Mom's Belly Gets Knotted

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100% fiction!

My mom is a bitchy little old woman that acts "Holier than thou" when she talks to you. Her and my dad have been married for 30 years and I don't know how, but he just ignores her. I don't think they even have sex anymore or at best "not much". My name is Mike and I'm 18 and horny as hell, but my mom won't let me date. She says, "young people dating just leads to nasty behavior". Her name is Betty and she's 60 years old. I don't have my friends over much because she seldom wears her false teeth around the house because, she says "they don't fit right". Like I say she's little, only 5 Ft. tall and weighs about a hundred pounds with dark curly hair and thick, out of style granny glasses. I've spied on her enough to know that she has small saggy tits with nice big, long, dark nipple's, an almost straight waist with a noticeable tummy bulge and a nice round, older woman's ass.

Once, I was peeking through the bathroom door as she was drying off from her shower. I was aroused by the dark brown bush that covered her whole lower belly and disappeared between her nice thighs. My dick was already growing when she propped one foot up on the toilet to dry between her legs. Her pink gash was surrounded by hair and had this long, brown, wrinkly skin hanging from each side. Barely sticking out at the top of her slit was what looked like a little uncut cock, that she began to rub with her middle finger. It must of made her feel good because she closed her eyes and started moaning. After a minute or two, her finger disappeared into her hairy slit and she began grunting and then shivering all over. The next thing I know, she was putting her cloths on, so I left.

After seeing my mom naked, she became the focal point of my sex life so I imagined fucking her hairy pussy or "eating" her hairy pussy or fucking her nice round butt and sometimes I'd just dream of her sucking my cock. At 8 inches, my cock and balls are pretty big compared to the other guys in Gym. I have to be careful when I jack off because my door doesn't lock and mom just walks in whenever she wants. Sometimes I think she just stands out in the hall and waits until she hears my bed squeak and then barge's in. She's caught me several times and on three different occasions, she caught me while my cock was shooting off. All three times she watched it all, with her hand over her mouth pretending to be appalled, as my cock sprayed it's messy load everywhere. Afterward, she would say "go ahead and milk it all out, you little pervert, and then clean up your cummy mess".

My infatuation with my mom began when my friend Billy, told me about his cousin Jimmy, catching his own mom fucking the family Rottweiler. His cousin had taken 6 pictures of her hung up with the dog, but his mom didn't know it. Later we all looked at the pictures and that's when me, Billy, and Jimmy all decided we wanted to fuck our mom's. We tried to talk Jimmy into blackmailing his mom but he was to scared and she was pretty slutty anyway. When he had caught her, she was hung up with the dog and she didn't think it was a big deal. Afterward she had told Jimmy "you jack off with your mother's panties and I fuck the dog, we all need sex honey".

My Dad worked on the railroad as a brakeman so he would travel far enough to spend the night and catch another train home the next day. Mom had her church friends and attended Wednesday nights and Sunday morning and again on Sunday night. I didn't have to attend unless dad was out of town and that was so she, could keep an eye on me. I noticed, that every time I had to go with her, my mom would be all buddy buddy with the guy we rode with. He was a big black man named Roy, who was maybe, 6 ft. 2 in. tall and husky. My mom wears really thick glasses and can't drive so Roy picks her up and brings her home. I've got friends my age at the church so I found out that he was married and that they had gone out to dinner a couple of times. Something about the way they were with each other, made me suspicious. Also, when I was there, they both acted guilty of something. Its a small town so I decided to investigate, thinking if I got something on my mom, she would have to lighten up on me.

The following week, my dad was leaving on Wednesday morning and wouldn't be home until Friday night, so I knew my mom would make me go to church with her on Wednesday night. I called my best friend Billy and arranged to stay at his house on that same night. When mom came home, I begged her to let me stay at Billie's on Wednesday night because his dad was taking us to a ball game. That was a lie, but to my surprise she thought about it for a second and said, "ok, honey but call me before you come home "uh too uh", make sure uh, make sure I'm home, that's it, call before you come home so I'll,uh I mean, so you'll know I'm home". That was weird, my mom calling me honey twice and stammering out an excuse as to why I should call before coming home. I suspected, I'd just given her an opportunity to mess around on my dad.

Wednesday came so mom and Roy, dropped me off at Billies on their way to church. I hung out with Billy for a couple of hours until the church service would be ending. I had told Billy what I was doing, and he wanted to go with me. It was dark when we got back to my house so we waited in the shadows of the back yard. I wanted to see if my mom got home at her regular time or if she went out with Roy. Twenty minutes after we got there, my mom and Roy drove up and went into the house. We saw the light come on in her bedroom so I peeked in and she was removing her skirt and panties and then her blouse and bra. My little, old mom looked so cute, standing there naked. I wondered where Roy was as she sprayed some perfume on her neck and just above her hairy pussy. She wiped the perfume into her pubic hair and then wiped some under her boobs. She checked herself out, both front and rear in the mirror and then applied some lipstick. She jumped when her phone rang but answered it and talked to somebody. When the call ended , she removed her false teeth and laid them, with the phone, on her dresser and left the room.

I knew something was up so I put my phone on video and propped it up on the window sill, aimed at the bed. Me and Billy moved to a window that held an air conditioner, so we could watch through the crack at the bottom. Just minutes later, we saw Roy and two other black guys come into her room. All three were big, older black men that I'd seen at our church. The men all began to undress as my horny little mom dropped to her knees in the middle of the room. All three of them had big cocks and matching balls that varied in darkness. Roy walked up to my mom and pulled her toothless old mouth completely onto his 8 inch, hard, fat cock, causing her to gag. He pulled it out a little to let her breath and then pushed it back in until she gagged again. Mom was looking up lustily at him as he abused her mouth. The other two men stood on each side of Roy and my mom wrapped her little hands around each of their big cocks and began stroking them. They were rubbing her boobs as she serviced them and when their big cocks began leaking cum on her hands, she started taking turns sucking them. She looked even smaller, kneeling in front of these big men.

Roy pulled his big cock from her sucking mouth and knelt behind her. As he rubbed the fat head of his cock up and down her hairy old slit, my mom was pushing her nice, big ass back at him. As mom pushed back, Roy pushed forward and his big, fat cock slid balls deep into her dripping old cunt. Mom was grunting loudly as Roy repeatedly plunged her naked, old, wet pussy. The cock she was sucking all the way down her throat was at least 8 1/2 fat inches. My poor old mom looked so tiny, being rammed from both ends by large black giants with huge black cocks. Suddenly the guy she was sucking, grabbed her head and started raping her old toothless mouth. Mom looked scared but kept trying to suck him until he let go and backed up so his big swaying cock could pump it's hot thick load all over her sweet little face. My mom instantly began licking the cum still dripping from his swollen cock as the man slapped her face with it. As the next guy pulled her sucking mouth roughly onto his fat 9 inch cock, Roy began to grunt like a bull as his big cock unloaded its hot cum deep in my moms needy old pussy. When he pulled out, his big black cock dropped like an elephant's trunk slinging even more of his hot cum on my mom's legs and ass.

The third man said "Damn, I'm gonna knock this nasty old white bitch up" as he ran around and rolled her onto her back. My mom's legs, instantly went wide open and me and Billy could see deep into her cummy, old, wide open pussy. Cum was covering her wrinkled little face, and her soaked bush, and some was running down the crack of her sweet little ass. She looked lovingly at the next huge black cock as it moved like a big headed missile toward her messy pussy. When it forced its way deep into her belly, she moaned like a wounded animal. This big man, like the others, didn't care how my mom felt. He was determined to plow her old pussy, bury his big cock in it, and fill it up with his baby making hot cum. It took him a while but soon my mom was banging her sloppy old cunt up to meet his big greedy cock as they both began to jerk, her cum running out and his hot cum, pumping in. You could see his big cock picking her up every time his balls flooded her hairy old tired pussy with his hot cum. Mom"s sweaty face had a happy, lusty, satisfied look on it.

They were all resting on the floor, so I walked over and got my phone from the other window and called my mom. It took a minute but I could tell she was out of breath when she answered the phone and she said "hello". I said "mom, Billy got sick so his dads bringing me home". I heard my mom mutter "oh shit" and then she said "ok honey, have you left yet" and I said yeah, we just left", and she said "ok bye", and hung up. I went back over and watched them scurry around the room trying to get dressed . I also checked my phone to make sure I had the evidence. From the back yard, me and Billy watched the half dressed men, run for their car. Billy hid in the garage and I went in side.

Mom came out of her bedroom with cum still on her face and I knew she was only wearing her robe. She said "I was just getting ready for bed honey, I'll see you in the morning". I said "wait mom, you've got to see this" as I started the video. When she looked at it she said "what the hell" and looked at me. I said "your busted mom" as she grabbed for the phone. We wrestled to the floor but I over powered her easily. She was laying on her back with her teeth still out and cum covering her face as I straddled her waist. I reached behind me and parted her robe. Then I scooped up three fingers full of cum from her sloppy old pussy and held it to her mouth. She was very mad and said "fuck you you little pervert" so I said "eat this cum or I'll show dad this video".

She pretended to cry and said "why are you doing this to your own mother" and I said "eat it you slutty old whore" as I looked her straight in the eye. She was still looking at me when she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. I let the warm cum drip from my fingers into her toothless old mouth and then I put all four fingers in and she sucked them clean. I told her to lay there and open her robe as I stripped naked. I said "now open your legs" and she did it, as she watched my big hard cock swinging around. I told her "I've wanted to do this for a long time" as I knelt between her outstretched legs. She closed her eyes and to her surprise, I began licking her nasty, old, used pussy. I licked off the little beads of cum hanging from the hairs nearest her slit as she began to moan, then I licked and nibbled her hanging, wrinkled, pussy lips as she grunted and began humping my mouth and then my tongue began raping her swollen clit as she went into a full blown orgasm. Her belly was jerking and her eyes rolled back and then she moaned "Oh God, I'mmmm cummmmingggg, AAhhh, aaaahhhhh aahhh lick it Mikey, Oh Godddd itttt feelllllsssss soooooooo goooodddddd babyyyyy lickk mommassss pusssyyyy babyy oh yeah oh yeah oh yeahhhh" and then she passed out.

I went and got Billy and he called his cousin Jimmy, so I took this opportunity to fuck my passed out mom. She was still on her back so Billy knelt down with her head between his legs and his big cock swinging in her face and held her legs open for me. I was going to grudge fuck her for being so bitchy all my life. I buried my big dick in her sloppy old pussy and fucked the shit out of her. At first she grunted a little and then as my cock pounded her, she began to fuck back and then her eyes popped wide open with fear. She was looking right at me when she begged "please Mikey, don't cum in mommy, this is so wrong" but she kept humping my big needy cock with her tired old pussy until she put her arms around my neck and pulled me down to kiss her. When our lips met my tongue pushed into her toothless old slutty mouth to see how her bare gums felt. Mom began swiveling her hips under me and I could feel her pussy muscles sucking my hard cock. Then we both came at the same time as I filled my moms pussy with her own son's hot potent seed.

When I pulled out, Billy wasted no time in burying his big cock in my mom's steamy pussy. They were fucking like animals when I heard the door bell. It was Jimmy and he had the big Rottweiler with him. I asked "why did you bring him"? and he said "walking the dog is the only way I could get out of the house". We put the dog in the garage and went into the living room and watched Billy plunder my mom's old pussy. Jimmy stripped and his big cock sprung up and looked a little like a baseball bat and nearly as hard. I sat on the couch with a fresh hard on watching my best friend fill my sweet little mom's pussy with even more thick, hot cum. When he pulled out, I told my mom to crawl over and suck mine. She had already spotted Jimmie's big cock and said "what about that one" as she pointed to it. I said "you start sucking mine and he'll feed your needy old pussy from behind". Mom did just that, and Jimmy rammed most of his fat 10 inch cock in her, but it wouldn't go any further. My mom would wince in pain when Jimmie's big cock would hit her cervix and he was banging it good. My mom was sucking me and her nice ass was banging back on Jimmies big cock until he grunted and pulled her back by the hair, and completely impaled her on his big cumming cock.

Mom started jerking again and moaned "he's got it in my cervix, ohhh Gooddd thaatt feelssssss goodddddd, ohh godddd, pumpppp meee fulll babyyy ohhhh yeahh ohhh Godddddd oohhh Godddddddddd" and she passed out again. Jimmy pulled out and said "we ought to let the dog fuck her" and I told him to go get it. Mom was still on her knees with her head in my lap as the big dog ran in and sniffed her ass and then licked the cum from her gash. He hurriedly mounted her and began humping wildly and as he did, his big cock started growing. When full grown, it was 8 hard, fat inch's of cum dripping doggy cock with a big knot at the base. When his big cock finally hit her pussy he buried it and began speed fucking his new bitch. Mom was grunting and waking up as the dog had his way with her. I held her head as she looked up at me painfully and said "God, that's the hardest dick, I've ever fucked". The big dog was now in a frenzy, trying to bury his big knot, so his legs were barely touching the floor. I lifted my moms sad face and kissed her just as Fido pushed his big cum swollen knot as deep as it would go into her over worked old cunt.

Mom bit my lip as she screamed "oh Godddd what is thattt" and then she looked around as the big dog kept pumping her stretched out pussy. She was looking at me and grunting until the dog stopped pumping her sore cunt. As they both lay there hung up and panting, my mom asked sadly, "what did I do to you to make you treat me this way". I said "come on mom, you know we both love it" and then she laid her head back in my lap and said "I guess your right, baby".

We all, including the dog, fucked her repeatedly until Billy and Jimmy had to go home. As soon as they left, my mom rolled onto her back and spread her legs exposing her cummy old pussy and said "now that their gone, are you gonna lick my nasty pussy again". I grinned at her as I began licking the fresh cum from her hairy old slit and after a few minutes, she refilled it with her own cum. As I licked that out too, she moaned, "baby, we've gotta get a dog like that or you've got to grow a knot". After thinking about it we both started laughing.

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