The Erotica Novels Meeting

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He'd been writing erotica for some time now, and had enjoyed a reasonable amount of feedback from the sites he'd frequented and had his stories published at. He'd been asked several times if he'd like to attend an informal meeting of authors from a site, all with similar interests. The majority of his work centred on his love of dominant females and the fantasies he often had about them. Meeting such women was a dream to him, and he was not sure about how his exposure would make him react. It was this that had kept him from attending till now.

On this occasion he had received persistent and friendly contact from several people on the site, and the meet was at a remote country pub; he was unlikely to meet anyone he knew from his mundane day to day life, and he thought discussing his tales, and his penchant for assertive women with other authors might prove therapeutic. He bit the bullet and mailed back to his contacts to say he'd be at the venue.

His mind was buzzing as he drove to the pub. He was a bag of nerves as he parked the car and walked in. He would case the joint first in order to get a feel of what he was in for; if the place was full of small beady-eyed men in plastic macs, he was off. He ordered a pint and a buxom woman behind the bar smiled at him as she pulled the pint for him. There were more women than men in the seated areas and he did not see anyone who looked remotely like they would possess a plastic mac. As he paid the bar maid she whispered to him on receiving the change.

'If you're here for the Erotic authors group, they're sat in the lounge round the back. He thanked her and plucked up the courage to walk round and see. There at the back, was a small and cosy lounge which looked quite busy, he walked straight in and looked for a suitable group of males to introduce himself to. There were none. He hovered for a moment when an attractive middle aged woman stood up and asked if he was there for the meet? He replied in the affirmative and the woman smiled broadly.

'Do come and sit with us, you can introduce yourself, it's so good to have some male company; you're the only one so far! The women made a space for him and then hemmed him in as they jostled eagerly to find out which author he was. He was hesitant at first as he did not want to offend any of these women; they all looked so middle class and upright. He then reasoned with himself; this is an erotica meeting you fool, that's why they're here. He announced who he was and the women smiled wickedly at him. A buxom blonde of about 55 in a tight black dress with black stockings and sexy stilettos leaned into him with interest.

'I love your femdom novels; they are so realistic; are they based on your experiences, or is it pure fantasy' He swallowed hard on a gulp of ale; he had nearly finished the pint already.

'It's all pure fantasy I'm afraid. The women giggled; he had now made it quite apparent from his simple response, that these were his personal fantasies, rather than something which would simply provide a theme of interest in order to sell a book. The women all looked at him knowingly; one puffed a little smoke at him to gain his attention, and smiled, she really wanted to blow it in his face. Her pussy was already tingling at the thought of having a genuinely submissive male sat opposite her; the possibilities of some entertainment were imminent.

Before he could say yes or no; one of the women had bought him another drink. She shuffled her shapely breasts at him, sitting down as he thanked her. She puffed herself up and poked her tongue out of one side of her mouth provocatively.

'Elaine Hardwicke will be here soon; she loves your tales and avidly awaits each publication on the site; she will be so pleased to meet you. The women smirked at each other and eyed him as they probed him with questions about his various tales; they took great delight in mentioning some of the more explicit parts, which had him blushing, but also gave him an erection; he was beginning to enjoy the subtle humiliation being worked by the women. A warm and sweet smelling mature brunette, who had squeezed warmly up against him, had removed her shoe; she ran her stockinged foot up and down his calf as she listened to an account of a story. He was now more than a little conscious of the bulge in his trousers, which was now patently apparent. One of the women smiled as she looked up toward the entrance.

'Elaine's here. The woman who avidly read his tales was a stunning redhead, elegant and very shapely. Like some of the others she was dressed in black; a tight dress showing her curvy, ample body, set off with black stockings and stilettos. Her dress was forties style, and she was facially very, very, attractive. Her 5'8 or so made her a very imposing sight; the stilettos making her almost as tall as he. She must have been fifty, and her mature years only served to complete the picture.

She was the epitome of any submissive man's dreams. He swallowed hard as she approached; whatever else happened today, he already had her featured in a million fantasies in his head. He would have even greater difficulty in confining his excitement now. The blonde and the brunette snaked their arms about him as she came over.

'Guess who we have here Elaine' Said the teasing brunette as the stunning new arrival put her knees together gracefully, and he watched her delightful rear descend to a seat; she did this sideways on, as if to offer him the best view possible in subtle fashion. She looked at the man opposite who she'd already decided was 'passable'.

'No, who do we have the pleasure of' her voracious green eyes scanned him up and down, as she smiled softly with the expectation engendered by the emphasis of the question. The brunette toyed with his hair as he almost went into a cold sweat, and then faced the glorious Elaine to respond.

'Who's your favourite author at Erotica.Novels.Com' Elaine's smile turned to a sort of wicked sneer as her mouth opened and she licked her lips; her wide eyes held him transfixed like a rabbit in a car's headlamps.

'Oh heaven, I'd expected you'd be a small fat man, bald with bottle-bottom glasses, complete with gabardine raincoat. Of course I'd fantasised you'd be, well' much the way you are! He smiled weakly back at her in embarrassment; he was somehow very uncomfortable with the fact that this electrifying woman had actually indicated that she found him remotely attractive. His cock bulged none the less. She stood, as though to pounce and devour her pray, and looked at the brunette.

'Would you mind' The brunette reluctantly gave up her seat and Elaine nestled eagerly next to him. The initial shock over, she composed herself as she now toyed with his hair and smiled wickedly at him. She deftly put her hand on the bulge.

'Tell me which of your stories is your favourite and why. She puckered her hot red lips as she felt his cock pulse under her hand; both hand and member appreciated the soft warmth. He could not lie; his favourite, in which he had poured out just about all of his inner emotions and deepest desires, concerned a dominant redheaded mistress who was mature in years. The other women seemed to close in around him too; he felt captured and also felt Elaine's fingertips caressing the very tip of his cock, which was now making a damp patch through the fabric. She crossed her legs, offering him a view of her sumptuous thighs, and rubbed the inside of his cheek to regain his full attention.

'How does it feel to be surrounded by dominant women' She said in a matter-of-fact tone. The others laughed and giggled softly. The question hit him like a sledgehammer; this wonderful woman was so open, and he was struck dumb.

'Well' She said as she rubbed his crotch just a little more vigorously. He gasped and found his voice; it was undeniable.
'It feels wonderful; I've never had the pleasure before. He felt like a schoolboy in a staff room; the women knew this, and like a team of headmistresses they would enjoy educating him; it was now obvious he would be fair game for them, as he showed none of the cockiness oft displayed by other males. True to his tales, he was submissive to females and they were now bent on having him enjoy their company.

Elaine leaned over and kissed him softly on the cheek, the warmth of this woman who would enjoy him, gave him a thrill he could not have imagined in his fantasies; the women giggled at the perfect impression the lips left as she drew back, caressing the back of his neck, as she made her next move.

'We're all going back to my house later; I want you to come too. I'm sure we ladies can give you some lovely ideas for your next story; is there anyone at home who will miss you' He was gripped between fear and elation as the women smiled knowingly at him, waiting for his answer. They were like cats toying with a captured bird; their pleasure grew by the minute with each tease. He was divorced and lived alone. He had not the strength to invent someone waiting for him, nor did he want to; once they knew they would eat him alive. His erection stiffened as he announced he was alone. The women chuckled and expressed their delight; Elaine squeezed closer to him.

'That's decided then, you'll come along and entertain us; I might even keep you for dinner. He managed a smile at this and she put her arm round him; it was as though she owned him already. They had a couple more drinks then the women stood, almost in unison as if by some unseen signal. His face was assailed by a mass of wicked and assertive smiles. Elaine clasped his hand.

'You'll come with me now; we're all ready to have some fun at my house. He looked at the elegant woman's beautifully round bottom as she virtually pulled him along to her car; his heart raced and his erection pulsed. The other women giggled and fondled his arse as they took him away.

The buxom barmaid smiled as she saw the man's car still in the car park at closing time that night; it was still there at dawn. Somewhere, a man knelt naked before a supremely dominant woman; he was being taught how to live out his fantasies, and she was indulging hers.

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