother again and again. I'm sure her back was arched to meet every one of my Husband's thrusts, weren't they. Carolyn moaned as she recalled what she had seen the night before. When my Husband rides me, I like to wrap my legs around him, holding him close and making sure that he gets in as deep as possible. Your Mom did that too, didn't she. Carolyn moaned low and long as the scenes danced through her mind of what she had witnessed last night, Carolyn's tongue caressed her lips knowing that she was enjoying the scene again in her mind. 

Spurred on by Carolyn's actions, Mom continued. You saw your mother suck on my husband's dick as he played with your mommy's breasts, twisting those beautiful nipples of hers, as I'm sure she moaned in pleasure didn't you? Again Carolyn moaned deeply as one of her fingers disappeared under her panties, followed by a second and then a third. Mom simply continued because she knew once Carolyn was up and going, there would be no stopping her for she knew that she must be just like her mother Gwen. Mom would soon be proved right and she was pleased to find this out both early on and later in the evening.

Tell me Carolyn, did it excite you to see my husband slide into your mother as she raced toward her second, third or even fourth orgasm as she wrapped her beautiful legs around my husbands waist, holding him deep inside her? Carolyn just gazed into Mommy's eyes and licking her lips again as she shook her head yes. You wished it was you didn't you? Yes was again her answer and her fingers moved with a piston type movement and Mommy knew it was time. You know Carolyn, you are masturbating in front of me and my husband as we discuss what happened last night. Is that what good girls do? Carolyn froze, she had not been paying attention to her actions and was simply running with the moment and the feelings of this immediate period and was caught in the act. 

What do you think my husband and I should do with such a naughty little girl? With that Mommy stood up and removed first her top exposing her bra encased breasts, bursting at the seam followed by her black skirt that she simply unzipped and allowed to cascade to the floor. Carolyn, looked at Mom with eyes and mouth wide open. Mom stood before her wearing nothing but a black bra and sheer black stockings. We should do something like this shouldn't we? With that Mommy approached Carolyn and grasped the back of her head and pulled it into her chest. Carolyn offered a little resistance but that was only for show, because soon, her tongue was licking at the space between Mommy's breasts. If you want, undo my bra, Carolyn. 

Carolyn's hands raised to the clasp in the back of the bra and as she placed her hands on the clasp, Mommy said the following. Carolyn, if you take off my bra, you will have made the decision that will guide the rest of your sexual life. The decision you make now will require you to do whatever my Husband or I tell you to do without question. This will include participating with both men and woman. The decision is now yours. Once you make it though, your decision is final and will continue until I say it is over. Do you understand? Mommy pulled back for only a moment and Carolyn's hands where soon once again on the clasp. Kiss me darling if you agree to what I have just told you. With that Carolyn, moved in and planted a passionate french kiss on Mommy's lips as she unhooked Mom's bra. Mom's breasts fell out of the support and I could even see there tongues moving back and fourth between the mouths of two passionately stimulated woman.

As the kiss ended Carolyn lowered her attention to Mommy's breasts and was soon rubbing her tongue over Mommy's nipple as she tasted Mom's sweetness for the first time. Mom basked in the pleasure that she was receiving from Carolyn and as Carolyn continued to stimulate Mommy's breasts, Mommy once more said the following. Carolyn, you have chosen, you have confirmed your loyalty to me and my husbands pleasure and agreed to participate with us in any way we chose. You understand that the pleasure that awaits you is beyond measure and your only restriction is that you will have to do whatever we say, regardless of how strange it may seem. If you agree, I want you to move your hand down to my pussy. Carolyn, immediately had her hand on the mound of Mommy's most sensitive of places on her body. good girl Carolyn, place your finger inside of me if you understand that you will be participating with both men and woman of all ages. Again, Carolyn did as she was asked and Mommy was soon clasping her legs around Carolyn's shoulders as she bounced up and down on Carolyn's diving fingers. Mom lets out a moan and Carolyn looks up at Mom with a smile. You have chosen well, now if you lick me, and begin to suck my now dripping pussy, you will ultimately become our slave to do with as we see fit. Is this what you desire Carolyn? Carolyn thought about it for only a second and soon had her lips clamped onto the lips of my Mother as she allowed her tongue to explore between the lips and deep inside of Mommy's most feminine of areas. Mom grasped onto the back of Carolyn's head as she held her in place, rubbing herself off against Carolyn's penetrating tongue and beautiful face that was now nestled between Mommy's stockinged legs. Carolyn, placed her head on one of Mommy's stockinged thighs and simply enjoyed the ride and the attention that she was able to provide to Mom and eagerly awaited the pleasure that she would soon be enjoying herself.

Dad allowed this to continue for a while and then said, ladies, there is more to come as he smiled. Carolyn, looked up at Dad and then back at Mommy. Mommy smiled and as she pushed Carolyn from between her legs saying, it is time. They both stood up and Mommy reached for the bag and removing from it a blind fold. Mom told her that she was going to be wearing this for the duration of the night until either her or my stepfather removed it from her eyes. Carolyn agreed with little resistance and was soon led into the living room by Mom's hands. She was told to take off her shoes, and skirt. Carolyn did as requested, next she was told to remove her top and bra, again Carolyn did as requested, followed by her pink panties. Carolyn now stood before my mother and father in nothing but her birthday suit. Dad walked up behind Carolyn and as he got behind her, Mommy approached her from the front. Carolyn, look into my wife's eyes as you kiss her, this is the sight I want you to remember until we remove the blind fold later tonight. Carolyn, opened her lips for Mommy's kiss as there tongues dueled back and forth, all the while Carolyn's eyes locked on Mommy's. Dad allowed this to continue for about three minutes and then said, it is time. He brought the blind fold down and now Carolyn was completely blind to the visual stimulation. Mom grasped the back of Carolyn's head and proceeded to dive her tongue deep into the mouth of Carolyn. She simply surrendered as her legs went limp, only supported by the hand of my father that was now between her legs, pushing two fingers up inside of her now gushing pussy. Carolyn simply submitted and was soon cumming in buckets as Mom kissed her while Dad penetrated her with his finger. Mom looked at her and said the following. Carolyn, you are going to cum tonight like you have never cum before. Carolyn smiled and moaned with the thought of what Mommy had just said. 

Mom and Dad brought Carolyn up to there bedroom and as soon as they where up the stairs and in the Master Bedroom, I removed myself from the closet where I had been for the last 50 minutes. My legs where cramped and the thoughts of what would happen tonight only brought me to an immediate aroused state. I quietly made my way up the same stairs that they had just climbed. I passed there door without looking for I knew if I was caught without being in the proper attire, I would be punished severely. I made my way into my bedroom and opened my dresser removing from it my pink bodysuit and black pantyhose. I began to sit on the bed and put the pantyhose on, first one leg then the other until they where being pulled up my waist and pushed into all the right places. My now enlarging penis was straightened and lined up for later and as the sheer fabric rubbed against me it only increased my stimulated state. I raised my folded pink bodysuit allowing it to open on it's own and then thought again. Mom had gone to the gym earlier today and I'm sure that there was one of her bodysuits in the hamper in the bathroom. I got up, went to the bathroom and upon opening the hamper found Mommy's sheer blue bodysuit on top of that where her sheer dark pantyhose and lastly her black silk panties. 

I raised Mommy's black silk panties to my nose and noticed that they where wet but not from sweat, but rather from her juices. Next I checked out her bodyshit and found that the crotch region was quite damp and cool to the touch. Mom had made it to the gym for sure, or did she get together with one of her lesbian/bi friends for some action before the action. Did Dad know, was it all part of the set up?

I decided to check out her reaction when I entered the bedroom and in so doing, decided to put on her bodysuit over my pantyhose. As I slid it up my legs and over my waist, I was met by a cool damp feeling in the crotch of the garment. Usually this would not do anything for me but since, I knew it was my Mommy's cum, I immediately got rock hard and ready for whatever was to happen next. I straightened everything out and made my way to my parent's bedroom and slowly began to push on the door. Mom and Dad both looked over at me and Mom smiled for she knew that I knew. You like, don't you. I simply knodded my head yes and she smiled again for she knew that I loved being in not only woman's lingerie or bodysuits but more importantly Mommy's especially after she had pleasured herself in them. Dad did not know that Mommy's bodysuit was saturated or that Mommy had been with anyone earlier. All of Dad's work had truly unleashed the slut deep within my mother. One that would ultimately seek out her own satisfaction either with or without my stepfathers participation or even knowledge. This would be our secret, one that we would share only later, if ever.

I am ushered into the room. before me is a sight beyond belief. Two older woman now dressed in black sheer stockings, nothing else, a younger woman, completely nude and two older men also completely nude. Three of these people are blindfolded and enjoying themselfs as they pay the ultimate attention to another persons pleasure. My Mother and Father are simply sitting there enjoying what unfolds before them. Mom smiles up at me first and brings me to a chair at the side of the bed. No one beside my parents know that I am in the room due to there blindfolds and headsets. 

Before me however is a sight that should have been captured on film. Mom approaches Gwen first and removes her headset. Mom lowers her lips to Gwens and lightly kisses her. Gwen extends her tongue out into the evening air hoping to be able to penetrate the mouth of who ever it was that originally kissed her. Dad and I look on. Dad brakes the silance. You will be referred to as number 1. Do you number one want to kiss someone? Gwenn shakes her head yes. Good Girl, remember, you can not speak. Mom removes Carolyn's headset and sais, do you want to kiss someone? Carolyn, like her mother shakes her head yes. Good Girl, you know that you can not speak. You will be called Number 3. Carolyn smiles. 

Mom positions Carolyn, number three's lips just above her mother's lips, number one. Number one, I want you to extend your tongue. Gwenn opens her mouth and does as she is requested. Number 3, I want you to extend your tongue. Carolyn does as requested and her tongue touches her mothers for the first time. Number three, lower yourself a little so that you can bring one anothers tongues into each others mouths. Number three does as requested and soon Carolyn and Gwenn are kissing passionately. There bodies are so close that Mom brings them ontop of one another and then allows Carolyn to passionately kiss Gwen. Gwen offers no resistance and is soon probing Carolyn's mouth and exploring the deepest regions of her throat. The two woman are enjoying one another like they have never been with another person, let alone another woman. They both know that they are kissing another woman, what they do not know is however is who they are kissing. This will be revealed but later. They enjoy the sensation and continue to pleasure one another through kissing for almost 15 minutes. Mom and Dad have had enough of this for now and bring Carolyn off of Gwen. Carolyn reluctently agrees and is now ushered between the legs of her father. Dad removes the head set from Scott and informs him that he is going to be referred to as number 2. Scott smiles for the suspence is simply a new hieght of pleasure that he had not expected.

Mom brings Carolyn to Scott and instructs number 3 to kiss number 2. Carolyn reaches out and now finds herself kissing a man. Scott, extends his tongue deep into the mouth of his daughter, unknown to him that he is kissing his daughter in this way. There hands fly around one another and they are soon clamped into a passionate kiss. Carolyn had been with men but it has not been for a while and her level of stimulation was at a boiling point. The kiss was allowed to continue for another 15 minutes or so all the while my mother is carressing Gwen as Gwen is allowed to carress my fathers dick. Again, no one knows who they are pleasuring. All they ultimately know is that they are enjoying themselfs.

dad and mom have had enough of this situation and decide that it is time to set the stage. They remove the headphones from Scott, Gwen and Carolyn. Now they have one of there scenses restored. They sit silently next to one another. You have all been assigned numbers. While we discuss things with you, you will be referred to by those numbers. Is that clear? The three of them shake there heads. The two of us are very pleased to see that you are not only cooperating but also that you are so good at following directions. The pleasure will be yours shortly for your participation. They all smile for they all have a different idea on what he is talking about. They of course are not that far off.

Number one, lay down on the bed in the middle. Gwen does as requested, as Gwen lays there open legged, Mom brings Carolyn to the top of the bed. Number 3, kneel at the top of the bed. Carolyn gets to her knees. Mom then guides her over her mothers head and slowly pushes her down, not all the way but as the heat from Carolyn's legs touches the side of Gwen's face, she smiles. Mom gazes down, you know what I am going to do, don't you. Gwenn smiles and shakes her head, you want this to happen don't you. Again Gwen smiles with that Mom pushes Carolyn down and soon has Gwen lapping at the pussy that is meeting her lips. Gwen's tongue dives deep into Carolyn and Carolyn loses all control and is soon humping the tongue that is pleasuring her. One orgasm after another rakes through her body as her mothers tongue dives deep inside of her. Mom and Dad allow this to again go for another 15 minutes or so until Carolyn is brought away from Gwen's probing tongue. Carolyn, relcutuntly follows Mom's guidence as she is ushered between Gwen's legs. Carolyn knows what is expected of her and clasps onto the legs of her mother. Gwen moans and opens further as Carolyn dives between the legs of the woman that had just given her total and complete pleasure. 

Carolyn brings her tongue out first and soon is lapping at the outer lips of number 1, her mother. Her hands find there way around to her mom's buttochs and is grasping the beautiful mounds that are so round and smooth. Moans of pleasure are being heard between the woman but no words are ever spoken. Dad grasps onto Scott's wrist and ushers him behind Carolyn's beautiful ever so younger version of her mothers beautiful round mounds of her smooth ass. Dad places Scott's hands on the flesh and steps back. Nature takes over and soon Scott is rubbing the ass of the woman in front of him. Scott has no knowledge who this woman is, just that he is enjoying himself and that if things go right, that soon he will be sliding deep inside of this beautiful woman. 

Dad looks over at Mom who is admiring what the two of them have created and smiles. Mom smiles back for in a short period of time, things will be wonderfull for all or all hell will break lose. That is yet to be decided but to make sure that this is among the better choice, they decide to mutually ensure that the ultimate pleasure is enjoyed by all parties. You want some, don't you? Dad asks Mom. Mom shakes her head yes. With that Dad sais do what you want. With that Mom, climbs onto the bed and straddles Gwen's face as she begins to lower herself unto the unsespecting lips of Gwen's beautiful face. As the hotness of Mom's womanhood surrounds Gwen's face, she smiles for she knows that she will soon be eating a wonderfull pussy as her pussy is being eaten wonderfully by another woman. Little does Gwen know just how close of a person that the provider of her pleasure ultimately is. Mom lowers herself totally and as her lips touch Gwen's, Gwen reaches up and grasps onto Mom's ass and pulls her down hard onto her probing tongue. Mom lets out a moan of pleasure as one of the first orgasms of the nights visits rakes through her body. Gwen is treated to the sweet flowing nectar of Mommy's dripping, no gushing pussy. What spurred on Mom's state of arrousal the most is her observing of Gwen being eaten by her daughter as her husband carresses the cheeks of the woman before him. Dad gets close to Scott and sais, why don't you enter her. With that Scott slides his erect penis deep into the depths of his daughter's sensitive pussy. As he pushes initially, Carolyn, dives her tongue deeper and deeper into the pussy of her mother. As Gwenn is penetrated further and further, Mom is treated to the ever growing tongue of Gwen that is delved deeper and deeper into hottest region of her body. 

Scott establishes a rhythem that they are all soon moving toward and Mom is being pleasured immensely by her actions. Dad motions for me to free my dick. I do as requested and he pulls me over to the side of Scott. He lowers Scott's head direction and soon brings my dick into Scott's mouth. Scott resists first but Dad reminds him of his promise. He opens his lips and soon I am being sucked by Scott while he is fucking his daughter that is eating her mother who is enjoying the sweetness of my mother. Dad decides he is going to get into this as well and steps to the side of the bed where Mommy is and brings his dick to Mommy's lips. Mommy opens up and soon is sucking Dad to one of the most productive climaxes he has ever enjoyed.

Dad cums first and Mom swallows deeply. Scott takes my load and I bend down and kiss him, removing some of my load from his mouth. Mom raises herself from Gwen's face as I make my way back to her to kiss Mom passionately and share some of my load with her as I taste some of Dad's as well. She smiles as we exchange slime and our tongues dance from one another. 

Dad looks at Mom and sais one more thing Darling. Everyone hears this but no one knows what he is referring to. Dad sais, here, as he loks at me, he turns me over so that my but covered by mom's saturated blue bodysuit is sticking up he brings Mom down so that she is sitting on the bed to allow me easy access to her pussy if she should slide forward. Dad then removes all of his remaining clothing and comes over to the other side of the bed and brings his erect dick to Mommy's lips and asks her to get him nice and hard. Mom does as I lay between her outstretched stocking covered legs.. Dad looks down at me and sais, you want to taste don't you. I shake my head yes and with that Mommy slides forward, grasps the back of my head and holds me firmly in place as she humps against my lips while she continues to suck on Daddy's raging cock. We keep this up for a while and then Dad comes around to the foot of the bed and as he looks toward the headboard, the sight that plays out itself before him is as follows.

Carolyn is laying on her back as she is being fucked by her father. While this is happening, her Mother is sitting on her face making sure that Carolyn continues to eat her deepest areas of her femininity.

To the left of them, Mom is sitting on the bed with me laying on my stomach clothed in Mommy's still damp blue bodysuit and Dad is standing behind me. Dad reaches forward and grasps onto Carolyn's hand and brings one of her hands to my butt. As her fingers trace my rear, she smiles for she knows that this is a sheer material and therefore must be another woman. Dad then has Gwen bend down over her daughter so that they are in a sort of 69 when Gwen does this, she brings her hand down to my butt as well and she also smiles for she now realizes that there is another woman in the room. Next, Mom speaks out and puts her hand on top of the two woman's hands and then it hits them. This is not Mom, Oh, My, is all you can hear. 

I of course lay there completely quiet as these three woman feel up my ass that is covered in Mommy's wet bodysuit. Mom smiles down at me and I smile back. You now know that there are more than just the three of you and the two of us in this room, don't you. MMMHHHMMM is all that is heard as the three of them sound in unison. You all want to know don't you. Again, the answer in unison. MMMHHHMMM.

With that Mommy reaches forward Dad reaches forward as he stands behind Scott and I reach over to remove Carolyn's mask. On the count of three. One, Two, Three. as Mom says three the three of us pull on the string and soon the blindfolds are off.
As things come into focus, Gwen realizes first and shrieks. Carolyn, sees who's pussy she has been eating and dives deeper as Scott does the same as he once again gets hard as a rock. Mom kisses Gwen and sighs, you have all fucked one another all night. Now you are just like us. Incest loving sex crazed addicts. 

Gwen begins to cry but as she does this, Mom pushes her down further and brings her lips to the lips of Carolyn's outer lips. As Scott penetrates his daughter Gwen's face is pushed down to the union and Gwen has Mom whisper in her ear. Lick her Gwen, taste there juices joined. You are going to love it like you loved it before. Just like I love it when I taste my son and joined with me or my husband. With that statement. Gwen shudders and dives in for all she is worth.

Mom looks over at me and sighs, tell them honey, tell them how you are now our little girl. Without hesitation, I look up from between Mommy's legs and say, Daddy is going to fuck me Carolyn just like Scott is doing to fuck you now. With that Dad, pulls Mommy's dripping bodysuit aside for the first time noticing that the material is wet and cold. Obviously not my juices, He pulls the material aside and looking at Mom says, you where with the girls weren't you? Mom shudders and says, Honey, you made me this way, you made me crave not only sex but especially girls. Don't be mad at me now that I have to have it all the time. I still nead you, I just nead them too. With that comment, Dad pushes deep inside of me. Mom gazes on as Dad dives his dick into me over and over again. As he does this, I dive my tongue deep inside of Mommy's dripping pussy and while doing so, Mommy looks at Gwen, Scott and Carolyn and says the following.

Carolyn, you and my son are both being fucked by your fathers, you love that don't you? We both moan in excitement. Carolyn, you and my son are both licking your mothers pussies, you like that don't you. Again, Carolyn and I moan loudly as we return to the pussies spread out before us. Since you both love pussies and being fucked, both of the men of the households are going to fuck you as you eat out your mothers. You will both agree to that won't you? Signal yes by probing both of us with your tongues. As soon as Mom finished the last word, the both ladies shuddered as there pussies where treated to one of the most enjoyable orgasms in there life. They both held our faces ever so close to the sweetest part of all. Juices where dripping everywhere and there was no rush to change that.

The rest of the night was spent exploring every possible position and option as we enjoy one another's bodies, souls and beings. The realization that I enjoyed woman's clothes and dominant mature woman where also realized.

More in the next chapter...

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