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When I was 32, I went through a very messy and expensive divorce and asked my parents if I could move back with them and share expenses. My mother was 53 and was (and still is) very attractive, dark hair with a touch of gray, womanly curves without being plump, and a pair of very nice round tits. My father was 60 at the time and had recently undergone prostate surgery and was still recovering from that and appreciated having the help around the house during his healing time. For several months this arrangement worked very well. They had their privacy and I had my freedom. But of course it was awkward to invite women over for the night, so my horniness began to build. I bought a TV and VCR for my room so I could watch porn and jack off but it wasn’t the same as actually fucking a nice hot pussy, of course. I then noticed that my parents seemed edgy and at odds with each other. My mother in particular seemed restless and crabby.

One Monday night, my father went out bowling, as was his custom, leaving my mother and I to relax around the house and watch TV. I was wearing flannel boxers and a t-shirt and she was wearing her bathrobe, having freshly showered. She was certainly attractive but not acting terribly sexy or seductive. mom sat down next to me on the couch, sort of sighed and laid her head on my shoulder. Since we are a "touchy-feely" family this did not seem unusual at all.

"We need to talk about something very serious" she said after a while. "Okay" was all I said, knowing that she would proceed, as she was comfortable. "There are two problems growing in this house" she said. "First I know that since your divorce, your sex life must be almost nonexistent." I nodded in agreement to this. "And secondly, since your dad's operation, he has been unable to meet my sexual needs and it is frustrating both of us very much".

"There is more than one way to 'skin a cat' you know" I chided.

"Well, your dad has never been very adventurous in bed, so “the cat” has been skinned only one way all these years" she joked back. "But anyway, here is the deal, he and I have talked this problem over very seriously, and we have discussed your problem also, and we have a suggestion that might be a solution for all of us."

My curiosity was certainly aroused. "And that would be....?", I asked.

"As you know, your dad goes out bowling with his friends every Monday and Thursday night. We propose to you, that those nights be a 'date night' for you and I. On those nights, after he leaves, you and I can find satisfaction with each other. You do not have to go looking for a cheap relationship, and I do not have to have an affair that might become known in the community."

I looked deeply into my mother's eyes. There I saw love, some lust, and some fear of how I might react to this unusual suggestion.

"That is" she said, "if you find me desirable....." sounding a little uncertain.

By now my cock was hard and throbbing in my pants. I took her hand and gently laid it over my erection. "What do you think?" I asked her. She smiled and said "Well, I guess that question is answered". Her fingers reached inside the band of my boxers and found my cock at the same time my lips found her mouth. Our first kiss was like electricity. Her lips parted and took my tongue in to her mouth. She began to suck my tongue. By now she had fished my cock out and was stroking it. It was so wild and erotic, frenching my mother while she jacked my dick. As we kissed, I reached inside her bathrobe and cupped her relatively firm tits and began to fondle them. Her nipples grew hard in my fingers. She moaned softly around my tongue and squeezed my cock in response. "It's been so long since I have had a hard cock to love that I just have to taste it" With that she leaned over and ran her tongue around the head of my dick. Then she began to suck in earnest. As her mouth slid up and down my cock, her hand alternated between stroking the skin and caressing my cum filled balls. I was able to reach down her back and slide my hand into the crack of her ass. I couldn't quite reach her pussy, but I was able to play with her ass. I some how got my shirt off during all these gyrations.

"Stand up" she said. Standing, she slid my pants down and I stepped out of them. Her bathrobe came off her shoulders. Looking down I could see my mother, naked, on her knees, sucking my cock... her tits rubbing the fronts of my thighs. She left my cock with her mouth and started licking my balls. I could tell she was cock starved by how hungrily she went after my dick. Of course, it had been a while for me also and I could tell I wasn't going to last long. "Mom... unless you want a faceful of cum, you had better slow down" I warned her. "Baby, that is exactly what I want" and with that her mouth was around my cock, sucking even harder than before. I felt my orgasm begin to build and my hips began to thrust at her mouth. I was fucking my mom in the mouth, loving every second of it and so apparently was she. I wrapped my hands in her hair and fucked her in the mouth.

The first blast of my cum went straight down her throat and then she pulled her mouth off and jacked my spewing cock. My cum sprayed over her face and then began to drip down on to her tits and erect nipples. She continued to lick the cum off the head of my cock, keeping it hard and hot in her hand. Without even pausing to wipe my cum off her face, she laid back, pulled her knees up, parted her thighs, exposing her wet hairy cunt, and said "Fuck me.... come fuck your cock starved, cum loving mother..."

I laid between her thighs and my cock was almost scalded by the heat of her pussy. She thrust her hips up at me and my cock slid into her. I was surprised that she was as tight as she was, but since I was an only child, her pussy hadn't been stretched like many other women's pussies. Once my cock was in my mom, she became a wildcat. At first we frenched while we fucked, my cum covering our faces, but then she began to get vocal. "God, I have missed being fucked like this.... I need cock... I need cum... fuck me.... fuck me like a whore....fuck me you motherfucker…"

The longer we fucked the more vocal she became and the more crude she spoke. I could actually feel her pussy getting hotter and tighter as her orgasm approached. When she came, she screamed and cried. Her hands grabbed my ass firmly. Her nails dug into my ass. Her hips pounded mine, driving my cock deeper and deeper into the far reaches of her pussy. My cock began to swell again, stimulated by the spasms of her cunt around it. "Oh god, mom, I going to cum again... I'm going to fill your pussy with my hot cum" "My mouth baby... my mouth.... cum in my mouth... mommy wants it in her mouth and on her face." At the last second, I pulled out of her cunt, moved up and sat on her tits (I could actually feel her hard nipple teasing my asshole) pointed my cock at her face and began to shoot my second load. Mom took my cock in her hands and jacked me into her mouth, catching most of my intense, but smaller, load on her tongue, but some shot on to her cheek and in her hair.

I collapsed on to her. I licked my cum off of her cheek and put my tongue into her mouth. She eagerly cleaned it off. We laid there catching our breath for a while.

"Your dad will be home at 10. Part of our agreement is that he will not see us together, even though he knows what is happening" We got up, cleaned up and got dressed. When dad came in at 10 sharp, he found us sitting on the couch, watching the start of the news on TV. "So, did you two have a pleasant evening?" he asked. I smiled, and mom said, "Yes, it was very, very relaxing" and I saw her wink at him. That was three years ago. Since then every Monday and Thursday night, when dad leaves, mom and I fuck our brains out, and I have no intention of moving out!

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