First Person Cuckolding

(Part 1 from 1)
Amber had been cuckolding Leo for six months. It was the only way their marriage would ever work since Leo was unable to satisfy her in bed. Leo suffered from having an embarrassingly small dick, to make it worse he was also rarely able to achieve a hard on leaving him with a shriveled little nub between his legs that could never come near satisfying Ambers sexual desires. So with Leo’s permission she found Jake, a well hung black man to be her lover, she fucked Jake mostly at his house. She would have been happy to keep her adventures private but Leo was oddly and a little pathetically excited by her escapades with Jake and constantly asked to hear about their romps, or if she could take pictures for him which she did occasionally. Finally after months of begging Amber agreed to fuck Jake at home with Leo there to watch and join in. When the evening comes Leo prepares dinner for them all while Amber sits on the couch with loose shorts on, cuddling with Jake. Jake asks, "What's he cooking tonight?" "Oh, I told him to cook us rib-eyes, medium rare, asparagus, tender crisp, and baked potatoes" she responds. Then leaning toward the kitchen she says, "And you better get it right or you won't even get to watch, never mind participate!" As Amber and Jake wait for dinner and cuddle, she feels him sliding his hand up her shorts to her thong that barely covers her pussy, already wet with anticipation. With a light tug he pulls her thong aside and begins lightly rubbing her clit. In response, she spreads her legs wide open, draping one of her legs over both of his. She receives her first orgasm of the night from Jakes big fingers while Leo prepares dinner. Upon return to the dining room to refill their drinks and remove their dishes, Leo overhears Jake say "I can't believe he didn't hear you, you’re one of those moaners that men love so much." “Even if he heard it he wouldn’t know what it meant, he’s never made me moan.” Amber replied. Looking at her nails in anticipation of lightly running them down Jake's back, Amber says "But he’s gonna hear a lot more of that tonight.” After dinner Amber tells Leo "Go upstairs, strip and wait." After about thirty minutes Jake and Amber come up the stairs to the bedroom, she is naked and flushed. "Don't look so browbeat you didn't miss anything shrimp dick, we were just making out and getting rid of extra clothes" she says. “Sit down and I’ll let you know when you can join.” As Leo sits his limp dick hangs between his legs and he rubs it slowly in anticipation. “Look at that pathetic little thing, you disgusting pervert your too excited for this.” Then she kneels in front of Jake who is only wearing a pair of boxers now. She begins to rub the crotch squeezing his cock through the cotton. She looks back at Leo who is staring intently then watches his face as she rips Jakes boxers down and reveals a thick long rock hard black cock. Leos eyes widen and she is satisfied he is properly shocked by the sight of a real dick. She takes the end of Jakes cock in her mouth and begins to suck, running her tongue back and forth over the sensitive part of the head every time she pulls it out of her mouth while she strokes it with her hands. Jake moans, and she can hear Leo moan and stroke his shriveled little limp dick. “Come here dickless.” She says to Leo. Leo approaches her and she pulls him down on his knees beside her and kisses him hard pushing her cock covered tongue down his throat, to her surprise Leo kisses her back harder than he ever as and moans loudly. Then she breaks the kiss and holds Jakes cock in her hand. “Look at this beautiful dick, you can’t even imagine how good it feels inside me. Unlike your little useless pee pee” Leo stares at it with a look of wonder. She strokes Jake slowly as she holds her husbands head so he can’t look away. Leo strokes his cock in rhythm with her. She takes his hand and places it around her lovers dick for a moment. “Do you feel that shit, even you can’t get your hand around it.” Jake enjoys this for some time, and then he gets her to stand and moves her over to the bed laying down with her legs spread open toward her cuckold. Her pussy is dripping wet. Jake begins making out with her, laying between her legs and rubbing the head of his dick up and down her clit with his hand as he gently bites and nibbles her neck and ears. Eventually he slowly licks, bites, and nibbles his way down her body stopping to massage and kiss her breasts before he dives down toward her clit where he licks the hard nub and runs his fingers in and out of her wet pussy. Close to orgasm again, Amber moans to her husband "It’s so much better getting eaten out by him than you." Then while cumming she screams "And not even you can fuck up this orgasm!!!" Leo sits beside her now massaging one breast and stroking his own tiny cock. Jake rises, smiles at Leo and says, "Bet you wish you could taste that pussy. Before I pound it" He squeezes his still hard, still huge cock and slaps it against Amber’s drenched pussy. “Get down here.” Jake pulls Leo’s head down until his face is resting on his wife’s mound, he can smell her pussy and his little dick actually gets a little hard. “This is what you wanted right.” Jake asks “To see my real dick fuck your wife.” “Fuck yes.” Leo answers Jake moves his hard member towards Amber’s pussy, his breathing gets heavy as it nears her opening, his heart is racing watching this happen, finally. Suddenly Jake moves up and slaps Leo hard on the face his cock, it hurts and Jake laughs, Amber giggles. “Your fucking pathetic,” Amber says, “A total little loser.” Then Jake finally enters Amber, very slowly and carefully allowing it to stretch her to accommodate his girth. He slowly begins to withdraw it and push back in, Amber whimpers, Leo still just inches away breathes heavily and feels his cock getting even harder. Jake begins to speed up and Amber moans, soft at first then louder and more frequent. She reaches down and pulls Leo’s face to hers by his hair. “He fucks me so good,” She looks him in the eye “ You like seeing him fuck me?” “Yes” Leo says enthusiastically. Then she kisses him hard on the lips, it was the most passionate kiss they had ever shared, better than their wedding night, as Jake continued to fuck her steadily rocking her pussy, she begins to moan as she kisses Leo and suddenly her body stiffens and she’s cumming hard, her hands reach around her husband and grip Jakes big muscular arms but she continues to kiss Leo until her orgasm peaks and she begins to come down. Jake pulls out of her and lays down, his cock is dripping with thick white fluid from Ambers pussy. Leo sits stroking his dick as Amber runs her finger up Jakes shaft and collects a bit of her juices, she reaches out and shoves the finger in Leo’s mouth. “That’s what your good for little man, cleaning up. Taste what he did to me.” Leo licks her finger and moans as he strokes faster. Then she straddles Jake laying over him is cock standing up against her ass. “I thought you couldn’t feel it like that.” Leo said “I can’t feel it with you, “ She said “But then again I never felt much of anything with your puny little bitty dick inside me. Now put it in me.” Leo takes Jakes cock his hand and guides it his wifes pussy, she eases down onto it and begins to slowly move. As she begins to ride him up and down she leans way forward to kiss Jake slowly entwining her tongue with his. She pulls her head back slightly and through another kiss says, "Get over here ass munch and eat my asshole out while I ride him." Leo obeys as he should and begins eating out his wife's ass. "That's right, you fuck. Bury that tongue all the way in my asshole and make sure you lick me completely clean." Amber gets out between her moans of pleasure from the extreme fullness of being impaled on Jake's cock. She cums again, harder than before, gyrating on her lovers cock and Leo eats her asshole. Then she lays down on top of Jake letting his cock stay inside her as she catches her breath. "We have been doing this for a while now and I want to do something new," she says. "What's that?" "I want you to take me doggie-style while I straddle Leo's face and he licks us while you fuck me." Amber, rolling off of Jake says "Also I forgot to take my birth control so you can’t come inside me tonight. Leo looked disappointed, when she came home from fucking Jake the best he could ever hope for was to eat her cum filled pussy. She notices her husband’s face and says “Don’t worry cleanup boy, you’ll still get to eat cum like a little faggot.” Leo is told by Amber to lay down. She straddles his face with her ass up in the air awaiting Jakes cock. Facing toward his feet, she reaches down, raises his little cock, and roughly squeezes his balls. Then she slaps them hard enough to make his eyes water and says She gets his pillow, reaches back giving it to her husband and says "We are doing this on your side of the bed with your pillow under you so you can sleep in what ever you miss that slides off Jake's dick or runs out of my pussy. “ Jake, hard in anticipation , gets behind her and jabs her roughly with his cock. It slides into her quickly and Ambers breath escapes quickly. “Fuck that’s big,” she whispers “Take it easy I need to stretch to hit.” Jake ignores her request and slams her again, making a hard slapping noise on your ass as he does and he begins to pound her faster and faster. Amber moans in pain, then pleasure, then both as her pussy is stretched. Leo licks back and forth between Amber's clit as the bottom Jakes shaft and his big balls move over his face, he feel his wifes tits swaying over his abdomen and feel her hair over his legs and she gets fucked senseless. Amber grinds her hips up and down pressing her clit hard against his tongue and mouth, and screams. Really screams getting louder and louder then continuing on as Jake increases speed and pounds her harder. “Ah Ah Ah Ah AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHOOOOOOOOOOOHAAAAAAAA.” A long last Jake stops with one last slam he drives his cock as deep as he can into her pussy and stays like that as Amber breathes so heavily Leo thinks she might pass out. A flood of her pussy juices is dripping down and Leo struggles to lick it all up. Finally Jake backs up and holds his cock over Leos face, it drips with his wifes juices and Leo catches some on his tongue. Amber gets up and motions to the floor. “On your knees cum dump.” Leo gets on his knees and Jake stands over him. Amber begins to stroke Jakes cock. “Open your mouth bitch boy, stick out your tongue. stroke that little cock.” As she strokes Leo sees her tits flopping they are glistening with sweat from her fuck session, her legs are glazed with her cum and his spit. She stands there pointing Jakes big black hard wet cock at his mouth stroking it. Leo sees Jakes balls tighten, his cock throb and a trail of white cream shots out the engorged head into Leo's waiting mouth. Shot after shot of thick white hot cum pulsates out of it. He licks and swallows as fast as he can but there is so much cum that much of it escapes down his chin or drips down Jakes shaft to mix with his wifes cum. Already knowing that he failed to get it all, Amber lifts Jakes cock and grabs her husbands hair bringing his tongue to her lovers cock as he laps up the cum he missed. He tastes her too as he sucks the last drop of the side. She shakes on last drop onto his waiting tongue then lets go. Jake walks away. “You like that shrimp dick little boy.?” Leo swallows the last drop and nods. "See now that’s how you fuck a woman. That's why you only normally get to lick me clean and eat me out, because your little dick isn't good enough for my pussy. But you did so good tonight that I might let you put that little nub into my gaping pussy tonight.”
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